GH Update Monday 4/9/12

General Hospital Update Monday 4/9/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the metro court, Luke tells Ana he would like to help her get her the service she wants. But he has a mission to go on.

Starr Manning is on the phone angrily telling her mom that she wants to forgive her father. But she is not about to forgive Sonny Corinthos. He’s a murderer. She’s going to testify against him and have him sent to prison for killing her boyfriend and baby daughter. Right then, Michael enters and hears her clearly. They look awkwardly at each other.

Kate is “in control” while talking to Dr. Keenan. She protests that he must know that Connie is not a “person”. She’s only a symptom. She wants to ruin everything, ruin Sonny cheat on him. Whereas she is the “real deal”. She loves Sonny. And she is the only “person” inside her. She remarks how disgraceful it is that Connie would sleep with him, with Johnny, even with her cousin’s boyfriend.

Olivia knocks on Steven’s door and asks if he’s in there. She continues to knock although he does not answer. Right then, Heather enters and coldly tells Olivia that she “has to be a little more specific”.

Sam returns to Jason after going to talk to Heather and “striking a deal” in order to find out vital information about Jason and Franco’s respective births. But she hesitates to reveal to her husband that she’s found out Franco was his twin brother and that she might very well be pregnant with Franco’s (DNA match) child.

Tracy comes down the stairs hoping that somebody in her house might remember that it’s her birthday. But they don’t remember and only remember to tell her how they are less than grateful to have her living in their home. Alice and Monica appear as though they could care less about Tracy’s birthday. But she asks if, in fact her father or her son or somebody in her family might remember her birthday. When she asks if they are telling her that “nobody” has remembered her birthday, Alice replies to her that “somebody” did. And she invites Luke in to see Tracy.

John McBane informs Anna that he had a little chat with Alexis’ daughter Sam. He realizes that she is married to Jason. She warns him that he may not want to ruffle Jason’s feathers through his wife. John replies that it might already be too late.

When Sam remembers Heather revealing to her that she remembers that her cousin Susan was supposed to only give birth to one baby, she found out Susan was having another. And Sam hesitates to tell Jason what Heather told her about that.

Olivia reveals that she knows heather, has seen her picture and asks if she is not supposed to be in a mental institution. Heather angrily demands to know where she got that idea and who is she. Olivia replies that she’s Steven’s girlfriend. And she demands to know where he is. Heather replies that her son is “in dispose” right now and slams the door in Olivia’s face.

Michael tells Starr that they both have to deal with the shady past of their respective fathers and he asks her why she believes that her father is more deserving of forgiveness than his is.

Sonny runs into Carly with Johnny at the metro court. They wonder what his “secret” is and he is equally suspicious of them.

Kate tells Dr. Keenan that she must make Connie go away. She cries admitting she cannot bear the thought of any “part” of her shooting out Anthony’s tires and being responsible for the death of that little girl and her daddy. But he tells her that they cannot make Connie go away. She is a vital part of who Kate is. He warns her that Connie is coming out more and more frequently and there might be a reason for that. She asks if he means that Connie the slut is ready to come out and take over. And if that is the case, she’s willing to get more therapy, go under hypnosis or do whatever is needed to prevent that from happening. But he warns her that it may not be that simple.

Sonny asks Carly if she really believes that he is responsible for what happened to Starr Manning’s daughter and boyfriend and asks if maybe Johnny and Anthony just want to set him up.

At the same time, Michael urges Starr to know that she cannot believe what she remembers Anthony telling her and that he’s using her to make his father look bad. Right then, he gets a phone call. It’s Carly asking why he hasn’t called her back. She asks her son if he could come to the metro court to meet her for dinner. At first, he tells his mom that he has plans but she urges him to come because she has something important to talk to him about. He hangs up and invites Starr to come with him. But she tells him that she knows that won’t go over well with his father who’s told him he must stay away from her. And he can’t count on his mom not telling him. But he says he does not care what they think. He will make his own decisions about whether to see her. She declines his invitation but indicates she’d like to see him again.

Luke brings Tracy a birthday gift but she is dissatisfied to see it’s a horse whip. She demands to know if anyone else has remembered her birthday. And right then, Anthony enters and informs her he remembered her birthday.

Olivia demands that Heather lets her inside her son’s apartment. He’s comes out of the shower. Olivia demands to know why his mother is not in the institution. Heather then affirms to Olivia that she plans to live with her son so Olivia better get used to having her around.

Sam remembers confirming with heather that she knew and kept the secret that her cousin has two babies when her cousin was unconscious. And she sold Susan’s baby. She then tells Jason that Heather did not appear to know anything about Franco or the movie. Hearing that, he concludes to her that there is nothing more to find out. She then remembers realizing that the DNA test did not rule out the possibility that her baby could be Franco’s. Jason notices her worried expression and asks her why she’s still worried.

Finding out that Steven is letting his mother stay in his home, Olivia warns him that he might regret this. He needs to remember that she sold him as a baby. But he tells her she’s his mother and he wants to believe that anyone could change. Heather then enters with a tray and smiles telling her son that this is going to be good for them. They are making up for lost time. She remembers that she’s known her son as Steven Lars. He tells her if this is going to work, his mother needs to accept his relationship with Olivia. She is a very important part of his life. Heather replies of course. She wants to know Olivia better.

Jason tells Sam that if she really did not find out anything, she needs to put it to rest. But she remembers telling John that she wants to wait until she has all the DNA information, remembering that John knows the deep dark secret.

Kate tells Dr. Keenan that if he has agreed to treat her, then he has to “fix” this. But he tells her it may not be that simple. Right then, she gets a call from Sonny and tells him she’s held up at work. She tells her shrink she has to get out of there and be with Sonny. She knows that Connie wants to hurt him by cheating on him. But Dr. Keenan warns her that they need to realize that Connie could be capable of doing something far more dangerous in order to break up her relationship with Sonny and they really don’t know just what Connie is capable of. She tells him ok. He’s right. She’s willing to do whatever it takes in order to prevent Connie from taking over. So what does he suggest? He tells her she needs to tell Sonny all about what is going on and then check herself into a mental institution immediately.

Monica asks Tracy if she’s ever had a husband who has not married her for her money noticing that both Luke and Anthony are obvious recent examples of that. Anthony only wants to charge up her credit cards. She tells him that all she wants from him is divorce papers. She’s going to put a hold on her charge account. And she’s sending back everything he’s purchased. But he laughs and wants to indulge in everything he’s bought for himself with her money. But when he goes up the stairs, he hears the doorbell ring. He opens the door to see Starr Manning looking coldly at him. And his “smirk” fades. He tells her he remembers her and flippantly tells her he’s glad she’s ok. But she tells him she’s not ok. Her daughter and her daughter’s father are dead because of him. He calmly tells her it was not his fault. His car went out of control. He happens to know that Sonny Corinthos shot out his tires and Sonny killed them.

Michael meets with Sonny at the metro court and assures his dad that he does not believe for a minute that he is responsible for what happened to Starr’s daughter and her daughter’s father. He evades admitting to his dad that he’s been in contact with Starr. Michael then goes to meet with his mom and Johnny. Michael tells Johnny that this must be a private conversation between him and his mom. But she tells her son that Johnny is the very reason why she wanted to talk to him. And they announce to Michael that they are “together”.

Jason admits to Sam that he went to talk to Kate in an unsuccessful attempt to find out how Sonny’s gun got in her office. Sam asks him what Kate said. Jason concludes he’s concluded that Kate (or Connie) has real problems.

Kate panics and tells Dr. Keenan that she cannot be locked up in some institution. But he tells her she needs to get serious about this whole problem and realize that Connie is continuing to emerge. He asks her what she plans to do to keep Connie “at bay”. She then gets up to walk out and replies that she will just have to be stronger than Connie. And she walks out of the office.

John asks Anna if she believes that Kate Howard shot out Anthony’s tires in order to frame Sonny for it. He does not see the motive. She tells him that maybe Kate wanted to avenge Sonny. John tells her that makes absolutely no sense if she’s in love with Sonny and wants to protect him. He tells her that Kate had to means, motive or opportunity and Sonny had all three. She asks John if he might just want to suspect and convict Sonny because Sonny killed John’s sister. John tells Anna it’s not about that. She tells him maybe they need to look at evidence from the start. They go looking at pictures. But right then, she comes across a picture of Robin and breaks down crying. John holds her.

Heather tells Steven and Olivia she can’t believe how great simple things like making tea are. She really values her freedom. Steven gets a call. Alone with Olivia, Heather tells her she knows that Steven must have told her his mother’s history. She admits that she slipped some tea for Steven’s adopted mother with LSD. But she ended up drinking it by accident herself. And her brain slowly started “melting away”. Olivia observes the tea that Heather is about to serve and Heather encourages her to “drink up”. Hearing what she’s just heard, Olivia sounds less than encouraged. She notices prescription medication with Heather’s name on the table and tells Heather she will pass. Heather tells Olivia not to worry. But Olivia is not about to drink any tea or trust Heather although Heather attempts to assure her that she is completely recovered and only wants to build a relationship with her son and his lovely girlfriend. Steven comes out and he asks her what she thinks. Olivia replies that she believes his mother is whacked and he’s out of his mind if he trusts her.

Luke tells Tracy he remembers the horse she used to have as a child named Skittles. She asks what that has to do with anything. He tells her that he remembers Skittle's life and family. And he has Skittles son for her right outside the door. She asks if he gave her a pony for her birthday.

Anthony affirms to Starr Manning that it’s plain to see that Sonny shot out his tires in an attempt to kill him and wound up killing her daughter and boyfriend. And the only reason why charges have been dropped against Sonny is because Sonny’s son, Dante, who’s a cop, let his old man get away with it. She tells him in that case, he must do something about Sonny. He tells her no. He does not want to get involved in that and does not want Sonny coming after him. But Starr warns Anthony if he does not show up at the arraignment hearing to testify, she will tell the DA and they will force him to testify. IN response to that, Anthony concludes that she’s a “tough little thing”. Starr tells him he has no idea.

Michael tells his mom and Johnny that he is not ok with them being together. He realizes it may be none of his business whom his mom dates. But she needs to know that Johnny is out to frame his dad. He gets up to leave.

Kate goes to meet Sonny and appears gracious, hiding what has just happened before rushing out of her shrink’s office.

Jason then informs Sam that something very “unusual” came over Kate when they last spoke. She got angry and in his face, appeared as though she hated Sonny and called him Sonny’s lap dog. Hearing that, Sam remarks that that does not sound like Kate Howard. Jason tells her he knows. It was like he was talking to someone else. Sam asks if he told Sonny. Jason tells her that he thought he’d let it go but Sonny already knew about his confrontation with Kate. And Sonny had to choose which of them to believe and chose her. Hearing that, Sam asks how Sonny could betray him after all he’s done for Sonny. Jason then tells her that he can’t say he does not understand. He adds the last thing any many wants to believe is that the woman he loves is lying to him. Hearing that, it obviously “hits home” with Sam.

Dr Keenan is on the phone telling someone that he has advised Kate to commit herself. She has refused. He’s declared herself a danger to herself and others. So he has concluded that he has to commit her against her will.

At Tracy’s home, Anthony tells the others that he hopes Sonny gets the chair for trying to kill him. The others tell him that maybe anybody who tries to kill Anthony should get a medal. Right then, Tracy gets dressed and ready to ride Skittles.

Luke goes to see Anna and John leaves her hotel room so they can talk alone. He can see that Anna is not ok after crying over the picture of Robin.

Michael comes back to his apartment looking for Starr. She appears and asks if everything went ok with his mom. He mentions that his mom makes many bad choices. She tells him so has hers’. And once gain it seems the two of them want to cook and eat together. She tells him she also “went somewhere” although she doesn’t tell him where she went or whom she spoke to.

Sam affirms to Jason that she loves him so much and wants everything to be ok with the baby. H goes in the other room when she gets a call from John. He tells her he was able to get a sample of Franco’s DNA and may have an answer for her soon. Right then, Jason enters to see her hanging up her phone and can see she’s hiding something and is not ok.

Olivia tells Steven he needs to use caution with his mother. But he convinces her to give Heather another chance. He goes looking for his mom. But she’s disappeared.

Luke answers Anna’s door and sees Heather at the door. He looks spooked. She tells him long time no see.

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