GH Update Wednesday 4/11/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/11/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Jason was at home. He heard Spinelli's message about Kate's mental issues and left an urgent message for Spinelli to call him back. Sam was outside the apartment talking to John on the phone; John had found a sample of Franco's DNA and the two of them agreed to meet at GH in a half an hour. Jason opened the door and asked Sam why she was in the hallway. Sam made up an excuse about just remembering she had a doctor's appointment. Jason assumed it was about the baby and decided to go with her. Sam tried to talk him into going to Sonny's trial instead, but Jason insisted on going with Sam. He was looking forward to hearing the baby's heartbeat. Jason had been thinking about Jake a lot and he was determined to be an involved dad and make sure that this child knew how much he loved him or her. Before they could leave, Spinelli showed up. Sam saw her opportunity to duck out while Jason was occupied. Jason asked if she hadn't heard what he said, but Sam assured him he'd have plenty of chances to be hands on in the future, especially once the baby was born, and she left.

Spinelli was curious because Jason seemed concerned about Sam and Jason said she seemed tense for some reason. Spinelli told Jason about seeing Kate's file in Ewen's office. Jason asked why he was there and Spinelli told him about suspecting Ewen was guilty of Lisa's murder. Spinelli said now that he knew Ewen wasn't involved, he'd have to find another lead to help Maxie. Spinelli emphasized that Maxie's confession was false and he asked Jason to help convince her to recant it. Jason was willing to help in any way he could, but he didn't think Maxie would listen to him and right now, he felt he had to focus on Kate. Spinelli told Jason about Ewen's plan to involuntarily commit Kate to Shadybrook. Jason wasn't sure what to do. He wanted to tell Sonny, but he knew from past experience that Sonny wouldn't believe something was wrong with Kate without proof. Jason thought it might be best to let it go, since Kate was already seeking help, but Spinelli pointed out that the paperwork said Kate was a danger to herself and others. Jason asked Spinelli to hack into Kate's medical records and find out exactly what was going on. Spinelli wasn't able to get into the hospital files anymore, due to past incidents, but he had a friend who could do it. Jason thanked him and reminded him not to tell anyone else about this. Spinelli agreed and added that he was looking forward to the baby, after all the dark times they were going through. Jason agreed, then he left to try and catch up with Sam. Spinelli called someone and got his help breaking into the hospital computers.

John was outside Sonny's. Max opened the door and John told him to get Sonny. Max and Milo let John inside and studied his badge, then told him to leave before the cops arrested him for violating Sonny's restraining order. John pulled out some paperwork showing that the restraining order Sonny had against him had been lifted to allow him to investigate Sonny.

Kate woke up in Sonny's bed, but he wasn't there. She found a note next to her and was horrified to see that it was from Connie, thanking her for letting her come out and play the night before. Kate frantically yelled for Sonny. Sonny walked in; he'd been getting dressed for the trial. He asked what was wrong and Kate composed herself and said she'd been upset at herself because she thought he'd left and she wanted to be there for him before the trial. Sonny hadn't gotten much sleep and he was just glad that Kate was able to, but Kate said she would have gotten up and distracted him if he needed to. Sonny noticed the note and Kate said it was a list of her errands. Sonny still knew something was going on with Kate, but Kate told him that today was about him. Sonny kissed her lightly and said they were in this together and her problems were his. Kate remembered Ewen telling her she needed to come clean to Sonny about Connie, then check herself into a mental hospital. In the present, Kate's eyes filled with tears and Sonny urged her to tell him what was wrong. Kate walked away and sat down on the bed, then she told Sonny she was nervous about the trial. Sonny understood, but he sensed that there was something else going on. Max came in and Sonny was annoyed at the intrusion. Max told him about the restraining order and Sonny already knew. Max told him that John was downstairs. Sonny accusingly asked Max if he was staring at Kate and he said no. Sonny sent Max away, then he hugged and kissed Kate and went downstairs.

While John waited, he wandered around the room, looking at Sonny's priceless art and musing about what blood money could buy. Sonny came in and he and John exchanged barbs about whether or not Sonny was guilty. Sonny told John he was just the latest in a long line of cops who'd tried and failed to take him down. John said he knew those cops were in prison or the morgue, but he was still there. He told Sonny that he was going to pay for killing his sister. Sonny and John stared each other down, until Milo grabbed John from behind. John exploded in anger and shoved him away. Sonny told John to leave. John's voice dripped with contempt as he told Sonny to pay special attention to Starr's testimony today, another girl whose life he ruined. Sonny was sympathetic to Starr, but maintained his innocence and said Johnny was to blame, but John said Sonny was passing the buck again. John added that if Sonny really felt compassion for Starr, he'd admit that he was guilty. Milo and Max ushered John out, while Sonny silently seethed with rage.

Ewen was in his office looking at Kate's commitment forms when he got a visit from Elizabeth. She thanked him for lunch yesterday and Ewen said he was pleasantly surprised Kate hadn't scared her off, but Liz said Kate had been acting erratically, not him. Liz said Kate hadn't been like herself at all, then she realized that the reason Kate and Ewen were talking was because she was seeing him professionally. She got flustered and felt bad for even mentioning it when she knew Ewen couldn't and wouldn't confirm or deny it. Ewen thought Liz was being too hard on herself. He said he owed her dessert and Liz said she looked forward to it. Ewen asked if she wanted to go out with a murderer. Liz looked confused and Ewen told her about his run in with Spinelli and Matt earlier. He seemed amused by it. Liz said this was partially her doing, because she told them that Ewen was her mystery rescuer. She offered to talk to Matt, but Ewen said it wasn't necessary. His phone rang and Liz said she wanted ice cream for dessert, then she left to give him privacy.

Kate called and worriedly told Ewen about Connie coming out the night before. The pressure was getting to her and she seemed as if she was about to crack. She asked for his help and Ewen said she should check herself into Shadybrook. Kate wouldn't hear of it, because it would ruin her career. Ewen stressed that there was no way of knowing the lengths Connie would go to break up her and Sonny and said if Sonny loved her, he'd support her. Kate said she tried to tell Sonny but they'd been interrupted. She said Sonny did love her and he knew something was wrong, but she wasn't going to tell him on the day of his trial. Ewen told her that she shouldn't attend the trial, but Kate was adamant about being there to support Sonny. Ewen emphatically told her that Connie was dangerous and uncontrollable and might come out without warning. Kate thought back and remembered that she got headaches just before her blackouts. Ewen wasn't convinced it wasn't a coincidence. Kate said she was sure enough that she'd risk one afternoon on it. Sonny walked in as Kate said no one, not even him (Ewen), was going to stop her from being at Sonny's trial. Ewen warned her that Connie might make an appearance if the trial started going in Sonny's favor. Kate brusquely said goodbye and hung up. She allowed Sonny to think the call was a work thing. He told her about John trying to rattle him and Kate gave him a pep talk then told him how much she loved him and that she'd be there for him.

Sonny went downstairs and thought about John saying it was Sonny's fault his sister wasn't there. Kate joined him and asked if he was ready. He said “always” as long as she was by his side. Max and Milo came in and told Sonny the car was there. Max, Milo and Kate wished Sonny luck. Kate got a headache, but she told Sonny she was fine and they left for the courthouse.

Ewen filled out Kate's commitment forms, then entered notes on her into his laptop. He wrote that she was potentially dangerous and he felt that the board would agree that she needed to be involuntarily signed in to the hospital.

Starr was at Michael's on the phone with someone. She'd learned Anthony wasn't going to testify at Sonny's trial and she was furious. Michael walked in as she yelled that Sonny was about to get away with killing Hope and Cole. Starr apologized because she hadn't meant for Michael to hear that, but he understood. She told him that Anthony was refusing to testify because he was afraid Sonny would kill him. Michael was incredulous that his father would pull a gun out in a courtroom, then Starr quietly said mine did. Starr and Michael agreed that it wasn't their fault Sonny and Todd did insane things and that they didn't need to apologize to each other for their fathers' actions. Michael hoped Starr would get some answers, but he didn't think she'd get the ones she wanted. Starr knew Michael didn't want to think Sonny was guilty, but she was convinced by what Anthony told her last night. Michael recalled that that she said she'd gone for a walk, and Starr admitted that she lied. She explained that she had wanted to see Anthony since Michael said he was lying because he hated Sonny. Michael said he would have driven her to the Quartermaines if he wanted to go. Starr didn't realize he knew them and Michael said he was a Quartermaine. Starr felt that Michael had been great, but she didn't want to impose by asking too much of him. She said she'd already asked him to lie to Sonny about her staying there. Michael said she never asked him to lie and that he was helping her because he wanted to. Starr was grateful and said having him to talk to had kept her sane. Starr said she was just trying not to put him in the middle. Michael urged her to be careful about trusting Anthony. Starr hesitantly told him that Anthony witnessed Sonny shooting out his tires. Michael didn't believe Anthony saw Sonny in the dark and through the blinding headlights. He told Starr that she had to think of the facts. Starr cried that the facts were that her family had been happy, and she deserved to know who took that from them. She said someone killed her baby and Cole, before she had the chance to agree to marry him. Starr curled up on the couch and sobbed. Michael went over and comforted her.

Starr felt like she failed Hope. She told Michael that she forgot to bring Hope's favorite stuffed toy on the trip; a toy that Hope believed kept her safe. Starr felt terrible that Hope had spent her last moments in the car without the one thing that would have brought her some comfort. She cried that she missed Hope and Cole and her life would never be the same without them. Michael held her close. Starr wasn't sure how she'd make it through her testimony without breaking down. Michael advised her to take it, and life, a step at a time. Starr asked if that's how he dealt with losing Abby and Michael said yes and eventually you realize that your loved one would want you to be happy. Starr felt like moving forward meant forgetting Hope and Cole, but Michael said you take the memory of them with you. Starr wasn't sure she was strong enough to do it. Michael disagreed and said not many girls would go visit Anthony Zacchara. Starr thanked him for the talk, then went to get ready.

At the hospital, John called Natalie and they chatted about Liam. John told her he didn't know when he'd be home. He spotted Sam and told Natalie he loved her, then hung up. John handed Sam a vial of Franco's DNA that he'd obtained from the FBI and stressed that no one could know he was doing this. Sam agreed. They discussed her decision to keep Jason in the dark. John thought it was wrong of her to lie. Sam didn't like what she was doing, but she felt compelled to protect Jason and find out whether this was his child or his twin Franco's. Sam was hoping to assure Jason that the baby was his. John asked what would happen if it wasn't. Sam said nothing would be the same, but she'd find a way to tell Jason and use her love to get him through it. John wished her the best. Sam thanked him for listening and she wondered why it felt so weird being with him. John thought they were put where they needed to be. Liz happened to see them talking. Sam said she was scared and wanted the baby to be Jason's. Liz may have overheard this. John told her to just do the test and get her answers.

Liz turned and walked the other way and almost ran into Jason. She asked how he was and he said he was okay. He asked about her and Liz said although the day just started, she was ready for it to end. Jason told her about Sam's appointment and Liz said Sam wasn't with Dr. Lee, she was talking to some guy around the corner.

Steve was on edge when he got to work. Maggie rushed out from behind the nurses' station and greeted him warmly, but he brushed her off. Maggie noted that he'd been keeping her at arm's length ever since he told Olivia the truth about Memphis and she felt like he was punishing her. Maggie wondered if this was Olivia's idea. Steve said this wasn't about Olivia and that he was worried about his mom. Maggie thought his mom was dead, since he never mentioned her before. Steve told Maggie about Heather spending eight years in Ferncliff for murder and how she was staying with him. He also shared that Heather was absent for most of his childhood, popping up every few years claiming to want to see him, when in reality she wanted a handout from his father. Maggie sympathized with him and wondered why he let her move in. Steve didn't think he had room to judge Heather when he'd killed someone too without having the excuse of being mentally ill. Steve admitted that he'd been relieved to know Heather was locked up. Maggie thought that made sense.

Steve shared that Heather had written him from Ferncliff many times and he'd sent the letters back unopened until she called recently and asked him to come. He told Heather how he felt like he had to go see her and how the doctors released her into his care, then he told her about Heather leaving the apartment to see Luke. Maggie thought that was a sign that Heather wasn't ready to be free. Steve thought it was too soon to tell, but he thought Heather was making an effort. He said as a doctor, he needed to believe that anyone could recover. Maggie said while that was noble, he just called himself a killer earlier. Steve hoped that he could be redeemed for ending that patient's life. Maggie didn't like seeing him castigate himself over this, but Steve thought it was good that he felt bad about it, because it showed his conscience was intact. Steve took a phone call and told the person not to apologize and that he was on his way. Maggie asked if it was his mom and he told her it was Olivia, who was staying with Heather. Steve felt that it was his responsibility to handle whatever was going on.

Michael and Starr arrived at the courthouse. Starr wondered why she was so nervous and Michael assured her it was normal. She repeated Michael's words about moving forward and said she had to do this for Hope and Cole. Michael hugged her and said he'd be there for her. Sonny and Kate got there too and Kate dug through her purse looking for her aspirin. Sonny stopped in his tracks when he saw Michael hugging Starr.

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