GH Update Tuesday 5/8/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/8/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Jason rushed into the Haunted Star in time to see Sam hug John and tell him he saved her baby. John said thanks weren't necessary, but Sam continued to thank him until she noticed Jason watching them. While John called the police, Jason and Sam talked. He asked if she was okay, and she said yes and told him that Ronnie was the one attacking women. Jason said he was just glad she was okay. Sam said the baby was fine too, in case he was wondering. The shaken Sam recounted the events that had just unfolded. She told Jason about Ronnie sticking a gun to her side. “He was going to kill us!” She said. “Who, you and McBain?,” Jason asked. Sam said her and the baby. She told Jason about Ronnie using her as a shield and John taking a shot when she faked a fainting spell. Jason didn't take this well and he angrily confronted John for taking a shot at Ronnie while Sam was in the line of fire. John calmly said he took a calculated risk, because he never missed. This wasn't a good enough answer for Jason and he continued to yell at John, until Sam ordered him to stop and said John saved her and the baby's lives.

An officer brought Starr into the police station. He told Delores she tried to kill Sonny, and Michael stepped forward and said he saw the whole thing. Delores walked away while Michael wrote down his statement. Starr snarled that she couldn't believe he turned her in, and Michael asked what she expected after she tried to kill his dad. Delores left for the Haunted Star after the station got John's call. Michael accused Starr of pretending to leave town so she could slip back and kill Sonny without anyone knowing it was her. Starr said it wasn't like that. She told him she went to see Johnny because she had to know whether Michael was right about Johnny's possible involvement in her family's deaths. Starr said she saw innocence in Johnny's eyes when she asked him whether he had anything to do with it. Michael thought Starr was naïve to think that she could tell a liar by looking at them. Michael added that he wasn't good at it either and said he'd thought she was being truthful when she stayed with him all those weeks. Starr was adamant that she really did care about Michael and hadn't been using him, but Michael didn't believe her. He felt like he'd wasted his time when he talked to her about loss. Starr said those talks meant a lot to her, but Michael spat that she tried to kill his father once she found out he was innocent. Starr yelled that she hadn't been able to sleep because she kept thinking about what Sonny took from her. Michael realized she'd never believe Sonny was innocent and Starr shot back that he'd never believe Johnny was innocent. She told him they couldn't both be right. Michael suggested that they were both wrong and pointed out that someone besides Johnny and Sonny might have been responsible for the accident. Starr sarcastically asked who else it could be.

Starr said she didn't stay with Michael to try and turn him against Sonny, but because he was the one person who understood what she was going through. Michael didn’t believe it. He accused her of tricking him. Michael said she probably even felt like he deserved it after failing to save her family, and he reminded her that she blamed him for their deaths. Starr said she wasn't thinking straight when she said that. Michael asked if she was thinking straight tonight. Starr said yes and that she was going to kill Sonny until Michael helped her see that she'd lose Cole and Hope if she did that. Michael said she would have killed his father if he hadn't been there. Starr said she was sorry and Michael angrily said he was too. Starr just wanted Michael to believe she hadn't used him. Michael asked why he should believe her when she wasn't even sure herself. He left the station.

Sam told Jason that she'd checked into the motel where Ronnie was holding Lulu. She explained that she chose it because it was near her office. Jason wondered how John got involved and asked Sam if she called him. Sam said no. John chimed in that he was staying at the same motel. Jason wanted an explanation for why Sam and Jason were living in the same place. Sam said it was a coincidence, but Jason implied that John was following Sam as a way to keep tabs on him (Jason) and Sonny. John pointed out that he'd been living at the hotel weeks before Sam showed up, and Sam added that if she hadn't run into John, she and Lulu would still be with Ronnie. Jason snapped that no one was going to get away with hurting Sam, and he started walking menacingly toward John. Sam jumped in between them.

Delores and some other detectives arrived at the Haunted Star, temporarily breaking the tension in the room. John told the cops to get Sam a ride to the hospital. Sam said she was fine, but John said she and the baby should get a check up just in case. Jason agreed. Sam walked out and Jason stayed behind and he and John locked eyes. While Jason glared at John, John told Delores about saving Sam and killing Ronnie. Delores congratulated him on a job well done and left. Jason approached John; John asked if he shouldn't be with his wife, and Jason said they had to get something straight first. Jason said he didn't like John or that he knew personal things about him and Sam. John said he only knew what he'd been told. Jason brought up the DNA test and John said he'd been trying to do Sam a favor and that he stayed while she read them because she asked him to.

Jason accused John of using Sam to get to him. John lost his temper for a moment and said Sam had nothing to do with the investigation. He told Jason he'd been there for Sam because Jason hadn't been. Jason told him to leave Sam alone and go be there for his own girlfriend and child. John said he was going back to them once he put Sonny in jail and that Jason had better stay out if it unless he wanted to go too. Jason said he'd call his lawyer and have her explain what “innocent until proven guilty” meant. John agreed that everyone, even hitmen had equal protection under the law. He asked Jason what his official job title was and Jason said at least it wasn't “woman- beating cop.” John said Ronnie wasn't one of his men. Jason said that was because John didn't belong there. John said he had a federal warrant. Jason told him it was a waste of time to investigate Sonny, and John said they'd see about that. John wondered what Sonny had done to earn Jason's loyalty. Jason told John he'd have to go through him to get to Sonny. John wasn't moved; he told Jason that now that that was settled, he should go be with his wife. Jason told John to stay away from Sam. “I'll see you around,” John said, calmly. “You can count on that,” Jason replied. John coolly noted that Jason was threatening him. Jason left.

At the hospital, Dante was antsy because he didn't know if John had managed to save Sam. Liz thought Sam would be fine with John and Jason there to take on Ronnie. Lulu told Dante to go back to the casino, but he refused to leave her alone. Luke arrived and was relieved to see that Lulu was okay. He hugged Lulu told her he didn't know what he'd do if he lost her. A sad look passed over Anna's face and she left the room. Luke proudly said she'd handled herself like a true Spencer, but he warned her not to do anything like that in the future. Lulu said she'd learned her lesson, since she ended up getting kidnapped and having to be rescued by Dante and John. Dante added that none of it would have been possible without Delores. Lulu was concerned about how Dante was taking it. Dante was bothered that his friend Ronnie would do something like this and said he guessed he really never knew him. Dante said if it hadn't been for Delores he wouldn't have been able to rescue Lulu. “And I would have lost my only daughter” Luke said. Lulu and Dante told Luke that Ronnie was the one who shot at Dante on the day of the benefit. Luke told Dante to tell Sonny right away, to keep the mob violence down. Dante got a text telling him he was back on the force and that Ronnie was dead.

Liz found Anna and empathized with her about losing a child. Anna explained that she was glad things worked out well for Luke, but she would have given anything to hug Robin the way Luke just hugged Lulu. Liz said while it would never be easy, it did get easier as time went on. They cried together and Anna gently wiped Liz's tears away. Liz said she was sorry Anna was going through this alone. Anna said she wasn't; she had Mac, Luke and Liz. She thought it was strange to think of Robert chasing after Ethan, the son he didn't know, and how he was probably coming up with new dreams. Liz understood and said he was doing that while Anna stayed and faced the loss. Anna decided to change the subject to something less depressing and asked if Liz made any progress with pursuing Ewen. Liz told her about their date and how Kate put Ewen in the ICU. Anna was surprised Kate would do such a thing and said it showed that you never really knew people. Liz sighed that when she didn't think she could handle anything else, her friend ended up in the ICU. Anna said that no matter what, they were all lucky to be alive. Liz said it didn't make her miss Jake any less. Today was Jake's birthday and Liz had seen a great toy and intended to buy it for him for a split second. Liz cried that they should be celebrating instead of her having to visit his grave. Anna reached out and offered her some comforting words and advice about remembering the good times after you dealt with the pain, then she encouraged her to go see if Ewen was awake. Liz did.

Delores visited Dante and Lulu at the hospital. Lulu thanked Delores and said it was sort of her (Lulu's) fault that Eddie had been a suspect. Lulu also felt bad for insinuating that Delores deleted the photos. Delores said while she may have set things in motion, she put things right in the end. Lulu said it wouldn't have mattered if Delores didn't free Dante. Dante patted himself on the back for being so convincing, but Delores said it was knowing Lulu suspected Ronnie that convinced her. Lulu said she saw something between Delores and Eddie that made her feel that he wasn't guilty. Delores said Lulu took a big risk and that inspired her to do the same for Dante. Dante jokingly pouted that he wanted to hear that Delores let him out because she knew attacking women wasn't in his nature. They laughed, then Dante thanked her for helping him save Lulu. Delores said they were even now, but Dante said not even close. After Delores was gone, Dante and Lulu hugged. Lulu said her husband was a hero, but Dante said Lulu solved the case. They kissed softly.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sonny learned that Kate was under arrest for attacking Ewen. Kate was desperate to explain, but Sonny snapped that she should call Johnny if she needed help. Sonny tried to go find Jason and learn what the emergency was and Kate grabbed him and told him she was the emergency. Kate pleaded with Sonny to listen and he finally told her she had two minutes. The cops watching Kate stepped back to give them privacy. Kate gently touched his hand, but Sonny angrily snatched it away. Kate apologized profusely, but the impatient Sonny urged her to get on with it. Kate said the reason she'd been doing crazy things was because she had a split personality. Sonny listened disbelievingly as Kate told him all about how she figured out she had Dissociative Identity Disorder. Kate said Connie attacked Ewen to keep them from being admitted to ShadyBrook. Sonny pointed out that Connie was her real name and Kate was the invented one. Kate said that this was different because becoming Kate had been a conscious choice. Kate said everything Connie did was to keep them apart. She explained that Connie manifested as a way to break them up. Sonny thought she was blaming him. Kate said she was just trying to get him to understand it. She told Sonny how Connie thought he was dangerous and was trying to break them up. Sobbing, Kate asked if Sonny believed her when she said it wasn't her in Johnny's bed that night. Sonny thought Kate was making all this up to shirk responsibility for having an affair with Johnny. Kate insisted that it was only a one night stand and said Connie must have lied about it being an ongoing affair to hurt Sonny. Kate said she'd tried to stop Connie, but she was too weak or Connie was too strong. Kate cried that all she knew was that she loved Sonny. She said she needed help and begged Sonny to help her.

Kate took Sonny's hand again; this time he didn't pull away, and he was teary-eyed, too. She begged him to say he believed her. Sonny asked if this had been going on for months, why was he just finding out about it now. She said she was afraid and embarrassed about being mentally ill and she didn't think he'd believe her. Kate said she didn't even believe it herself at first and had rationalized away the things that didn't make sense. Kate said it took hearing Connie on Ewen's tape recorder for her to believe this was really happening. Kate told him he could ask Ewen. Sonny said it might be too late. Sounding wounded, Kate asked why he'd say that and Sonny said it was true. Kate said she'd wanted to tell him, but she didn't want to add to his stress while he was going through a murder trial. Kate said she did try to tell him after the trial. Sonny reminded her that she'd told him that her doctor said she was fine, but Kate said Connie said that. Sonny said then she told him his birthday was going to be a night of surprises, then she slept with his worst enemy. Sonny got up to walk away, but Kate grabbed his arm and asked if that sounded like something she'd do. Sonny said it didn't sound like the woman he fell in love with, but he was still convinced that she was pretending to have D.I.D. because she wanted to escape the consequences of sleeping with Johnny. Sonny took her head in his hands and said he gave her all of him and she repaid him by spitting on him. He spat that they were done and he told the police she was all theirs, and he walked away. Devastated, Kate screamed and begged him to come back, but he didn't listen.

Liz walked into an exam room and was surprised to see Sam there. Liz seemed concerned about Sam, but Sam acted cool toward her. Sam said another nurse was taking her vitals, but Liz said she'd do it. Liz asked about Ronnie and Sam said he was dead. Liz asked if it was Jason and Sam no. Liz asked if it was John, then she added that Dante told her John was there. Sam said yes and that John saved her life. She told Liz that she didn’t have to run and tell Jason that John was there, because he already knew. Liz said she didn't run and tell him anything; he asked her a question and she answered. Sam said she knew Liz knew everything. Liz tried to offer Sam sympathy about the rape and Franco being the baby's father, but Sam said she was annoyed that Liz knew all this, when she hadn't even told her own mother. Liz argued that Jason had the right to confide in someone. Sam didn't think it was right that it was okay for Jason to confide in Liz, but it was wrong that she talked to John. Liz said she and Jason were friends. Sam didn't seem to believe that was all there was to it. Liz said she had no intention of getting between Sam and Jason; she added that she'd been on Sam's side when she and Jason had talked. Sam said she didn't need Liz fighting her battles. Liz said she needed to talk to her husband. “We're going to get through this” Sam said, although she sounded uncertain. Liz said she knew, then she told Sam that she and the baby were fine, and she walked out.

Luke sat down with Anna in the hospital lobby. He asked about her disappearing earlier and Anna said she needed some breathing room after the family moment, so she left the cubicle. Luke told her she didn't have to hide her feelings. Luke felt like he'd been insensitive to ask Anna to come back to the hospital, where Robin had been killed. He asked if she wanted to leave and Anna said no. She said Robin saved lives there, including hers and she had to honor Robin by going on with her life. Luke said she didn't have to go through it alone and Anna said she knew; she had Luke now and she was grateful that he stepped in for Robert. Luke said she was giving him too much credit. Anna had been angry at Robert when he left, but now she realized they were kind of on the same path – he was searching for Ethan and she was searching for Robin. Anna said she had to look inside herself to find Robin. Luke said Robin would always be there. Luke thanked Anna for pulling him out of the dark place he'd been going into. Anna said helping him helped her. She wiped away a tear, then took Luke's hand and said “let's go.” Liz spotted them walking out hand in hand.

Jason ran into Liz and asked about Sam. Liz told him Sam and the baby were fine and that Sam had already left.

Sam and John bumped into each other at the motel. They made small talk about how things went at the hospital and between John and Jason. John said his chat with Jason was just two guys talking tough. He told Sam to go get some rest. Sam thanked him again and said she didn't feel like she'd ever say that enough. John handed her the Phoenix figurine he found and said he thought it was hers. They said goodnight and John left. Sam stood outside her room looking at the Phoenix.

Jason stared at the ultrasound picture of Sam's fetus. Liz walked by carrying some flowers. Jason commented on them and she told him they were for Jake. Jason remembered that it was his birthday and wondered what he'd be doing right now. Liz mentioned that Jake would have been five. She said he'd be riding the scooter she would have bought him for his birthday. They smiled thinking about Jake having fun, then Liz told Jason he was welcome to visit Jake's grave with her. Jason said he'd like that, and they left the hospital together.

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