GH Update Tuesday 5/29/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/29/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

The police took Jason to a police station outside Port Charles and cuffed him to the desk. They asked him if he'd killed Franco, and Jason refused to talk without his attorney. One of the officers said they'd received an anonymous tip telling them that Jason was the one who shot Franco before setting the building on fire. When the cops walked away, Jason said to himself that John was the tipster. The police grudgingly allowed Jason to use a phone, which he used to call Alexis, but the call went to voicemail.

Alexis, Sonny, Sam and Molly were at the Davis home. Alexis and Sonny were making phone calls trying to figure out where Kristina was, when she walked in. Alexis rushed to hug her, but Kristina coldly rebuffed her. As Alexis lectured Kristina about her attitude and about leaving school without telling anyone, Kristina smirked and made sarcastic replies. Alexis's phone rang (it was Jason calling), and Kristina asked if she was going to get it, but Alexis said Kristina was more important than any client. Kristina spat that she quit school because she found out she didn't belong there, then she glared at Sonny. Sam and Alexis assumed Kristina didn't like being away from home, but Kristina said she loved Yale. Sonny shifted uncomfortably as Kristina told him to tell everyone how he forced Yale to accept her. Sonny wanted to discuss this with Kristina in private, but Kristina yelled that everyone should know what Sonny did. She yelled that she wondered how many car bombs he threatened people with to move her off the wait-list. Sonny screamed that that was enough and that she'd gone too far in bringing up something from the past that hurt him.

Molly asked her uncle if he really got Kristina into Yale. Sonny was unrepentant. He said he'd pulled strings and called in favors, just like parents who donated money to schools to help their kids. Kristina felt that it was different when you were a mob boss. She said the people Sonny talked to probably feared that he would kill them if he didn't get his way. Sonny said she'd been watching too much TV. Kristina turned to the guilty looking Alexis and accused her of knowing what Sonny did. Sam didn't believe Alexis was involved. Sonny, who was out of Kristina's line of sight, motioned for Alexis to keep quiet, but she ignored him and admitted that she'd known. Sonny told Kristina that Alexis was only trying to help. Kristina said Alexis was just as bad as Sonny. Sonny argued that there was nothing wrong with using your influence to take care of the people you loved, and he thought Kristina was being disrespectful and blowing things out of proportion. Sam thought it was okay for Kristina to want answers. Alexis said Kristina was a wonderful student and they were just trying to improve her odds, but Kristina felt that Alexis had gone against everything she ever taught her about ethics.

Kristina wondered if this was really about her education or if her parents had done this to get her away from Ethan and stop her from working at Crimson. Alexis said she thought that a first rate education would help Kristina get further in any industry she chose. Kristina asked if this was partially about keeping her away from Sonny and out of the line of fire. Sonny didn't think Alexis needed to apologize for trying to keep Kristina safe. Kristina wailed that she just wanted a straight answer; she asked Alexis to tell her which part of her life she was trying to control. Sonny said she made the choice to go leave Ethan and Crimson and go to Yale. Molly said that Sonny and Alexis were just trying to make her dreams come true.

Kristina said she'd been so proud of herself for getting moved off the wait list, but she felt like a fool when she found out that she was only there because Sonny threatened people into letting her in. Kristina cried that someone overheard people in the Deans office talking about her. After that, people called her mob princess and avoided her. Alexis tried to comfort her, but Kristina yelled that they ruined her life. Sam gently suggested that she could have stuck it out and proved everyone wrong, but Kristina said unlike Sam, she had a problem being married to the mob. Kristina said she left Yale because she'd been made into a laughingstock. Alexis was curious about where Kristina had been all these weeks. Kristina said she'd been waiting for a sign that she finally got when she met a grad student at a coffeehouse. Sonny and Alexis were alarmed and Kristina enjoyed making them squirm as she talked cryptically about spending the last few weeks at this man's apartment working on a family project. Everyone assumed that Kristina was hinting at being pregnant. Kristina said she wasn't pregnant and that she wouldn't get pregnant until she planned to, like Sam. Kristina gushed about how great it was that Sam and Jason finally had everything they wanted now that she was having his baby, then she hugged Sam. Molly quickly diverted the conversation back to the family project. Kristina said her new friend was a media student who'd dreamed up a reality show called Mob Princess. Kristina would be the star, but the whole family would be featured.

The haggard looking Matt went to the hospital went up to Patrick and Elizabeth and confessed to killing Lisa. Matt told them about the video and how Maxie took the fall to protect him. Patrick and Liz were stunned. Liz asked if Maxie was getting released and Matt said that depended on whether she testified against him. Matt felt like things were hopeless for him, but Patrick said they'd get him a lawyer and that he'd make sure the judge knew all the things Lisa did. Liz was willing to make a statement about Lisa throwing her overboard, too. Matt said he had to get to the courthouse. Patrick wanted to go too. Matt thought it would be best for Patrick to stay at work since it had been so hard for him to return to the job, but Patrick insisted on being there to support him. After they left, Jason called Liz. He was apologetic for involving her in his problems, but said he needed help.

Liz arrived at the station with the bail money Bernie gave her. Jason told her he wasn't worried, because there was nothing to tie him to Franco's death. He shared his theory that this was part of John's plan to take Sonny down. Jason told a cop that he had bail money. The cop responded by tossing him a paper and telling him to read it while he waited. Liz noticed that the front page story was about Jason, Sam, Franco and the baby. She was disgusted and said it was an invasion of privacy. Jason was confident that John leaked the story to the press, then called in the tip about Franco. Jason said John wanted Jason sidelined as long as possible so he'd have a clear path to Sonny.

The conversation turned to the newspaper again and Jason said he'd already told Monica the whole truth. He thought Monica would be fine, but he wasn't sure how Edward would react. Liz asked if he'd made a decision about the baby. Jason told her about how Monica saw him as nothing but a symbol of Alan's unfaithfulness until she held him and realized he was innocent. Jason said that Monica had come to love him as her own son and that he started to realize that he wasn't being fair to Sam's baby. Jason said he'd gone to Sam to tell her that when the reporter arrived and dredged up his failure to prevent what happened again. Liz said that now that everything was out in the open, there was nothing to hide. Liz said that maybe he and Sam would work things out in time. An officer removed Jason's handcuffs and said he was free to go for now.

Anna went to John's room. She said she would have been there earlier, but she'd been sidetracked by the mayor. Anna told him about the mayor's job offer. John congratulated her, but Anna said she turned down the job out of loyalty to Mac and because she felt he was doing a good job. John was disappointed; he thought Anna would be a good commissioner and he was hoping she'd be his in at the police department. John was determined to take Sonny down ASAP. He said he understood that Anna's grief was fresh and that what was left of his just wanted justice. Anna said he was running out of time and John said he was hoping to get his investigative allowance extended. Anna asked if he really wanted to be away from Natalie and Liam for that long. John wanted to be with his family, but he said Natalie understood why he needed to stay in Port Charles right now. Anna said she hadn't been able to convince her friend at the bureau to give John an extension. Anna said John might have to let this go, but John said there was no way he'd let Sonny get away with murdering his sister. Anna was curious about his sister and John said she was the product of an affair his father had with a woman John didn’t know. Theresa's mother had left town with her and not told John's father where she was. John's father was a cop who'd been shot in the line of duty when John was a kid. John's father confessed this to John while on his death bed and asked him to find her. John's father made John promise not to tell the rest of the family. Anna thought that was an inappropriate burden to place on a child. John agreed, but he felt obligated to carry out his father's wishes. John said he found Theresa in Atlantic City. She'd been in and out of foster care and had been working in a seedy club. He smiled and said she was rough around the edges, but very pretty.

Theresa had been touched that John had spent so much time looking for her, but she was angry with their father. John thought he'd have time to convince her that their dad was a good man who made mistakes, but she was killed before he got the chance. Anna asked if John's vendetta against Sonny was driven by the feeling that he'd failed his father. John said Sonny was a career criminal who was responsible for his sister's murder and that he was going to get justice. Anna thought John's anger toward Sonny was affecting his objectivity. John admitted that was true, but he said that if Anna found out someone deliberately caused the explosion that killed Robin, she'd be bitter too. Anna said she was bitter even though it was an accident. Anna wanted to save John from having his life become what hers was. Anna said she was leading a life full of regret because she chased criminals instead of being there for Robin. Anna didn't feel like she'd made a difference with her life. John disagreed and asked if that was why she didn't take the commissioner job. Anna didn't know. She said she hadn't given up on law enforcement, but she felt that family was important. She asked John again if he wanted to be away from his family. John said he dealt with that burden every day. John said if she was so worried about him, she could take the commissioner job and keep him in line. Anna said it was John's responsibility to keep himself in check. Sounding bitter and regretful, Anna said she had to live with the result of the choices she made and John would eventually have to live with his choices, too.

After Jason's release, he went to John's room. John asked what he could do for him and Jason sarcastically said John had already done enough.

Spinelli went to visit Maxie at the prison. He found her reading a law book, which she angrily hurled at him. Spinelli said he was willing to explain his reasons for betraying her trust and telling the judge Matt killed Lisa until she understood. Maxie angrily said she'd never understand why he'd sacrifice Matt for killing someone like Lisa when he didn't even remember it. Spinelli said he had to do it because it was the only way to get her out of there. Maxie said he should have left her there. Spinelli said Maxie knew she'd be destroyed by prison; that's why she signed the papers. Maxie cried that it was awful there and that she was ashamed that she was too weak to handle it. Spinelli said he was the weak one, for not being able to handle seeing her there. Spinelli said it was because he loved her and always would. Maxie put her arms around his waist and softly said that made sense. Then she accused him of turning Matt in to get rid of the competition. Spinelli said that while he was sure Matt wasn't the right man for her, he'd only told the truth to save her. Spinelli said that he was the right man for her and even if she never realized that, he wanted her to understand his motives for getting her out of prison. Spinelli was adamant that Maxie did want to be saved and he said that maybe when she admitted that, she'd also admit that the two of them belonged together. Maxie stared at him, crying, then a few moments later the guard told her it was time to go.

Felicia arrived at the courthouse fired up because Mac had been let go from his job. She told Mac she was going to file a formal complaint, but Mac told her that today they were focusing on Maxie. Mac was concerned Maxie wouldn't recant. Matt and Patrick arrived and Matt said he understood if Mac and Felicia didn't want to talk to him. Mac snapped that his only concern was getting Maxie released and that there were going to be problems if Matt tried to run from this. Felicia felt that Mac should be kind to Matt because Maxie loved him, and Patrick added that Matt loved Maxie too. Mac said that remained to be seen. Matt said he never would have let Maxie confess if he'd remembered killing Lisa. Mac thought that Matt had taken Maxie for granted, then let her take the fall for him. The apologetic Matt swore that he'd do whatever it took to get Maxie out of prison.

Spinelli and Maxie arrived. Felicia and Mac hugged her and said everything would be over soon. Maxie said she wished that were true. She hugged Matt and told Patrick she was sorry. Patrick said while her actions weren't wise, she was trying to protect his brother. Maxie said she was sure Matt must have been trying to protect Robin when he killed Lisa. Maxie said any of them would have done it. She said she she'd cost Patrick his wife and didn't want him to lose his brother. The prosecutor piped up that Maxie had cost the city a lot of money and obstructed justice as well. Maxie said sorry, but the prosecutor said he was only interested in her testimony. Rosalyn, a lawyer Alexis had filling in for her, walked in and said Maxie wouldn't be testifying until she was released. The prosecutor agreed. Maxie was officially freed. While her loved ones were overjoyed, Maxie was subdued. The prosecutor said she'd have to testify against Matt in half an hour. Felicia told Maxie she brought her a change of clothes. Mac and Felicia wanted to take Maxie out to lunch, but she said she wasn't hungry. Patrick wanted to use the time to get Matt a lawyer, but Matt said he was fine. Maxie declared that she wanted to spend the 30 minutes alone with Matt. Spinelli, Mac and Felicia feared that Maxie planned to go on the run, but Maxie assured them that she wouldn't. She grabbed Matt and pulled him into the lobby. Matt thanked her for all she'd done for him. Maxie made it clear that she had no intention of testifying against him. Matt pointed out that she'd be sent back to prison, but Maxie told him to trust her.

Back inside the courtroom, Felicia thanked Spinelli again and said she knew he helped Maxie because he loved her. Spinelli was embarrassed that it was that obvious. Felicia told him not to be ashamed for caring about someone, especially someone as loveable as Maxie. Felicia said Spinelli helped Maxie out of a situation that she couldn't handle. She assured Spinelli that one day, Maxie would realize what everyone else already did – that she needed him. Spinelli wished he had her optimism. Felicia advised him not to pay attention to the things Maxie said when she was angry. She said one of the wonderful things about Maxie was her unpredictability.

Maxie changed out of her jumpsuit, then returned and told Matt it was time. Matt asked if she knew what this would cost her. Maxie said she knew what it would cost if she didn't. They rushed off together. Mac rounded the corner just after they left. Anna arrived and hugged Mac when he told her Maxie had been released. Mac mentioned getting fired and Anna told him about getting offered the job and turning it down. Mac thought she should have taken it. Anna said she couldn't because it was his job. Mac shrugged with a smile and said maybe they were hiring in Beecher's Corners. After Mac went inside, Anna and Patrick ran into each other in the lobby. Patrick said he needed to call his dad and Anna suggested that he wait until he got home. Anna assured Patrick that she was there for him if he needed anything. They went inside. Maxie followed shortly after and told them she wouldn't be testifying against Matt. Everyone noticed that Matt wasn't there. Spinelli assumed he fled, but Matt walked in soon afterward. The prosecutor said Maxie had to hold up her end of the agreement and testify. Maxie held up the law book she'd been reading earlier and simultaneously flashed her new wedding ring at everyone. She triumphantly announced that she wouldn't be testifying because she'd done some research and learned that a wife didn't have to testify against her husband. Everyone was shocked, and Spinelli looked crushed.

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