GH Update Wednesday 5/16/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/16/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court, Todd overheard Michael telling Carly he was going to testify against Starr. He walked over and told Michael that anyone who harmed his daughter was on his hit list. Carly said to stop with the threats, but Todd said it was a statement of fact. He also said he didn't think Starr tried to kill Sonny. Michael argued that Starr pretended to leave town, then stole a gun and held it on Sonny. Todd said that was a far cry from attempted murder. He described Starr's actions as a display of grief and accused Michael of overreacting. Michael was adamant that Starr had been planning to kill Sonny and said he was going to tell the judge. Todd said that wasn't okay with him and Michael dared him to try and stop him. Carly tried to diffuse things by saying this was clearly an emotional time. Todd said they could all agree that Starr was the most affected.

Todd said he just wanted to help Starr but he couldn't because she was in jail. Michael snapped that it could be a lot worse because she could have killed Sonny. Todd replied that things were already bad for Starr, because she not only lost the man she loved, she lost their child. He asked Michael to think about what that felt like. Michael said he knew what she lost and would do anything to change things for her, but he couldn't. Todd said he could take his statement back. Michael disagreed, because he believed Starr was a threat to Sonny. Todd asked Michael to cut her some slack, but Michael refused to make the mistake of trusting Starr again. Carly seemed to side with Todd. Todd asked if Michael had no compassion and Michael asked where Starr's compassion was the night she pulled a gun on Sonny. Todd said it was at the bottom of a ravine. He said Starr was in hell and asked if Michael really wanted to send her to prison too. Michael said he had to do what he had to do. Todd said that made two of them and he walked away.

Carly gently said Todd had a point; Michael didn't have to testify. Michael said didn't want to give Starr another chance to kill Sonny, and Carly replied that she didn't think Starr would try it again. Michael asked if Carly would let it go if someone killed Josslyn and Jax. Carly said no, but she wasn't Starr. Michael said just because Starr was young didn't mean she didn't want vengeance. He said Starr still thought Sonny was guilty and refused to believe Johnny caused the accident. Carly said Starr was right about Johnny being innocent. Michael didn't understand why Carly would still be defending Johnny after he cheated on her. Carly said she still hadn't forgiven Johnny, but she knew he didn't cause the accident. Michael asked what she wasn't telling him. Carly said Johnny was with her all night. Michael pointed out that Johnny could have used a hit man. Carly thought about Todd saying he overheard Kate say Connie was guilty. Michael noticed the look on her face and asked if she was okay. Carly said she was concerned about him. She knew it hurt Michael that someone he cared for went after Sonny without regard to Michael's feelings. Michael admitted that it didn't feel great. Carly asked if that was why Michael was throwing Starr to the wolves. Michael said he felt bad that Starr betrayed him, but she was also guilty of attempted murder.

Tea went to visit Starr in her cell and asked if Todd had tried to visit. Starr was surprised he was still in town. Tea confirmed that he was and said Todd was only going to complicate the already delicate situation. Tea told Starr about arguing with Todd and how Carly stood up for him. Starr was shocked that Todd had a friend and said he must not know that Carly's son was the one who turned her in to the police. Tea thought there were ways to minimize the impact of Michael's statement, but Starr didn't think Michael would back down. She told Tea about Michael being there for her after the accident and how he let her stay with him even though Sonny told him not to. Starr said now Michael thought she'd been using him. Upset, Starr swore that she wasn't and said Michael and Todd were the only two people who really understood how she felt losing Cole and Hope. Tea gently said Michael wasn't on her side this time. Starr felt bad that she repaid Michael's kindness by trying to kill his dad. Tea shared that her strategy was to make Michael look bad so the jury would think he was lying. Starr didn’t like the idea of pretending Michael lied. Tea said Michael wasn't squeaky clean. She told Starr about him being convicted of manslaughter, but Starr said Michael was just stopping his stepmother from kidnapping his sister. Tea said Sonny took the blame. Starr said it sounded like something Todd would do. Tea agreed and said Todd didn't respect the law either. Starr argued that they couldn't blame Michael for his father's protectiveness. Tea told Starr about the way Carly and Sonny lied and how Michael left the country. Starr didn't care, and she refused to let Tea destroy Michael's credibility on the stand.

Tea thought that Starr's grief was clouding her judgment, but Starr insisted that she was thinking clearly, and she said Tea couldn't say Michael was lying, because she really had been planning to kill Sonny. Tea didn't think Starr would have gone through with it and Starr replied that Tea must not know her as well as Tea thought. Tea gently asked if she was saying Michael did. Starr said she and Michael connected and that he had every right to hate her for trying to kill Sonny. Starr said she wouldn't let Tea dredge up what was a difficult time in Michael's life. Tea asked if she felt that way even if that was the only thing that could help. Starr asked Tea to promise she wouldn't go after Michael. Tea would only promise to set that option aside for now. Tea told her the arraignment would be this afternoon and Starr needed to be contrite and sincere. Starr said she could do that. Tea said Starr would be pleading not guilty. Starr said she was guilty and Tea said so was her father. Starr said that wouldn't stop Michael from testifying and nothing would.

Elizabeth and Epiphany were at the hospital discussing Patrick. Both women wished Patrick was doing Ewen's surgery today. Liz said she hadn't realized Patrick was in such a bad place. She still couldn't believe that he was pretending to be consulting at another hospital in order to skip work at GH. Epiphany said everyone grieved in their own way. They both agreed that they’d done everything in their power to convince Patrick to pull himself together and return to work, but that he was the only one who could make the final decision. The two were stunned when a cleaned up Patrick walked in, ready for work. He took Ewen's chart and said he was ready to take all his cases. Epiphany left to let the other doctors know they didn't have to cover Patrick's cases. Liz said she hoped he wasn't doing this for her. Patrick said it was a little for her, a lot for his patients, but mostly for Robin. Patrick said he shouldn't have turned Liz down last night. Liz admitted that she hadn’t been that nice when she asked, but Patrick understood, since he'd been lying to her for weeks. Epiphany said none of that mattered anymore. Liz thanked him for agreeing to do the surgery, but Patrick said to hold off until Ewen was out of the woods. Liz left to let everyone know Patrick was back.

Epiphany returned and asked Patrick what made him come back to work. He smiled and said it was Epiphany. Epiphany smiled and shook her head. She didn't realize he was listening. Patrick said after she left, he took a look in the mirror and didn't recognize himself. It made him wonder what Emma must think. Epiphany assured him that Emma only saw her daddy, even if he'd grown a beard. Patrick said there was more to it than him realizing he looked unkempt. He said he saw emptiness in his eyes, which made sense because everything was empty now that Robin was gone. Epiphany said it didn't have to be. Patrick thanked her for saying the things he needed to hear but didn't want to. Epiphany said Patrick had a lot of people pulling for him. Patrick said he had to make sure he didn't push them away. He told her he'd unfairly gone off on Matt, even though he was right. Epiphany told him she was proud of him, for what it was worth. Patrick said it was worth a lot, then he went to do his rounds.

At Pentonville, Matt was horrified to see Maxie's black eye. Maxie said it was nothing. She asked Matt to bring her a nail file next time and Matt told her that if everything went well, she would be free in a few days. Maxie was alarmed when Matt told her about Spinelli finding surveillance video of Lisa's murder. She cried that she couldn't believe Spinelli would do this to her. Matt tried to convince her that this was a good thing, but Maxie called Spinelli an idiot for breaking his promise. She said she should have known he couldn't be trusted, because he was blinded by his feelings for her. Matt was glad Spinelli was. Maxie questioned whose side he was on and Matt said he was on her side, just like everyone else, except her. Maxie said she deserved to be there because she was guilty. Matt said it was fine if she wanted to punish herself, but she couldn't do it in prison. Matt got Maxie to admit she wanted to get out of prison. Maxie said she dreamed of living in comfort again but it wasn't that simple. She asked if they knew who the killer was and Matt said the video was too grainy to make out the person's face. Maxie breathed a sigh of relief, then panicked when Matt looked worried and said he thought he knew who did it. Maxie tried to get him to be quiet, but Matt said he had to say this. He told her he thought Patrick did it. Maxie said while Patrick had a lot of reasons to kill Lisa, he didn't. Matt said Spinelli thought the killer blocked out the crime out of guilt. Maxie felt that Lisa's killer had nothing to feel sorry for. Matt agreed that whoever killed her shouldn't have to pay, and he said Maxie definitely didn't deserve to pay and thanks to Spinelli, she wouldn't have to.

Matt was convinced Patrick did it. He said the killer was definitely a dark haired man and Patrick had the best motive. Matt told her Patrick had fallen apart. Maxie thought that made sense considering what Patrick lost. Matt said that was what you were supposed to do – sacrifice yourself for the the sake of someone you love. Matt theorized that Patrick might be neglecting himself because he felt he needed to be punished for killing Lisa. When Matt told Maxie that Spinelli had taken the proof to Mac and Felicia, she panicked and said it wouldn't be long before the police went looking for the killer. Matt decided to go warn Patrick. Maxie quickly said he couldn't. Maxie held Matt's waist and cried that she hoped that she'd be cleared and they would let the case drop, but Matt told her that wasn't the way the law worked. The case would be reopened. Matt wished he hadn't drank so much the night of the murder. The distraught Maxie told him that if they followed up on the video lead, Patrick wasn't the one who'd be arrested. Matt said the only people on board who fit the profile on the video were himself, the captain and Patrick, and since Lisa killed the captain, that left had to be him or Patrick. Matt said he and Maxie knew it wasn't Matt. The fear on Maxie's face scared Matt and he asked her to tell him what she knew. Maxie tearfully told she was sorry, but he was the killer. Matt was shocked. Maxie hugged him.

Sonny stopped Alexis on her way inside the courtroom to ask about Kate's case. Alexis noted that Sonny seemed very invested in Kate's case for someone who claimed he didn't care about her. She added that the attack on Ewen might be the least of Kate's worries. Alexis said she believed Connie really did have D.I.D. and had no idea what Connie was doing. Sonny told her that Johnny said the same thing and had asked him not to blame Kate for the one night stand. Alexis asked if Sonny believed Kate really was suffering from D.I.D. Sonny wouldn't answer; he just wanted to know what Alexis was doing for Kate. Alexis told him she'd found a psychiatrist to hypnotize Kate so they could talk to Connie. Sonny didn’t understand why that was necessary, when the cops already had Kate's fingerprints on the paperweight. Instead of telling Sonny what was going on, Alexis said she was needed in the courtroom and she went inside.

Mac, Felicia and Spinelli were at the courtroom waiting for the judge. Felicia told Spinelli how grateful she was, but Spinelli wasn't sure the picture would be enough to get Maxie out of prison. The prosecutor arrived and looked at the picture, but he was clearly skeptical about it. He grudgingly admitted that the woman in the picture did appear to be Lisa, then he asked who the killer was if it wasn't Maxie. Mac said whoever it was, it clearly wasn't a man. Alexis came inside and the hearing started. Alexis asked the judge to release Maxie because of the new evidence. The DA argued that Maxie had confessed to two murders. Mac yelled out that she didn't kill those people. The DA said the picture could be a forgery. Spinelli yelled that the photo wasn't a fake. The judge remembered Spinelli's antics at the court case and was annoyed. Mac argued that Spinelli was a computer genius and the DA replied that meant he could have doctored the photo. The DA said he'd be more inclined to accept the photo as proof of Maxie's innocence if they could identify the man. The judge refused to overturn the conviction because the evidence wasn't substantial enough. Mac and Felicia wanted Alexis to do something, but she said she couldn't. Spinelli interrupted the ruling and rushed forward and told the judge that Maxie wasn't in the picture. The judge understood that Spinelli cared for Maxie but said he couldn't do anything without more evidence. Spinelli reluctantly admitted that he knew who the killer was. The atmosphere inside the room was very intense, with everyone wanting Spinelli to answer. Spinelli stalled and second guessed himself, but finally decided to tell the truth. He asked Maxie to forgive him, then he told them that Matt was the killer.

Sonny went to his office. He talked business with Bernie on the phone and cut the call short when he spotted a picture of himself and Kate, which he picked up and stared at. Milo knocked on the door to say Sonny had a visitor. Sonny didn't want to be bothered, but Todd poked his head in and said he thought Sonny would want to hear this. Sonny noted that Todd beat the rap. Todd said he saw that Sonny did too and he congratulated him, but Sonny said the difference is that he was innocent. Milo frisked Todd, then Sonny sent him away. Todd made a flippant comment about Starr being just like him because they both tried to kill Sonny. Sonny thought it was strange for Todd to make light of the trouble Starr was in. Todd said she wouldn't be in trouble for long, because Sonny was going to drop the charges. Sonny laughed and said that wasn't happening. Todd said Sonny was a father, just like him and Cole. Sonny said he had nothing to do with the accident. Todd said he believed Sonny, but Starr didn't. He said Starr was in intense pain when she went after Sonny. Sonny knew that pain could make you reckless, but while he felt for Starr, he didn't want to wait for her to go after him again. Todd said Starr wouldn't. He told Sonny that Michael needed to retract his statement. Sonny said that wouldn't happen. Todd said if Sonny didn't get the charges dropped, he'd tell the authorities who was really responsible for the accident – Connie, also known as Kate. Sonny was shocked.

Liz told Patrick Ewen was prepped and ready. She said she was glad to see him back. Patrick said he didn't think he could do it if it weren't for Emma. Liz thought he could and said Robin did too. Patrick said he just had to find the faith in himself. Liz told him he was going to be great. Patrick left to do the surgery.

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