GH Update Tuesday 4/10/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/10/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli and Matt lurked outside Ewen's office hoping to prove he killed Lisa. Matt whispered that he never trusted Ewen and Spinelli added that it was odd that he'd kept quiet about being Elizabeth's mystery rescuer. Spinelli was eager to make Ewen pay for letting Maxie take the fall for his crimes, but Matt reminded him that first they had to prove he was on the party boat. Spinelli was so touched that Matt was willing to work with him that he hugged him.

Meanwhile, Ewen was inside his office on the phone explaining to someone that he wanted to commit Kate against her wishes. Sounding very grave, Ewen said he didn't take that step lightly, but Kate's Connie personality was becoming more dominant and something had to be done before Connie hurt someone. Ewen hung up and began to fill out the commitment papers when Matt walked in. Matt pretended he needed Ewen's professional opinion on a patient and lured him out of the room under the guise of going to the nurses' station to check out the patient's records. Ewen left Kate's paperwork, which only stated that he was involuntarily committing a female who worked at Crimson, on top of his desk. Once Ewen and Matt were gone, Spinelli sneaked into the room, causing a small commotion as he did, by tripping over a plant. The noise went unnoticed though. Spinelli began to search the office while talking to himself about people being fooled by Ewen's heroic appearance and accent. He found the papers and concluded that they were for Maxie.

Ewen said he didn't think Matt's patient had a psychological issue. Matt, clearly referencing Ewen, said that the patient had everyone fooled into thinking he was great, when in reality he had a dark side. Just then, Spinelli ran up yelling and brandishing the commitment forms. Matt and Spinelli laid out their theory that Ewen killed Lisa, then swam ashore and rescued Liz. They added their conclusion that Maxie had gone to Ewen for counseling and that Ewen had seized the opportunity to hypnotize her into believing she committed the crime. Spinelli then accused Ewen of trying to have her committed. Matt was stunned. Ewen pointed out that he never met Dr. Niles and had no motive to kill her. Matt threatened to call the cops and Ewen offered them his phone and reminded them that they'd be arrested for breaking into his office. Ewen told them that the papers weren't for Maxie and called them idiots. Then he snatched the papers and stormed back to his office. Matt yelled at Spinelli when he found out that Maxie's name wasn't on the paperwork. He realized he could be in trouble and lose his job. Matt wondered why Ewen would want to hurt Lisa and Spinelli said there might be a connection they didn’t know about. Matt wondered if he and Spinelli were grasping at straws out of their intense desire to save Maxie. Spinelli insisted that the papers had to be about Maxie, until he realized that they could be about Kate, too.

Matt went to Ewen's office and tried to smooth things over with an apology and explanation about his and Spinelli's desperation to prevent Maxie from punishing herself over Robin's death by confessing to a crime she didn’t commit. Ewen understood their zeal and said it was hard to save someone who didn't want saving.

Spinelli left a voicemail for Jason confirming his suspicions about Kate's mental state.

While Sonny and Kate had dinner at Crimson Lights, they discussed Jason saying that Kate had called him a lapdog. Kate was bewildered, because she didn't think of Jason like that and she wanted to be able to get along with him. Sonny assured her that he knew that didn't sound like something she said. Sonny said he'd instructed Jason to stay away from her and to focus on proving Johnny planted the gun in Kate's office. Kate told Sonny he'd be cleared, but Sonny said not if Johnny had his say. Johnny happened to be across the room at a table with Carly. Sonny and Kate looked over at them and Sonny grumbled about Johnny using Carly to get to him. Kate and Sonny saw Johnny and Carly holding hands and she wondered if their going public about their relationship was the reason Michael bolted earlier. Sonny said Michael was upset that Carly was spending time with the guy who was framing Sonny. Kate said Carly only cared about herself, but Sonny said for all her faults, Carly was a good mom who cared about her kids. He just didn't understand why she'd do this to Michael. Kate noted that Sonny seemed upset too and Sonny explained that Michael was in the middle again, now that Carly was spending time with Sonny's worst enemy. Kate theorized that Carly was doing this on purpose to rattle Sonny before his trial. Sonny wasn't concerned about that; he was bothered by what this was doing to Michael. Sonny started to get worked up and Kate placed a calming hand over his and gently said they had to stay in control of their emotions because she couldn't take the drama anymore.

Johnny felt bad that things hadn't gone the way Carly wanted them to with Michael. He offered to talk to him again, but Carly said it was okay. She understood that Michael would be concerned about their relationship, because she'd been telling Michael that Johnny was dangerous for ages. Carly said she wasn't going to let this hurt her kids, but Johnny was right that she was entitled to her own life. Johnny and Carly smiled at one another and agreed that things were going to work out. Johnny offered to back off if Carly wanted him to. He explained that Carly had been very supportive of him during some rough times and he was starting to care about her, but he knew she treasured her close relationship with Michael and he didn't want to do anything to damage it. Carly was against Johnny putting things on hold with her. She said Michael hadn't threatened to cut her out of his life and that he wasn't angry with her, just concerned. Carly thought Michael had good reason to be concerned since Sonny and Johnny's feud had done a lot of damage to other people. Johnny asked if she knew that what they had wasn't about Sonny. Carly said yes and she thought that Michael would come around in time, because he liked Johnny since he'd been good to him and to Abby. Johnny thought Sonny would keep working to convince Michael that Johnny had framed him. Carly said she knew Johnny was innocent and that if it really wasn't Sonny's gun, that meant there was more to the story that they couldn't see yet. Johnny asked Carly how she knew it wasn't his gun, and he reminded her that there was a point that night where they were apart while she talked to Shawn and Johnny called Anthony. Johnny said he could have called one of his guys and put out a hit on Anthony. Carly said that she knew Johnny wasn't that kind of person, even if he didn't like to show it. Carly smiled and said she was starting to care about Johnny too and she wasn't going anywhere, unless Johnny went with her. Johnny liked the suggestion and said they should get out of there and go someplace private.

As Johnny and Carly were walking away, hand in hand, Carly stopped at Sonny and Kate's table. Sonny said he didn't want any trouble, and Carly said she was only there to talk to Kate. Carly gave Kate the invoice to replace the lock to Crimson, assuming that it had been delivered to her by mistake. Kate told her that it wasn't an error – Carly had broken into Kate's office and Kate expected Carly to pay to change the locks. Carly pointed out that she used a key and Kate said she was changing the locks to prevent that from happening again. Carly taunted her by asking if she had something to hide. Kate denied it and Carly brought up the gun. Sonny chimed in that Johnny planted it. Carly continued to needle Kate about acting skittish when Carly went into her office. This caused Kate to stand up and threaten to have Carly arrested for trespassing if she did anything like that again. Carly became convinced that she was on the right track and that Kate had a big secret, possibly even something Sonny didn't know. Sonny tried to calm things down, but Kate went off on Carly and talked about how Josslyn would feel when she realized her mom was her a slut and a bad mother. Carly responded by suggesting they take it outside.

Kate snapped back to her usual personality and she got a headache. She told Carly she wasn't a street fighter. Carly threatened to beat Kate up if she said anything about her kids again. Sonny told her to back off, and Carly was angered that he'd stand up for Kate after what she said. Kate said Sonny often told her how rough it was to co-parent with Carly. Kate then accused Carly of being jealous of her success and Sonny's love for her. Carly laughed and called Kate an empty suit; a made up person, and she called her out on leaving her loving family. Kate, nearly in tears, told Carly not to talk like she knew anything about her. Johnny put a stop to Carly's tirade by pulling her away. Sonny taunted Johnny about not being able to “control [his] woman and Johnny snapped that he wouldn't talk if he were Sonny. Kate looked alarmed and Sonny asked if Johnny was going to lie and say Kate came to his house and tried to sleep with him. Carly was surprised to hear about this. Kate, obviously not wanting this talk to happen, tried to get Sonny to leave with her, but he wouldn't listen and he kissed her and told her to bring the car around. Kate reluctantly left. Carly didn't think Sonny and Johnny needed to talk, but after Johnny said he wanted to, Carly agreed to leave them alone. Sonny added that she should go home, since this could get ugly. Once Carly was gone, Sonny and Johnny had a verbal sparring match. Johnny provoked Sonny about this being one of his last days as a free man and Sonny replied that he was going to beat the charges, then make sure everyone knew what a loser Johnny was. Sonny said that Carly was going to be through with him just like his sister/mother Claudia was. Johnny smiled and said Sonny didn't realize how much he stood to lose. Sonny whispered that the end was coming for Johnny, then he walked out. Carly returned and hugged Johnny. She asked if he was okay and he cryptically said some people didn't know when to leave well enough alone.

Steve and Olivia were alarmed to find that Heather had left his apartment. Steve figured that she must have slipped out the back. Steve tried not to panic and said perhaps she'd gone for a walk, but Olivia was adamant that this wasn't good. She reminded Steve that she'd always felt that it would be a bad idea for him to take responsibility for Heather and pointed out that if Heather did something wrong, Steve would be on the hook. Steve wracked his brain to figure out where Heather would go; he knew she wouldn't approach his grandmother or Liz, because they hated her. He recalled that she'd married Edward for his money, then tried to kill him, and that she'd been involved with Scotty Baldwin, who'd been out of town for years. Steve reiterated that the doctors said Heather had changed, but Olivia said doctors can be wrong. Olivia worried that Heather was going to cause trouble for Steve, but Steve's fear was that she was going to hurt someone else. He called the Quartermaines and she wasn't there. Steve told Alice to keep an eye on Edward just in case. Steve wanted to give Heather the benefit of the doubt, and while Olivia was understanding, she kept harping on that not being a good idea. Steve got frustrated with Olivia, who reminded him that they were on the same side. Steve remembered that Heather had an unhealthy fixation on Luke.

Heather went to see Luke at the hotel. She was pleased about seeing him again, but he was shaken. Heather explained that she hadn't told him she was coming, because she was afraid he leave before she got there. Luke confirmed that he would have and asked if she wasn't supposed to be at Ferncliff. Heather smiled and said she'd gotten out and she was there so the two of them could have another chance. Luke assumed she'd escaped from the mental institution and was dubious when Heather said the doctors felt she was ready to reintegrate into society. Heather pulled out her discharge papers and pointed out that Steve had agreed to be responsible for her. Luke still wasn't completely convinced that the papers weren't forged. Heather didn't find any sympathy from Luke when she told him that being locked up had been the worst thing that had happened to her. She added that the only things that kept her going were her son and the memories of the good times she had with Luke. She asked Luke if her remembered. Luke had a flashback to Heather telling him she loved him and him recounting all the terrible things she'd done to Edward and Laura. Back in the present, Luke had tears in his eyes. He coldly said he remembered everything and said it was time for her to leave. Heather promised that she was different than the image he'd been carrying on all these years. Luke interjected that he hadn't thought of her once since she'd been taken away, but Heather continued on and said the doctors said she could live a normal life. Luke wished her well, but he wanted her to go far away. He began to dial Steve's number, but Heather took the phone away, because she didn't want to leave until Luke admitted that there was a part of him that remembered their times together, such as their romantic Caribbean weekend. Luke replied that her actions weren't that of a sane person and said that just because he remembered things didn't mean he wanted to relive them.

Heather got agitated and she accused Luke of being cold toward her because he had another woman in the suite. She picked up Anna's jacket and Luke, who swore they were alone, demanded that she put it down and leave, but Heather called out and told the person to show herself. Heather assumed it would be Skye or Laura and was surprised when Anna appeared. “I don't believe we've met” Anna said. Luke introduced them. Heather remembered that Anna had been married to Robert at one time. She was annoyed to learn that Anna lived in the suite and she tried to throw her out, so she and Luke could have privacy. Luke carefully explained that Heather had just been released from Ferncliff. Anna gave Luke a knowing look and they agreed that the release had been premature. Both behaved cautiously so as not to set Heather off. Heather insisted that she was recovered. When her back was turned, Anna whispered to Luke about calling someone. Steve called Luke, but Heather still had the phone and didn't answer. Luke positioned himself between the two women. Heather rifled through her bag, saying she needed to show Luke who she was. She talked about there being a reason that their lives kept intersecting. When Heather withdrew her hand from the bag, Luke assumed she had a gun, and he dove on top of Anna, who fell onto the couch. Luke kept lying on Anna and staring in her eyes, even when Heather revealed that she was holding an envelope – she'd written him a letter. Anna pointed out that Luke could get up. Luke did and Heather said the letter was about her regrets and her hopes. She said that the last time, she'd been taken away from Luke before they could see where things would go. Luke pointed out that what they “had” only existed in Heather's mind. Heather thrust the letter at Anna and told her to read it. Heather explained that once Heather read it, she'd realize what she (Heather) and Luke had and she wouldn't stand in their way.

Steve didn't leave a message for Luke. He was afraid Heather might already be there.

Steve burst into the suite. His mother greeted him as “Steven Lars” then corrected herself and called him Steve. Steve told her she couldn't just leave without telling anyone. Heather innocently said she wanted to see Luke and give Olivia and Steve some privacy. Luke told Steve he should have warned people before he had Heather released. Steve apologized for his mom, then lead her out by the hand. At the last minute, Heather spun around and offered Luke the letter. Anna pointed out that Heather might be comfortable with leaving if he took it, so he did so. Steve promised to talk with Luke later, then he and Heather left. Luke quickly locked the door and he and Anna burst into laughter once the tension was released. Anna was touched that Luke was going to take a bullet for her. She said Luke had interesting taste in women and said she thought Tracy was bad. Luke clarified that he and Heather were never together except in her delusions. Anna stopped Luke from ripping up the letter and said it wouldn't be wise to dismiss what Heather had to say. They sat down and read the letter. Anna thought Heather was sincerely trying to make amends, but Luke said not to fall for it. Anna asked about the Caribbean trip and Luke said he didn’t remember it. Anna thought she seemed kind of harmless, but Luke said not to fall for it. Anna asked about his history with Heather. Luke told her about Heather marrying Edward while thinking she and Luke were going to end up together. He also told Anna that Heather tried to kill Skye because she thought Skye was standing between her and Luke. Anna looked shocked.

Johnny and Carly went to his (?) bedroom. They were making out with her on top of him, when she stopped and asked if he really told Sonny that Kate propositioned him. Johnny said yes. Carly assumed Johnny made it up to annoy Sonny and she didn't mind. Johnny let her go on thinking that. Carly began to unbutton his shirt and said Kate had it coming after she came to his apartment telling lies. Johnny didn’t want to talk about Kate. He pulled Carly's blouse open, then he threw her to the bed and they had sex.

Kate went back into the Metro Court. She was shaking and teary eyed. Olivia came in and confronted her about coming on to Steve. Kate didn't know what she was talking about. Olivia said it was very Connie-like of her and Kate yelled at her to drop it. Olivia wondered if Kate was going to go after all the guys she'd been with, including Johnny. Sonny returned and Olivia let the matter drop. She wished Sonny luck at his trial. Sonny said he'd be fine, since the truth about Johnny framing him would come out. Olivia said she knew Sonny wouldn't let Johnny get away with it. Kate and Sonny went to his place and were kissing passionately. Kate pulled away briefly because she had a headache. Sonny said he thought she faked it to get away from Johnny. Kate said it was real, but then she started kissing Sonny again and said she felt better already. Things progressed to the bedroom and they slept together. They fell asleep and Connie woke up. She looked at Sonny with disgust, then pried his arm off of her and got out of bed and put on her lipstick and said she'd have to save Kate from herself.

Johnny and Carly were asleep in bed. Johnny answered his phone and found Connie on the other end. Connie apologized for the way Sonny talked to him. Johnny wasn't fazed by it. Connie tried to talk him into setting Sonny up to find them in bed, but Johnny turned her down. Johnny said that Sonny's murder trial was tomorrow. Connie figured that Sonny would beat the charges and said her offer still stood if he changed his mind. They hung up and Connie stared at the sleeping Sonny, at the same time Johnny was elsewhere looking at Carly as she slept.

Steve, Heather and Olivia were back at Steve's. Heather was apologetic for leaving without telling them where she was going. Steve told her she had to show him that she was stable. Heather said she just wanted to clear the air with Luke and she assured Steve that she knew that she and Luke weren't going to be together. Heather said she wished Luke and Anna the best. While Steve was walking Olivia out, Heather made it clear that she planned to come between Anna and Luke in the future.

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