GH Update Tuesday 4/17/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/17/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Michael told Starr Sonny's theory that she got close to him in order to influence his testimony. Michael thought he might be right and he brought up Starr's anger at Sonny. Starr argued that she had a right to be angry. The intense conversation was interrupted when Carly arrived to tell Michael that Johnny didn't frame Sonny. Michael talked to Carly from the hallway and Carly didn't realize that Starr was listening intently as she said that Sonny was accusing Johnny because he hated him and he didn't care about the truth. Michael said this wasn't a good time, but Carly let herself in and was surprised to see Starr. Michael admitted that Starr had been staying there. Carly asked why and Michael said he didn't know. Starr said she came because she felt connected to Michael. Michael said he thought he was helping Starr and she said she thought so too. Starr pointed out that they never discussed their testimonies and said she didn't need to manipulate Michael because it was clear that Sonny would be found guilty. Michael didn’t think so. Carly gently said that even if Sonny wasn't guilty, he put himself in this predicament by making bad choices. Carly thought that Michael and Starr's friendship was valuable and urged them not to let anything get in the way of that. Michael got a call from Dante and Carly received one from Johnny. They found out the verdict was in. Carly smiled at Starr and hoped justice would be served, then she left. Starr thanked Michael for being there for her even though she testified against his father and said she wouldn't have gotten through this without him. Michael knew she was doing what she thought was right for her family. They left.

Kate and Sonny talked at his home about her run in with Jason. Kate told Sonny that the person who yelled at Jason wasn't her. Sonny tried to reassure Kate and he felt that she reacted badly to Jason because of Jason's personality and because she was stressed out over the trial and her fight with Carly at the Metro Court. Kate said this wasn't Jason's fault. Inside her head, Connie asked if she was sure she wanted to do this. Before Kate could say anything, Alexis called and told Sonny the verdict was in. Sonny hung up. He was curious about what Kate had to say, but she said it could wait until after court. Kate was confident that Sonny would be exonerated. Sonny admitted that he'd done some things that could make the jury want to punish him by finding him guilty for something he hadn't done. Kate said Sonny was a good man and that he'd go free. Sonny told her he was better now that she was with him. They kissed.

At the police station, Dante and Ronnie told Delores and Lulu they found pictures of the women who were attacked hidden in a closet at Delores and Eddie's house. Delores swore she'd never seen them before. Just then, Johnny came in; he'd been called into the station to ID the women in the pictures. Johnny confirmed that they were dancers at Vaughn's. Delores insisted that her husband Eddie was innocent, causing her to draw a snide remark from Ronnie about being a battered woman. Lulu snapped at Ronnie for being tactless, then she went to find a free interrogation room. Dante told Delores that they had to follow the evidence. The DA's office called Dante, so he left and Ronnie left to track down Eddie. Now that they had privacy, Johnny reminded Delores that she couldn't feed him information if she lost her badge by covering for Eddie. Delores was adamant that she wasn't lying and she added that she'd already given Johnny the details on Sonny's case. Johnny said he'd need more information later, but Delores said she was finished and now it was time for Johnny to uphold his end of the bargain.

At Kelly's, Heather rushed out the door to catch up with her cousin Jason. Steve sprinted after her. Jason warily asked when she got out of Ferncliff. Heather told him they had a lot to talk about. Jason disagreed, but Heather said she had to tell him something about Sam. Steve walked over and Heather started making small talk about them being family, but Jason reminded Heather about Sam. Steve told him that Sam visited Heather in Ferncliff. Jason said he knew all about it, but Heather chimed in that Sam hadn't told him everything. Heather said she was in the room when Jason was born; Alan wasn't there because he and Monica were battling over A.J. She told Jason that he was a beautiful baby and cryptically said not everyone was so lucky. Jason said he didn't have time for this and turned to leave, but Heather stopped him. She made vague comments about there being complications with the birth and said that things could have gone the other way if it weren't for her. Alexis walked out and told Jason the jury was back. Jason left and Steve and Heather went back inside. Steve pressed Heather to tell him what she'd been talking about. Heather said Alan had been so focused on A.J. that he hadn't been there for Susan. Susan had been worried about how she was going to provide for her child, which led to “complications.” Steve asked why that would be, when Alan stepped up and did the right thing by Jason. Heather said Susan passed out after Jason was born and she thought she might die. Then Heather remembered Sam threatening to tell Steve she sold Franco. She told Steve that she just wanted Jason to know about the past that was being carried in his unborn baby.

Sam was down on the docks with the sealed paternity test results. John saw her and walked over. Sam said “I should have known you'd be here.” She apologized, for sounding ungrateful. John realized she had the results and he understood that this was a difficult time. Sam was afraid to open the envelope; part of her wanted to throw the envelope away and let things stay as they were. John said the secret would eventually come out. Sam realized he was referencing his past, and John he said he wished Natalie had told the truth from the beginning. Sam didn't want to shatter Jason's happiness, but she told John that the truth would come out anyway, because Heather knew the truth. John asked why Heather would tell Jason about his twin now after all these years. Sam didn't think Heather realized how significant the news that Jason was Franco's twin was. She explained that Heather didn't know Franco was the baby she sold until she connected the dots for her. Sam told John she forgot the letter she was supposed to deliver to Steve in exchange for Heather's information and now Heather thought Sam double crossed her. Sam said Heather was out of her mind and she had no idea what she'd do. Sam told John about threatening to tell Steve what Heather did with Franco. Sam didn't think that would stop the unstable Heather for long.

John urged her to tell Jason the truth; he wished he could help and Sam said he could by staying with her. Sam thought it was unfair of her to drag him into this, but John said he sort of inserted himself into it and he wanted to be there, because it bothered him to see someone hurting. Sam said he just felt sorry for her but John said that wasn't it. He said maybe it was like she said the first time and they knew each other in a past life. Sam had déja vu and said she felt like she needed him there. John said he was there if that's what she needed. She said that although John was a stranger, he didn’t feel like one. Sam opened the envelope, then cried. The baby she was carrying was Franco's. Sam told John that now she understood why Franco covered the camera when he raped her. It allowed her and Jason to have hope that he didn't actually rape her, which he could then take away. Sam sobbed that now she knew for sure that she had been raped. Sam said “Franco raped me” to help herself be able to accept it. John said she had to tell Jason instead of dealing with this alone. Sam cried as she thought about having to tell Jason about Franco being his brother and the baby's father. John hugged her. He told her Jason would understand, but Sam wasn't sure that was true. She turned it around and on John asked if he understood when the DNA test said Liam wasn't his.

Delores saw Lulu with the evidence from the dancer case and sarcastically asked if she thought she was going to steal it. Lulu said no, but Delores said Lulu thought she deleted the pictures. Lulu said she only knew that Delores was the only one there when the pictures went missing. She also pointed out that she'd seen Delores hanging around the evidence room. Delores admitted that was true but said she went there to look for patterns in cold cases. She told Lulu about her sister's unsolved murder and told her that made cases about women being abused personal for her. Delores was still convinced that Eddie was innocent. Lulu reminded her that Eddie wouldn't come to the bar on the night Delores was attacked. Delores argued that Eddie being a loner didn't mean he was guilty. Lulu said Delores and Eddie argued on the phone that night, but Delores told Lulu that married people did that. Ronnie ushered Eddie into the station. Eddie was protesting in Spanish. Delores called out to him and cried. Ronnie sat Eddie in a chair and went elsewhere. Eddie asked Delores if she was working on the case. Delores explained that she didn't know they suspected him. She asked him about the picture and Eddie claimed he didn’t know anything about them. Delores brought up the times he didn't answer his phone, but Eddie had an innocent explanation for that. He looked pleadingly at her and said while he hadn't been the husband she deserved, she knew he'd never hit a woman. Delores nodded and she hugged him. Ronnie returned and said Eddie was going to be booked. Delores couldn't believe Ronnie wasn't going to wait until the forensics was back. Ronnie accused her of planning to destroy that evidence too. Eddie stood up for Delores and Ronnie continued to make snippy comments about the two of them. A cop led Eddie away and Delores told him to be quiet until she got him a lawyer. She left and Ronnie told Lulu it was sad that Delores was still defending him. Lulu wasn't convinced that Delores was wrong about Eddie being innocent. Ronnie reminded Lulu that she was the one who originally accused Delores of erasing the pictures. Lulu said she didn't actually see her do it. Lulu had seen the evidence against Eddie, but she said he didn't act like a guilty man. Ronnie left to go make sure Delores didn't sabotage the case.

Alexis and Sonny were seated at the defendant's table in the courtroom. Johnny and Jason were in the gallery, with Jason on Sonny's side and Johnny seated in the prosecution's section. Sonny asked Alexis how she thought things would go, but Alexis had a policy of not making predictions. Dante walked in and Sonny nodded hello. Johnny made a snide comment about Dante's conflict of interest and said that Sonny deserved what he got after he ignored Dante and Carly's warnings not to go after Anthony. Dante brushed it off and sat next to Jason. Carly walked in and hesitantly looked back and forth at Jason and Johnny before deciding to sit with Johnny. Michael and Starr walked in and Michael chose to sit on the prosecution's side with Starr. Sonny looked hurt. Starr told Michael he didn't have to, but Michael didn't want her to sit alone. The jury came in and read their verdict – not guilty on all counts. Sonny and Kate hugged. Starr was stunned and Johnny was furious. Everyone except Starr, who sat in her seat crying, rose for the judge to leave. Michael tried to comfort Starr, while Dante and Jason congratulated Sonny. Enraged, Starr suddenly launched herself at Sonny, but Michael held her back. Starr screamed that she was going to make Sonny pay for murdering Cole and Hope. Starr stormed off and Michael followed her. Sonny asked Michael to come back, but he didn't. Kate asked if Sonny was okay and he said yes; he understood Starr's need for justice but said he was the wrong man.

Sonny thanked Alexis and she told him to stay out of trouble. Johnny thought Alexis should be ashamed. Alexis snapped at him to go back to sleeping with Carly and spare her the moralizing, then she walked out. Sonny needled Johnny and Carly suggested that she and Johnny go. Sonny made a comment about Carly's lack of loyalty and Johnny started in on Sonny about what he'd done to Starr. Sonny said Johnny caused this by sending someone to go after Anthony then framing him. Sonny said Johnny failed, because he was a loser. Johnny accused Sonny of rigging the jury. Sonny continued to call Johnny a failure. Carly told Sonny to stop, but Sonny replied that she was dating a moron. Sonny reminded Johnny that he still planned to go after him and deal with him the way he'd dealt with the rest of Johnny's “psycho” family. Sonny began to say something about Claudia. Johnny leapt at Sonny, but Jason grabbed him. Jason told Sonny to go. Carly told Sonny he asked for this. Kate and Sonny left and Jason released Johnny. Jason told Carly to be careful, then he walked out. Carly asked Johnny what he was doing. Johnny ranted about Sonny getting off scot free again after hurting and killing more people. Carly said they only had circumstantial evidence against him, but Johnny believed it was enough to convict. He pointed out that they found the gun on his girlfriend's floor. Carly looked at him suspiciously and asked if he planted it there.

Dante returned to work and told Lulu about the verdict. He was relieved and believed the jury made the right call. Dante said he still had a feeling that the gun had been planted. Lulu asked if he thought Johnny put it there. Dante didn’t know, but he felt like there was still a missing piece of the puzzle out there.

Michael got him and saw Starr flinging her belongings into a box. He asked what she was doing and she angrily said she was getting out of there.

Sonny and Kate returned to his home. Kate wanted to celebrate, but Sonny wanted to talk about what Kate was going to tell him before they left for the trial. He pointed out that Jason reacted calmly to Johnny's attempt to attack him, meaning he had his emotions in check again and wouldn't have instigated her earlier outburst. Sonny asked her to tell him what was going on.

Jason called Sam and told her about the trial. Sam tried not to cry as she told him they needed to talk at home. Jason agreed to meet her there.

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