GH Update Monday 4/30/12

General Hospital Update Monday 4/30/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth discovers that Dr. Keenan is passed out on the floor and yells for help.

Connie rushes into her office and opens the private safe on the wall. She gathers large amounts of cash and puts them in her purse remarking that she knows that “Kate” has kept it there and it’s what she needs in order to get out of town. Right then, Olivia appears calls to Kate and startles her cousin.

Dante is at the station looking but unable to find Lulu. Luke is also concerned about the disappearance of his daughter.

Anna and mac Scorpio are in the hallway of the courthouse after maxie’s trial. Right then, maxie’s mom appears and tells them she needs to see her daughter. Not far away, Alexis notices that Matt is not ok and appears drunk. She asks him what is wrong. He replies everything.

Heather enters Luke’s room and he demands to know how she got in and if Stephen knows that she’s on the loose right now. He tells her that he does not have time for her. He has to find Anna because his daughter is missing. She tells Luke she needs his help urgency because her son is in trouble.

Dante confronts Domestico and tells him he knows that Domestico is the reason Lulu is gone. DOmestico tells Dante he’s being paranoid. Maybe Dante needs to see a shrink and/or realize that lulu might be cheating on him. Dante tells Domestico he knows that he (Domestico) is the one who’s been beating up the women at the strip joint and is responsible for Lulu going missing.

Elizabeth struggles to revive Dr. Ewan Keenan and calls for help.

Olivia asks “Kate” just what she is up to. Kate knows she cannot trust her cousin to know what has happened.

In the empty courtroom, Spinelli urges Maxie to let everybody know that Matt, not herself, killed Lisa Niles. But she won’t do that. He tells her he will not let her go to prison or sacrifice herself for anyone. But she tells Spinelli she must protect Matt.

Maxie’s mom (Felicia) tells Anna she is so sorry for the loss of Robin. She thought so highly of her niece but did not attend the funeral because she was not sure if she was welcome. Mac coldly demands that his ex-wife tells him what she is doing there. She tells him she’s there for Maxie. He angrily asks her if she does not think it’s a little too late for that. She tells him she has to be there for her daughter and not give up on her. But he tells her that he knows this is not going to benefit Maxie. She blames herself for Robin’s death and is in a terrible emotional state and the last thing she needs is her “mother” interfering. Anna tells Mac that he needs to realize that Felicia is making an effort and should cut her some slack.

Inside the courtroom, Maxie protests to Spinelli that she is responsible for what happened to matt. He was not responsible for his actions and got terribly drunk because of her. Outside, Matt talks to Alexis while Spinelli protests to Maxie that Matt is a grown man and responsible for his actions. She tells Spinelli that Matt is a brilliant doctor who cannot have his life and future ruined. But it won’t matter if she does. He asks her if she thinks that Matt’s life will be of value if she goes to prison for this. She asks if he really thinks that the work she does or anything she has to offer anybody is of any importance. He protests that it will ruin his and Matt’s lives and all the people who love her will be devastated if she goes through with this.

The doctors rush to save Dr. Ewan Keenan’s life.

In Kate’s office, Olivia demands to know why her cousin needs tons of cash.

Dante tells Domestico that he knows that Domestico did everything he could to obstruct the investigation of the assault of the women. He framed Dante’s partner’s husband to make it look like he did it. Dante knows the other guy is innocent. Domestico framed Padilla’s husband for the crime and has made Lulu disappear.

Heather protests to Luke that he can’t let her son get in trouble for the mistake he made. And she pulls out a gun and holds it on Luke. He demands to know where she got the gun. She remembers when they used to know each other as children. He tells her he no longer wants to walk down memory lane. He has somewhere very important to go. But she asks why it is that Luke has spent a life time in the free world but she has not. She remarks that she ran into a doctor name Maggie who told her she was crazy. And she (Heather) will not listen to that again.

At the hospital, Maggie helps Elizabeth rush Dr. Ewan Keenan into the O.R. Elizabeth talks to an unconscious Ewan telling him he has to be ok.

Olivia asks “Kate” why she would want to suddenly be leaving town without telling Sonny or inviting him. Also, she can see that “Kate” has not worn her hair “like that” since they were in high school. Connie (trying to play Kate) protests that she is going to surprise Sonny and take him on a trip with her money. Olivia then realizes that “Kate” only spends money by charging it on her credit cards and does not carry large wads of cash.

Heather tells Luke if he does not make efforts to save her son, she will be forced to take drastic actions.

Domestico asks Dante if he really believes that he would assault all these girls. He protests that it must be their partner, Padilla’s husband. But Dante tells Domestico that he knows he has had it in for Eddie Padilla and his wife since day one. He realizes that Domestico has had a tough childhood and maybe had good reason not to like the Padilla’s or many other people. But he’s gone too far. Domestico tells Dante he’s going to do Dante a big favor. With all the years they’ve known each other, he will not write Dante up with internal affairs. He’ll pretend that this never happened. But Dante will not accept that and pushes Domestico up against a wall demanding that Domestico tells him where his wife is. Where is Lulu?

In the courtroom, Felicia protests to Mac that she has to come back and be there for Maxie. He angrily reminds her that she can’t get away with her actions and the fact that she ran off to be with Frisco and neglected her daughters. She then asks him if this is really about protecting Maxie or if Mac just wants to punish her.

Inside, Spinelli protests to Maxie that she can’t take the rap for what Matt did. She cries and tells him she is doing this for Patrick. He’s already lost his wife. He can’t lose his brother too. And Emma has lost her mom and cannot lose her uncle too. SPinelli protests that they cannot play God. She urges Spinelli to please not say anything to Matt. Right then, matt walks in and asks them what is going on.

Elizabeth sits with unconscious Ewan when the attending doctor asks her to wait. She finds Maggie who tells her she now knows it was not meds that made Ewan pass out. He’s been assaulted. Elizabeth asks who would want to hurt him.

Olivia asks Connie (who tries to be Kate) why she has to spend money. This doesn’t make sense. She knows that something is going on. And she urges her cousin to tell her what is going on. Kate (who’s really Connie) then agrees to come clean and informs Olivia that she’s right. There is not trip between herself and Sonny. He has dumped her. Olivia asks why and how. Connie replies it happened after Sonny walked in on her in bed with Johnny Zacarra.

Domestico protests to the Internal Affairs cops that Dante has violated the laws of his job. And he (Domestico) has covered his tracks. The officer checks Domestico’s desk that makes him look clean and indicates that Dante has evidence indicating that he may have killed someone and tried unsuccessfully to get away with it.

Addeded on**

When Elizabeth is standing by Ewan's bedside, he comes to and reveals that he remembers what happened to him. It was Connie who knocked him out and tried to kill him.

Luke and Anna rush to the police station to find Dante who's hand cuffed to the desk and unable to do what needs to be done to find Lulu. he tells them that he knows Domestico has taken her. He's the one who's been beating up the girls and he has framed Dante for the crime. He tells them the ahve to find Lulu before this is too late.

At maxie's trial, Alexis stands up and tells the judge that she realizes her client has pleaded guilty. But neither she nor any other person believes it nor wants Maxie to plead guilty. But the judge asks Alexis if her client is changing her plea. Alexis admits no. The judge is then ready to pronounce the sentence against Maxie. But before he can finish his sentence, Spinelli stands up and tells the judge there's information the court needs to know about who killed Lisa Niles.

Luke tells Heather she really needs to re-think this running off to Memphis in her desperate attempt to save her son. He knows that her getting released from the institution was on a conditional business. Her freedom will be revoked if she crosses state lines. She asks what if she cannot save her son and he stays locked up in Tennessee forever. Luke then promises her that nothing terrible can happen to Stephen in the next few days. But his daughter is missing. Somebody is trying to kill her. And he urges Heather to give him his gun back. He convinces Heather that they are still friends. He urges her to go back to her son’s place because he bets that Olivia will have some good news. So he urges her to go back. She leaves as he’s asked her to. As soon as Luke is alone, he remarks that the institution who released heather needs their license yanked.

Felicia tells Mac that she had to stop living a lie. He tells her that he is not trying to punish her. He is doing what she was supposed to do which is taking care of Maxie and doing what is in her best interest and he knows that Maxie does not want to see her.

Luke calls Anna and asks if there’s any way she can leave mac and go to help him find Lulu. Alexis finds Felicia and admits she’s surprised to see her there. Felicia tells Alexis she’s going to be there for her daughter whether anybody approves or not and no one can stop her.

Maxie asks Spinelli if he’s going to support her in her decision. Before he can finish replying, Felicia enters to see her daughter and protests that she’s there for her because she loves her. In response to that, Maxie tells her mom to go away. Maxie tells her mom she was not there for her. She concludes that Felicia is a terrible mother and she is a terrible daughter. Matt takes spinelli aside and asks him what he and Maxie were talking about before he walked in. But before spinelli can answer, the judge enters and instructs everybody to sit.

Olivia asks Kate (Connie) what has happened and why on earth she’s sleep with Johnny. Kate (Connie) replies that Sonny caught them and shot holes in the wall. Olivia can see her cousin’s uncharacteristically calm and smug response, concludes she is not “like herself” and suggests that maybe she schedules another appointment with her shrink. In response to that, Kate (Connie) smugly tells her cousin that it doesn’t look like her doctor is going to be available for a while.

Heather goes to the hospital and overhears Elizabeth and Maggie talking. She tells Elizabeth that she needs to know that her brother has been arrested. Elizabeth admits that she did not know that that had happened. The cops have arrested him for murder. She tells Elizabeth that she needs to be there for her brother.

Dante protests to I. A that Domestico has set him up. But they don’t believe Dante who protests emotionally that they are not listening to him. Domestico has Lulu. They can’t leave him alone in that room with Domestico. They leave. Dante cries and tells Domestico if he does anything to hurt his wife, Domestico will be sorry. Domestico smugly tells him he has no worries. Dante is handcuffed to a desk and unable to move although he struggles to break free.

Luke finds Anna and reveals to her that Lulu is missing. And he bets anything that the person who made her disappear is a cop friend of her husband named Ronnie Domestico. She and Dante believe that this guy is the one who has been beating up these girls and he now knows that Lulu is on to him. He tells her he’s been trying and failing to reach Dante. But he can’t reach him. So, Luke concludes to Anna, he has no choice except to take matters into his own hands in order to protect his daughter. And he pulls out his gun.

The judge asks Maxie to stand and asks her if she is aware that if she pleads guilty to the charges, she will get convicted of murder. She replies that she is aware of that.

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