GH Update Monday 5/21/12

General Hospital Update Monday 5/21/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly is lost in thought at the metro court privately thinking about her previous encounters and conversations with Johnny. Shawn observes her and remarks that she appears to be a million miles away.

Right then, Molly is alone in Alexis’ home with TJ. Right then, they get ready to kiss when Sam enters. They act startled to be seen by her big sister. And Molly is very surprised to find out that Sam is having Alexis be her Lamaze coach instead of Jason.

Alexis is right then buried in work with being Kate’s lawyer and standing nearby after she and Sonny have “spied” upon Kate talking to Connie. When Sonny observes Kate repenting for what she let Connie do to Sonny, he rushes in to confirm that he believes her and trusts her. But she instantly indicates to him that she is Connie who does not care about him and that Kate is not coming back.

Dante goes to privately inspect Kate’s office and is surprised to be seen by Lulu. She asks her husband why he has suddenly appeared at her place of employment unannounced and why he has a gun.

Shawn sits by Carly who tells him she’s done with Johnny. The bastard cheated on her, she tells him. But he seems to know better.

When Molly and TJ are seen by Sam, she walks in out the door to talk privately. They are keeping a secret form her mom. He departs and kisses her good bye. Molly comes inside and informs her big sister that their mom called and is running late. And she wonders why Jason is not her Lamaze coach instead. Sam then admits to her little sister that her husband won’t want to do this and that she and Jason are not together.

At the hospital, the nurse notices Jason and assumes that he’s there to join Sam at the Lamaze class although he tells her he’ s not signed up for it. He talks to Elizabeth admitting that he’s been estranged from his wife but he affirms he’s glad that Sam has her mom.

Connie is in control when she talks to Sonny and tells him that she knows that Kate is weak enough to fall for him and get mixed up in his problems but she won’t let that happen. He asks her if she really understands and knows what Kate thinks and feels. Connie confirms of course. They do live in the same body.

Anthony finds Johnny, pulls a gun on him and demands to know why he has turned on his own flesh and blood

Lulu tells Dante she is kind of turned on to see him in action. It was kind of sexy. And she might want to wear handcuffs to bed with him some time. He wonders why she’s at Kate’s office when she doesn’t work there anymore. Lulu tells him that somebody had to sign off and handle the paperwork and administration while her boss is in prison.

Connie looks at herself in the mirror and remarks how boring Kate’s taste in lipstick is. She makes a joke about the blood stain on the wedding dress. She tells him if Kate hangs out with him, she’s going to lose her life or have her life ruined. He tells her that maybe Kate believes he’s worth the risk. In response to that, Connie tells him that Kate is an idiot. She tells him she knows what happened when Kate was ready to marry him. But she needed Connie’s help. Connie was there. But then Kate had to come back when she saw “Dr. McDreamy”. So, Connie tells him, at that point, she had to take drastic action. He then concludes that that must mean that she shot out Anthony’s tires. Connie confirms yes.

Anthony tells Johnny that he saved his life from Sonny but Johnny only remembers his “grandfather” pimping out his mother. He has had a chain of events in his life involving Carly and Sonny and Claudia and Dante. And he had a premonition when he had a dream. Hearing that, Anthony asked him what dream.

Carly talks to Shawn at Kelly’s about the fact that maybe she was very stupid to want to be “seeing” Johnny. He might have been a better man for her. But he tells her that they were only friends and he knows she never had “feelings” for him. Also, he informs her, he is now seeing someone else.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asks Jason how his test results went. He told her it was pretty good. But she knows that he is not completely ok and asks if there is really no way that things can be patched up between himself and Sam.

Molly asks Sam how Jason could have left her. Sam clarifies to her sister that he did not leave her. She left him. Molly urges her sister to please tell her what he did to cause that. She tells her that she needs to know that Molly is not a baby and she can hear everything and Sam can talk to her about anything. Sam then admits that she realizes that sooner or later the truth will come out. Molly asks her what truth. Sam then informs Molly for the first time that Jason is not the father of her baby.

Lulu talks to Dante about Kate being out of control and how she cannot believe that her boss would have assaulted Dr. Keenan. He tells her that he found the gun that was used to shoot out Anthony’s tires. He knows that Sonny was the prime suspect but he knows his dad did not do it. And he reveals to Lulu, for the first time, that he believes that Kate did it.

Right then, Connie admits that she did in fact shoot out Anthony’s tires. He asks her if she kept going after that. She tells him she did keep driving and did not look to see what happened. She went back to his office. He then remembers that on that very night he told Kate that he wanted to make it right with her before it was too late. Connie remembers that very encounter and tells Sonny she knows all too well how he knows so well how to play that desperate woman. And it gave her the perfect opportunity to plant that gun to get him nailed for the crime.

Carly shares with Shawn that she realizes she pleaded with Jax to make him realize she never meant to hurt him not unlike the very thing Johnny said to her. She knows that she justified herself for cheating on her husband with Sonny yet Johnny and she and have been dating a short time and wasn’t committed to her. Yet she realizes she’s not sure she can ever forgive Johnny for cheating on her with Kate/Connie.

Johnny admits to Anthony that on the very night he slept with Kate/Connie, he realized that he got motivated to do what he should have done years ago to end everyone’s suffering.

Jason talks to Elizabeth about how he remembered Sam’s birthday and went to see her at her hotel room but they didn’t talk about the baby and he ended up leaving. She keeps encouraging Jason to not give up and realize that the fact that Franco is the baby’s father is not the baby’s fault. He tells her that Sam is more comfortable talking to John McBain. She tells him that maybe sometimes Sam is not thinking rationally due to hormones and people can sometimes feel more comfortable talking to strangers. She felt that way with Dr. Keenan. She asks Jason if he really believes that it’s over between him and Sam and there’s no hope. He admits he does not know. He has many times wanted Sam back but he would be lying if he said he can overlook the fact that Franco is the father of her baby.

Sam feels confident after confiding in Molly. Molly tells her she wishes she could go back in time to Sam’s wedding reception and talk her out of going to Hawaii so that none of this could happen. She reflects that Sam and Jason were so happy on that day. Sam agrees she knows they were.

TJ walks into Kelly’s to hear his Uncle Shawn talking to Carly. Shawn urges him to go upstairs and study. He asks Carly if she wants to forgive Johnny. She admits all she can think of was walking in on him sleeping with another woman. He tells her he did not ask her that. He knows that she is not completely over Johnny. If she was, she would not be carrying around the bracelet.

Anthony asks Johnny if he would “off” his old man because of Claudia. He knows that she wanted her father to die. But Johnny stopped it. Johnny admits that he has finally realized that his father is a waste of skin and deserves to die.

Lulu tells Dante she realizes that Kate may have some moments and be capable of some crazy things. But she thinks it’s a bit extreme that she’d shoot out Anthony’s tires. She asks him what he thinks. He tells her that he knows that it’s entirely possible it’s Kate/Connie. But it’s also just as possible that it was Johnny.

Anthony asks Johnny how the gun could have ended up in Kate’s office.

Connie then explains to Sonny that when she was Kate and ready to spend the night with him, she knew how to get him distracted and hid the gun without his knowing. He tells her if she really thinks she did that to protect Kate, she needs to know if Kate gets convicted of the attempted murder of Johnny and the murder of an innocent child and her father, Kate is in prison for the rest of her life. And the blood is on Connie’s hands.

Molly tells Sam that not long ago she was examining many relationships of people she knows including Sonny, Carly, Jax, Brenda and many others. And she knew that they were all in miserable relationships except for Sam and Jason. She tells Sam she must know that Jason really loves her and after the baby is born, doesn’t Sam think they can reconcile and get back what they had? She tells Molly that Jason might like that to happen but the baby is a reminder of the fact that Jason couldn’t protect them from Franco. Even if it was not his fault and there was nothing he could have done, Jason has an instinct to protect everybody around him and he could not do that. Molly tells Sam that her love with Jason is epic and like unicorns. Sam then tells her sister she wishes she had as much faith. Molly then tells her sister she can be her Lamaze coach.

Lulu tells Dante she is wondering if Johnny has changed since she knew him. She knows he has issues but trying to kill Anthony might be beyond what he’s capable of. But he tells her she should have seen Johnny the night at the metro court when Sonny revealed that Claudia was his mother and that Anthony pulled his stunt to lie to him. He wanted to kill his dad (grandpa) at that point.

Johnny then tells Anthony all about his plot to kill his father the night in question.

We then see Sonny looking for Kate. Not far away, Johnny is alone wearing gloves and ready to plant the gun in Kate’s office. He explains to Anthony that Sonny implicated himself but it was he (Johnny) who planted the gun in Kate’s office. And he confirms that that is the whole truth and nothing but.

When Connie admits to Sonny that she did it, he is ready to strangle her knowing that she betrayed him, ruined his relationship and was ready to frame him for something he didn’t do. And now a child and her dad are dead because of her. And right then, Kate come back and admits that she was waiting for Dr. Keenan to have a session and was trying to bring Connie out. And she admits what she remembered.

Sam goes to the hospital and as soon as she gets off the elevator she sees Jason and Elizabeth smiling laughing and hugging.

Alexis observes outside the room where Kate admits to Sonny that she asked Connie, the night in question, what she did with the gun and Connie wouldn’t answer. But she can see by Sonny’s expression that he just found out the answer to that question. She then demands to know what Connie told him.

Lulu tells Dante that even if he’s correct that Johnny wants to kill his father/grandpa, there’ still no way that he could have shot out the tires if he was in bed with Carly the night in question.

Carly is alone remembering Johnny telling her he would not give up on getting her back. And she picks up the bracelet that he gave her.

Anthony is ready to cry when he tells his son/grandson that he was there for him and loved him his whole life and now Johnny tried to kill him. They then get into a struggle and stare into each other’s eyes, both revealing some sort of secret.

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