GH Update Tuesday 5/15/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/15/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Jason was at home looking at his dragon figurine, while Sam was waiting for a check up at the hospital, wistfully looking at her phoenix. Dr. Lee entered the exam room and noted that Sam had signed up for childbirth classes and asked who was going to assist her. Sam said her mom was going to be her birthing partner and explained that Jason wasn't sure he could accept the baby. Dr. Lee made some supportive comments. Sam said she thought she and Jason connected last night, but it didn't last. Sam knew Alexis would be a good birthing partner, but it wasn't the same. Dr. Lee told Sam everything was fine, but she should try to relax, because her blood pressure was high. The doctor looked at Sam's blood work and saw that Sam's iron levels were a bit low. She said it wasn't necessarily dangerous, but it was be a sign that the baby might have beta thalassemia. Dr. Lee knew from Sam's records that the blood disorder ran in the Cassadine side of her family. The disorder was treatable and the doctor said they'd test the baby for it when it was born. Dr. Lee told her not to worry, because she was on track for having a healthy baby. Sam sighed that all that was missing was its father. After the exam, Dr. Lee told her to have fun at childbirth classes and said it was an experience that could bring people closer together. The doctor left and Sam sat on the exam table, seemingly deep in thought.

Spinelli showed up at Jason's and showed him a screen shot of Matt killing Lisa. Spinelli said Jason had sharp observational skills and if anyone could identify the killer, it was him. Spinelli was relieved when Jason didn't recognize Matt in the picture, because it meant he could turn it over to the authorities without angering Maxie, the woman he loved. Spinelli filled Jason in on Maxie's request that Spinelli never tell anyone that Matt was guilty. Spinelli thought Maxie had gone to prison partially to protect Matt and partially out of guilt for what happened to Robin. He was pleased that he could free Maxie without making her angry, but Jason wasn't sure the DA wouldn't want more evidence, and he warned Spinelli that he was taking a big risk. Spinelli smiled and said love conquered all, just like it did for Jason and Sam. Spinelli looked at Jason expectantly, but Jason changed the subject and asked when he was taking the picture to the DA. Spinelli said today, then he said he didn't mean to pry. He'd just hoped things would work out soon since the baby was on its way. Jason told him about going to visit Sam on her birthday and refusing her offer to come in and talk, because he didn't want to make a promise he couldn't keep. Spinelli said Jason had counseled him over the years and he wanted to return the favor by urging him not to give up hope for him and Sam. Spinelli left and Jason looked over at the dragon.

At the Davis house, Alexis was running late. She called Molly and was mildly irritated to see that Molly was still wandering sleepily in her bathrobe, instead of being dressed for school. Molly told Alexis to go ahead without her and that she'd catch a ride from a friend. Alexis said goodbye and left. Molly rushed to the window and once she was sure, Alexis was gone, she peeled off her robe, showing that she was already dressed.

At Kelly's, Shawn was surprised to see that TJ had woken up and gotten dressed for school without any prodding. TJ claimed he was really looking forward to going to class. After TJ was gone, Alexis ran into Shawn outside. It was revealed that TJ had been banned from seeing Molly since he threw a party at her house. Shawn said TJ was doing well and he thought that the fallout from the party might have taught him a lesson. Alexis said Molly wanted her to give TJ another chance, but her daughter accepted that Alexis had the final say.

Sonny and Michael were also at the restaurant having breakfast. Sonny asked if Michael felt Abby's friends had gotten justice. Michael said he guessed so, but he still wished Ronnie had been tried and sentenced by the court system. Sonny asked if Michael still felt he'd done the right thing by turning Starr over to the authorities. While Michael was sympathetic to Starr, he felt she was dangerous as long as she was convinced she needed to kill Sonny. Alexis walked in and Michael let her have his seat. He asked about Molly and Alexis told her about banning her from seeing TJ. Alexis said she thought Molly was testing her this morning by oversleeping and not being ready for school on time. Alexis said Molly's friend was supposed to give her a ride. Michael offered to pick Molly up on his way to the PCPD. Alexis thanked him, and he left. Alexis was meeting with Sonny to talk about Kate. He asked if Alexis could get Kate off and Alexis remembered Kate saying Connie might have shot out Anthony's tires and told Sonny it was more complicated than that. Sonny pressed her for details, but Alexis said she was bound by attorney client privilege and couldn't tell Sonny anything. Sonny said she should just use the insanity defense for Kate and hire a few experts to say she wasn't responsible. Alexis said she thought Sonny didn’t believe Kate had multiple personalities. Sonny told her that it didn't matter what he believed; the only thing that counted was whether she could convince a judge. Alexis said she hadn't decided her strategy yet. She said she had to go to the police station. Sonny asked her to keep him posted on Kate. “You mean about the woman you don't care about?” Alexis said.

Back at the Davis home, there was a knock at the door. Molly gave herself a final once over in the mirror, then took a deep breath and answered. It was TJ. He and Molly smiled nervously, then gave each other a peck on the lips. Molly and Shawn sat down on the couch holding hands. While they were happy to be together, Molly said this was the only time they'd be able to meet there, because Alexis wouldn't fall for her pretending to oversleep again. Molly said they'd just have to go back to the park where they'd been meeting before and take the chance of someone seeing them. TJ asked if Molly was okay lying to Alexis. Molly was, because she felt that Alexis was being completely unreasonable by forbidding them to see each other. TJ pointed out that the people he invited to the party almost gave Molly alcohol poisoning, but Molly said it wasn't his fault they were jerks. Michael walked in just as Molly and TJ leaned in for another kiss. Molly and TJ tried to lie that nothing was going on, but, but Michael knew what he saw. Molly came clean about them dating, but insisted that there was no reason why they shouldn't. Michael argued that TJ was bad news for trying to let Molly take the blame for the party he threw. Molly said she and TJ both made mistakes and that she'd met every one of Alexis's other requirements about her grades and curfew.

Michael questioned them and Molly admitted they'd started seeing each other shortly after the party. Michael called them out on being dishonest. Molly said nothing bad had happened since they started dating, and she pleaded with Michael to keep their secret. Michael asked if she wanted him to lie to her mom. TJ said it wasn't that hard, and Michael said he didn't want to give TJ easy access to pressure Molly into doing something else she shouldn't. Molly pointed out that Michael made mistakes, and Michael said he didn’t want Molly doing the potentially life ruining things he and Kristina had. TJ said he and Molly were only hanging out. Michael said they should be honest about it then, but Molly said there was no way they could tell her mom what they were doing. Michael asked if they were having sex. Horrified, Molly adamantly denied it and she and TJ swore that wasn't ever going to happen. Michael said okay, then said while he didn't care about TJ, he was taking Molly to school. Molly said their ride was already on the way and that she'd never skip, because the school would call Alexis. Michael promised not to say anything about their relationship, but warned them that Alexis could find out some other way and she would be furious.

Todd was at the police station arguing with an officer who refused to let him see Starr. The officer said Téa had banned him from seeing Starr, but Todd wasn't swayed. He yelled that Starr could be in danger, because she'd been locked up with the woman who may have killed her daughter. Unmoved, the officer said Starr was safe in her own cell and that Todd should take his complaints up with Téa. Todd pulled out a roll of money and tried to bribe the man, who grabbed him and escorted him out of the station, warning that if he didn't stop, he'd find himself in jail, too. Todd yelled that he was being brutalized, but the cop shoved him out the door anyway and went back inside.

Starr was in her cell looking at the picture of herself, Hope and Cole, while Kate was in the cell across the hall watching her and remembering telling Alexis that Connie may have killed Starr's family. Kate tearfully called Starr's name and said she had something to tell her. Starr bitterly told her that she didn't want to hear her or anyone else proclaiming Sonny's innocence. Starr's pain bubbled up and she told Kate she didn't know how to make anyone else understood how it felt to reach out for Cole and realize he wasn't there. Starr showed Kate the picture and wailed about how this was all she had left of them. Kate said she was sorry, but Starr said she didn't have to be, because it wasn't her fault. Starr told Kate a bit about her history with Cole and Hope – their parents not wanting them to be together, the unplanned teenage pregnancy, and planning to put Hope up for adoption until she got her back after losing her. Kate asked if it was hard raising a child at her age. Starr said no because she had a lot of help from her aunts Viki, Dorian and her mom and grandma. Kate asked about Cole and Starr said she didn't have Cole for awhile back then and while it was hard, she had to learn to live without him. Starr cried that they got back together and were so happy until the accident. Sobbing, Starr wondered why this happened to her. Kate was crying too, as she asked Starr if getting the answers would lessen her grief. Starr said probably not. She told Kate that she kept thinking of all the “what ifs'” that could have helped things play out differently. Starr said Michael warned her not to dwell on that, but she couldn't help herself. Kate agreed with Michael and said the accident was a tragic sequence of events, because no one wanted Cole and Hope to die. Starr vehemently disagreed. She said someone caused the accident and while they didn't want her family to die, they did want Anthony to die. “Yes, someone did” Kate said.

Starr said Todd was the only one who wasn't telling her to accept that Cole and Hope were gone and move on. She growled that the person who killed them deserved to pay. Kate tried to find the words to confess that her alter may have killed Cole and Hope. Starr interrupted and railed at her, because she thought Kate was gearing up to defend Sonny again. Kate said it wasn't about Sonny. Alexis frantically ran in and told Kate to stop talking. Kate was intent on confessing, but Alexis ordered her to be quiet. They went to a private room and Kate said she felt that Starr deserved to know why her family was dead. Alexis reminded her that she had no way of knowing for sure that Connie was guilty. Kate said after talking to Starr, she knew she had to do what she feared and let Connie out so she could find out whether she caused the accident. While Kate said that she had to know if she destroyed Starr's life, Starr was shown alone in her cell, crying over the picture.

Johnny went to the Metro Court with a present for Carly. At first, Carly threatened to have security throw him out, but when Johnny insisted, she opened the gift. She was stunned to see a charm bracelet exactly like the one she'd wanted when she was a girl. Carly had asked her adoptive parents for it, and when she said no, she'd tried to steal it and gotten caught. Carly softened and asked how he knew. Johnny said she told him one night while they were drinking wine. Carly didn't remember telling Johnny that, and he told her that he remembered every thing she ever told him. Carly suddenly went cold again and spat that he didn't remember to be honest. Johnny promised to spend the rest of his life making it up to her if she'd give him another chance. Carly angrily told him that fulfilling a childhood wish wouldn't change what happened. She started to walk away and Johnny grabbed her and begged her to listen. Carly told him to get off of her. Todd witnessed this and ordered Johnny to let her go. Carly thanked him, but said it wasn't any of his business. Johnny agreed, and he didn't take Todd stepping in very well. Todd asked if this was the guy who cheated on her. Carly said yes, and Todd said Johnny was an idiot to mess up a good thing. Todd said he knew, because he was an idiot too. Todd was clearly getting under Johnny's skin. Johnny asked who he was, and Carly introduced them. Johnny realized he was Starr's dad. Todd asked if Johnny was related to Anthony Zacchara and Johnny said he was his grandfather. Todd hit Johnny with a barrage of questions and learned that Starr stole Johnny's gun and that Johnny bought out Starr's record deal to help her out. Todd told him to stay away from Starr and Carly. Johnny scoffed at the idea of Todd speaking for Carly. Carly said she was still just as angry as she'd been when she caught him cheating. She told Johnny it was over and handed him the bracelet. Johnny told her it was hers to do what she wanted with, then he left. Carly tossed the bracelet in the trash and told Todd she didn't need him to handle Johnny, because she could take care of herself. Todd said he was glad he did get involved, because now he knew Johnny was manipulating Starr. Todd didn't believe Johnny bought her record contract out of the goodness of his heart and he also felt that Johnny gave Starr the gun, or at the very least, irresponsibly left it where his distraught daughter could get it. Carly disagreed that Johnny wanted Starr to take the gun. Todd said either way, Téa should know about this, so she could question Johnny instead of having Todd banned from seeing Starr. Todd felt that he had to get to Starr and tell her who she was sharing a cell with.

Carly said she couldn't stop thinking about what Todd told her he overheard Kate say. She said while she didn't like Kate, she couldn't believe she caused the accident. Todd said he'd been convinced Sonny killed Hope and Cole and while he didn't mind killing him, now he knew the accident was his girlfriend's fault. Carly asked if Todd had wanted to get into the holding cell to kill Kate. Todd felt he'd be within his rights, but Carly said if Kate really had D.I.D., she was sick. She asked if Todd knew anything about that illness and Todd say yes, because it ran in his family. He told Carly that he pretended to have D.I.D. once, but his sister really did have it. He said his sister was a good person who said the illness was no excuse for bad behavior. Carly asked how you could hold the person responsible if they didn't know what they were doing. Todd said Starr lost her family and was in danger of losing her freedom. Carly said Starr wouldn't go to prison because she didn't kill Sonny, but Todd said she tried to. Todd said Starr was just like him, because they both tried to kill Sonny. He asked Carly if she'd let someone get away with hurting her family. Todd said Connie didn't get a free pass because Kate couldn't control her alter. He added the he could no more forgive her than Carly could forgive Johnny.

After Todd was gone, Carly took the bracelet out of the trash. Michael arrived, because had Carly called him. Carly began to break the news about Starr trying to kill Sonny, but Michael told her that he saw the whole thing. Todd walked in and overheard Michael say he turned Starr in.

Sonny prepared to leave Kelly's when Johnny came in and walked over. Sonny had nothing to say to Johnny, but Johnny said he had something to tell Sonny. Shawn walked over and asked if there was a problem. Shawn sneered that while he wouldn’t have a problem with someone beating Johnny up, the customers might. Sonny said everything was fine. Shawn said Johnny had better be treating Carly right, and he was pleased when Sonny told him Carly had dumped Johnny.

Shawn walked away and Johnny followed Sonny outside. Sonny said Johnny had gotten his revenge, so there was nothing more to say. Johnny asked that Sonny blame him (Johnny) for sleeping with Kate and not her. Johnny told him Kate was devastated when she realized Connie had slept with Johnny. Sonny said Kate told him she wanted Johnny, but Johnny tried to convince him that wasn't really her. Johnny said Kate loved Sonny and tried to stop Connie, but Connie was too strong. Sonny assumed Kate convinced Johnny to vouch for her, but Johnny said he was telling the truth because it was the right thing to do. Skeptical, Sonny asked when Johnny started caring what was right. Johnny yelled that he cared about doing the right thing because of Carly. Shawn watched them from inside Kelly's. Sonny said Carly didn't care about him or care that he saw the light. Johnny said that was between him and Carly and Sonny said if that was the case, Johnny should spare him the sermon. Johnny said he lost Carly for good, but Sonny didn't have to lose Kate, then he walked away.

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