GH Update Wednesday 5/9/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/9/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

The first ten minutes of the show were interrupted due to a breaking news report about the President.

At Shadybrook, the tearful Kate thanked Olivia for coming. Olivia coolly said the doctor called her. Kate thought she meant Ewen, but Olivia snarled that he was still in the ICU, where Kate put him. Kate cried that it wasn't her, but Olivia was skeptical that Kate had a real medical issue. She pointed out that Kate had left Connie behind in the past in order to run away from things. Kate said while she thought she left Connie behind, she was wrong; Connie had always been there and now she'd found a way to take over. Olivia suspected that Kate had acted like Connie for awhile because she wanted to do things that a straitlaced person like Kate Howard couldn't normally do, then lied about having D.I.D. because she didn't want to face the consequences. Kate insisted that she had no control over Connie and that Connie was crazy. Kate lifted her arm to show Olivia that she was handcuffed to the bed and cried that Connie was the reason she was locked up.

Kate said knew this was difficult to understand, but she didn't hurt Ewen, sleep with Johnny or make a pass at Steve. She told Olivia she'd never go after her man. Olivia reminded Kate that she had done just that when they were young. Kate said that was back when she was Connie, but Kate, the woman she was now, loved Sonny and would never intentionally hurt Olivia. Olivia said she had, and she told Kate about Steve's legal troubles and the way Kate cruelly turned her down when Olivia came to ask for money to help him out. Kate felt terrible and said she'd never do something like that, but Olivia spat that she did. Kate berated herself for letting Connie run amok and hurt Sonny and Olivia, instead of checking herself into Shadybrook a long time ago. Olivia tried to hug Kate, but she flinched away. Kate said the damage had been done and she wished there was some way she could repair things. Kate sobbed and finally let Olivia hug her. Olivia said she was going to do anything she could to help. Kate asked if she believed her. Olivia said it was a lot to process and there was still a lot she didn't understand, but Kate was family. Kate was touched. Olivia said she might not be much help right now, because she was busy dealing with Steve's issues. Kate said she still had the bag of money Connie was going to run off with. She told Olivia to take it and go help Steve. They hugged, and Olivia thanked Kate, then Kate thanked Olivia for believing in her.

Jason was at Sonny's. Jason asked about Kate and Sonny said he didn't believe a word she had said. Jason thought Kate really did have D.I.D. and he believed that Sonny's anger was making it difficult for him to accept that. Sonny maintained that Kate was responsible for sleeping with Johnny and he said she wasn't the woman he fell in love with. Jason's position was that Kate was the same woman who stood by Sonny and supported him during his rough patch last summer. Sonny asked why Jason would defend Kate after she mistreated Jason. He added that he felt bad for having yelled at Jason and for Kate's side when Jason tried to tell him something was wrong with her. Jason explained that thought Kate was sick because he'd witnessed the transformation from Connie to Kate yesterday in the airport. He told Sonny how Connie fought him and used a vocabulary that Kate did not. Jason recounted how confused and scared Kate had been when she took over from Connie and how she begged him to help her. Sonny said Kate put Ewen in the ICU. Jason said Kate wouldn't do anything like that, but Connie would. Sonny yelled that he didn't give a damn what she called herself and he threw something to the floor for emphasis. Sonny said he saw her in bed with Johnny and no one would get away with doing that to him.

Jason said he went to the hospital and spoke to Kate's doctor earlier. The psychiatrist said Kate had all the signs of D.I.D. Sonny said that just meant Kate had two personalities for him not to trust. Jason gently said that as someone who suffered from a mental illness, Sonny should be more understanding. Sonny said that wasn't a free pass to cheat on people and he felt that his struggles and Kate's weren't the same. Jason disagreed; he reminded Sonny of the way he'd talked to hallucinations, broke things and locked himself in a room. Jason said he knew Sonny couldn't control his actions when he was unmedicated, just like Kate couldn't control hers. Sonny argued that he never made excuses and blamed other people for ruining their lives, or had an imaginary friend. Jason reminded Sonny that he said being bipolar was like being two different people. Sonny said Kate wasn't bipolar, but Jason said she had it worse. He said she didn’t choose to make her life a mess and that while Sonny was angry, Jason hoped he could understand that she was sick.

Sonny asked if Jason had come to a conclusion about the baby. Jason hadn't. He bent down to pick something up and found the eavesdropping device John planted. Jason wordlessly showed it to Sonny. Sonny looked concerned, then loudly said he was going to think about what Jason said, because he made some good points. Jason poured a glass of water and when Sonny nodded to give him the okay, he dropped the bug inside. Once it was destroyed, Jason and Sonny agreed that John put it there. Jason did a sweep of the room and declared that it was clean. Sonny figured John left it there when he dropped off the birthday gift. Jason said he'd told Max and Milo to check the house for bugs every day. He asked Sonny if he'd said anything incriminating. Sonny said no, he'd only talked about Kate and to Jason about Sam. Sonny said he'd been too distracted by Kate to talk business and said maybe she did him a favor. Jason grabbed the bug and said he'd take care of it. He urged Sonny to think about what he'd said about Kate, and he left.

Todd went to the police station to find out how he could help Starr. Starr asked why he wasn't in jail and she was stunned when Todd showed her a copy of The Sun that said he'd been found not guilty. Starr wanted an explanation and Todd said he'd been found not guilty for reason of insanity. The jury had found that Todd had been suffering from PTSD as a result of being kidnapped and tortured for years. Starr angrily asked if that made it okay for him to kill Victor. Todd said he knew it wasn't okay with her and he was sorry. Todd explained that he honestly hadn't remembered killing Victor until after Starr helped him escape from jail. Starr couldn't believe he'd been found not guilty after he kidnapped and framed Tomas. Todd shrugged and said Tomas kidnapped him first. Todd told Starr about the huge check he gave his lawyer. Disgusted, Starr yelled at him for not being sorry. Todd admitted that this was true. He said the only thing he was sorry about was being forced to deal with the angry mob in Llanview while Starr needed him. Starr insisted that she didn't need Todd, but he disagreed and he told her that while she was in trouble, he was going to fix it. Todd asked if she really tried to kill Sonny. Starr asked why he was surprised, after all, she was her father's daughter and he'd tried to kill Sonny, too. Todd said it was because she was better than that.

Starr said everyone told her she was going to get better, but that wasn't happening. She said she couldn't sleep anymore. Every night she just relived the accident. Todd touched her shoulder, but she flinched away. Todd apologized and Starr said she just wanted to be able to sleep and see Cole and Hope in her dreams again. Todd gently rubbed her shoulder and said as someone who'd killed more than his fair share of people, he could tell her that killing Sonny wouldn’t have helped in the long run. He reminded her that the reason he didn't kill Sonny was because Starr asked him not to. Starr said that was because she wanted to do it. Todd said she was going to have to deal with that loss forever, but while the feelings would fade, being stuck in prison was even worse. He said he'd been to prison and Starr didn't belong there. Starr replied that he did belong there. Todd admitted that could be true, but said right now they were going to focus on getting her out of there. Starr didn't think there was a way out. Todd said it was just her word against Sonny's, but Starr, carefully avoiding saying it was Michael, told him someone witnessed the whole thing. Starr said it was ironic that he got off for killing Victor, while she was going to prison when she didn't kill Sonny. Todd said she didn’t pull the trigger and no one went to prison just for pointing a gun at a gangster. Starr said she'd planned to kill him, but Todd said she'd just had a bad day. Todd began thinking up strategies to manipulate the system in Starr's favor. Starr kept trying to say something, but Todd kept talking, thinking she didn’t want his help. Starr tearfully yelled that she was glad he was found not guilty and she was glad he was there helping her. She flew into his arms and sobbed that she was scared. Todd promised to take care of Sonny. He said he didn't get to destroy her life and walk free. Starr wondered how Todd was going to help her when she was guilty. Todd said he was guilty and so was Sonny, but they were free, because they had good lawyers. He told Starr she just needed the right lawyer and she'd be fine. “And that would be me,” Tea said, with a smile, as she walked into the room.

Felicia went to the police station to talk to Mac. Mac felt that he had no more to say to Felicia, but she wouldn't leave. Felicia said she knew Mac thought she was a horrible mom. Mac said he thought she was misguided and that she was now regretting putting her happiness ahead of the needs of her daughters. Felicia cried that she knew Mac didn't trust her and that she let Maxie and Georgie down. Mac said she'd been a good mom, which is why he never understood how she could leave her daughters. Felicia said she loved them and she truly thought they were better off at the time. Mac said no, she thought she was better off. Felicia said she was wrong. Mac said he wasn't trying to punish her, so he needed to go. Felicia refused to leave until Maxie was home safe. Felicia said Maxie needed them and Felicia wanted her and Mac to get past this for Maxie's sake.

Matt, Spinelli and Alexis were sitting at a table at Maxie's. Matt couldn't take Spinelli staring at him any longer and finally demanded to know why he was doing it. Spinelli said he was just waiting for Matt to come up with a new idea to help Maxie. Matt didn't have one, but he did feel strongly that going over everything that happened on the boat that night wouldn't help. Alexis said the only way to free Maxie was to find the real killer. Spinelli said “finding him” wasn't the difficult part. Matt was exasperated, because he thought Spinelli was saying Patrick was the killer, but Spinelli said he didn’t mean Patrick. Spinelli said Maxie being in prison ripped his heart out and that he'd gladly expose the real killer. Alexis wondered if he knew who killed Lisa or if he was just engaging in wishful thinking. Before Spinelli could say anything, a news report on the hostage situation with Lulu and Sam flashed on the TV screen. Alexis saw Sam's picture and rushed over to watch. The report talked about Ronnie attacking dancers, Dante rescuing Lulu and John rescuing Sam. It added that the only reason John got involved was to rescue Sam. Spinelli noted that Jason must be happy Sam was okay, even though he wouldn't be pleased John was the one who rescued her.

The news report talked about John shooting Ronnie and said that security cameras captured the whole ordeal. Spinelli picked up on the mention of security cameras and it gave him an idea. Alexis couldn't believe all this happened while she was at Pentonville with Maxie. She wondered why Sam didn’t call her. Spinelli said the party boat was docked directly across from the Haunted Star and the casino's security cameras might have recorded the murder. Matt pointed out that the boat was far away from the shore, but Spinelli thought he could use some computer programs to enhance the footage. Matt was curious about how he'd do that without his computer skills. Spinelli said he'd slowly been regaining them, and he hoped Maxie's predicament would provide him the incentive he needed to be a computer genius again. Matt agreed it was worth a shot, but Spinelli made up an excuse about the police probably not allowing Matt to go to the Haunted Star because it was a crime scene. Spinelli said he could use his P.I. credentials to get in. Matt was willing to chance it, but Spinelli said Matt would just get in the way, then he left. Matt had a flashback to being on the boat looking for Elizabeth. Mac and Felicia walked in. both were eager to work on freeing Maxie. Matt told them Spinelli had an lead to help Maxie. Mac asked why Matt didn't go with him and Matt said Spinelli didn't want him to.

Spinelli went to the Haunted Star and used his computer to enhance the surveillance video. He cheered when he was able to find footage of Lisa getting killed.

Sam was with John in his motel room. She'd brought him a cup of coffee as a small token of thanks for saving her life. John was grateful but he thought she should get some rest after her ordeal the night before. Sam admitted that she was was exhausted; the baby squirmed all night long and kept her up. She noticed the headphones on his table and asked if he'd been listening to something when she arrived. John pulled up some jazz music and said that was what he was listening to. Sam made a face; she preferred music with words. She and John teased each other about their choices in music, then he took her phone and loaded some jazz on it and told her to play it for the baby. They got back onto the subject of Sam's kidnapping. Sam said all this time she'd been focused on whether Jason could love the baby and hadn't thought of whether she could love Franco's child. When Ronnie threatened the baby's safety, Sam finally realized for sure that she loved her child despite it being Franco's child too. She said while Jason couldn't say he could love the baby, she did and she couldn't imagine her life without him or her. John said that sometimes it took a dangerous situation to put things in perspective. Sam said it didn't work that way for Jason. She said that if Jason couldn't get over the way the baby was conceived, she couldn't be with him and that would mean she'd be all alone. She started to cry and John gently touched her cheek to get her to face him and said she wasn't alone. John put his hand on Sam's shoulder and they both seemed a bit startled by the close moment they were sharing. A phone call broke the spell that was over them and Sam answered. It was Alexis calling to check on Sam. Alexis said she heard that John saved her. Sam glanced at him and said “he sure did.” Alexis said she was coming right over to visit. Sam told her that she moved out. Alexis asked what happened and Sam looked at John and said “a lot.” When Alexis found out Sam was in a motel, she insisted that she come stay with her and Molly, but Sam said she was fine where she was. Alexis said she had no idea things had gotten so bad between her and Jason. Sam didn't want to talk about it. Alexis asked if it was about the baby and Sam said partially. Alexis asked if it involved John. Sam replied that it went deeper than that. Alexis believed Sam and Jason could work things out, but Sam said it wasn't that simple. Alexis said the bottom line was that Sam was carrying Jason's child and hiding out at a motel wasn't going to solve their problems. Alexis said they needed to confront the issue. Sam said she was doing what was best for her and her child. Alexis got a call from Sonny. She was going to let it go to voicemail, but Sam told her to answer it. Alexis said okay, but that she wanted to know what had been troubling Sam all these months. Sam grudgingly agreed to talk later and hung up. Sam told him there was a good chance her mom was on her way there right now. She and John joked around a bit as they said goodbye. John opened the door and he and Sam came face to face with Jason. Jason calmly said he needed to talk to John. Sam quickly said there was nothing going on between her and John, and Jason said this wasn't about her. John told her it was okay and told her to go back to her room. Sam walked out and John closed the door. Jason threw the bug on the table and said he told John that if he went at Sonny, he'd have to go through him first.

Alexis went to see Sonny and said before they could talk about his legal problems, she wanted him to tell her what he knew about Sam and Jason, because she was worried about her daughter. Sonny said Sam was an adult and he was sure she and Jason didn't want Alexis in the middle of their marriage. Alexis said fine and asked what Sonny wanted. Sonny said he needed her to represent Kate.

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