GH Update Wednesday 5/23/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/23/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli found Matt at Kelly's. He whispered that they both knew Matt killed Lisa and asked what Matt was going to do about it. Matt said he'd told Maxie he was going to confess, but she begged him not to. Shocked, Spinelli asked if he was really going to let the woman he claimed to love rot in prison. Matt was confused; he thought Maxie was getting out of prison anyway, due to the picture Spinelli found. Spinelli told him that the judge said it wasn't enough and that he'd been forced to tell him Matt was the true killer. Matt reeled. He said telling the judge he was the killer didn't even help Maxie. Spinelli said there was still a chance. Still in shock, Matt asked if he meant there was a chance for Maxie to be freed or for him to go to prison. Spinelli said that he didn't feel that bad for Matt, because he did kill someone. Matt accused Spinelli of seeing this as a way to get rid of the competition for Maxie. Spinelli said his feelings for Maxie weren't the point. He told Matt that Maxie was going to stay in prison, with Tiny, unless Matt convinced her to sign the agreement. Matt asked what agreement and who Tiny was.

Matt found the lengths Maxie was going to to protect him amazing. Spinelli said Maxie's level of courage and loyalty were rare. Matt couldn't believe that she witnessed something horrible, then went to Anthony for help covering it up instead of coming forward. Spinelli referred to it as another one of her bad choices made with good intentions. Matt said now she was stuck in that hellhole with someone called Tiny. Spinelli said Matt owed it to Maxie to get her out of there. Matt knew it would be hard to convince her to sign the papers. He reminded Spinelli that Maxie sent herself to prison on purpose out of guilt over Robin's death. Spinelli told Matt to convince Maxie that Robin would want her to be free. Matt said he could try, but Maxie felt that Matt needed to be there to take care of Patrick and that his freedom was worth more than her's. Spinelli said Matt needed to figure out if he agreed with her.

Felicia went to Pentonville to try and convince Maxie to sign the statement about Matt killing Lisa. Maxie refused to do it. She was still angry that Spinelli “sold her out” and said she'd thought he'd do anything for her. Felicia told her that Spinelli had tried his best not to tell the judge that Maxie saw Matt kill Lisa. Maxie moaned that everyone would be better off if she stayed in prison. Felicia said not to say that, but Maxie said Spinelli was creative and brilliant and could do more than sit around waiting for her to take advantage of him. Felicia asked her to think about Mac, and Maxie said Mac taught her to do what she thought was right. Felicia argued that it wouldn't be right for Maxie to spend 20 years in prison with real murderers, but Maxie said she deserved to be there. Maxie said she was trying to make amends, but Felicia firmly said that wasn't true. She told Maxie that Maxie was trying to bargain with God, which never worked. Felicia said she knew because she tried. Felicia said that if she could spend twenty years in prison in exchange for bringing back Robin or Georgie she would, but it didn't work like that.

After Felicia was gone, Maxie was crying in the private room, with her head buried in her arms. Tiny, a large woman, and another woman called Kino, paid off the guard watching Maxie and entered the room. Maxie fearfully asked what they wanted. Tiny and Kino let Maxie know they planned to teach her a lesson because they believed she thought she was better than them. Kino sat Maxie on the table, then pinned her down on top of it. Tiny pulled out make up, which Maxie recognized as her's. Maxie screamed for the guard, to no avail. Tiny slathered make up on Maxie's face and drew a tear under her eye in eyeliner. Tiny said the tear was just like the tear tattoo she had and said it was for bashing that lady in the head. Tiny told the fearful Maxie that next time, she'd give her a real tattoo instead of a drawing. Tiny said it would take awhile to tattoo her, but they had twenty years together. The women left and Maxie cried as she wiped the make up off.

Matt arrived and found Maxie sitting alone with the statement about seeing him kill Lisa. He softly told her to sign it. Maxie said she was sorry and that she'd already signed it.

At the police station, Dante told Mac that while Johnny was the prime suspect in shooting out Anthony's tires, Kate hadn't yet been ruled. Dante said Kate had been transferred to Shadybrook after a breakdown. Mac told Dante to focus on Johnny for now, since he was the only suspect they still had access to. Dante left to go see Johnny. Mayor Lomax walked in and bluntly told Mac he was fired. They stepped into his office and she told him he was being let go because of the debacle with Ronnie and because there were too many unsolved cases. The mayor said Cole and Hope were related to prominent families who wanted answers and instead of going to prison, Sonny had been acquitted again. Mac pointed out that that fell on the DA, but the mayor said the DA couldn't win cases when Mac's department was doing a shoddy job providing them with evidence. She snapped that with proper evidence the town might have finally been free of Sonny. Mac said that his department wasn't going to manufacture evidence and couldn't pull it out of thin air. The mayor added that another problem was that his daughter was found guilty of killing two people. Mac argued that Maxie was innocent and would be freed soon, but the mayor said it was too little too late.

Tracy went to the boathouse looking for Anthony. She called for him and when he didn't answer, she wondered if Luke had held up his end of the bargain and gotten rid of him. Tracy went inside and saw a pair of men's shoes sticking out from under a tarp. She hesitantly pulled it away.

Outside Kelly's, Sonny told someone that it wasn't Kate's fault and to let him know if Kate needed anything. When he realized Carly overheard him, he claimed that Kate was having a hard time being away from Crimson, but Carly said Todd told her all about Kate causing the accident. Sonny asked how long she'd been talking to Todd. Carly said enough that she knew about the deal Todd offered Sonny to keep quiet about Kate in exchange for Michael not testifying against Starr. Sonny dismissively called Todd an idiot, but Carly said while Todd was volatile, he wasn't stupid and he knew his plan would fail if Sonny didn't care about Kate anymore. Carly asked Sonny if he was going to let Kate pay for what she did. Sonny Connie did it, not Kate. Sonny said he didn't believe Kate had DID until he saw Connie for himself. Sonny told Carly about seeing Kate seemingly arguing with herself in the mirror and how coarse and out of control Connie was when she took over. Sonny said Connie had bragged about shooting out Anthony's tires. Carly was shocked that she was proud of killing a child. Sonny and Carly sat down at a table and he told her how he held Connie until Kate came back and how she was confused and fragile. Sonny told Carly how devastated Kate was when she found out she killed Cole and Hope. Carly couldn't imagine what Kate must be going through. Sonny added that Kate was in Shadybrook now. Carly asked if they could help. Sonny hoped so. Carly took his hand to comfort him. Sonny said he struggled with being bipolar and because of that, he knew he couldn't blame Kate for what happened. Carly said she was so sorry.

Sonny felt that he was to blame for this. Carly said that if Connie was a different person, then whatever she did was her fault, not Kate's or Sonny's. Sonny explained that Connie only came into existence as a way to keep him away from Kate and that all the destructive things Connie did, like the accident and the one night stand were attempts to remove Sonny from Kate's life. Sonny felt bad for falling into Connie's trap. Carly didn't think he should blame himself. She said Connie was good at destroying things and that she destroyed her and Johnny at the same time she destroyed what Kate and Sonny had. Sonny said while Johnny shouldn't have done that, if Connie hadn't slept with him, she would have used another man in her scheme to make Kate look unfaithful. Carly asked if he was letting Johnny off the hook and Sonny said no way. Sonny said he did have to admit that Johnny had come to him yesterday and told him Kate was innocent. Carly asked why he did that. Sonny didn't how and guessed that maybe Johnny felt guilty for using Kate and hurting Carly. Carly's eyes filled with tears and she asked if Johnny really said that. Sonny told her Johnny said he'd do anything to get Carly back, even telling Sonny the truth. Sonny admitted that he'd been wrong about Johnny trying to frame him for killing Anthony.

Carly said she was starting to believe Johnny was being honest when he said he would spend the rest of his life making what he did up to Carly. Sonny asked if he was going to forgive Johnny and Carly asked if he was going to forgive Kate. Sonny said it was kind of hard to forget seeing her with Johnny, but since he wasn't a hypocrite, if Kate was mentally ill, maybe there was nothing to forgive. Carly asked what would happen to Kate and Sonny said she'd get treatment. Carly was curious about whether Sonny was going to take Todd's deal. Sonny said if he didn't, everyone would know Kate killed a little girl, but he still hadn't decided what to do.. He asked Carly what she was going to do about Johnny and Carly said she didn't know either. After Carly was gone, Spinelli left the restaurant and told Sonny it looked like he was carrying the weight of the world. Sonny glumly said that sounded about right. Spinelli felt the same way; he told Sonny he knew how it felt to have the woman you love behind bars. Spinelli walked away, leaving Sonny alone and depressed. Milo called Sonny and told him where Todd was. Sonny said to keep him there because he was on his way.

Luke went to his suite and found Anna sitting on the couch in her robe, crying and holding a bottle of shampoo. Robin had given it to her and used the same brand, so the scent reminded her of Robin. Luke told her it was normal to have bad days. Anna said she'd feel better if she felt more useful. She'd stayed in town hoping to spend time with Emma the way she hadn't with Robin as a child, but Emma had a busy schedule with Patrick and playdates. Luke smiled and said it must not be fun being an ex spy with no missions to plan. Anna said it was pathetic. Luke teased that they could plan the perfect crime. Anna smiled and Luke hugged her and said she didn't have to be strong all the time. Anna said one of her traits was needing to pretend to be in control even when she wasn't. Anna said it was one of her more charming qualities. Luke asked if that's why he found her so charming. They shared a moment, that was interrupted when Tracy banged on the door and demanded that Luke let her in.

Anna left to take a shower and Luke opened the door and greeted Tracy as his favorite ex wife. She gave him a gift and thanked him for getting rid of Anthony. Luke said he hadn't. Tracy remembered lifting the tarp and finding buoys underneath. Confused, Tracy asked where Anthony was, then. Tracy pressed Luke for details on his plan for getting Anthony out of her life. Luke was planning to have Anthony kidnapped, placed on a boat containing used cars for sale, and shipped to Uruguay where Luke's friend was selling the cars. Tracy thought that was poetic justice for all the time Anthony had kept her on a boat. Luke had another friend who was going to get Anthony arrested on trumped up charges, and once you went to prison in Uruguay, you never got out. Anna left her room and overheard Luke tell Tracy that once she lured Anthony to the boathouse, he'd take care of the rest. Luke and Tracy didn’t notice she was there, Anna forced a smile and went over and told Tracy it was nice to see her and asked what brought her by. Tracy dryly said she came over for a bunch of little reasons and she said she had to go take care of something. Once she was gone, Anna asked if he and Tracy were plotting about Anthony. Before he could answer, Felicia arrived looking for Anna. She hugged Luke and Anna, then said Maxie wasn't doing well. Luke asked if he could help and Felicia said she didn't think so. Luke said he had a situation to take care of and left.

Felicia started crying and Anna asked if it was Mac. Felicia said no; she said Mac wasn't mad at her and that Maxie's situation had brought her and Mac closer together. Anna was glad and said she'd have to say something to him otherwise. Felicia was touched that she'd do that. Felicia told Anna about Maxie trying to sacrifice herself for Matt and by extension, Patrick. Felicia apologized for going on and on about her daughter when Anna had lost her's. Anna said she wanted to help, but Felicia said it wasn't fair to come over and cry on her shoulder. Anna said if she'd been here earlier, she would have seen her crying on Luke's shoulder. Felicia asked if she and Luke were together and Anna said they were just living together as a mutually beneficial arrangement. Felicia said that she and Luke had been together a long time ago and said she thought that was what came between her and Mac. Felicia clarified that just because things didn’t work out between Felicia and Luke, that didn't mean they wouldn't work out between Anna and Luke. Anna quickly said she and Luke were just friends. She rambled about them having their own separate lives and rooms and concerns. Felicia smiled and said she just meant Anna could do a lot worse than him.

The shaken Johnny was sitting alone in the dark in his living room. Anthony's body was still slumped on the floor next to him. Johnny shook as he remembered the gunshots. “What have I done?” he cried as he stared at Anthony. Johnny took a phone call and told the person to go to the bank on his own, because Johnny was busy. After he hung up, he steeled himself, then knelt down to pick up Anthony's body. Anthony suddenly opened his eyes and gasped, scaring Johnny. Johnny grabbed his gun, and when he looked back at Anthony, he realized he'd been hallucinating and Anthony was dead. Johnny let out a nervous laugh and told himself that things like that were normal after spending the night next to a dead body.

Johnny decided to grab some coffee. He was shocked when he turned around to see Anthony standing there. The ghost or figment of Johnny's imagination laughed and told him that he was never going to get rid of him. Anthony walked toward Johnny, taunting him. Johnny kept backing away. Anthony said now he didn't have to worry about Luke and Tracy killing him, because Johnny had done it. Johnny nervously said he had to, because Anthony knew he shot out his tires. Anthony asked if it was his fault Johnny confessed to killing Cole and Hope. Johnny said he didn’t mean for them to die, only Anthony, who deserved it. Anthony said if Johnny said that enough, he might convince himself it was true. Johnny found some courage and yelled that while he hated himself for killing Cole and Hope, at least now, no one would find out about it. Anthony shook his head disapprovingly and said Johnny seemed very proud of himself for convincing Connie to take the rap. Anthony said Kate probably thought she did it and asked if she hadn't suffered enough. Johnny argued that she wouldn't even go to prison. Anthony laughed and said he was fooling himself, but Johnny said he took care of things the best he knew how to. Johnny told Anthony that he was gone now and things would be fine.

Johnny headed toward the stairs, but Anthony suddenly appeared there too, blocking his path and causing Johnny to quickly back away. Anthony said Johnny's original plan to frame Sonny for his death had a lot of merit, but now two innocent people were dead. Anthony demanded to know if Johnny was prepared to live with knowing he'd killed three people. Johnny said he'd been wanting to get rid of Anthony his whole life, so his death wasn't on his conscience. “Then why am I haunting you?” Anthony asked. Johnny screamed at him to shut up. There was a knock on the door and Johnny was shown sitting on the couch. He'd imagined the entire ordeal with Anthony. Dante told Johnny to open the door, and Johnny glanced over at Anthony's body. Dante knocked again and ordered Johnny to let him in. Johnny opened the door, but wouldn't let Dante in. Dante asked why and Johnny said it was his 4th amendment right. Dante said he was there about Anthony's accident. Johnny told him to go question Kate. He refused to answer questions without a warrant and shut the door in Dante's face.

Johnny imagined that Anthony sat up and suggested that Connie had changed her mind and that Johnny was about to go prison for three murders. Johnny hovered over Anthony's body and told it to speak up. Then, sounding pleased, Johnny said Anthony couldn't say anything because he was dead, meaning Johnny would never have to listen to him talk again. Johnny sat down and pondered how he was going to dispose of the body. Tracy texted Anthony and asked him to meet her at the boathouse. Johnny grinned as he read it and said it was lucky for him that he wasn't the only one who wanted Anthony dead. Later, Carly stopped by Johnny's place. She told him through the closed door that they should talk, and Johnny got up and met her outside in the hallway.

Dante went to Mac's office and told him he didn't get anything from Johnny. Mac blurted out that he'd just been fired. Dante was stunned and asked if it was about Ronnie. Mac said partially and Dante said that wasn't Mac's fault. Mac said the mayor was also getting pressure to close the Thornhart case. Mac said the main thing was that the mayor wanted Sonny to go down at all costs. Mac advised Dante to keep that in mind. Dante said he'd never shielded Sonny from the law. Mac said he knew Dante was a good cop, but while he cut Dante a bit of slack when it came to Sonny, the next commissioner might not. Dante said this was wrong – Mac's department was one of the most successful in NY, despite cutbacks. Mac said the mayor did this to get the press off her back and to look like she was taking a stand. Dante said all the officers respected Mac, and he decided to go talk to the mayor on his behalf. Mac said it wouldn't matter and he didn't care to be where he wasn't wanted anyway. Dante asked what Mac wanted him to do and Mac said to do his job and keep working on the Anthony Zacchara case. Dante said he would. Mac left.

As Mac was leaving the station, Felicia came in and said they had to do all they could to save Maxie. Mac agreed and said thanks to the mayor, he had plenty of time to devote to helping her.

Mayor Lomax went to Anna's suite and stunned her by saying that she just fired Mac and that she wanted Anna to take over his old job as commissioner.

Tracy went back to the boathouse and called out to Anthony. She noticed the tarp on the floor again and picked it up, thinking that it was just like before. This time, Anthony's body was beneath the tarp. Tracy collapsed on the floor in shock.

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