GH Update Wednesday 5/30/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/30/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

The occupants of the courtroom were stunned when Maxie announced that she and Matt had been married. Spinelli asked how they'd done it so quickly and Maxie said the Justice of the Peace was in the same building. The prosecutor threatened to have Rosalyn, Maxie's lawyer disbarred, but she denied all involvement. The gleeful Maxie said they'd done it because she and Matt were in love. Spinelli was near tears. Maxie held up her law book and said she'd stayed up all night studying it to make sure her plan would hold up in court. The prosecutor grudgingly admitted that Maxie wouldn't have to go back to Pentonville and couldn't be forced to testify against Matt. The state currently didn't have enough evidence to charge Matt, but the prosecutor vowed to eventually find some evidence against him ad to punish Maxie for her part in the marriage charade. Rosalyn congratulated Maxie on her legal maneuvering, then she left. Felicia was concerned about what the prosecutor said, but Maxie remained calm and collected. Spinelli sputtered that they could get divorced when the statute of limitations was up. Mac said there was no statute of limitations on murder – in order for this to work, Matt and Maxie would have to stay married forever.

Patrick took Matt aside to talk. Felicia hugged and congratulated Maxie, but it was clear that Mac disapproved. Maxie asked him to try and be happy for her. Maxie said she didn't have a choice. Spinelli said she could have told the truth and let Matt's attorney's argue his case. Maxie said she did what she had to. She turned to leave, but Spinelli stopped her and said she didn't have to stay married if she didn't want to. Maxie said Matt was everything a woman could want in a husband. “A liar and a murderer?!” Spinelli yelled. Maxie said he was a good man who didn't deserved to have his life destroyed for ridding them of a psychopath. She said besides, she loved Matt. Spinelli countered that she didn't love him, she just thought she was supposed to. Spinelli said he above anyone else, knew about Maxie's misgivings about marriage. He reminded her that she and Matt's relationship had problems before this; they had a lack of trust and Matt had an inability to commit. Maxie silenced him by showing him her ring.

Patrick said he'd only ask once, but he wanted to know if Matt was sure this was the best course of action. Matt said there was a lot he wasn't sure of; he didn't remember killing Lisa, but Maxie saw him do it. Matt said he loved Maxie, especially after all she did for him. He said that one thing he was sure of was that he could do a lot of good for his patients and for Patrick and Emma. Matt said he just got his life back and he was going to make every second count.

Spinelli said he didn’t want her to be unhappy. Maxie thought the truth was that he didn’t want her to be happy without him. Spinelli said if he thought Matt could make her happy, he'd hold his peace, but he didn’t think Matt was up to it. Maxie asked if he thought he was, and Spinelli said her happiness was all he'd ever want. Spinelli reminded her how they vowed to have a real wedding one day at their non wedding. Maxie fought back tears. Spinelli still held out hope that they would. He said she deserved a real wedding and a husband who loved her and would always be true to her. Matt walked in and Maxie excused herself from Spinelli and went over and hugged him.

Spinelli found Mac and Felicia in the lobby and asked for their help convincing Maxie she'd made a mistake. While Felicia wasn't sure it was a mistake, she was sure that Maxie would never listen to her advice. Mac said fighting Maxie on this would only strengthen her resolve to stick with it. Mac said he knew Spinelli loved Maxie, but the marriage was a done deal. Spinelli walked over to talk to Patrick. Maxie asked Mac if he disapproved. Mac said he was glad Maxie was free, but while he didn't wish Matt any harm, he didn't think he was nearly good enough for her. Mac also still felt invested in seeing Lisa's killer brought to justice because he'd worked the case, but he said now that he wasn't commissioner, he guessed it really shouldn't matter anymore. Felicia asked if he wanted to have a drink, like old times. Mac agreed and they left.

Spinelli tried to get Patrick to agree that what they were doing was wrong. He said Patrick knew marriage was sacred. Patrick didn't think he had a right to judge. He said he never thought marriage was for him at first, but if Maxie and Matt could find an ounce of the happiness he had with Robin, they had his blessing. Patrick congratulated Matt and Maxie. Maxie told Matt she wanted to go home and take a shower. He called her “Mrs. Hunter” and asked whose place they should go to. Maxie said “ours,” whichever one that might be. They left hand in hand, with smiles on their faces. Spinelli watched with a pained look.

At the police station, Dante got a warrant to search Johnny's place. Delores walked in and told him about finding blood at the Quartermaine boathouse. The lab was running the sample through the system to see if they could identify who it came from. Delores said none of the Quartermaines had heard anything out of the ordinary. Dante said while they were waiting on the results, they could go search Johnny's apartment. Delores reminded Dante that Johnny had an alibi for shooting out Anthony's tires, but Dante said Carly was a known liar. Delores asked if Johnny was the only suspect and Dante said he suspected Kate too, but they couldn't talk to her while she was in Shadybrook. They left to search Johnny's place.

Johnny was at home. He checked his laptop and was disappointed to see that there was no news about Anthony's death. Anthony's apparition suddenly appeared and taunted him. Johnny didn't understand why the cops hadn't found Anthony's body. He said his anonymous tip about shots being fired on the Quartermaine property should have been all that was needed to lead police to the body. Anthony said he'd always taught Johnny that surprises could happen. Anthony cheerfully tossed glitter into the air as he said this. Anthony mused that Johnny probably screwed things up, just like he did the last time when he accidentally killed those kids. Johnny ordered him to shut up. He said he wished he could kill Anthony again and that he didn't have any remorse about what he'd done. “Why am I here, then?,” Anthony asked. Anthony said he was there because Johnny knew he'd killed the man who devoted his life to him. Johnny swore he didn't have any remorse for Anthony after he pimped out his own daughter. Anthony maintained that he had no idea Claudia was going to choose to sleep with Gino.

Johnny said numerous people wanted Anthony dead. He said it was thanks to Anthony that he knew Luke and Tracy had been plotting to kill him, making them the perfect scapegoats. Anthony didn't think the charges would stick. Johnny didn't care, because he said there was no evidence tying him to the murder. Dante and Delores arrived and told him they were there about Anthony. Delores went upstairs and Dante served Johnny with the warrant. Johnny nonchalantly told them they wouldn't find anything to tie him to shooting out Anthony's tires. Dante noted that he seemed very enraged at the Metro Court the night of the benefit. Johnny said he'd wanted to see Sonny dead that night more than Anthony. Johnny said that the cops should be looking at Luke and Tracy. He told the two officers how Anthony turned up at his house, scared because he overheard them plotting his demise. Johnny said he'd agreed to help Anthony out.

Delores found Anthony's phone. Johnny lied that Anthony had left his place in a hurry after getting a text and must have accidentally left it behind. Dante read the text was from Tracy asking Anthony to meet her at the boathouse and Delores mentioned finding blood there. Johnny pretended to be shocked. Delores said she'd seen Anthony at the mansion after they found the blood. Johnny was confused and asked if she talked to him. Delores said he was sleeping. Dante got a call from the lab. The blood had been identified as Anthony's. Johnny ripped into Delores for not realizing Anthony was dead, not sleeping, when she saw him. After the cops were gone, Johnny tried to figure out why Tracy and Luke would move the body instead of reporting it. Johnny hoped he'd lead the cops in the right direction. Anthony appeared and said the only problem was that Luke and Tracy knew they didn't kill him and it was only a matter of time before the cops did too.

At the Davis home, Kristina told Sonny, Alexis, Sam and Molly that she was starring in a new reality show called Mob Princess and that they were going to be her co-stars. Alexis thought those shows featured desperate people and appealed to the lowest common denominator. Sam said that the last thing the family needed was more media exposure. Alexis said they could talk about what happened off camera. Kristina snapped at her parents for pulling strings to get her into Yale and asked if they didn't consider how humiliated they'd be when people found out. Alexis was apologetic, but the remorseless Sonny said he did what he thought was best. Kristina said they agreed for once; this was probably the best thing that ever happened to her and now she had a whole new future. Sam said she'd gotten into reality TV and regretted it and she thought Kristina would too.

Alexis said while what she and Sonny did was misguided, Kristina was overreacting. Kristina said Sonny didn't think it was misguided and Alexis said Sonny usually let Alexis handle the academics. Kristina asked if that meant the whole thing was Alexis's idea. Alexis looked to Sonny for help. Sonny said they gave her what she wanted and he didn’t know why she expected him to apologize. Kristina didn't expect him to care about how she felt. Alexis said they all cared and that in retrospect, they should have supported her decision to go into fashion. Kristina yelled that she was in control now and that they didn't get to make decisions about her show. She and Sonny got into a screaming match about whether or not the family was going to be on TV. They were interrupted when a camera crew arrived. Kristina said the crew would be following her everywhere. Kristina introduced the audience to Sonny, “the gangster.” Sonny quietly said this was not how they do things in this family. Kristina said they weren't like the average family. Molly stepped forward and said they weren't very interesting, but Kristina said she was tired of pretending they were like a normal family. Alexis threatened to sue the camera crew. Kristina looked into the camera and explained that the last time she was home, she was recovering from a surgery from an injury she got from a car bomb that Sonny meant for Johnny Zacchara.

Sam asked Kristina if they could go somewhere to talk. Kristina responded by introducing Sam to the audience and saying that she married Sonny's enforcer. Next, Kristina paraded Molly in front of the camera. Kristina gleefully shared the sordid details about her family history, such as Molly being her half sister and cousin, due to Ric Lansing being Sonny's brother. She said Alexis had conceived Kristina in a one night stand. Embarrassed, Alexis said that wasn't how it happened. Kristina shared a bit about Michael going to prison because of Sonny, said Morgan was probably off learning to be a sniper and announced that Sonny shot Dante because he was a cop. Alexis was horrified and the enraged Sonny grabbed the camera and smashed it. Sonny grabbed Kristina by the arm and everyone tried to talk sense into her. Alexis noticed the voicemail from Jason and she discreetly told Sam about him getting arrested in connection with Franco's death.

Sonny threw the camera crew out. He and Alexis were adamant that the show wasn't happening and Molly felt that it wasn't fair that Kristina did this without asking them. Kristina said that if they didn't let her film the show, she'd cut them out of her lives forever. Later, Kristina found Molly alone in the living room and they had an honest and calm talk. Kristina asked if she was mad. Molly glumly said it didn't matter, because Kristina only cared about herself. Kristina said she knew it wasn't fair to her sisters, but she was just trying to get back at her parents. Kristina said everyone at Yale thought she was a Mob princess, so that was what she was going to be. Kristina told Molly it would be fun for her. Molly said it wasn't so far. Kristina told her to create a fairytale for herself. Alexis and Sonny were outside talking. Alexis regretted letting Sonny do whatever he did. She said now she'd lost all moral authority with Kristina. Sonny said they had to stop Kristina from putting them on TV. Alexis said Kristina was humiliated. Sonny said they only sent her to college, but Alexis said they stacked the deck. Alexis said at least she was talking to them. Sonny argued that she was blackmailing them, but Alexis said it was in her DNA. Sonny said they couldn't do the show, but Alexis didn't think they had a choice. She said she wasn't going to lose her daughter and that you didn't just walk out on someone you loved. Alexis went back inside.

At John's motel room, Jason accused John of anonymously telling the cops that he killed Franco. John said he didn’t have anything to do with it. Jason asked why the cops hauled him in months after the fact, and John calmly said maybe they arrested him because he did it. Jason said at least he came after him instead of Sam this time. John said everyone knew Jason tried to kill Franco before. Jason asked what John would do if someone raped Natalie. John said he wouldn't wish what happened to Jason and Sam on anyone, but that had nothing to do with him, because his focus was on Sonny. Jason still felt that John was using Sam to get to Sonny. John insisted that he'd been trying to help her. Jason asked if leaking their story to the press helped, and John denied being involved. John said while he didn't like Jason, he didn't seem like the type who'd be okay with a woman being murdered. Jason said Sonny was innocent, but John pointed out that Jason wasn't there. He asked Jason how he'd feel if he'd spent most of his life protecting a murderer.

Jason said the real question was whether John wanted him out of the way so he could get to Sonny or so he could get to Sam. John refused to have this conversation. John said even if he was after Sam, it wouldn't matter, because she loved Jason. John said the issue was Jason's problem with the baby. John said maybe he understood that, because he'd dealt with his own paternity issue. John had some advice for Jason. Jason didn’t want to hear it, but John said he was saying it anyway. He told Jason that if he lost Sam, he'd be losing the best thing that ever happened to him and it would be his own fault, not John's. Jason told him to quit interfering in his and Sam's life. John said Jason needed to stay out of his and Sonny's issues. Jason said time was running out for John and it looked like he'd be leaving town without Sonny. John flippantly thanked him for stopping by and shut the door. John left a voice message for Natalie. He felt bad about how they left things and said he didn't want to lose her. John asked her to call him.

As Jason was leaving, Sam was going into her room. She told him she heard about him being arrested. Jason told her about Elizabeth driving up to Beecher's Corners and posting the bail money Bernie gave him. Jason explained that he didn't want Sam to be involved and he was concerned that Bernie wasn't up to it after getting shot a while ago. Jason assured her that they had no evidence. Sam asked why they were questioning him after all this time and Jason said to ask John. Jason also shared his suspicion that John tipped off the newspaper. Jason said John denied it, and Sam said maybe John was telling the truth. Jason said John was a cop, and he warned Sam to be careful who he trusted. He left.

Tracy and Luke separately scoured the grounds of the Quartermaine estate looking for Anthony's body and came up empty. They met up in the boathouse. Tracy wondered if Anthony might still be alive. Luke said that was impossible. He theorized that one of the staff might have moved him in order to find favor with her. Tracy said the staff hated her; Monica made sure of that. She added that she wasn't the one who killed Anthony, Luke was. The two argued about which of them was responsible for the murder, until Luke asked Tracy to swear she didn't do it. Tracy swore on her father's life, but Luke said that wasn't good enough, since she once withheld Edward's heart medicine when he was having a heart attack. Tracy said that was a long time ago and Edward was faking. Tracy tried to think of something else she loved that she could swear on. She finally settled on swearing on her mother's memory. Tracy asked if Luke was going to swear on his girlfriend Anna's life. Luke said they were just friends. He swore on the lives of his three children. Tracy said she thought Ethan was Robert's child. Luke said she was right, then he swore on the lives of Lucky and Lulu that he didn't murder Anthony.

The two of them wondered who did it. Luke said it didn't feel like a mob hit, but Tracy thought that it had to be Sonny. Luke disagreed, but Tracy said Luke didn't see how out of control Sonny was the night he came to her home to kill Anthony. Tracy wished she'd let him do it. Tracy figured that Sonny sent some men to clean up his mess and that they were the ones who took the body. Luke disagreed. He said if Sonny had done this, he would have been sure to leave some kind of calling card that made it clear he was responsible as a way to send a message to the other mobsters. Tracy realized that she didn't care who killed Anthony; the important thing was that he was no longer a problem for her. Luke pulled out the gun and said they still had a problem – getting rid of the murder weapon. Luke prepared to throw the gun in the water, when Delores and Dante rushed up. They arrested Luke and Tracy for suspicion of foul play.

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