GH Update Tuesday 4/24/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/24/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Ewen returned to GH after Kate stood him up at ShadyBrook. He'd left a number of concerned messages for her but she hadn't returned them. Liz was at the nurses station and once Ewen hung up, they talked a bit about his patient in general terms. Ewen said he thought someone might have prevented his patient from meeting him. Liz asked why someone would do that and Ewen said it was complicated. Liz said there was a stigma surrounding checking into ShadyBrook. She said people thought that made you crazy, but she'd been there and she wasn't crazy. Ewen agreed and said she just needed some time to get her bearings. He told her that his patient was nothing like her; the patient was a danger to herself and others and he had to find her. Ewen left.

At the Metro Court, Michael approached Sam and told her how happy he was that she and Jason could put the unpleasantness with Franco behind them and start a new chapter. Sam didn't seem certain that was true.

Carly arrived at the party. She and Michael hugged. Michael was surprised she came and Carly said she wasn't going to disappoint him. Michael was concerned that he'd guilted her into attending the party. Carly said while she was with Johnny, she'd always have a connection with Sonny. Michael cautioned her to be careful; he was worried that she'd get hurt if she got in the middle of Sonny and Johnny's vendetta. Carly hoped that the men would call another truce, but Michael feared that Johnny would do something to push Sonny too far. Carly knew Michael was talking about the accident that killed Cole and Hope, and she assured him that Johnny wasn't involved. Michael pointed out that Johnny had the strongest motive. Carly said the feud had hurt too many people and had to end. Michael advised her that suggesting a truce to Sonny tonight would only set him off. Carly said she planned to have Jason be the one to broach the subject with Sonny. Carly wanted to say hello to Sonny and wondered where he was. Michael said he went to check on Kate. Michael left to find Kate and Sonny and Carly made her way over to Sam. Carly noted that Sam and Jason must have made up after Jason found out Sam kept Robin's death from him. Sam defended her choice by saying she was looking out for Jason's well being, but Carly said Sam was controlling the information Jason received. Sam made a snide remark to Carly and asked if they could not do this tonight. Carly replied that she was only trying to make conversation. Carly said since Sam claimed to love Jason, she should know that keeping secrets will ruin a relationship. Sam wasn't interested in hearing Carly's advice. Carly realized Sam still looked worried and wondered if Sam was still hiding things from Jason.

In a supportive tone, Alexis asked Jason not to shut Sam out while he worked through his second thoughts without the baby. She told him that if she did, Sam would keep turning to strangers like John McBain. Jason noted that Sam talked to John after Robin's funeral, then he realized that wasn't what Alexis was talking about. Jason asked Alexis to tell him when she saw Sam with John, but Alexis said he should have this talk with his wife.

Jason brooded alone at the table and Sam kept glancing over at him. He got up and walked over to her and Carly. Jason asked Carly about her messages about Johnny and Sonny. Carly said they could talk about it later. Jason warned Carly to be careful when it came to Johnny and Sonny, but Carly said she thought Sam needed to talk to him now. Carly left and Sam said Carly was just acting like she knew Jason better than Sam did. Jason acknowledged that Carly could read him pretty well. Sam said Carly was right when she said that Jason wasn't fine. Jason admitted that something was bothering him; he told Sam what Alexis said and asked her when she saw John again. Sam told him about John stopping by Alexis' house. Jason asked Sam why she hadn't said anything before.

Carly watched Jason and Sam talking with interest from across the room.

Sonny burst into Johnny's place. He noticed various furniture and Kate's clothes strewn about the room. When Sonny heard Kate moan, he ran upstairs and kicked the bedroom door in. Johnny and Connie popped up from under the covers. Johnny gloated to Sonny and put his arm around Kate, who looked bewildered and spaced out. Sonny accused Johnny of kidnapping, drugging and raping Kate. He growled that this would be the last time Johnny ever took anything from him. Kate held her head in her hands. Sonny promised to kill Johnny, then he went over to Kate and covered her up and tried to take her out of there. The Connie personality seemed to fully take over again. She told Sonny she wasn't leaving. Connie pretended to feel guilty about hurting Sonny. She cried and said she hadn't wanted Sonny to find out this way. Sonny's confusion, hurt and anger grew as Connie said she and Johnny had been having a months long affair. Connie told Sonny that she was seeing Ewen because she was unable to break things off with Johnny.

Johnny gleefully needled Sonny about him getting his comeuppance, but Connie said to stop, because this wasn't about payback. Johnny was glad Sonny was hurting after he killed Hope and Cole and shut down the organ ring Johnny had going. Johnny reminded Sonny how Sonny had said Johnny wouldn't be able to touch him. “I touched your girlfriend over and over again and there's nothing you can do about it” Johnny said with a grin. Sonny responded by pulling out his gun and saying he could kill them. Connie, dressed only in Johnny's shirt, tried to talk Sonny down, but he called her a faithless whore and said he no longer cared about her. Johnny told Sonny he'd already used his get out of murder free card for the month. Sonny said he had nothing else to lose and Johnny asked if his kids would feel that way when he went to prison. Connie seized that tactic and asked Sonny to think about his kids, especially Dante. Sonny yelled at her to shut up and said the only thing on his mind was deciding which of them to kill first.

Michael went into the hotel kitchen and found the destroyed cake then he went back and told Carly about it. Carly shrugged it off. She figured that Kate and Sonny had a fight and Kate destroyed the cake in a tantrum. Michael asked if Sonny would really walk out of his own party over that. Carly said Sonny hated celebrating his birthday and was only doing it to please Kate. Michael wasn't sure it was Kate. He showed Carly a picture of the cake and Carly envisioned Kate trashing it and laughed. Michael said Kate really had been a bit tense lately and he wondered what was going on. Carly didn't care and said that was Sonny's problem. She decided to leave, and Michael asked if she was going to see Johnny, then he changed his mind and said it was none of his business and he'd rather not know. Carly warmly said goodbye to her son and left.

John stopped by Sonny's and told Max he had a birthday present for his boss. Since Sonny wasn't there, John gave the package to Max, who opened it – it was a framed newspaper clipping about Sonny being involved in John's sister's death. Max didn't see the significance of it, but John told him that Sonny would understand. John then handed Max an FBI warrant allowing him to search the house. While John was conducting his search, Max started to call Sonny, but was interrupted by Ewen. Ewen identified himself and asked where Kate was. Max was dubious about his story, and he refused to tell him anything besides that Sonny and Kate were out celebrating. Ewen yelled that this could be urgent, but Max said he wasn't risking his job by helping Ewen, and he shoved him out the door, then shut it. John finished his search. Max told John that many people tried and failed to put Sonny away. John took that as a challenge. He told Max to tell Sonny he stopped by, then he left.

Sam said she didn't think running into John at her mom's had been important. Jason reminded Sam that he'd told her to let him know if John ever approached her. He reminded her that he was a cop with a grudge against Sonny. Sam said she knew and that she didn't think it was a big deal since they ended up in the same place by coincidence. Jason said John wouldn't be above using her to get to Sonny. Sam knew and said she'd be careful. Jason asked if John left when he realized Alexis wasn't home and Sam said no. Jason asked if John and Sam talked while they waited for Alexis. Sam was saved from having to answer, because Michael and Alexis walked over. Michael told Jason about the cake and about Sonny being missing. Jason told Michael to go with him to look for Sonny. Sam was going to go to, but Jason abruptly said they had it covered and he and Michael left. Alexis was taken aback that Jason walked out and left his pregnant wife like that. She wondered if Jason was still having problems because of his headaches, but Sam said no. she said she and Jason had some things to work through. Alexis got a call from Max, but she couldn't take it, because Sam insisted that Alexis tell her exactly what she told Jason. Alexis told her what she said. Sam was irritated that Alexis told Jason that she'd opened up to a cop. Sam snapped at Alexis and asked if it ever occurred to her that it would upset Jason. Alexis said no; she was upset because Sam was upset and she was just trying to encourage Jason to be more supportive. Sam said it wasn't Jason's fault, but Alexis faulted Jason for leaving Sam there without a ride home.

Alexis asked if the tension between her and Jason had to do with John. Sam said it was caused by a lot of things, including John. Alexis asked what happened at the church and Sam told her about opening up to John before she knew who he was. Alexis felt bad for adding fuel to the fire, but said that if Sam had confided in her, she would have known not to say anything. Sam apologized and said Alexis didn't to anything wrong. Alexis suggested that they go get dessert, then she'd take Sam home. Sam wanted to wait for Jason instead. Alexis tried to assure Sam that she and Jason would work things out. Sam hoped she was right. Alexis said everything would be fine because they loved each other and both wanted the baby. Alexis offered to wait with Sam in case Jason didn't come back, but Sam said no. she told Alexis that while it looked like Jason was shutting her out, this was just the way he dealt with things. Sam said Alexis was right, Jason loved her and the baby, so things would be okay.

Carly knocked on Johnny's door, then let herself in. She noticed the mess in the living room, then she heard two gunshots and ran upstairs. She caught Sonny leaving Johnny's bedroom. Panicked, Carly demanded to know what he'd done. Sonny left without saying a word. Carly entered the room and found Johnny and Connie sitting in bed. Connie nuzzled her head against Johnny and smiled at Carly. Johnny said it wasn't what it looked like and that it didn't mean anything. Carly was livid. She told Johnny how scared she'd been when she heard the gunshots and she told them that Sonny could have killed them. Connie was flippant and said Sonny wouldn't have killed her. She looked at the bullet holes in the wall just above Johnny's head and recommended that he patch them. Carly demanded an explanation from Johnny. Connie didn’t understand why Carly needed one when she could clearly see what happened. She continued to snipe at Carly and call her names until Johnny told her to shut up. Johnny said he did it to get back at Sonny, and he didn’t mean for Carly to get hurt. Connie kept taunting Carly, so Carly tried to go attack her, but Johnny held her back. “Shut up Connie!” Johnny yelled. “Connie?” Carly said in confused tone. Connie looked alarmed.

Michael and Jason went to Sonny's and Max told them about John dropping by with a warrant. Michael asked how a cop from Pennsylvania got a warrant and Max said John had connections with the FBI. Jason remembered Sam saying she got Franco's DNA from a contact with the FBI. Max told them that John probably searched the whole place. Jason yelled at him for not accompanying John on the search, and Max told him about Ewen coming by looking for Kate. Jason picked up on that and decided to go find out what was going on.

Michael returned to the hotel and Alexis asked about Jason. Michael said he'd gone to check something out. Alexis told him about the tension between Sam and Jason and asked if Michael knew anything. Michael shared that Jason said he was getting tired about talking about the baby all the time. Michael told her about John searching Sonny's house. Alexis wanted to see the warrant and make sure John was doing things by the book. Michael said he and Starr thought John and Sonny might have a past. Alexis said Sonny said the same thing. Alexis told Michael she thought Jason was upset with Sam for talking to John. Michael agreed that it was a bad idea to talk to the cops. Alexis understood why Jason had concerns about John, but she thought Sam would stay far away from John from now on.

Jason went to the hospital looking for Ewen. Liz told him he was out looking for a patient. Jason pulled up a picture of John on his phone and asked Liz if that was the guy she saw Sam with the other day. Liz hesitated, but Jason asked her to just tell him. Liz confirmed that she'd seen Sam with John.

Sam went out to the terrace and told her unborn baby about the stars and how they always made her feel safe. She remembered Jason telling her how content and at peace he felt when they were together. Sam felt it too and said she'd never trade one moment of the time they had together. Back in the present, Sam told the baby how special Jason was; she was sure the baby would know that in time, because Jason was going to be a good father to him or her. Sam cried at the thought of losing Jason and she hoped that wouldn't happen. She asked for a sign that she and Jason's relationship would survive. Someone walked onto the terrace. Sam hoped it was Jason, but it was John.

Sonny was in a rage when he got home. Max tried to tell him what happened earlier, but he yelled at him to leave. Max quietly left. Sonny poured a drink, then stared at a picture of himself and Kate.

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