GH Update Wednesday 4/18/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/18/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

When Michael got home, he found an angry Starr packing her things. He told her she didn’t have to go, but Starr snapped that she wanted to get out of Port Charles. Michael thought she should stay; he pointed out that if the jury was right, the person responsible for killing Cole and Hope was still out there so Starr should stay around and see that person be brought to justice. Starr said she didn't want to fight with Michael, but she refused to consider that Sonny wasn't responsible. She argued that no one else had a reason to try and kill Anthony. Michael said that wasn't true; Anthony had numerous enemies, including Johnny. He insisted that it was possible that Johnny framed Sonny and he told Starr about Sonny humiliating Johnny the night of the accident and how Johnny would have had access to Kate's office. Michael added that Sonny had a code and he'd never endanger his loved one by bringing a gun he'd used to commit a crime around them.

Starr asked if he thought Carly would date Johnny if he was capable of killing his relative. Michael explained that Johnny was angry at Anthony. Starr said the cops clearly didn't think Johnny did it. She cried that she knew Michael was trying to help, but she would never get justice now that Sonny was free, so there was no reason for her to stay. She asked him to drop the subject before they ruined their friendship, the only good thing that had happened for her since the accident. Michael did; he asked Starr where she was going to go. Starr said either Llanview, where she could watch her dad's murder trial, or back to LA, where she'd been recording an album before she learned that Todd had been arrested. Michael offered to drive her to the airport, but Starr said it wasn't necessary. She thanked him for all he did. Michael regretted not doing more and said he tried to save them. Starr knew. Michael watched her leave, then he went back into the apartment and found Starr's demo DVD.

Sam heard Jason entering their apartment and quickly hid the paternity test under some magazines. Jason asked what was going on and Sam wiped her tears and began to tell him about what Heather said about the day he was born. Jason mentioned that he ran into Heather earlier. He suggested that the let go of the past and move on, but Sam cried that it wasn't that simple and she lamented not telling him this earlier. She tearfully told Jason about his mom delivering another baby that day and how Heather sold it to the nurse, without telling Susan she'd had twins. Jason thought it sounded like one of Heather's delusions but Sam assured him it was true. She then told him that Franco's mom was the nurse who bought the baby. Sam told him about going to see Franco's mom and her giving Sam proof that Franco was the baby in the video, not Jason. She explained that Franco found out about Jason when he was a teenager and that was the reason he grew to be so obsessed with him. Jason finally understood why Franco's last words were “you'll never know.” “I killed my own brother,” he said in shock. Sam said Jason didn’t know and she told him not to feel guilty, because Franco had it coming after everything he did to them. Jason agreed and said he knew he would kill him after what he did to Sam. Sam ranted about Franco planning her rape and Jason's kidnapping in advance. Jason's thoughts drifted to the baby and he asked if they were sure it was his now that they knew Franco was his brother. Sam came clean about the second DNA test. She handed the results to Jason and choked out that the baby was Franco's.

Ewen left Kate a voice mail saying that she could go to ShadyBrook as soon as she signed some papers. Steve came in and said he'd lead Heather to believe that she had to talk to Ewen as a condition of her release. Ewen found it troubling that Steve was so unsure about his mother's mental state that he'd lie to her. Steve told Ewen about Olivia's concerns. He was hoping that Ewen could examine Heather and that it would prove that she was stable.

Meanwhile, Maggie caught Heather snooping through a file at the nurses' station and confronted her. Rather than being embarrassed or apologetic, Heather was annoyed at being interrupted. When Maggie reached for the file, Heather snatched it away. Maggie asked if she was crazy, and Heather pinned her against the desk and menacingly said never to call her that, then she started shaking Maggie. Maggie yelled for security and Steve and Ewen ran over. Heather immediately let Maggie go and turned on the innocent act. She apologized and claimed she was looking through Steve's patients' files because she was proud of the job he was doing. Steve introduced Maggie to his mom. Heather said she was looking forward to meeting with Ewen and the two of them left for the session. Steve apologized for the misunderstanding, but Maggie made it clear that Heather knew what she was doing. Steve believed that Heather was still trying to get acclimated to the outside world. He asked Maggie if she thought he was crazy to get involved with Heather and Maggie sympathetically said she was his mom. She told Steve that the word “crazy” was what set Heather off. Steve knew his mom was touchy about that word. He was hoping that Ewen's second opinion would shed some light on Heather's mental state.

Ewen and Heather began their session. Heather started flirting with Ewen and he asked if she was trying to influence him with her charm. Heather placed a hand on his knee and said she knew how the game was played. Ewen brushed her hand away.

Sonny was at home with Kate. She mentioned something her psychiatrist said and Sonny told her he didn't need to know what she discussed with her doctor, but Kate said he did, because this affected him. As Kate began to tell Sonny, Olivia burst in. She congratulated Sonny on winning the trial, then she said she needed to talk to him about Steve. Just then, Max came in with a box of Sonny's favorite pastries. Sonny asked them to leave so he and Kate could resume their talk, but Olivia and Max both felt that they needed to talk to him ASAP. Sonny and Max left, while Olivia waited with Kate. Kate said she hoped Olivia wasn't here to spread that lie about her coming onto Steve. Olivia scoffed and said that while Steve had no reason to lie, the worried look on Kate's face showed that she did. This sparked an argument. Kate said that she was with Sonny. Olivia said that didn't matter, because she knew how “Connie” operated. Kate took issue with being called that, and Olivia pointed out that while Kate usually ran from all things Connie, she was back with the guy who wasn't good enough for her back then. Olivia said the only thing that had changed about Sonny was that he was rich now. Kate got offended. Olivia continued to come down on Kate about Steve and Kate got the headache, signaling Connie coming out. Olivia noticed that Kate was acting weird and said it was a good thing she was seeing a shrink, because she clearly needed one. Connie's voice told Kate she wasn't going to let her lock them up. Olivia kept ranting until Kate promised that nothing would happen with Steve again. Olivia threatened to deal with Kate on her own if it did. Connie refused to allow Kate to tell Sonny about them. Kate panicked and ran upstairs, leaving Olivia stunned.

The distraught Kate went upstairs and was horrified when she looked in the mirror and saw Connie staring back at her. Connie taunted Kate for thinking she could get rid of her so easily. Kate decided to call Ewen right away and tried to ignore Connie telling her that Sonny was going to think she was crazy if she told him the truth. Ewen was in a session, so Kate asked to have him call her back. Kate tried to convince herself that Sonny would understand, but Connie mocked her tears and told her Sonny didn't even know who she really was. Kate sat down on the bed and bawled. Instantly, Connie took over. She dried her tears, then began removing her hair from Kate's conservative style and took off her jacket, displaying the more revealing dress and put on her trademark red lipstick. Connie looked into the mirror, where Kate was now trapped, and grinned.

Kate demanded, then begged for Connie to free her, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Connie said she was going to get Sonny out of their lives. Kate said she wasn't happy without Sonny, but Connie noted that she wasn't happy now, either. Kate told Connie her plan to have Sonny walk in on her with another man wouldn't work, because he would know she'd never do that. “But I would” Connie said, with a smile. Sonny walked in and asked “Kate” who she was talking to. Connie said she was just venting about Olivia. Sonny asked what she wanted to tell him earlier. Kate watched helplessly from the mirror as Connie said she'd snapped at Jason because of the stress and that now that the trial was over, she was going to stop seeing Ewen. Sonny encouraged her to stick with therapy since it was helping, but Connie said Sonny was helping her. Connie told Sonny she wanted to celebrate the outcome of the trial and his birthday by throwing him a party at the Metro Court tomorrow. Sonny didn't really want a party, but he agreed to do it because it made her happy. Connie hugged him and looked over his shoulder and made mocking faces at Kate, who was desperately trying to free herself.

Max told Sonny, he'd looked into what Johnny had going on at the hospital, as Sonny asked him to. Max had found out what Johnny was doing and how Steve was involved. Sonny went back into the living room and Olivia asked him to help get Johnny to leave Steve alone. Sonny told her he already took care of it; by this time tomorrow, Sonny said, Steve wouldn't have to worry about Johnny anymore. Olivia stressed that she did not want Sonny to hurt Johnny. Sonny promised that he was not going to do that and said he only wanted Olivia to be happy. Olivia said she was and asked how he felt. Sonny smiled and said Kate made him very happy.

Johnny and Carly were at his home having a heated conversation. Johnny felt like Carly accused him of planting the gun because she'd allowed Sonny to get into her head. Carly maintained that it was just a question, not an accusation. She felt that Johnny took Sonny's acquittal personally, as if his plan had fallen through. Carly thought the two of them should be able to sit down and talk about this, if what they'd been building over the past few weeks meant anything to him. Johnny pointed out that in order to have the gun needed to frame Sonny, he would have to be responsible for shooting Anthony's tires out and causing the accident. Johnny asked Carly if she thought he was cold and heartless enough to do such a thing. Carly said what scared her was that he hated Sonny enough to do anything to hurt him. Johnny emphatically said he did not plant that gun, and that it bothered him that the person who provided him with an alibi didn't trust him. Carly said she needed assurance that he was still the man she spent that night with and not the angry person she just saw in the courtroom. Johnny asked if she really thought he'd shoot out Anthony's tires, then keep lying to her about it, or if he was a coward who'd trick her into getting involved with the death of a child. Carly agreed that he wouldn't and she kissed him. Johnny said he and Carly hadn't planned for what they had and while it he cared about her, he couldn't expect her to feel as invested in the relationship as he did or to believe in him. Carly said she cared about him too and that she did believe in him. They kissed again.

Maggie told Steve their old hospital had closed the investigation into the death of the patient Steve killed. Maggie asked if he thought Olivia would tell anyone. Steve was adamant that she wouldn't, because she'd been very supportive. Maggie said they were in the clear then, because no one else knew. Steve got a phone call and walked away to take it. It was Johnny. Steve was short with him, but Johnny told him to watch his tone unless he waned his secret to come out. Steve told Johnny he was working on getting what he wanted, and Johnny made it clear that he wouldn't wait long. After Steve hung up, Olivia arrived. He was shaken and told her that Johnny's blackmail was getting to him. Olivia assured him that Johnny wouldn't be a problem for much longer. Steve said this was his problem and he didn't want Olivia to get involved. The conversation dropped when they saw Ewen and Heather heading their way. Ewen privately told Steve and Olivia that he wasn't sure if Heather was sane, or a good actress. Ewen said it would take more than one session to figure that out and he didn't think Heather would agree to see him again.

Maggie walked over to Heather. She smiled kindly and apologized for the misunderstanding. Heather coldly replied that she'd make Maggie regret it if she ever called her crazy again.

Johnny went to answer his door. He assumed it was Carly and was surprised to see that it was Starr.

Sonny kissed Connie deeply, but she pulled back. Sonny asked if she was okay and she said yes. The doorbell rang and Sonny figured it was Max. He went to answer it and said he'd be right back so they could start his birthday celebration early. Connie pretended to be all for it but once he left, she looked disgusted and wiped her mouth. Connie wondered what Kate saw in Sonny, considering he kept putting her in danger. Ewen called and Connie answered the phone. Kate tried to take back control, but wasn't able to. Connie told Ewen she'd told Sonny everything. They agreed to meet at ShadyBrook the next morning. Connie hung up and told Kate that instead of going to ShadyBrook, she was going to be planning a party that Sonny would never forget.

Sonny opened the door to find Carly, who wanted to convince him that Johnny didn’t frame him. She insisted that she'd never lie for Johnny if he was trying to frame Sonny. Sonny thought Carly just didn't want to see the truth. Carly swore Johnny was with her all night and told Sonny she wasn't going to let him do anything to Johnny.

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