GH Update Wednesday 4/25/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/25/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

In Johnny's bed room, Carly lashed out at Johnny for sleeping with Kate. Connie taunted Carly until Johnny said “Shut up, Connie!” Carly asked why Johnny called her that. It seemed like Johnny was going to tell the truth, but Connie quickly said it was his pet name for her. Carly said Kate had been hinting at this for weeks and if she hadn't been blinded by her belief in Johnny, she would have seen this coming. Johnny tried to explain, saying this wasn't about Carly, but she didn't want to hear it. Connie chimed in that Johnny didn't owe her an explanation and she kept needling Carly. According to Carly, Kate targeted everything in Carly's life – Sonny, Jax, the hotel and now Johnny; she wasn't surprised at Kate, but she was shocked that Johnny would do this. Carly said the only consolation was that now Sonny and Johnny both saw Kate for who she really was. Carly couldn't believe she'd defended Johnny to everyone; she thought she knew the real him - “The man that I...” Carly trailed off.

Carly felt delusional and pathetic for thinking she meant something to Johnny. Johnny said she did, but Carly told him that if that were true, he would have kept his pants on. Carly said if Johnny knew the real her, he'd know there were no words he could say to make this okay. Carly reminded Johnny of the time she found lipstick on his collar, the same color Kate had worn. She was certain that this meant he and Kate had been together for months. Johnny said he only slept with Kate to get back at Sonny. Carly concluded that was the only reason he'd been seeing her (Carly) too. Carly left.

Connie was jubilant about destroying Kate and Sonny, but Johnny said they'd destroyed what he and Carly had, too. Connie didn't think that was a big loss. Johnny told Connie to get dressed and leave. Connie suggested they have sex again, since it was good and they were both unattached. Johnny told her he wanted Carly, not her, but Connie said Carly was gone for good. When Connie refused to take no for an answer, Johnny grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her, saying it was over. Kate's personality took over. She surveyed things and was horrified to see Johnny's disheveled bed and that she was partially undressed. She ran away from Johnny, then began to piece things together. Sobbing, Kate begged Johnny to tell her that Connie didn't have Sonny walk in on them in bed. Johnny gently said he couldn't. Kate was devastated. She blasted Johnny for taking advantage of her. Johnny's excuse was that Connie wouldn't take no for an answer and if he hadn't slept with her, she would have found an unsuspecting guy to sleep with to hurt Sonny. Kate asked Johnny what happened. Johnny told her about Sonny and Carly walking in on them. He told Kate that the two of them had just lost the people that mattered most. Johnny regretted what happened, but Kate spat that it didn't make her feel better. She quickly gathered her clothes and ran out to go find Sonny.

At the movie theater, Spinelli mulled over the possibility that Matt killed Lisa then blocked it out. He glanced at a poster for the Avengers and wondered what the superheroes would do in his predicament. Spinelli sighed that although he was driven, he didn't really have the physical strength they did. Spinelli wondered what Matt would do if he was able to prove his theory. “What will I do about what?” Matt said, as he and Cameron walked over to Spinelli. Matt had Cam, because Liz was working late. The three chatted about their favorite avenger. Matt liked Iron Man because he was tough and partied when he wasn't fighting crime. Spinelli said it wasn't surprising that Matt liked the shallowest Avenger. Alluding to his theory, Spinelli told Matt and Cam that sometimes it took intelligence to figure out the villain, especially if he was in disguise. Matt realized Spinelli was talking about something deeper than comics and he sent Cam to hang out elsewhere.

Once Cam was a few feet away, Matt said he hoped Spinelli didn't still think Patrick killed Lisa. Spinelli said people could block out traumatic things. Matt knew that, but he didn’t think Patrick blocked out killing Lisa. Spinelli asked Matt to tell him what happened that night. Matt told him about arguing with Patrick on the boat, drinking champagne and going to look for Liz. Matt said he didn't remember Patrick killing Lisa, because it didn't happen. While Matt appreciated Spinelli trying to help Maxie, he thought Spin should let this go. Cam came over and said the movie was starting. Matt took him inside. Spinelli wondered what to do. He didn't want to accuse Matt to his face, because he thought Matt genuinely didn’t remember, but he couldn't stay silent while Maxie went to jail for something she didn't do. Spinelli exited the theater after the movie feeling very inspired. He rushed off after telling Matt and Cam that he was going to right a great wrong.

Dante and Olivia arrived at Steve's. Heather frantically told them that the Memphis PD arrested Steve. Dante asked if they were charging him with being in the organ ring. Heather looked confused and said no; they were charging him with murder. Heather was convinced it was a mistake and was determined to fix things. Olivia told her to calm down, but when Heather didn't, she smacked her across the face and yelled at her to snap out of it. Heather glared at Olivia. Dante calmly said they both needed to relax and he promised to figure things out. Olivia convinced Heather to go to her room and rest while she and Dante worked on helping Steve. She pointed out that Steve didn't need the added stress of worrying about Heather right now. Heather left after demanding that Olivia keep her up to speed. Olivia reminded Dante that Steve saved his life and she wanted him to help. Dante was willing to, but he pointed out that he had no jurisdiction in Memphis and that he needed to know the whole story. Olivia hesitantly filled Dante in on everything that Steve and Maggie did in Memphis. She told him how Johnny somehow found out the truth and went down to Memphis got them to resume the investigation into Steve's patient's death. Heather eavesdropped and heard Olivia say the only people who were supposed to know the whole story were her, Steve and Maggie. Olivia said Johnny had changed and was doing things she never thought him capable of. Dante realized Steve must have been the one involved in the organ ring. Dante was disappointed that Olivia was mixed up in this and that she was defending Steve. Olivia asserted that Steve was a good man who did what he felt he had to. Dante made a phone call and found out Steve was in custody in Memphis. At Olivia's request, Dante agreed to go to Tennessee and find out what was going on. Olivia wanted to go too, but Dante convinced her to stay and keep an eye on Steve's mother. He told Olivia to make sure Heather didn’t get involved since she could do more harm than good. Heather said to herself that she was going to help Steve.

Dante left a voice mail for Lulu, telling her about his upcoming trip. Heather walked out and said she couldn't rest while Steve was in jail. Olivia said everything would be okay. Heather smiled and said she had a feeling Olivia was right.

Elizabeth followed the upset Jason out to the hospital roof and asked what was wrong. Jason told her that Sam had been lying to him about John. Jason explained who John was and said he now realized that Sam didn't go through waiting for the DNA results to come back by herself, because she had John. He ranted that he only knew Sam kept talking to John because Alexis told him. Liz was curious about what he meant. Jason was resistant to talking about it, since it wouldn't change anything, but after Liz's gentle urging, he confided that the baby wasn't his. Jason told Liz everything that happened in Hawaii. Liz empathized with how Sam must have felt after being raped. Jason apologized for reminding Liz of the feelings she had when she (Liz) had been raped. Liz told Jason that he could still love this child as his own, just as Lucky had done with Jake. Jason wasn't sure he was good enough to do that. Liz pointed out that he did it for Michael. Jason said that was different. Liz felt certain that Jason would be able to do it. Jason said he should be talking about this with Sam, but instead she was confiding in John. Jason felt that was the problem. Jason said Sam asked John to get Franco's DNA instead of talking to Jason. Liz thought Sam was trying to protect him, but Jason said she lied. Liz figured Sam was just trying to soften the blow, but Jason wondered if Sam didn't tell him she was having another DNA test because she wanted John to be by her side instead of him. Liz said he didn't know that and Jason complained that he didn't know anything, because Sam was telling John instead of him. Jason figured Sam must have asked John about getting the DNA when they saw each other at Alexis'. While Liz was happy to listen, she told Jason he should probably be talking to Sam about this instead of her. Jason said he couldn't take any more lies right now, but Liz said Jason should tell Sam how he felt. Jason realized Sam was probably still at the Metro Court. After Jason was gone, Sam asked Robin to look after Jason. “He needs us” she said.

Sam groaned a little when she realized John had appeared on the terrace after she asked for her sign. She explained that she'd hoped to get a signal that everything between her, Jason and the baby would work out. John hoped it did. Sam thought it would, if only Jason were the baby's father. John guessed Jason didn't take the news well. Sam said he was devastated and it and the truth about Franco being his brother were too much for him to handle. Sam told him Jason asked why she went through waiting out the paternity test alone. She said that in reality, she wasn't alone because she had John. Sam knew it was a lot to handle, but she was bothered that Jason couldn't answer her when she asked if he could love another man's baby. She said she'd wanted to talk about it, but Jason didn't since it wouldn't change anything. She agreed that he was right – there was no undoing the fact that Franco was his brother and the baby's father, but she said that wasn't the baby's fault. John tried to assure her that Jason would love the baby because it was part of her, but Sam said he wasn't the one who should be telling her that. John said we don't always get to choose who helps us.

John said if talking to him helped, Sam had every right not to tell Jason. Sam said she didn't like keeping secrets from Jason. She thought Jason was unreasonable when it came to John. John felt that his talks with Sam were separate from his investigation on Sonny. Sam agreed, but she knew Jason wanted to know about every time she talked to John and she knew he wouldn't understand. John pointed out that all those meetings except one happened by coincidence, but Sam didn't think that would matter to Jason. Sam didn't think she could tell Jason how much it had helped to open up to John and to share things with him that she'd been afraid to say to Jason. John thought she was being too hard on herself and said she was going to tell Jason the truth and only confided in John because he happened to be there. Sam said she didn't regret that. Neither did John; he pointed out that she wouldn't have gotten Franco's DNA otherwise. Sam thanked him. John said he just wished he hadn't caused problems for Sam and Jason. Sam said the problem was the baby's paternity, not John. Sam wondered why John always appeared whenever she was having a crisis. She said she felt like the universe was throwing them together and like they knew each other in a past life. John felt it too. Sam was curious about why he was stil in town. John said he had something else to do and he had to do it soon, because he'd only been granted jurisdiction in Port Charles for a short amount of time. John said this weird connection they had would be broken when he finished his investigation on Sonny. John felt that Sam deserved happiness and he hoped it all worked out. Sam thanked him for that and for helping her sort things out. John smiled and told her to look after herself and the baby and left. Jason arrived and he and Sam stared at each other.

Sonny was in his living room looking at a picture of himself and Kate. He remembered seeing her in bed with Johnny and hurled it across the room. He poured a drink and remembered some of his happier times with Kate, including her setting up a Christmas tree at the brownstone where he grew up, then he headed upstairs and came back down with a box. Sonny removed a jacket and a stack of papers from the box and burned them and the photo of himself and Kate. Carly let herself in. Sonny said it wasn't a good time, but Carly stayed and scanned the room. She noted that Sonny was burning Kate's stuff and she started in on Kate. Carly felt that Kate had thrown herself at Johnny, but Sonny was sure that Johnny orchestrated this and lured Kate into bed get back at him. Carly couldn't believe Sonny was defending Kate. In the end, they agreed that it didn't matter who initiated the affair. Sounding vengeful, Carly asked what they should do, now that they'd been betrayed. Sonny said he was so angry, he didn't know what to do. Carly said they should fight fire with fire, and she kissed Sonny deeply.

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