GH Update Monday 5/14/12

General Hospital Update Monday 5/14/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Kate is in the private room alone with Alexis who assures her she is protected by attorney/client privilege, she reveals that she suspects it’s very possible that Connie shot out Anthony Zacchara's tires in order to get Sonny framed and is responsible for the death of Starr Manning’s daughter. From outside in the hall, Todd enters, overhears and says Connie.

Sam goes to see John admitting she wanted to make certain he was ok and admits she considered the possibility that Jason might have killed him.

Elizabeth takes Emma to Kelly’s and runs into Jason who asks her how things are going taking care of Robin and Patrick’s child. Emma sees the two people who are not her parents and expresses discontentment that she does not have her mommy nor her daddy.

Anna goes to Patrick’s and unsuccessfully knocks and rings the doorbell to no avail when he does not answer.

John McBain is on the phone to Blair telling her he will make sure that Starr is ok.

Heather obviously has a secret about Maggie’s death and what she had to do in order to free her son from prison but will not tell Olivia. She calls Luke who tries to avoid her.

Téa Delgado appears at the Metro Court admitting to Carly, who’s at the front desk, that she needs a room. Carly notices her and is able to remember that she is Starr Manning’s attorney and the woman who is preventing Todd from seeing his daughter.

Alexis is shocked and somewhat encouraged to find out that Sonny has an alibi for what happened to Hope and Cole when she learns that Kate suspects it was Connie instead. Little do they know that Todd is right outside overhearing their conversation?

While Luke is getting “inundated” with calls from Heather, Anna returns to the room he’s staying in after trying and failing to get Patrick to answer the door. She has apparently gotten the mistaken idea that Patrick is not home and has been working.

Hospital Nurse Manager Epiphany goes to Patrick’s home, knocks on his door and demands he lets her in. She tells him she’s tired of covering for him by lying about his coming back to work when he has not. He opens the door. She tells him he looks terrible and is wasting too much time wallowing. She tells him he better get back to work and pull himself together because the patients at the hospital need him.

Jason talks to Emma at Kelly’s while she’s with Elizabeth. He tells the little one that he remembers her mommy and all of the fun things they used to do together and Emma needs to remember that Robin will always be in their hearts. Elizabeth then gets Emma to go and draw pictures so that she can talk to Jason alone. She admits to him that both Patrick and Emma are grieving and missing Robin. She admits that she misses Lucky and is grateful to Jason for spending time with her when she’s taking care of Emma. She asks him how Sam is and why she’s not with him. Jason admits that Sam has moved out of their home. She asks Jason why his wife would not want to be close to him when she’s having a baby. Jason replies it appears Sam would rather be close to John McBain.

John talks to Sam about how he’s not about to “back off” and give up on taking down Sonny. He’s not going to leave town until he’s brought Sonny to justice. She asks John if she may ask why he has such a serious vendetta with Sonny. She knows there is something he’s not sharing with anyone regarding Sonny.

At the Metro Court, when Carly admits to Téa that she’s heard of her and how she wants to give Todd Manning a hard time, Téa admits that she is furious with Todd. Carly seems interested in what her problem is with Todd.

Todd overhears Kate telling Alexis that her alter may be responsible for the death of Todd’s granddaughter. He listens intently and furiously as he hears this startling revelation. Right then, a guard enters, demands Todd tells him what he’s doing their eavesdropping on their conversation and Todd reveals to Alexis and Kate that he’s heard their “otherwise” confidential conversation.

Téa tells Carly she takes it that Carly is more than just a desk clerk. Carly then reveals that she is the ex-wife of the man whom Téa’s client tried to kill. She asks Téa why she cares about Todd manning’s daughter if she hates Todd so much. Téa reveals to Carly that she (Carly) does not know Todd.

When the guards catch Todd overhearing Alexis’ and Kate’s conversation revealing who may have killed his granddaughter, they demand to know how he snuck in. He tells them he’s a reporter who owns The Sun and is covering a very important story. He has heard that Kate Howard has committed a crime. But they tell him she is having a private conversation with her attorney and they haul Todd away although he protests that he has the right to be there.

Inside the room, Kate breaks down crying when she admits to Alexis that she realizes how dangerous Connie is and what she’s capable of doing.

Sam tells John McBain that she can see how “smooth” he is with finding out so many things about hers’ and other people’s lives yet avoids questions about himself and his secrets. She again asks him what his is his need to settle the score with Sonny is all about.

Jason reveals to Elizabeth that John saved Sam’s life when Ronnie Dimestico was ready to kill her. And he wasn’t there for his wife. She may not need him after this. He admits to Elizabeth that he and Sam found out it’s entirely possible that she is carrying Franco’s baby, Sam asked him if he could love the baby as if it were his own and he admitted he might not be able to promise that. Elizabeth tells him she knows that Sam needs assurance and that they can work things out. But Jason is less than convinced of that.

Epiphany tells Patrick that there are many patients with urgent needs that he cannot keep pushing off on other doctors.

Luke reveals to Anna that heather Webber is constantly calling him and has this idea that the two of them are bonding because of what happened to their respective kids.

At the hospital, when Olivia grills Heather about the secret involving Maggie’s death and Stephen getting suddenly sprung from jail, she asks Olivia just what she is implying. Olivia emotionally admits to Stephen and to Heather that she does not believe for a moment that Maggie would take her own life. Although she didn’t much care for Maggie, she knows what a good doctor Maggie was and she’s not ok with the death under suspicious circumstances. Heather then “suggests” that maybe Maggie has secrets nobody knew about, that you never “know people”. And may be Maggie was secretly in love with Stephen, knew she could not have him and took her life because of that. And why would Olivia have a problem with that? Olivia and Stephen still don’t buy that explanation however.

Luke is talking to Anna about the secret Heather has going on. And he reveals he really enjoys being with Anna.

Epiphany tells Patrick he needs to step up. He tells her he cannot. She protests that she has been cutting him slack because she knows he’s been dealing with Robin’s death. But that’s been going on for too long. If he cares about his little girl, he needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask himself if that’s the man he wants Emma to see and then ask if that’s who he wants himself to be. He says nothing and Epiphany walks out the door.

Jason admits to Elizabeth that he understands that Sam is right that it’s neither the baby’s fault nor hers’ about what happened and the baby deserves to be loved. So maybe it’s just as well that he lets Sam go if he can’t promise what she has the right to expect.

Sam is having her first contraction while with John. She reflects that maybe Jason should be the one to share this moment with her. She remembers she and her husband were ready to sign up for child birth classes. Maybe now her mom will have to be her Lamaze coach. She then gets a call from Molly who wants to see her big sister although Sam does not know what to tell her. And John finds out it’s her birthday from hearing the phone conversation.

In the “private” room, Kate admits to Alexis that she remembered the first time she had a blackout was when she had a bloody wedding dress. She knows that Connie has had some private plans. And the most recent blackout occurred immediately after the last conversation she had with Dr. Keenan where he told her she needed to commit herself to the institution in order not to allow Connie to cause more danger. And it’s entirely possible that Connie came out, attempted to kill Ewan Keenan as well as finding Sonny’s gun and shooting out Anthony’s tires which got a little girl and her daddy killed.

When Carly defends Todd to Téa, Téa furiously tells Carly that her unborn child will not have a father because of that S.O.B., Todd. Todd appears, revealing that he’s going to be a “neighbor” of Téa’s at the metro court and Carly won’t remove him just because Téa wants. Téa tells Todd that she told him to go back to Llanview and so has Starr. She’s going to get a restraining order to keep him away from both of them. If Carly won’t boot him from the metro court, she will find another place to stay. She storms out. Carly then remarks that if that is his “other” ex wife, she sure likes Blair better. Todd remarks he does too.

Alexis asks Kate if she really thinks that Connie is capable of murder. Kate protests that she (Alexis) does not know Connie nor what she is capable of. Alexis concludes that there is only one person who knows what really happened with Sonny’s gun the night in question. That is Connie. And maybe they need to ask her.

When Jason and Elizabeth are talking at Kelly’s, Anna and Luke walk in. Anna engages with her granddaughter and with Elizabeth. Jason tells Luke he has something to say to him about Jake.

Sam tells John that Molly does not know she moved out of Jason’s and she does not know how to break that to her little sister. She explains to John that Molly sees Sam and Jason as a fairy tail romance and so very excited about this baby. Hearing that, John smiles. And seeing she has no encouragement about her marriage, her pregnancy or her birthday, he urges her to wait before she goes out his door.

Olivia and Stephen return to the hospital and she tells him that Johnny went too far. But he tells her it’s not Johnny’s fault. He got himself in trouble and Maggie got framed for his crime. But before they can talk more, heather finds them, tells them they need to get over the loss of Maggie, cheer up and celebrate her son’s freedom at Kelly’s.

Jason tells Elizabeth he has to take off. Epiphany enters and informs Elizabeth for the first time that Patrick has not been doing surgery at another hospital as he’s told her is the reason she hasn’t seen him. He hasn’t left his home since Robin died.

Jason goes outside and tries and fails to reach Sam on the phone.

John is with Sam helping her to feel a lot better than she’d feel alone or with Jason. Right then, there’s a knock on the door. John gets it. It’s Téa. He introduces her to Sam whom she can see is pregnant and assumes Sam and her husband must be very excited. Sam sees Téa is also pregnant and tells her the same. But Téa informs Sam that her husband passed away. And at that point, Téa tells John he needs to know that Todd is not leaving town.

Todd returns to Carly and tells her he found out something of critical importance when he went to the police station regarding the death of his granddaughter and her father.

Alexis tells Kate there’s got to be a way to get a shrink to hypnotize her and prove that she has this mental illness she cannot help that makes her unaware that another person is living inside of her. She’s afraid that she will none the less be charged with murder and have that on her conscience if the gun was in her possession. But Alexis has to do her job and get a good defense for her client.

At the metro court, Carly tells Todd she bets that Johnny caused the accident that killed Hope and Cole. He tells her no. It wasn’t Johnny. It was Connie Falconeri.

Luke and Anna are happily talking together at Kelly’s while joined by the children, Emma and Jake. Right then, heather walks in and is not happy to see them enjoying each other’s company.

Elizabeth goes to Patrick’s home and tells him she has found out that he’s lied about working when he’s been sitting at home. He apologizes. She tells him he can make it up to her by operating on Dr. Ewan Keenan.

Sam walks outside of John’s door and lets him talk alone with Téa. When she walks into the hallway, Jason comes by to wish her a happy birthday. She asks her husband if he wants to come in and talk. He tells her he can’t and departs.

Inside John’s room, he tells Téa he’s not surprised that Todd is back and believing he needs to be there for Starr and asks her what she believes the verdict is for her former step daughter. Téa tells him she believes with some work, she can hopefully get Starr acquitted due to the circumstances.

When Todd informs Carly he heard Kate tell her lawyer that a person named Connie shot out Anthony’s tires and caused his granddaughter and her father to be killed, he asks her if she can clarify who this Connie person is. She replies that she told him that Kate has a split personality. Her body-double is Connie.

In the private room, Alexis urges Kate not to incriminate herself to anyone and exercise her right to remain silent. The guards call Kate back to her jail cell.

Carly then confirms that the very same person who is Kate Howard is responsible for the accident that killed Hope and Cole. She nods that that is indeed what he has just found out

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