GH Update Wednesday 5/2/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/2/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sam picked up the dragon and phoenix figurines that were meant to symbolize her and Jason. Jason walked in and she asked if he was home to stay. When Jason didn't answer, Sam snapped that it was a simple question. A heated conversation followed. Jason said that things weren't that simple and Sam pointed out that it wasn't her fault. Jason shot back that it didn't help that she was telling John things that she should have been telling him. Sam argued that things were complicated before John's arrival. Jason felt that he was the one who should have been there with her when she read the test results. Sam replied that John showed up by coincidence, but Jason said she could have walked away. He yelled that she talked with John other times, too. Sam said she'd undo that if she could, but the important thing was that Jason knew everything now. Jason countered that he only knew because Elizabeth told him, not Sam. Annoyed, Sam said she wasn't surprised it was Liz. Jason asked if she would have told him if Liz hadn't. Sam said she didn't know, because she was too busy focusing on how he'd handle the baby being Franco's and hoping that he'd be able to be there for her.

Jason yelled that he was sorry he wasn't doing things the way she wanted them to, but she and John knew about the baby before he did. Sam told him to forget about John, but Jason said he couldn't because John was everywhere. Sam said she couldn't help that, and she found it hypocritical that Jason was angry with her for taking help from a stranger, while he was listening to the things Liz, a person he had a history with, told him. Jason informed Sam that Liz didn't seek him out and that she took Sam's side when he told her everything. Sam was taken aback and asked Jason exactly what he told Liz. Jason told her about asking Liz if John was the one Sam had been talking to and how Liz reached out when she saw that he was upset.

The yelling stopped and they had a heartfelt, tearful talk. Sam said that while they both hated that the other had turned to another person to discuss their private business, Liz and John weren't the real problem. Sam stated that she was carrying Franco's child. Jason got agitated and told her not to say that, and he turned away. Sam cried that he couldn't even look at her, as if she were tainted. Jason said she knew he didn’t feel that way. Sam asked how he felt about the baby, and she pleaded with him to tell her whether he'd be able to love the baby as if it were his own. She told him their whole life together depended on him answering her. Jason knew she wanted him to say he'd love the baby, but it was too soon for him to know if he could yet. Sam said nothing would change between now and the baby's birth. She said their baby needed the unconditional love of two parents. “It's not ours,” Jason said. He gently said it wasn't her fault, but he couldn't ignore what Franco had done to them or that this baby was a part of Franco. Sam took his hand and said nothing had come easy for them, but they'd made their own way. Pleading, Sam asked him to tell her he could give the baby his love and protection. Sounding sad, Jason said he couldn't. He took Sam's hands and said he wanted to love the baby, but it wasn't that easy. Sam disagreed and said he loved Michael as his own, even though he didn't like A.J. Jason said A.J. didn't do what Franco did. He asked Sam what he'd do if he kept remembering the rape every time he looked at the baby. Sam asked if he didn't think she struggled with the same question. She said she hated Franco just as much as he did, but this baby was a part of her and she couldn't walk away, unlike him. Jason asked what they should do. Sam said it wasn't “we;” he had to decide for himself. Jason said that wasn't fair and Sam agreed, but she said that the baby didn't ask for this.

When Jason said he still didn't have answers, Sam told him she felt it would be best if she moved out while he figured out what he was going to do. Jason said he'd go if she wanted them to be apart. Sam said she didn't want to be apart, but she felt it was best for her baby. Jason said this was her home and Sam cried that it was supposed to be their home, the two of them and the baby's. They were supposed to be a family. Jason said he couldn't lie and tell her he could do something when he wasn't sure he could. Sam understood that he needed to think. Jason asked her to stay again, but Sam said she didn't want to be there, where everything reminded her of him and their original plans to be a family. Jason asked if she was going to stay with Alexis. Sam said no, because Alexis would bombard her with questions she didn't want to answer. She told him she'd let him know where she was once she found a place to stay. Sam picked up the dragon and phoenix knickknacks and said she still believed that they were stronger together. Jason asked why she was leaving then, and Sam said she needed him to believe that too. She grabbed her suitcase, told Jason she loved him and left. “I love you too” Jason said after Sam shut the door behind her.

Jason picked up the phoenix. He remembered giving it to Sam and explaining that he'd been thinking about what Robert Yi said at their wedding about the phoenix being a goddess who could turn bad luck into good. Jason told Sam that was her. Then he remembered Sam giving him the dragon and Sam repeating the saying that if the dragon and the phoenix were together, it was meant to be, and them placing the figurines together and kissing. Teary eyed, Jason gently sat the phoenix in front of a picture of Sam.

At the hospital, Olivia and Liz discussed Ewen saying that “Connie” attacked him. Liz shared that she'd checked his files and hadn't found a patient by that name. Olivia told her that Connie was Kate's real name and that she was a patient of his. Liz mentioned the inappropriate way Kate had behaved when Liz and Ewen were on a date. Olivia said it sounded like Kate was reverting to her high school ways, when she'd do anything to get attention. Liz asked Olivia how far she thought Kate would go. Olivia wasn't sure anymore. She filled Liz in on Kate making a pass at Steve and sleeping with Johnny. Liz commented that that wasn't going to end well. Olivia thought it was another example of Kate acting like Connie and purposely starting drama. Liz wondered what would happen when Sonny found out and Olivia told her he already had. Liz said it did sound like Kate was capable of attacking Ewen. The two wondered why Kate would do it and Olivia suggested that Liz snoop through Kate's file and see if there were any clues as to why she'd go after him. Liz was reluctant to do so, but Olivia pointed out that she'd already done it before. Liz agreed and went off to Ewen's office.

Liz returned and said she didn't find anything. Olivia was confused; she knew Ewen had been seeing Kate, so she should have a file. Liz theorized that Kate stole it, but Olivia wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. Liz said she understood that Olivia would feel that way about her family member. That made Olivia remember something Ewen said when she told him she had a family issue. Olivia had been talking about Heather at the time, but she now realized that Ewen must have thought she was talking about Kate. It hit Olivia that her cousin was in serious trouble and she and Liz agreed that someone had to find Kate and get her help. Olivia told Liz about seeing Kate grabbing money from the safe as if she were going on a trip. Olivia didn't know if Kate was traveling alone or with Johnny. Liz wondered if they should warn him, but Olivia said he could handle himself. Liz was surprised she wasn't more concerned, since they'd been close, but Olivia said Johnny had changed. According to Olivia, he'd lost his conscience. She told Liz that Johnny was the reason Steve was in jail. Liz still didn't understand what was going on with Steve; she said Heather mentioned the death of a patient, but she wasn't reliable. Olivia said not to forget that about Heather. She wouldn't fill in the details, but told Liz that Steve got in some trouble and Johnny made it worse. Liz called the police and told them Kate might have had something to do with Ewen's attack. She apologized to Olivia, but Olivia understood. Olivia said she had to go check on Heather. Liz asked to be kept in the loop about Steve. Olivia agreed and asked that Liz do the same for her, regarding Ewen. Liz reminded Olivia that she may have been right before when she said Kate might not have been involved. Olivia said even if she wasn't, something was still clearly wrong. Olivia said that as usual, Sonny dodged a bullet.

Carly found Connie rushing out of the Metro Court and blocked her way. They had words and Connie brought up Johnny as a way to irritate Carly. Carly implied that Connie would have a hard time keeping Johnny and Connie smugly replied that they'd slept together in her office that morning. When Carly wasn't angry enough, Connie began adding details to her lie, telling Carly she and Johnny had wild sex all over the office. Connie added that she made Johnny feel more alive than Carly could. Carly didn't believe Johnny would talk to her about their relationship, but Connie told her that Johnny said Carly was timid in bed. Connie said she never would have believed someone like Carly was such a wallflower. Carly reacted by slugging Connie in the face. A hotel employee ran over, but they told him everything was fine. Carly and Connie squared off, then Connie said Carly was lucky she was late, and she turned to leave. Carly shoved her from behind. Connie swung her purse at Carly, who grabbed it and threw it to the ground, causing Connie's medical file to fall out. They began to tussle with each other and Connie took a running start and dove onto Carly, knocking her to the ground. They fought viciously. Carly bit Connie, choked her and at one point she dragged her across the floor by her legs. A man rushed over and broke up the fight. Carly spotted Kate's medical files and grabbed them. Before Connie could get to her, Carly read that she had D.I.D and demanded to know what that was. Carly ranted about “Kate” coming back and taking her hotel and her man. She told Connie that she was going to find out what D.I.D. stood for and tell everyone. Connie threatened to hurt Carly if she didn't back off.

Connie got her papers back from Carly, who told her to leave and never come back. Connie said Carly just wanted her out of the way so she could get Johnny back. Carly spat that she didn't want him anymore. Connie said she owned half the hotel and was going to do whatever she wanted there. Carly said no one wanted her there anymore. Connie said Johnny still liked her, so Carly told her to go to Johnny and to tell him Carly said he deserved to be stuck with “Kate.” Carly stormed off. The cops came to talk to Kate. Not realizing Connie was there, they discussed whether or not Kate had attacked Ewen with each other as they walked toward Crimson. Once the police were in the elevator, Connie dashed out of the hotel.

Sonny was at home. He left a message for Ewen, asking if he wanted to tell him something about Kate. Michael stopped by to check on Sonny. The camera panned to a bug planted under a table. John was elsewhere, using it to listen in on the conversation. He had a copy of the article on Sonny causing his sister's death next to him. Michael said he and Jason had been worried about Sonny after he didn't attend the party. John said to himself that they should be worried, but not for the reasons they thought. Sonny told Michael he was fine, but Michael pressed him for details on what happened between him and Kate. Sonny wasn't eager to share, but he eventually told Michael that he caught Kate cheating with Johnny. Michael was shocked, because he had believed that Kate loved Sonny. John seemed to take more interest when he heard that Kate slept with Johnny. Michael thought there must have been a misunderstanding, but Sonny assured him that things happened as he said they did. He told Michael the whole story about finding Johnny's apartment in disarray, running upstairs when he heard Kate scream and finding her in bed with Johnny. Sonny advised Michael to learn from his mistakes and always trust his instincts. He said he'd known something was off with Kate, but he ignored it, making it easy for her and Johnny to fool him. Michael asked if his mom knew and Carly told him about seeing Carly at Johnny's apartment that night. John said to himself that Sonny had this coming. Sonny said he warned Carly not to trust Johnny, but she didn't listen. Michael said he thought Carly had real feelings for Johnny. Michael understood why Johnny would do something like this, but he didn't think Kate would. Sonny said Kate must have known something was wrong, because she'd been seeing a psychiatrist. Fighting back tears, he added that maybe he never really knew Kate and only knew the girl she left behind when she left Bensonhurst. Michael gave Sonny a hug and said he almost felt bad for Kate too, since Carly was going to kill her.

Michael told Sonny he didn't deserve this. John scoffed. Sonny said this was one birthday he'd like to forget. Michael mentioned that he hadn't given Sonny his gift yet, then he noticed the gift from John. Michael recalled Max saying that John gave Sonny a framed article, and he picked it up and read part of it aloud. Sonny hadn't realized that John left that. He was sure Max had tried to tell him though. Michael wondered why John would leave that for Sonny. Sonny said John blamed him for that girl's death, but he was mistaken. Sonny said he had nothing to do with it. John pantomimed a nose growing from lying. Sonny said sometimes it was easier to blame the wrong person than to look for the truth. He told Michael that was what Starr was doing. Michael said Starr was grieving and couldn't let go of what Anthony told her. Sonny understood that and was cutting Starr some slack, but he said he was not going to allow John to pin the tragedy on him. John said to himself that they'd see about that. Sonny threw the clipping away and told Michael to forget about it, because he had. John said he hadn't. Sonny asked if Michael had heard from Starr. Michael hadn't; he assumed she was back in L.A. Sonny thought it was good for Starr to move on. John said to himself that his sister never got that chance. Michael brought up Kate again and Michael told him to put it out of his mind. Michael said he was worried and he was sorry for Sonny. They hugged and Sonny told him not to worry. John said Sonny didn’t know what sorry meant, but he soon would. Michael left.

Natalie called John. John answered while walking out of his hotel room. While he chatted with her, he turned down a hallway and he and Sam spotted each other.

Johnny was at home on the phone with an employee. He told them that Sonny shot up his house last night and he wanted the employee to find out where he was. He hung up and loaded his gun, then answered the door. Starr walked in and said they needed to talk. Johnny thought she was there about her recording contract, but Starr said she was there about Sonny. She wanted to know if Johnny was positive that Sonny killed her family. Seeking to convince Starr that Sonny was dangerous, Johnny told her that Sonny tried to have him killed last night. Starr asked what Johnny did to make Sonny do that. Johnny remembered Sonny catching him in bed with Kate, but he told Starr it was a misunderstanding. He took Starr upstairs to view the bullet holes. They returned to the living room and Starr asked if he thought Sonny would try to kill him again. Johnny said yes, but he'd do it in a way that would make it look like he wasn't involved. Starr said like shooting out your tires. She wondered why Johnny didn’t call the police and he told her that people like him operated by a certain code. Starr said his business was horrible and Johnny agreed, but said he didn't choose it, he was born into it. Johnny explained his view that Sonny did choose the business, because he loved violence and power and didn't mind hurting innocent people to get on top. Starr asked what Johnny would do if Sonny came after him. Johnny showed her the box that contained his gun.

Starr glumly said things weren't getting any easier for her. Johnny told her it would take time. Starr found that trite and Johnny apologized. Starr said the people who made up those sayings had never been in her shoes. Johnny said everyone had lost something. Starr got the feeling he was speaking from experience. She still felt guilty that her family was dead and their killer was walking free. Johnny told her it wasn't her job to make Sonny play. He said while it might sound cold, what was done was done and there was no use dwelling on it. Starr said the future seemed bleak. She said people kept telling her she was so young, but when she thought about that, she pictured years and years without Cole and Hope. Johnny urged her to focus on her music. Starr asked if Johnny would be able to let something like that go. Johnny admitted he wouldn't. He said he'd struck out at Sonny and while he hurt him, he (Johnny) had gotten hurt even worse in the process. Johnny turned away to take a phone call from the employee he spoke with earlier. He found out Sonny was at home. The person told him something that Anthony said. Johnny didn't care; he said Sonny was coming after them and they had to be ready. When Johnny finished up, he realized Starr was gone. As he went to check his gun box, someone knocked on the door. Johnny answered it and found Carly there.

Starr went to Sonny's. Her hand shook as she reached in her purse and pulled out Johnny's gun, which she quickly shoved out of sight when Sonny opened the door.

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