GH Update Monday 4/16/12

General Hospital Update Monday 4/16/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Michael gets out of the shower and ready to leave when Sonny is in his home. Sonny can see that his son might have a “secret” and might be expecting someone (Starr Manning)

Right then, Starr and John McBain are on the docks trying to figure out what to do about the police of Port Charles failing to do what they expect.

Lulu is at the police station telling Dante and his partner that she is willing to help them with their “quest” involving something that Dr. Keenan has to do.

Right then, Heather is going with Steven and Olivia who have not revealed to her that they want her to see a shrink.

Dr. Keenan is on the phone to Kate (Connie). Her doorbell rings. It’s Sonny at her door.

Sam is on the phone to her mom when Alexis asks her daughter what is going on with her, knowing Sam has a secret.

Heather asks her son why he brought her to see a psychiatrist. She has already seen too many throughout her life. And now, for the first time, her doctors have all agreed that she no longer needs them. She then cries and tells her son that he needs to believe in her and not try to get her committed. She sees that he has drawn up papers behind her back. And she asks if, by any chance, Samantha Morgan might have put him up to this. She remembers Sam threatening to tell Steven that she has left the mental ward against the doctors’ advice if Heather does not help her with Jason.

Sonny is ready for his trial. He asks Michael if he really wants his dad to go free. He knows that Michael’s “new roommate” want the opposite. So, he asks Michel, why did he lie to his dad about having Starr staying with him and seeing her again.

John tells Starr hat he’s sorry that she had to go through this alone and he tells her that he knows that she is staying with “the Corinthos kid”. It must be a bit awkward for them to have meals together when he obvious does not want his dad to be convicted for the death of Cole and Hope. He tells her that it’s entirely possible that Sonny will walk if there is insufficient evidence and he asks her if she will be able to live with that.

Alexis and Sam are at Kelly’s coffee shop and Alexis knows that her daughter has a secret that maybe only John McBain knows.

Dante reveals to his police partner that he believes that her husband might be committing serious crimes.

Michael protests to Sonny that after the accident, he promised to help Starr Manning out. Sonny asks his son if he might have feelings for Starr.

Starr tells John that she can see that Sonny could care less about having killed her baby daughter and her boyfriend. He can’t get away with it. But he tells her hat it’s entirely possible that Sonny could beat the charges. It happens all the times on technicalities or if someone has a slick lawyer or for many other reasons. She then realizes that her father has pulled very similar stunts and gotten away with them the way Sonny has. John tells her she’s right. And he wants her to know that she cannot ruin her life if Sonny does not get the conviction they want. But she cannot accept that possibility.

Sam tells Alexis that she is fine and nothing is going on. But Alexis knows that her daughter has some secret going on with John McBain. Alexis asks her if she is not aware that John may not be someone she wants to trust since he’s going after Sonny and might, in turn, be ready to incriminate Jason. Sam needs to know that. She also tells her daughter she needs to know why Sam can talk to a complete stranger about something she cannot tell her own mom.

Heather goes in to talk to Dr. Keenan while Steven and Olivia wait outside the office. She returns from the ladies’ room and tells her son that she knows that he has his doubts that she’s going to recover. She urges him to realize that she does not need another doctor invading her privacy, asking her many questions about who she “used to be”. Olivia then protests that Dr. Keenan is a nice guy. In response to that Heather tells Olivia she’s glad that she (Olivia) believes that. And maybe she (Olivia) should be his patient in that case. Olivia then reminds Heather that she (herself) has not spent the last few years of her life in a hospital.

Jason goes to find Kate in an attempt to “work together” to help Sonny not get framed for having the gun in her office. She tries but fails to prevent Connie from coming out when she hears Connie tell her she needs Connie. And she demands that Jason shuts up while she becomes hysterical. She then runs out the door. He calls after her, asking if she’s ok. But she rushes out the door.

Sam tells Alexis that her “secret” is she just had a sonogram. Alexis asks her if everything was alright. Sam replies that it was great. Jason was so proud to see his baby on the monitor. Alexis tells her daughter she knows how much this baby means to her and to Jason. And she cannot figure out why her daughter is ready to cry and does not appear ok. She asks if Sam and Jason might be having problems. Sam assures her no. But she’s worried that things might not be as great as she wants them to be. Alexis then asks her daughter why she is not encouraged to be having this beautiful baby with the man she loves.

At the docks, Starr reminds John that he has a family to go back to. Natalie and Liam are back in Llanview waiting for him> But he tells her that they realize that he has to be there for Starr and her family. He tells her he knows she is a brave and courageous young woman and anything she tells him is between the two of them. She thanks him for his support but tells him she can sense that there must be another reason why he is staying in town for Sonny’s trial.

Sonny asks Michael if he is not considering that maybe Starr is ready to nail him and might be using his son in order to get revenge upon him. Sonny tells his son they both know that if he beats these charges, Starr Manning will obviously have a problem with that. So Michael needs to keep his eyes open and realize that.

Olivia goes in to see Dr. Keenan and tells him that he must have Heather committed. Steven may not realize that but he has to. And right then, out of nowhere, Kate rushes in to see him and demands that he does something to make Connie go away for good. Olivia then realizes that maybe there’s “somebody else” who needs his help.

When Sam and Alexis are at Kelly’s, Heather and Steven walk in the door. Sam is surprised to see Heather. Alexis and Steven talk alone. Heather sits with Sam and reminds her that they have a “deal”. She doesn’t want to help her lawyer mother have Heather committed if it would mean Heather has nothing to lose letting Jason know that Sam might be carrying Franco’s baby and has lied to him about that.

Dante’s partner demands to know why he believes that this unidentified guy who’s been beating up these dancers is her husband. She tells him that she would never cover anything like that up if it were happening. Dante asks her if she can verify her husband’s whereabouts last night. She tells him if he does not trust her, he may go and search her apartment. She throws her keys to him. He leaves. Alone with Lulu, Dante’s partner tells her she knows that Lulu started all this.

Heather tells Sam that they had this deal where she’d keep quiet if Sam did not tell Steven that she sold him as a baby. She tells her she finds it hard to believe that she intends to tell Jason the results of the DNA test as not to lie to her husband. Alexis tells reminds Steven of her plan.

Starr tells John McBain that she does appreciate having him there. It’s nice to have someone “form home” on her side. He tells her always. She leaves. And as soon as John is alone, he pulls out a newspaper article form his wallet about “someone” (who looks just like Sonny) being responsible for an Atlanta woman’s death (John’s sister)

When Olivia sees Kate in Dr. Keenan’s office, she tells her (knowing that Connie is prevalent) that maybe he can help her cousin with her own issues; like stealing other peoples’ boyfriends. Olivia leaves. And Dr. Keenan informs Kate/Connie, for the first time that he may have no choice except to have her committed to ShadyBrook against her will.

Sonny goes to see Jason after Kate/Connie has stormed out of her office and asks him what on earth is going on with Kate.

Alexis tells Steven that she has a restraining order to serve to his mother. He takes it from her and urges her not to make trouble for his mother and let him deal with it. He leaves. She returns to Sam who’s ready to go out the door and evading her mother’s questions and concern about what could be going on with her.

Michael is alone in his apartment when Starr returns. She admits that she had a conversation with John McBain on the pier. She admits that she knows that John probably has some deep dark secret regarding Sonny. Michael then informs her that his dad was just there and expressed his concerns about her.

Jason informs Sonny that Kate came by to apologize for their argument the other day. And then she suddenly started freaking out and behaving completely unlike herself. And he asks Sonny if he can honestly say that he has noticed something strange going on with Kate.

Kate asks Dr. Keenan if he really plans to have her committed against her will. He tells her that he is hoping that she will check herself in so he doesn’t have to. It’s a residential facility where she can get the help she needs and will no longer have to worry about what Connie could do, he reminds her. She admits that he may be right that she may not have a choice as she knows she no longer has any control over Connie coming out. So she agrees to check herself in.

Sonny tells Jason he needs to know that Sonny knows Kate and knows what she needs and he does not want to talk about this again.

Sam goes to the hospital to see if the test results have come in. A nurse gives her the sealed envelope. Sam appears spooked and hesitates to open it.

Jason is having Spinelli helping him investigate Kate’s psychiatric records because he knows something is going on that he wants to get to the bottom of.

Dante returns to the station after searching he’s partner’s apartment. He tells her maybe they should sit down. He just found a picture under her husband’s bed of all the women who have been killed.

Starr asks Michael what his dad said about her. He replies that Sonny told him he knows that Starr wants to make him pay and blames him for what happened to Cole and Hope. Hearing that, she admits that Sonny’s right about that. Michael tells her his dad also told him that she may be using him. Michael asks her if Sonny’s also right about that.

Alexis goes looking for Sam at the hospital but her daughter has already left.

Sam is alone on the docks and afraid to open the envelope. She remembers the long-term fear she and Jason endured not knowing if she was pregnant after Franco raped her and then the miracle of finding out that it was Jason’s DNA which confirmed (they believed) that their nightmare is over and they can live happily ever after. She then remembers what heather revealed to her.

Kate finds Sonny. He tells her she has to stop keeping secrets. But she is not certain what to tell him.

Jason finds Alexis alone at the restaurant. She asks him if he knows what might be going on with Sam. He admits he does not. Right then, heather notices him and runs out to greet him remembering that he’s her “cousin once removed”.

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