GH Update Monday 6/4/12

General Hospital Update Monday 6/4/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly is on the phone leaving a message for Jason to not give up on his relationship with Sam and realizing that she understands that maybe she, herself needs to do some forgiving. Right then, Johnny appears behind her.

Jason is knocking on the door to Sam’s hotel room telling her they need to talk. It’s about the baby.

Right then, Sam has already given birth without his help. The baby is not making a sound and she’s worried. John is gone and she’s very worried what will happen.

We then see John passed out lying near the river in the rain.

Tea Delgado is also alone in a car in the rain after having given birth to her baby. Todd is also missing.

Todd rushes off for help. But the only person available to do anything is heather Webber who tells him it’s too late. The baby is gone.

Tea is alone in the car talking to deceased Victor while she looks at a cell phone photo of them. She tells him that he can’t let anything happen to her baby. And she reflects that the man who took him away from her is going to attempt to save their baby.

Todd urges heather to do something. But she tells him that he must know they are not in a hospital and nothing can be done. She hands him back what appears to be a dead baby. He tells her he can’t accept what has just happened. The baby is jut born. He asks her what he’s going to tell Tea. She tells him he must tell her the truth. It’s not his fault. He did not kill this baby. He tells her that he knows he killed his father. He took Tea’s husband away from her. And how is he going to tell her he took her son away from her too. He holds the stillborn baby in the blanket.

Sam holds her living but high risk baby urging him to be ok.

Jason meanwhile, attempts to “get Sam back” unaware that she is not behind the door in her hotel room. He tells her that he wants to be three for her and the baby and he loves her so she must open the door.

Johnny tells Carly that he wants her to keep the bracelet he gave her. He will not take it back. She can give it to Jocelyn or do whatever she wants with it. But he won’t take it back. She tells him she is not giving it back to him. She wanted to get rid of it because of the man she thought it reminded her of. She attempted to throw it in the trash but later went digging through the garbage and the sink at the restaurant because she now realizes she does want to be reminded of him.

Todd tells heather some things about his story regarding how he did willfully murder his twin brother who is this baby’s father. He had good reason to kill Victor. But Tea hates him for that. He’s concerned about Tea although not about his brother. Because of him, he realizes, he’s made Tea a pregnant widow. He hates his brother but never hated Tea and could never hate this kid. She tells him she’s truly sorry that his nephew is dead. He asks her what he should do about this. She replies he can do what she always does which is using one’s ingenuity. He tells her that he remembers the “dead guy in the wheel barrel”. (Anthony). Regarding that, she tells him if she were him she’d forget about that also.

Tea gets out of the car in the pouring rain and goes looking for Todd.

Not far away, John comes to and sits up conscious and attempts to get up but is hurt and unable to stand.

Sam sits alone holding the baby and determines she doesn’t know what is keeping John so long but she knows they cannot wait for him. She has to go and get some help. So she carries the baby out the door. Not far away Jason goes looking for her although she is unaware and assumes she’s alone with the baby.

Johnny tells Carly he remembers her throwing away the flowers he gave her but would like to talk. She tell shim she is not about to go anywhere with him. He asks her what is next. She informs him that she was on the phone for about an hour attempting to motivate Jason to get his relationship back on track. She tells Johnny she knows that Jason needs to learn to forgive Sam. She understands that all too well. She tells Johnny that she is a bit possessive of Jason. She knows he loves Sam and she makes him happy. She admits she’d “be fine” if Jason and Sam divorced and Sam was out of her life. But she knows that Jason would not be “fine “with that happening. She knows what Jason needs to do regarding forgiveness. And she now realizes maybe she needs to take her own advice. He then asks her if she believes that their relationship is worth saving.

Jason remains standing outside the door of Sam’s hotel room and calls to Sam and to John McBain, still unaware that they are both gone.

Jason struggles to get on his feet although in pain and injured and walks in the rain to get help.

Sam is alone with her baby, walking out the door to get help.

Todd holds the “still” baby that is Tea’s and Victor’s knowing that he has to do something.

Sam walks in the wooded area with her baby and finds a house. She stands outside holding the baby and crouches down to hold him. He moves and looks like he might be ok. She covers the baby and promises everything will be ok. She then puts the baby in an enclosed box and goes inside calling to find out if there’s anybody there. Right then, she passes out and falls on the floor. And it just so happens she’s in the very house where Todd has gone with Tea’s baby.

Jason walks into the hotel room expecting to see Sam but notices shes not there. He does, however, notice a gift she gave him on the bedside table. He relives them in happier moments. He remembers Sam talking about the symbolization of the dragon and the phoenix as if its the two of them that need to be together and are stronger together. He then remembers when she decided to leave their mutual home, asking her why and hearing her say they had to. He then turns to see John enter the room and asks what just happened. John replies to Jason that his (Jason) wife had a baby

Todd notices Sam passed out on the floor but, not knowing her or what is going on, he gives up. But he’s wondering why he can hear a baby crying outside knowing it’s not Tea’s.

Carly admits to Johnny that she realizes that she is not ok about being cheated upon. But she knows that things get complicated and maybe she can’t judge everybody knowing that she’s cheated herself. She admits to Johnny that when she walked into the hotel room and saw him in bed with Kate/Connie, she was hurt and angry and not willing to forgive him. But she wants to get past it. She tells him that if they continue to see each other, there have to be some ground rules, one of which is no more lies. She doesn’t want him to lie to her about anything no matter what type of justifiable excuse he has. He then tells her in that case, there’s something he needs her to know.

John informs Jason that Sam went into labor and they could not get to the hospital in time. Jason asks him if he delivered the baby.

While Sam is passed out, unconscious on the floor, Todd picks up her baby and admits he wants to “make things ok”. But before he can do anything, Tea enters, rushes up to him and the baby, assuming it’s hers and rejoices to know that her baby is ok and she can praise Todd for his heroic deed. What is he going to do now?

Johnny sits by the fire with Carly knowing she is now demanding no more lies. She grimily tells her this is “harder than he thought”. Having no clue what he’s about to tell her regarding murdering Anthony, she remarks it cannot be that bad. He then admits that he did kill his “old man”. She asks him how that happened. She then hears him reveal that he “did not try and fail this time” and concludes that there was another attempt he made on Anthony’s life. And she puts two and two together to conclude that it was he who shot out Anthony’s tires and caused the death of Starr Manning’s baby and boyfriend. And she concludes that she has once again been betrayed by a man who is no good and was wrong to trust him. But he then realizes he’s only “imagining” what she will say and he has not yet revealed to her the startling secret. So he hesitates.

Tea finds Todd in the rain with the baby. Heather watches them knowing that that is not her baby. But she is elated, smiling, holding her baby and apologizes to Todd for ever doubting or thinking ill of him.

Back at the hotel, Jason asks John what happened when he had to deliver Sam’s baby. John admits that she was exhausted and the baby could be critical.

Sam remains passed out and unaccounted for inside the house. Outside, tea happily speaks in Spanish to the baby. Heather notices Todd and asks him why he does not look happier. His friend has a perfectly healthy baby. She’d think that would put a smile on his face. But Todd then clarifies that this is not Tea’s baby. It’s “hers”. And he opens the door for heather to see Sam passed out on the floor inside the house.

When Johnny mentions to Carly his “issue” with Anthony and she hasn’t a clue that his dad (grandpa) is gone, much less what has happened, she asks if Anthony is continuing to give him trouble. He tells her that he’s concerned about the fact that Tracy and Luke want to kill Anthony. He tells her that he “assumes” Anthony is dead although she questions if Anthony is dead in the first place. He then tells her that Anthony’s blood was found near the house and he’s missing and suspicion surrounds Luke and Tracy. Resolved that he need not tell Carly more, Johnny wants to drop the subject. But she remarks that it sure looked, to him, as though he had a secret about something far worse than what he’s just told her.

After Tea has gone off with the baby she mistakenly believes is hers’, Todd explains to Heather exactly what happened. She tells Todd that maybe it’s just as well that things have happened this way. Even though eh protests to Heather that that is not Tea’s kid, she tells him that maybe this is a miracle that has saved two different people’s lives.

Carly asks Johnny why he’s “upset” about the mere “suspicion” that Anthony died, knowing he’s angry and ready to disown his father/grandfather. They joke about his not having the “leave it to Beaver” family. And he tells her he’d really like a second chance if she’s willing to give it to him. She tells him she realizes she’s made enough mistakes in her life that have hurt people and been forgiven. So she really does understand that maybe he is due the same. She tells him she wants to trust him but he better not ever make her regret it.

John and Jason conclude that Sam and the baby are missing. But, John reminds Jason that he (Jason) made it clear that he wants nothing to do with the baby.

Heather tells Todd that she thinks her “solution” is perfect. He has to learn to “think outside the box” she tells him. He asks her what they’re going to do when “this woman” (Sam) wakes up. But she tells him he need not worry. He tells her that his daughter just had her baby die in an accident. So he knows what it’s like and could not do that to another human being. But realizing how Sam, her baby, and the whole set of circumstances surrounding the pregnancy are a “thorn in her side”, Heather tells Todd that she has no worries and neither should he.

In the empty hotel room, Jason admits to John that he has reconsidered Sam and the baby. John asks him just what changed his mind.

Johnny tells Carly that he wants to be a “different” man than the one who hurt her. She tells him she likes him as he is. He is serious about them getting back together and they seal the deal with a kiss.

Jason tells John that he, not John has to go and find Sam and the baby. Although John tells him that’s not going to happen, Jason remarks that John can barely walk. He has not been injured and can cover more ground. So he has to find his wife and baby.

Heather asks Todd if he really wants Tea to believe that her baby died and blame him if he has another choice. He admits he’s torn. He then goes outside to talk to Tea and informs her that he was “talking to the lady inside” and that Heather “helped” him. Tea does not question anything believing she has a healthy baby and nothing to be upset about. He then takes them both with him to the hospital.

Inside, Heather tells the dead baby she regrets what has happened knowing that his mother (Tea) really wanted him. But, she remarks, looking at Sam, she is getting what she deserves.

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