GH Update Monday 4/23/12

General Hospital Update Monday 4/23/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu talks to her dad on the phone while at the police station and ready to track down the mysterious guy who is beating up women at the strip joint. They suspect that it’s Dimestico as he demands to know what Lulu is looking around for. Luke warns his daughter to stay away from that guy especially if he knows she’s onto him and he’s the one. Right then, Carly comes to Luke’s door. She tells him she wanted to attend Sonny’s birthday party but wanted to bring her uncle (Luke) a gift first.

Right then, when Kate is “supposed” to be with Sonny, she goes to find Johnny and seduce him.

Sonny attends the party at the metro court and talks to Alexis who wonders where Kate/Connie is right now.

Connie has prevailed and tells Johnny she is right there.

Carly tells Luke that since has not paid up and has ignored the last bill she sent, she is now adding interest. He reminds his niece that she needs to know that he only barters. She reminds him that he’s been running up to many extra expenses by inviting Anna to his room and treating her. He then asks her just what her situation is regarding the fact that she’s currently seeing Johnny, yet mindful of the fact that Sonny is her kids’ father and knows that the two guys want to kill each other.

Connie tells Johnny that he must know that Sonny blew him out of the water with the secret about his “mom” and “grandpa” lying to him and Sonny’s gloating behind his back. She reminds Johnny that he has to get Sonny where he lives and put him in his place. He knows that Sonny has pissed him off just enough to motivate Johnny to make a fool out of Sonny by sleeping with Sonny’s woman.

Upstairs, Sonny tells Alexis he has to go and look for Kate. But before he gets on the elevator, he runs into Olivia who tells him they need to talk. She appreciates the fact that he’s taken care of things to her satisfaction and has “supposedly” not taken action against Johnny. But, she reveals to him, they have just one problem.

Sam and Jason are at the bar and he tells her that this new bombshell of finding out she may be carrying Franco’s baby could affect the rest of their lives and he’s not certain what they’re going to do.

Not far away, Michael asks Dante if he’s gotten the “right guy” in his investigation and if there are any more suspects.

Lulu leaves the police station and is ready to meet Dante at the party. But his partner tells her she must wait. They have to talk about what she “did”.

Olivia is ready to let Sonny know of the mess he might be up against.

Connie works on Johnny.

Luke tells Carly she needs not know that Johnny is not to be trusted any more than his dad/grandpa. She protests that she trusts Johnny and knows he is not using her for anything. Luke then tells her that when he first heard about her and Johnny, he thought it might just be an infatuation. But she sure as hell hopes to God that she is not falling in love with the man.

Dante asks Michael why it was that he was sitting on the prosecution side at Sonny’s trial. Michael admits that he did not want Starr Manning to be all alone at her trial after she lost her baby. Dante hen tells his brother that the next thing he wants to know is just how close Michel in tends to get to Starr manning.

Alexis approaches Sam and Jason asking them if they’ve thought of any names for the baby, if they prefer or when the will find out whether it’s a boy or girl. She’s happy and upbeat and completely unaware of what they have just found out while she tells them about all the names that Molly and Kristina and other members of her family have come up with for the baby that will now be in their family. But when she sees Jason turning away and not wanting to discuss it and Sam not any happier, she asks her daughter and son in law if it was “something she said”.

Dante’s partner at the station tells Lulu they need to realize that they got the “right guy”. But right then, he gets called off. He tells Lulu it was not talking other. He’d like to do it again so that they can get to know each other. And right then, as soon as she’s alone, Lulu gets on the computer to look up some information.

Michael tells Dante that Starr has been through hell. He just wanted to help her out. Dante tells him that he needs to know that there was nothing he could have done and Michael cannot blame himself. Bu Michael tells his brother that he understands all too well what Starr is going through. And the two of them have talked and felt comfortable with one another. Dante then reminds his brother that it must be a bit awkward if they are supposed to be on opposite sides of Sonny’s trial. Michael tells Dante that he is considering Johnny as another prime suspect. He may have “liked” Johnny before but realizes the guy had a motive to attempt to kill Anthony and frame Sonny for it.

Carly tells Luke that she sees a good man in Johnny who does not want to get Michel involved in the dirty business, who has become a friend to her and who respects her and listens to her and has a good attitude. Luke tells his niece he can clearly see that she is with Johnny only because she cannot have the man she really wants.

Sonny talks to Olivia and Stephen and tells them she has to find Kate because it looks as though she’s disappeared.

Connie asks Johnny why he feels he must be “faithful” to Carly. She’s sonny’s ex and shouldn’t be important to him. And what’s more, what good is he going to be to Carly if he’s dead. Doesn’t he just like to use Carly in order to flaunt her to Sonny? Isn’t that a major part of the attraction? Is she right?

Sonny returns to his and Kate’s hotel room and is shocked to see something that indicates that he may not know what has happened with his girlfriend. It appears somebody put a knife in his birthday cake and thrown it on the bed.

Jason sits by Michael and asks if he’s ok knowing that he had his doubts about his dad and then to hear the not guilty verdict. Michal admits that he has gotten to know Star but believes she’ s mistaken to believe that his dad could do what he’s accused of. He tells Jason he and his dad have had their doubts but he knows he trusts and has a special father and son bond with Sonny. And he reminds Jason that he (Jason) is going to find about all about that. They look at Sam at the other table who seems less than content while she talks to Alexis. Alexi tells her daughter that even if she and Jason are having doubts about the baby and/or difference, she knows that they will work things out.

Luke reminds Carly that she has not yet filed the finalized the divorce papers with Jax. When they split up, he knows it tore her apart. She then asks him if he, of all people, is going to lecture her on what happens when one loses someone. He tells her he knows exactly what is happening to her. She’s looking for a substitute for Jax. And she’s not going to find it in Johnny Zacchara.

Connie tells Johnny that since they both know that a major part of his interest is Carly is about sticking it to Sonny. So Johnny must now know that he has to fight fire with fire and be a man with Sonny. Right then, she gets a call from Sonny. She smirks and remarks: “right on cue”. Sonny calls to Kate and asks if she is there when she answers her phone. He asks her if Sonny walks in on their sleeping together, if that will keep him alive.

Lulu gets on Dimestico's computer after he leave sand sees that he has many logs that say off duty.

Dante gets a call from the station about Steven Webber. He tells his mom he has to get there and find out what is up.

Luke tells Carly maybe she should listen to him as he knows all too well what it’s like to lose the love of one’s life. He knows what it did to her to lose Jax and she’s not going to replace it with Johnny Zacchara.

Sonny calls Kate after discovering that “somebody” has trashed his room and she’s gone.

Dante and Olivia find Lulu and wonder why she’s still in the station. Dimestico is nearby and gives Dante a report. Olivia wants to see it but he tells his mom that would require him to violate many statutes. He tells them that there are many accusations of Dr. Stephen Webber trading on the black market.

Luke tells Carly if she was really done with Jax, she would have signed the divorce papers. He tells her he knows how she might want a white knight in her life but she must know that Johnny can’t ever replace Jax for her. He tells her that he knows about the broken little girl who will always be inside her who is looking for love in the wrong places. He may believe that things are good between herself and Johnny. But she needs to know what could happen when the relationship gets tested.

When Sonny calls “Kate”, and Connie is back, she does not talk to Sonny but screams Johnny. He asks her just what her plan is and how she thinks she’s going to successfully put Sonny in his place and achieve what she wants. She reminds him that it might be worth his while to sleep with her. So he grabs her and takes her up to his bedroom to go at it.

At the station, Olivia tells Dante they have to get there before something terrible happens to Stephen. She urges her son to know that he is a good man and saved Dante’s life when he was shot. Dante then agrees that he will go there. He says good bye to Lulu and goes off with his mother. Right then, Lulu leaves the building by herself. Dimestico observes and follows her.

Michael greets Sam and Alexis at the table and remarks that Sam looks good. Alexis tells her daughter she needs to know that Michael is a very perceptive young man to know that she is beautiful while pregnant and has the glow. She leaves Sam and Michael alone to talk. He sits down and tells Sam he’s really glad that she’s been able to put all of the fears she once shared with him behind her and know that she and Jason will have a life together and have their baby happily. Alexis then approaches Alexis and asks if they can talk. He then apologizes for walking off. She tells him that he does not need to apologize but asks if he minds if she talks. He tells her ok. She tells him she realizes that he has the right to have his fears about having a baby. But she thinks he needs to communicate with Sam. Because, he tells her, otherwise, her daughter might be “compelled” to seek out strangers like John McBain. Hearing that, Jason reveals that he’s surprised and did not know about Sam’s “communication” with John McBain.

Luke tells Carly she needs to wake up and see what is going on. But she refuses to listen and tells her uncle she is going to cut out his “spa” privileges until he pays up. He tells her he does not care about the spa. He tells her whether she believes it or not, he does not want to see her hurt. Carly then rushes out the door and slams it. She then remembers Johnny telling her that he really does care about her and it means something to him. She remembers Johnny telling her he realizes he cannot expect her to believe in him. But she tells him she does and admits she cares about him just as much and they kiss.

Right then, Sonny rushes to Johnny’s apartment and sees Kate/Connie’s show at the bottom of the stairs. He rushes up to the bedroom and sees them in bed together.

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