GH Update Tuesday 5/1/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/1/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Johnny was pleasantly surprised when Carly answered his phone call. Instead of talking to him, Carly told him to go to hell and hung up. Carly was outside Sam's. After hanging up the phone, she knocked on the door, then told Sam she needed to see Jason. A forlorn Sam said he wasn't there and tried to close the door, but Carly stopped her and demanded to know where he was. Exasperated, Sam said she didn't know. Carly barged in and said she'd wait. Carly noticed that Sam was upset; she assumed Sam had been fighting with Jason and asked what she'd done this time. Sam refused to talk to her about it and asked why she didn't go to her boyfriend to get help instead of coming to Jason. Carly said they weren't seeing each other because she she caught him sleeping with Kate. Carly waited for Sam to say “I told you so,” since many people had warned her that Johnny was untrustworthy, but Sam said she'd never say that.

Carly ranted about the way she fell for what she believed was Johnny's manipulation. Sam asked if she was sure that was what it was. Carly felt that Johnny was only with her to annoy Sonny and said she should be glad that it ended before she fell in love with him. Sam realized Carly had fallen in love with Johnny and called her on it. Sam then said it was none of her business. Carly agreed, then she said maybe she did love Johnny. She told Sam that Luke disagreed and he thought Carly duped herself into believing she loved Johnny and that he was a good person in order to use him as a substitute for Jax. Carly admitted that Luke could be right. She told Sam that today was her and Jax's five year anniversary. Carly got choked up and she shared that the reason she'd gone to Johnny's that night was to tell him she was finally going to sign the divorce papers. Sam was sympathetic. Carly said it hadn't seemed real when she saw Johnny in bed with Kate.

Carly said Sam was the last person she should be opening up to, but Sam said sometimes the person you shouldn't talk to was also the one who was easiest to talk to. Carly asked if Sam was talking about herself. Sam wasn't interested in opening up, but Carly kept pressing her and Sam told her she could say “I told you so.” Carly asked what happened. When Sam didn't say anything, Carly said it couldn't be as bad as what she'd admitted to, since at least Sam didn't sleep with another man. Sam said that everything she'd done was to protect Jason and keep him from feeling as bad as she did, but now she may have lost him. Carly kindly said Sam wouldn't lose Jason. She said Jason promised to love her forever and he'd never break that promise because he was an honest man unlike Johnny. Carly wondered why she felt so hurt, since it never hurt this much when other men used her. Sam told Carly that she was strong and that the thing with Johnny wasn't going to keep her down for long. The two smiled, then Carly looked a bit repulsed and said they just had a girlfriend moment. Carly and Sam went back to being cool toward each other as they usually were and agreed to pretend they hadn't bonded for a moment. Carly promised Sam that Jason would come back. They thanked each other for the talk and Carly left.

At Crimson, Olivia was hurt and confused when “Kate” rudely handed her a dollar for bus fare and told her to get lost. Olivia wondered why she was acting this way and said the cousin she knew would never turn her away. Johnny walked in and announced that he might know what was going on. Connie made it seem like Johnny was there because he didn't want their “affair” to end. She said it was over and she was leaving town. Olivia was surprised by the two of them and said she thought she knew them. Johnny flippantly apologized for not being able to be the person she wanted him to be. Disgusted, Olivia said his bitterness and anger had stamped out all of his good qualities. Olivia ripped into Johnny for turning Steve into the police. She said he was a good man who could have saved a lot more lives if he weren't behind bars. According to Olivia, in Johnny's quest to destroy Sonny, he'd become worse than Sonny. Johnny said Olivia should be glad she'd been removed from the situation. Olivia threw the dollar at Connie, spat that she'd never ask her for anything again and left.

Connie noted that Johnny looked like he regretted what he'd done to Steve. Johnny said he wished he could undo what he and Connie had done too, because he lost the thing that mattered most to him. Connie thought Johnny expected her to try and set things right between him and Carly. Johnny knew nothing Connie could say would help. He was there to talk to Kate but Connie said Kate wasn't home right now. Johnny recalled that Kate had been with Ewen and had planned to check into Shadybrook. He wondered how Connie got out of that. Connie played with a paperweight on the desk and cryptically said she'd persuaded Ewen to leave things as they were. Johnny didn't buy it. Connie changed the subject to how Kate felt about the sex. Johnny said Kate planned to try and get him arrested for rape. Connie concluded that Johnny was there for damage control and said he didn't have to worry about Kate because she was gone, and Connie considered it sex between consenting adults. Johnny wasn't sure what he consented to. Connie smiled and said he got Sonny off their backs. Johnny said Sonny didn’t take loss well and he thought there was a chance he'd forgive Kate. Connie didn’t think Sonny would ever get past what he saw them doing. Johnny said she was right. He just wished he could undo what he'd done to Carly.

Johnny said he didn't even know where to find Carly. Connie was unsympathetic to his plight. She was happy to be rid of Sonny and Kate and eager to get on with her life. As Connie started walking out, Johnny blocked her way and refused to let her leave. He felt that Kate and Connie needed help. Connie pointed out that he slept with Kate. Johnny said he regretted that, but Connie thought he was just scared she was going to press rape charges against her. Connie cheerfully said not to worry because he didn't take advantage of her, but Johnny said he took advantage of Kate. Connie threatened to file rape charges if Johnny didn't leave. Johnny left without an argument and a smiling Connie left soon after that.

Elizabeth was at Ewen's bedside in his hospital room. She coaxed out of him that his attacker was his patient, Connie. Ewen got agitated and his blood pressure dropped. A doctor ran in to tend to him. Olivia rushed in to tell Liz about Steve getting arrested. Liz said Heather already told her. Olivia was annoyed because Heather wasn't supposed to leave the apartment without supervision. Both she and Liz wished Heather would go back to Ferncliff. Olivia wanted help getting Steve out of jail. Liz said she had something to do first and asked Olivia to meet her at the nurse's station.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Heather noted that Maggie seemed nervous. Maggie said she was upset about Steve being in jail, because he didn't belong there. Maggie wished there was something she could do, and Heather remembered Olivia saying that Maggie had known the circumstances of Steve's patient's death all along. Heather said maybe there was something Maggie could do. Heather proposed that she, Maggie, and everyone in the hospital write character references on Steve's behalf. Maggie politely said she didn't think that would help. Heather said Steve got her released and she intended to do the same for him. Maggie said she had to go check Ewen's test results and left. Heather overheard a doctor prescribing a very potent drug for his patient that could kill if you overdosed on it. The filled prescription was placed at the nurses station, then everyone except Heather walked away. Maggie returned and offered to write the letter for Steve. Heather asked Maggie for a ride home. Maggie agreed, and when she left to get her purse, Heather stole the bottle of pills.

Maggie took Heather home. Olivia called and reminded Heather that she wasn't supposed to have left. Heather was apologetic. She told Heather that she'd be by to check on her later. Heather asked about Steve and Olivia said Dante said he was being treated well. They hung up and Maggie started toward the door, but Heather asked her to stay, ostensibly so they could make up after getting off on the wrong foot. Maggie said that was okay, but Heather said she wanted to do it, because she knew Maggie was important to Steve. Heather put Maggie at ease by gently saying she knew what happened in Memphis and why. Maggie explained that she didn't ask Steve to kill his patient to save hers and that her patient went on to live a very productive life. Heather claimed she found that wonderful and told Maggie that she understood completely. Heather offered Maggie tea and Maggie readily accepted.

Heather mixed some of the medication into Heather's glass, while chatting with her about the case. Heather said that the court might subpoena Maggie. Maggie didn't think it would come to that. “Neither do I” Heather said, as she handed Maggie the glass and told her to drink up. Maggie finished her tea and tried to leave, but she couldn't walk. Maggie assumed she just didn't feel well. Heather pulled out the medicine and picked up a newspaper. She read a a passage to Maggie about Maxie hiring a forger to fake a suicide note and told Maggie that she liked what Maxie had done. Maggie realized she'd been drugged. Heather grinned and said Maggie never should have called her crazy. Maggie passed out. Heather cleaned the glass Maggie used and smiled to herself about framing Maggie.

Back at the hospital, Liz and Olivia wondered where they'd get the money to bail Steve out. Liz said she knew her brother would never kill anyone. She said she'd go to Memphis herself if it weren't for her boys and Ewen being in the hospital. Olivia asked what she meant and Liz told her about him being attacked by a patient named Connie the night before. Olivia gasped. Liz added that she'd checked the records and Ewen didn't have a patient named Connie.

Jason dropped by Sonny's to check on him. Sonny told him about catching Kate sleeping with Johnny. Sonny ranted about having defended Kate to Jason while all the while she was cheating on him. Jason didn't understand; he said Kate loved Sonny, but Sonny thought Kate intentionally tricked him into opening up to her, so she could hurt him even more. Sonny figured she might have done it as payback for almost getting her killed. Jason said there was something else going on. He admitted to having Spinelli check up on Kate even though Sonny told him not to. Sonny apologized for trusting Kate instead of Jason and Jason said it wasn't necessary. Jason divulged that Ewen wanted to commit Kate to Shadybrook. Sonny was stunned and said she lied about what the psychiatrist said too. Sonny yelled that he was the one who should be committed, for believing Kate could love him.

Sonny declared that he was done with Kate for good. Jason pointed out that there might be medical reasons for Kate's actions, but Sonny was fed up with Kate's refusal to be honest with him. He asked Jason if he knew how it made him feel to be lied to over and over. Jason thought of his own issues and said yes. Sonny gave him a supportive pat on the shoulder and asked what was wrong. Jason said he and Sam were having some issues. Sonny said they’d have to get through it since they had a baby coming. Jason revealed that he baby wasn't his. Jason told Sonny about Sam being raped by Franco. Disgusted, Sonny said if Franco wasn't dead, he'd kill him.

Sonny encouraged Jason to talk to Sam and try and work this out, but Jason said Sam had found someone else to confide in. he told Sonny about Sam and John. Sonny was sure that John was using Sam. Jason agreed and said that was what cops did. Sonny felt bad for Jason and didn't have any advice, but he felt confident that Jason and Sam could work through it. Jason admitted he wasn't sure that was true. Jason told him that Sam kept asking him if he loved the baby. Jason said right now, he kept picturing Sam lying helpless in bed with Franco there. Jason was afraid that once the baby was born he'd recall the rape every time he saw him or her, which wouldn't be fair to Sam. Sonny regretted not having an answer for him, and Jason wasn't sure there was one. Jason wanted to find a way to get John out of town, but Sonny said it would be difficult, because John didn't have any skeletons in his closet. Sonny urged Jason not to let John affect his marriage.

Sonny suggested that Jason and Sam go to the islands. Jason said no, so Sonny told him to go home and talk to Sam. Jason didn't want to; he wanted to talk about Kate. Sonny mentioned that Ewen called him the night before. Jason encouraged Sonny to return the call. Sonny urged Jason to go and when he did, Sonny called Ewen and left a message for him.

At the courthouse, the Spinelli interrupted the judge just as he was about to sentence Maxie, and he said he had some important information that would change everything. Judge Lopez allowed Spinelli to speak. Maxie quickly yelled that she was guilty. Spinelli remembered Maxie telling him she saw Matt kill Lisa. Spinelli told the court that Maxie wasn't a murderer. Spinelli said while some people, including Maxie, sometimes thought Maxie was selfish, it wasn't true. Maxie quietly pleaded with Spinelli not to do this. Spinelli remembered Maxie asking him to keep quiet, because while she could survive prison, she couldn't survive knowing she'd destroyed Robin's family. Spinelli reluctantly opted not to tell the truth; instead he praised Maxie and said she didn't have it in her to kill anyone. The irritated judge began to sentence Maxie again, only to be interrupted by Felicia. Felicia said she was never there for Maxie and never gave her the love and guidance she deserved. Felicia took full responsibility for anything Maxie had done and asked the judge to sentence her in her daughter's place. Judge Lopez said the law didn't work that way.

The judge said that while Lisa's actions were mitigating factors, he had to take Maxie's other crimes into account, such as killing Briggs and forging a suicide note. The judge sentenced Maxie to twenty years in Pentonville. Maxie didn't react. Matt begged Maxie to tell the truth and he told the judge that Maxie wasn't being honest. Maxie said it was for the best. The judge forbade anyone else to disrupt the proceedings. A tearful Felicia begged Mac to do something. The judge ordered Maxie to be taken to prison immediately. Matt begged Maxie to tell the truth. To her loved ones' dismay, Maxie stuck to her story. Spinelli rushed to Maxie, took her face in his hands and said he didn't tell the truth because he loved her. Maxie sobbed that she knew and was grateful but Spinelli said she shouldn't be, and he promised to never stop fighting for her, as the the bailiff took her away.

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