GH Update Monday 5/7/12

General Hospital Update Monday 5/7/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dante and John McBain are looking to find Lulu and Sam after Ronnie Dimestico has taken them. They are ready to take the law into their own hands.

At the airport, Connie is ready to catch a plane and smugly tells Kate she’s “sorry” but she’s out of there”. But she runs into Jason who knows she has a secret. She “plays Kate” and tells him she has to go away on business for a short time. But he tells her she’s not going anywhere and he addresses her as Connie.

When Starr Manning pulls the gun on Sonny, Michael finds them and urges her to stop.

Dimestico holds the gun on Lulu and Sam and ties them up to chairs. Dante overhears him telling them that sine Lulu had to stick her nose in his business, she’s going to “go first’. But she protests asking him why he has to beat up on women. Dante and enters while John stays behind the door and tells Ronnie he want to know that also.

Elizabeth calls the cops to ask what they might know about the whereabouts of Kate. They confirm that they know for a fact that she did, in fact try to kill Dr. Ewan. They tell her they know that “Kate” is extremely dangerous and they have an APB out on her.

At the airport, Connie plays Kate to Jason and tells him that if Carly has “tipped him off” about her, she should consider the source of Carly telling him that she has a mental illness calls DID. He asks her why she would sleep with Johnny and have Sony catch them. That’s not something that "Kate" would do. She protests that he needs to know that Johnny is a compulsive liar and he should not believe a word out of Johnny’s mouth. Jason tells her in this one case, he believes Johnny and knows that she got Johnny in the sack in order to get Sonny to break up with her and stick it to Carly.

Alexis is in her home having a glass of wine, ready to forget about work and relax when she gets a call on her phone that she does not answer. She gets a knock on her door from Tracy Quartermaine who urges her to answer the door telling her this is of urgent importance and it’s “billable”. Alexis lets her in and tells her that it’s been a long day. If Tracy needs legal help with anything, she can refer her. Tracy tells Alexis she wants to divorce her low life husband.

Johnny is in his apartment making calls about finding Starr manning whom he knows has taken his gun and gotten into trouble. He hears a knock on the door and opens it hoping and assuming it could be Starr. But it’s Anthony.

Michael finds Starr when she is holding a gun on his father. He urges her not to do that. But she does not put down the gun. Sonny urges her to listen to his son and tells her he knows that even if she hates him, she must know that Michael has been good to her. Michael urges her to give him the gun.

Dante finds Ronnie Dimestico holding Lulu and Sam hostage at The Haunted Star. He enters the room and points his gun at Ronnie. Ronnie tells Dante he better put his gun down if he doesn’t want his wife dead. Dante attempts to “reason” with Ronnie and asks him how he could have hit rock bottom and did what he did. Does he want to go to prison for murder? Does he really want to murder a pregnant woman? Ronnie tells Dante he will stop at nothing to do what he intends to do. Dante asks Ronnie what happened. They were friends. He was a good cop and Dante’s partner. How could he have wound up beating up women? How did it get to that? Ronnie replies that sometimes things change. Ronnie tells Dante that he (Dante) had the good wife. But his (Ronnie’s) wife could not keep her legs shut. She was no better than those girls at the club. Dante tells Ronnie he needs to get help. They talk about their history with Donofrio and Padilla and how Ronnie had to set them up. And while Ronnie is distracted and his back is turned to the two women, Sam and Lulu attempt to help each other break free. Dante discovers that it was him (Ronnie) at the metro court who attempted to take him out. Not Anthony nor Johnny and Ronnie wound up shooting Sonny instead.

Connie/Kate tells Jason she does not have time for this. She has a plane to catch. He asks her what she has done besides her “dirty deed” with Johnny to stick it to Sonny. Did she also set Sonny up and plant his gun in her office to get him accused of shooting out Anthony’s tires and causing that little girl and her daddy to die? She tells him of course she did that. And while she was at it, she has been chopping down trees and taking and axe after Jimmy Hoffa. She walks away. But he won’t let her get away. He tells her he knows that she was seeing Dr. Keenan. He knows it was Connie and not Kate who told him if he “crossed her” he will be sorry” and threatened him. It was Connie who said that to him and not Kate. That’s why Dr. Keenan wanted to have her committed. She’s a danger to herself and others. He grabs her and prevents her from leaving and she yells to security that this man is threatening her. And she pulls away from her.

At Alexis’ home, Tracy tells her if she does not want to represent Tracy, she can pay Alexis double. Once Alexis takes her mommy, confidentiality laws will apply. Tracy tells Alexis that her sleaze ball husband is bleeding her dry and Alexis has to prevent that. Alexis tells Tracy she will not represent her and Tracy does not need her for her divorce from Anthony. Tracy can just take a trip to the Dominican Republic, Alexis tells her. Tracy tells her truth be told, it’s a little more complicated than that. And she reveals to Alexis to the first time that the very reason she married Anthony in the first place is because he’s blackmailing her.

At Johnny’s home, he tells Anthony that he’s concerned about Starr taking his gun to shoot Sonny. Anthony asks his son (grandson) why he’d have a problem with Starr blowing Sonny away. Wouldn’t that be great? Johnny tells him that she has his gun. He could be implicated for the crime. Plus he knows the poor girl has been through too much having lost her whole family. She doesn’t need to go to prison for murder as well. But Anthony tells his son (grandson) that he needs to put “little miss sunshine” aside and worry about his dad because somebody is trying to kill Anthony.

While Starr holds the gun on Sonny and Michael tries to intervene, she tells him if he wants her to believe that he understands what it’s like to lose someone you love, he doesn’t. Abby’s death was an accident. Cole and Hope are dead because of his father. Michael and Sonny both protest to her that Sonny did not do that. But she tells them both they are lying. She believes Anthony Zacchara's story. She knows it was not Johnny who shot out the tires. She talked to him and confirmed that he had an alibi as Johnny was with Michael’s mother the night it happened. And that’s not all Johnny “enlightened” her about. She knows that Sonny tried to kill Johnny the other night. She asks Michael if his dad did not tell him that. Sonny protests that he only shot two bullet holes in the wall and nobody got hurt. Michael begs Starr to trust him on this and not make things worse and please put the gun down.

Michael tells Starr he knows how much she loved Cole and Hope and would they want this for her? She tells Michael has no issues with him and this is not his fault. It’s Sonny’s fault and he’s going to pay. Michael then protests to her that she’s not a killer and he informs her that he is. He has been responsible for the death of someone. He has to live with that every day of his life. And he would not wish that on her or anyone.

At the airport, when Connie gets into a struggle with Jason and a security officer confirms that she saw Connie acting like she has a serious mental illness, once again Kate comes back, has no memory of what Connie just did and asks Jason what she’s doing there.

Michael shares with Starr that he has always wondered what would have happened if he had not acted before thinking with Claudia knowing if he had, she’d be alive today. He wishes that someone would have reasoned with him. He only wanted to protect Jocelyn. He tells her that when you kill somebody, it haunts you for the rest of your life. And you can’t take it back. The pain you live with is a million times more than what one lives with when they feel they have reason to do it. He tells Starr she needs to know that she will lose herself if she does that. And she must know that it’s not worth it. Starr then cries and runs off. Michael attempts to run after her but Sonny tells his son he needs to let Starr go. Alone with his dad, Michael asks what happened. Sonny tells Michael that he thought if he brought Starr out to where they were, which was the scene of the crime where Cole and Hope got killed, that he might be able to talk Starr out of it. But he believes that Starr would really have killed him if Michael had not showed up and he confirms to his son that Michael saved his life.

Anthony tells Johnny he believes that Tracy is trying to kill him. He’s had too many “coincidental” accidents. Johnny tells him if Tracy wants out all she has to do is divorce him. But Anthony admits that it’s not that simple where divorce is not an option and Tracy may be concluding that the only way to end the marriage is to kill him. But Johnny admits that he has serious concerns about Kate/Connie.

Kate comes back and sobs to Jason telling him that she remembers nothing that’s happened since she was talking to Dr. Kennan and agreeing to let him get her some help. She asks Jason if he can take her to Dr. Keenan. Jason agrees, as neither of them “knows” what happened to Ewan.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and the cops are on the lookout for Connie knowing that she wants to kill Dr. Keenan.

Ronnie tells Dante that Sonny has to die for what he did to Ronnie’s family. And now Dante is letting his criminal father off the hook. Dante reminds Ronnie that it was because of him that Sonny had no choice except to go after the Zaccharas. He set Sonny up for a crime he did not commit. He shot out Anthony’s tires and might have killed the little girl and her daddy himself. Ronnie then concludes that there must be “no way out” for him. He knows that if he goes up for murder, he’s had it. He turns around to see the two women breaking free and he turns around to fire a shot at them. John gets into the room and he and Anthony engage in a “shoot-out” Anthony then grabs Sam, holds her hostage and tells John he better put down his gun.

Starr returns to Johnny’s home and returns his gun. He sees she’s very upset, asks if she’s ok and discovers she did not use it.

Sonny tells Michael he thought, when Starr came to the house, she was just there to confront him. He didn’t think for one moment she’d pull out a gun but he should have known who her father is. Michael then admits to his dad that it was Johnny who tipped him off about what happened so that he could find Sonny and save his life. Maybe Sonny should not blame Johnny for everything. Sonny tells his son he’s very proud of him for his heroic deed tonight with not only saving his dad’s life but with what he shared with Starr about his own experience. He must not blame himself for what happened to Claudia.

Kate and Jason rush to the hospital and find Elizabeth with the cops. She asks where Dr. Keenan is. Elizabeth is very surprised to see her and hear her “shocked” that Dr. Keenan is in critical condition after “somebody” tried to kill him. Kate is shocked and surprised to hear that and asks who on earth would do such a thing. Elizabeth looks at her baffled and tells her everybody knows that Kate did it.

John holds the gun on Ronnie while Ronnie holds Sam and tells him that he won’t hesitate to kill a pregnant woman and asks John if he wants to be responsible for the death of two hostages.

After Elizabeth informs “Kate” what “Connie” did, Kate addresses the situation as if Connie is another person, unaware that they are “kind of” the same person. She cries and reflects how she needs Dr. Keenan’s help and the “shocking news” that Connie attacked him. Not really understanding what is going on with Kate/Connie, Elizabeth asks her why she’s talking like they are two different people. The cops then tell the others that they need to take “Ms. Howard” in for questioning. As Kate, she is not “afraid of consequences”. Jason gets on the phone to call Sonny.

Tracy admits to Alexis that “hypothetically speaking”, she needs to know what would happen if Anthony died and it came out that Anthony committed a felony, would all of Anthony’s estate be confiscated. Alexis tells her legally speaking, that’s pretty likely to happen, if, in fact, Anthony does get “found out” to have committed a felony after he dies. Hearing that, Tracy happily rejoices, tells Alexis she is the “best lawyer”. All her troubles and worries are over. She will pay Alexis whatever she needs although Alexis protests that she is not Tracy’s lawyer. Tracy walks out the door. Alexis stand inside the door looking baffled while Tracy walks outside elated and gloating knowing that Anthony will finally get what is coming to him.

Starr admits to Johnny and Anthony that she could have killed Sonny. Anthony gloats and tells her he wished she had. He leaves and she tells Johnny that Michael was right. That’s not what Cole or Hope would want. Johnny tells her that he wants to help her heal from her loss. And he tells her the first step to the healing process is to forget about Sonny.

Outside, Sonny tells Michael he knows that Michael tried and failed to save Starr’s boyfriend and little girl. He could not do that so he made Starr his “responsibility”. He admits to his son that he knows Michael feels betrayed by Starr not unlike how Sonny felt by Kate. And he tells his son it’s over. Michael asks if that’s true, knowing she still has Johnny’s gun. Sonny then gets a call from Jason telling him he has to get to the hospital. He cannot tell Sonny exactly what is going on but Sonny must get there ASAP as it’s something about Kate. Elizabeth takes Jason aside and asks him why he’s involved in this and not taking care of his own situation with Sam. Jason informs her that Sam moved out. Elizabeth tells him she’s sorry. Dante and Lulu rush in and Dante informs Jason that Ronnie has Sam. Jason rushes out the door to save his wife not listening to Dante urging him not to.

Sam asks Ronnie what he plans to do. He tells her she and her baby are going to die. But John is not going to let that happen. He then successfully shoots Ronnie. Ronnie falls to the floor and Sam is ok. She is in awe that John has saved hers’ and her baby’s life.

At Johnny’s home, he tells Starr that when she is feeling better, she’s welcome to visit him again and they can talk about her music career and how he might be able to get her some leads. She tells him he’s been very kind to her and she thanks him by kissing him on the cheek. When she leaves to get on the elevator, she’s surprised to see Michael with the cops. They announce that she is under arrest for the attempted murder of Sonny Corinthos.

At the hospital, Dante asks Lulu how she can be so calm after Ronnie shot her in the arm. He wonders how he could not have seen this thing happening to Ronnie before it was too late. How could he have been so clueless about his former friend? He knows that Ronnie planned to take her when her husband was ready to leave for Memphis. Luke was onto Ronnie but he’s afraid he’s failed to protect his wife. She tells him that she was careless and oblivious and is just as responsible for what happened. Elizabeth informs them that the doctor will check Lulu out soon and she finds out for the first time that Ronnie has also held Sam hostage. But John McBain will save her. Elizabeth reveals that she is “surprised” to hear that John McBain is back in town.

At The Haunted Star, John comforts a frightened and traumatized Sam who’s in awe that she could have been killed were it not for John’s heroic act that saved her life. She cries in his arms. Jason walks in to see them together.

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