GH Update Tuesday 5/22/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/22/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

After Patrick tucked Emma in, she asked if Elizabeth was going to be her new mommy. Patrick said no, and he explained that Liz was just a friend who took care of Emma for awhile because he couldn't. Emma asked if he was sick and Patrick said yes, but he was fine now. Patrick said he'd needed help figuring out what to do without Robin, and Liz helped him. He told her that there were going to be times when Liz or Matt watched her, but he was going to spend more time with her. Emma liked hearing that. Patrick assured her that he was going to be okay and that she didn't have to worry about him. Emma asked if it was because he took his medicine, and Patrick said she was the only medicine he needed.

When Sam and Molly got to the hospital for the childbirth class, Sam was startled to see Jason hugging Liz. Liz explained that she'd just gotten the news that Ewen was going to be okay. Sam wondered why Jason was there and he told her about having follow up appointment and learning that he was fine. Sam said that was great, then she told him why she and Molly were there. Molly added that she'd be happy to step aside if Jason wanted to be there for Sam. When no one said anything, Molly turned up the pressure, urging Jason to be there for Sam. Sam tried to get her to stop, but Molly said Jason and Sam should experience this class together as parents. Liz told her that Sam and Jason had to deal with this, but Molly refused to let up. She told Jason that he and Sam belonged together and that he could love this baby even if it wasn't his. Sam took Jason aside and apologized for Molly. Jason said he guessed everything was public knowledge now. Sam said Molly was her sister and that she told her the truth because Molly thought Jason had abandoned her. Jason was glad Sam was leaning on her family. Sam said they should tell his family too. Jason didn't get why she'd want to tell them, and Sam said the baby was a Quartermaine and they were going to wonder why she was raising it alone. Jason told her she didn't have to.

Sam asked if he was saying he'd help raise the baby and Jason said he wanted to, but he still wasn't sure he could. Jason suggested that they think about alternatives like adoption so that he and Sam could stay together. He told Sam there were people out there who'd love the baby and wouldn't judge it. Sam said she'd thought about putting her issues with her own adoption aside and giving her baby up. Jason said they could have kids when she was ready. Sam said when she felt the baby move and saw the sonogram and Ronnie put the gun to her side, she realized for sure that she loved and wanted this child. With tears in her eyes, Sam said she could handle this, even if Jason couldn't. Molly came over and said class was starting soon. She wondered if she should sit this one out so Jason could be there, but Sam said it was going to be just her and Molly, and they walked away. Jason and Liz's eyes met.

John was in his motel room looking at the article on Sonny being involved in his sister's death when Tea dropped by. He asked about the Starr's arraignment and she told him about having to convince Starr to plead not guilty. Disappointed, she said that the judge denied Starr bail. John was sure Tea would be able to get Starr acquitted. Tea said Todd thought he had a way to get Starr out of it without a trial. John wondered what law Todd was planning to break, and Tea said the less John knew the better. John urged her not to let Todd pull her into something that could hurt her. Tea said she'd never trust Todd again after what he took from her and that she was still planning on creating a strong defense for Starr. The pregnancy aches and pains got to her and she sat down and put her feet up with a groan. John suggested tainting Michael's testimony by telling the jury he committed manslaughter. John lifted Tea's legs onto his lap and teased her about having an online law degree. Tea told him that Starr refused to let her rip Michael apart. John suggested that Tea argue that Starr had been under duress. Tea had thought of that and said Starr had more of a right to use it than Todd had. She groaned again and said it was a sign the baby would be here soon. Tea said she had to work fast and get Starr acquitted before the birth.

Tea said his friend Sam looked to be due soon, too, and she asked what the deal was with them. John said there was no deal; they just talked because Sam was going through some stuff. Tea smiled and asked if he was going to be the one to fix it. John denied that he was trying to fix Sam's problems, but Tea didn't buy it and said he felt compelled to rescue damsels in distress. To bolster her argument, she listed the women he'd rescued – Blair, Evangeline and even Tea on a few occasions. They had a lighthearted disagreement about it. She said that was the way things started between him and Natalie too. John said that was different, and he said he was only listening to Sam and hadn't rescued her. John admitted that he had rescued Sam from Ronnie, but said that was only one time. Tea laughed and said she loved him making her argument for her. In a mock yell, John said she didn't get any points for that. He got serious and said he'd been just trying to help Sam, but he thought he made things worse. John told her a bit about Jason being rumored to be a killer and how John thought Jason thought Sam's relationship with John was putting a strain on their marriage. Tea understood why Jason would feel that way if Sam kept stopping by John's hotel room. John said it was complicated and that their problems started before he came to town. Tea remembered how Sam reacted when she congratulated her on the pregnancy and asked if the problems had something to do with the baby. John said to leave it at calling it “complicated.” Tea said if Jason was as dangerous as John said, perhaps he should stay away from his pregnant wife. John said he wouldn't be a problem for them because he was leaving as soon as he got what he needed to take down Sonny. Tea joked that she should leave before she had the baby in his room. John helped her into her jacket and offered to help with Starr if necessary. Tea left.

Carly and Todd bumped into one another outside Kelly's. Carly said she was glad, because they needed to talk. Todd agreed and said he wanted to talk about her son being the star witness against his daughter. Carly and Todd had a disagreement about whether or not Michael was compassionate and whether or not Michael was right to consider Starr a threat to Sonny. In a dark tone, Todd declared that Michael was not going to testify against his daughter. Carly said Michael was loyal to his family and wasn't going to back down. She firmly said she loved her son as much as he loved his daughter. Todd said he couldn't sit passively while someone hurt Starr. Carly said that she knew from his ex wives that he liked to take things into his own hands, but he'd have to go through her before she'd let him hurt Michael. Todd told her to relax, he wasn't planning to hurt her son. He said he had a plan to help Starr. Carly said good, because she'd hate for things to end up badly between them. Todd grinned and asked if she was threatening him. Carly stated that she was just letting him know that she wasn't someone he should mess with. Todd found that hot and asked her to tell him more. Todd didn't think she'd deliberately hurt anyone, but he did think people might get caught in her crossfire if she was scheming with a higher purpose in mind. Carly smiled and asked if that's what he told himself when he did bad things. Todd laughed and said yes, except this last time. He didn't think killing Victor was a big deal. Carly couldn't believe his lack of remorse. Todd said Victor stole his life and hurt his wives and children. He believed he had good reason to go after Victor and said he didn't think Carly would go after anyone unless they gave her good reason too. Carly agreed and said it was mainly when she was protecting someone she loved, especially her children. Todd respected that and Carly said good and said they wouldn't have a problem as long as he stayed away from Michael. Todd joked that he usually had a problem with everyone sooner or later and Carly laughed and admitted she did too.

Carly asked about his plan for Starr. Todd told her about the deal he offered Sonny – Todd would keep quiet about Connie being responsible for killing Hope and Cole if Sonny could convince Michael to withdraw his testimony. Carly said Sonny wouldn't help because he didn't care about Kate, but Todd thought Sonny still loved her. Carly asked if he didn't want Hope and Cole's killer to be brought to justice and Todd said they were gone and there was nothing he could do for them, but he would do anything he could to help Starr. Todd felt that by going to the court to kill Sonny, he'd planted the idea in Starr's head. Carly understood his need to make this right and said his plan could work if Sonny was able of getting past seeing Kate in bed with Johnny. Todd asked if Carly could forgive Johnny. Carly pulled out the bracelet Johnny gave her and said a friend of hers just reminded her that she made her own share of relationship mistakes. Carly wasn't sure what she was going to do. She said she needed to get back to the hotel and Todd offered to walk her there. Carly said he'd been going into Kelly's and Todd said he could get room service at the Metro Court because he was friends with the owner. Carly smiled and said Kelly's food was better. Todd said he was glad to hear that she'd be willing to forgive Johnny. He said he'd made his share of unforgivable mistakes and it gave him hope.

While Alexis watched from the two way mirror, Sonny and Kate talked in a private room at the police station. Kate begged Sonny to tell her what Connie said about the accident. Sonny was hesitant to say anything until the psychiatrist got there, but Kate's pleading broke him down. Sonny, who was now being very gentle and loving, told her about witnessing her transformation from Kate to Connie. He wiped away his tears, apologized for not believing her and said he knew she wasn't the one who slept with Johnny. They shared a tender moment, then Kate told Sonny Carly was a part of her. Sonny said it wasn't a part that she could control. Sonny apologized for not seeing that Kate was sick before. Kate couldn't believe he was saying sorry after all she'd done to him, but Sonny said the person he loved didn't hurt him. Kate said Connie was capable of hurting him and other people. Sonny said they were going to do what it took to get Kate well again. Kate said she had to know what Connie did first. Sonny told her that the gun was Connie's and Kate broke down crying. She couldn't believe she shot at Anthony, and Sonny said he was having a hard time believing it too. Kate sobbed that it was her fault Cole and Hope were dead. Sonny kissed her forehead and tried to assure her they'd find a way out of this. Kate asked how. Sonny stepped outside and asked Alexis what they were going to do about this.

The two of them went into the room and Sonny promised Kate that he and Alexis would make things right. They went back into the hall and Sonny said Kate was in no state to be in a cell with Starr. Alexis said Kate needed to be in a hospital. She told Sonny she'd talk to the judge. Sonny said she couldn't tell the judge what Connie did. Alexis said it was fortunate that she, Sonny and Kate were the only ones who knew, then she left to see the judge.

At the Zacchara house, Johnny and Anthony fought over the gun and it went off, shooting Anthony in the abdomen. Johnny coldly said he bet Anthony hadn't expected that. Anthony slumped to the floor. He asked Johnny to get him some help, but Johnny refused. Anthony reached for the gun, but Johnny grabbed it first, pointed it at Anthony and asked why he should help him when he'd tried to kill him. Anthony reminded Johnny that he'd be charged with murder if they found Anthony's body in his house, but Johnny said he planned to dispose of Anthony like the trash he was. Anthony whimpered that he'd never tell anyone Johnny killed Cole and Starr, but Johnny calmly said he had Connie to take the wrap for that. Anthony wondered why Connie would do that and through flashbacks, Johnny told him about going to visit Kate privately at the police station.

Johnny had told Kate that he tried to convince Sonny to take her back. Kate asked why he'd do that and Johnny said he was trying to set things right because he wanted to a second chance with Carly. As Johnny talked about his belief that Sonny still loved Kate, Connie took over. At first she tried to find a way out of the room, then she tried flirting with Johnny in an attempt to convince him to help her out. Johnny told her she could cooperate because she and Kate could use some therapy. Connie complained that Kate kept whining and asking if she shot out Anthony's tires. Connie said she hadn't done it, but Johnny told her that maybe she should confess. Back in the present, he smiled and said it was the best idea he ever had. Johnny remembered that at first, Connie didn't see why she'd confess to something she didn't do. Johnny explained to Connie that it was only a matter of time before Kate was able to convince Sonny that she wasn't responsible for sleeping with Johnny or attacking Ewen, and Sonny forgave her. He said Kate would grow stronger with Sonny's love and be able to rid herself of Connie forever. Johnny predicted that Sonny never forgive Kate framing him for murder though. Johnny said if Connie confessed, after a short stay in Shadybrook, she could pretend to be cured, get released and go on with her life. Connie smiled at the thought of being able to live on her own without Sonny.

After sharing the story, Johnny told Anthony he was pretty sure Connie was going to take his advice. Anthony couldn't believe Johnny could be so cold and calculating. Johnny said it ran in the family and reminded Anthony that it had been Anthony's idea to use Kate in the first place. Anthony said Kate could end up institutionalized forever. Johnny was okay with that as long as she was out of his way. Johnny said he left the scene after he tried to kill Anthony and didn't know about the accident until the next day. Johnny had a flashback to reading about Cole and Hope's death in the paper. Johnny had sank to the floor sobbing and saying “not a little girl.” Anthony told him it was on his head. “You think I don't know that?” Johnny yelled. He said that their deaths were haunting him and he thought about it every time he saw a little girl playing or with her dad. Johnny said he couldn't bring them back, but he could make amends and that he owed Starr. Johnny said he'd wanted Sonny to be found guilty so he could convince himself that he hadn't killed them. Anthony weakly told Johnny he had a conscience and that he was a good man. Anthony said he knew Johnny would get him help, but Johnny said Anthony knew too much. Johnny held the gun on Anthony again. Anthony said he wouldn't kill his father, and Johnny responded that Anthony wasn't his father.

Michael ran into Starr as she was being lead back to her cell. Michael said he'd been going over his statement with the A.D.A. He said he heard she didn't make bail, and Starr explained that the judge thought there was a chance Todd would sneak her out of the country. Michael said that if he did, at least she wouldn't be around to try and kill Sonny. Michael said he was sorry she was stuck in jail. Starr glumly said she'd never know what freedom was like again after Michael testified against her. Starr asked the guard to take her to her cell. Michael interjected that he'd done all he could for her, but she brought this on herself. Starr said she had no idea Michael could be so cold. Michael asked the guard to give them a moment and he told Starr this wasn't the fate he wanted for her. Starr accused him of trying to punish her for lying to him. Michael said while that hurt, he'd never send someone to jail for revenge. Starr felt that that was what Michael was doing now, but Michael argued that she probably would have killed his dad if he hadn't shown up. Starr said but he did show up and he convinced her not to do it. Michael pointed out that Sonny was going to testify too and asked if she expected him to tell the court Sonny lied. Michael said he wouldn't perjure himself no matter how much her father wanted him to. Starr wondered what Todd had to do with it. Michael told her about Todd trying to convince him to recant his statement. Starr asked if Todd threatened him and Michael said no. Starr knew Todd was just worried. She said she told him to stay out of it, but he wasn't good at that.

In a pleading tone, Starr said she had a large family and she now realized that they were an important part of her life. Starr said she wanted that life back. Michael wished there was something he could do to help, but it was out of his hands. Starr said she had a music career too and she could use that to honor Cole and Hope if she was given the chance. Michael said maybe they'd go easy on her.

At the end of the show montage set to a sad song played. Jason saw a man and his pregnant wife, then Molly and Sam leaving the birthing class. He and Sam stared at each other, then she got on the elevator. Liz watched this, then she and Jason looked at each other. Patrick kissed Emma. As the guard lead Starr away, she stopped and her and Michael's eyes met. Carly and Todd exited Kelly's laughing and munching on burgers and fries. Kate glanced back at the worried Sonny and smiled sadly as she was taken to the hospital. Johnny said “goodbye Grandpa” and shot Anthony three times in the chest.

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