GH Update Monday 4/2/12

General Hospital Update Monday 4/2/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Matt and Spinelli are outside the courtroom to support Maxie after she’s demanded they charge her with the murder of her cousin Robin. Alexis is representing her. Max notices that Spinelli is drinking too much coffee. The bailiff then brings Maxie in and she asks what is going on. Alexis tells her she asked them to because she needs to talk to her before the trial. Maxie asks why> She’s said everything she has to say to everybody. Patrick then enters and tells her she has not spoken to everybody. He needs to talk to her.

Sam is going on a mission to find out who might be Jason’s real biological mother.

Dr. Steven Weber and Olivia are in bed together. They both have other things on their mind. He tells her hat he has some unresolved issues about his mother, heather Webber.

Sam has gone to find Heather in prison when she calls Jason. He tells her unless she gets some answers, he wants her to give up on this. He tells her that he has to tend to some things involving Sonny.

Right then, Starr Manning awakens on Michael’s couch talking to a picture of her deceased boyfriend and baby daughter, vowing not to let Sonny Corinthos get away with what he’s done to them.

Meanwhile, John McBain is “on the prowl” ready to make Sonny pay for what he believes has caused the death of Cole and Hope. He’s on the phone to Blair who’s wondering what he plans to do although he is not ready to tell her all of his plans. He then arrives outside the door of Anna Devane’s home. She opens the door and reveals that they knew each other very well and have not seen each other in a long time.

Sam is on the phone with Jason while in the prison ready to talk to Heather. The guard brings heather out to talk to Sam. Sam tells her she was hoping they could talk.

When Patrick enters the courtroom to talk to Maxie, Spinelli is worried that maybe he should not leave Maxie alone with her deceased cousin’s husband. But Alexis and Matt both tell him that Patrick needs to talk to Maxie about what has happened. Patrick tells her that he would not miss this opportunity since she has confessed to killing his wife.

Anna invites John into her home and he remarks that she appears to have found the fountain of youth. He tells her hat today he needs her help with something.

Olivia asks Steven Webber what is going on regarding his mother and why he’d suddenly bring it up right now. He informs her that last night, he got a phone call form Sam McCall who told him that she went to talk to his mother. He informs her that his mother is not currently in prison. But it’s close enough. She’s in a mental institution.

At the facility, Heather tells Sam she knows her. She is the young woman who, years ago, intended to name her baby Lila, after Edward Quartermaine’s deceased wife. Sam tells her that was a long time ago. Her baby was stillborn. And she is there to talk to Heather about another “baby”. Her husband, Jason Morgan.

Starr graciously tells Michael that she appreciates his letting her stay at his home and she realizes she’s put him in a really awkward situation after his father’s asked him to stay away from her. In response to that, he tells her that it’s not his father’s call. He tells her he’s a bit suspicious of John McBain however. She then assures him that she knows John and he’s a good cop. The reason John is poking around in Port Charles and unafraid to step on toes is because John cares about seeking justice. And she believes that what John suspects may be true.

Anna smiles at John and remarks that he is now “all grown up” and confident unlike he was when they knew each other at the bureau. He remarks that she was a great teacher and even better mentor to him.

Heather notices that Sam is pregnant. She confirms that she is going to have a baby with Jason and that has something to do with the reason she is there. Heather asks her if she is inviting her to the baby shower. Sam tells Heather that she needs to find out about Jason’s biological mother.

Spinelli goes to find Jason telling him he needs his help. It’s not for himself. It’s for Maxie. He’s worried that she might have to spend her life in prison.

In the empty courtroom, Patrick tells Maxie that his brother knows what she is going through. Alexis asks him if his brother has informed him that Maxie wants to be convicted for the murder of his wife. Maxie protests that they need to realize that she is a terrible person for what she “did” to Robin and needs to be punished. But Patrick tells her he does not believe that and needs her to get that idea out of his head.

Starr tells Michael he need not worry about John. John will be gone soon. He has a family to get back to, she remembers.

John shows Anna a picture of his infant son, Liam. She remarks that she could not picture him as a father and notices that he appears happy. He tells her she must know why he’s there. She concludes that it must be because of Sonny Corinthos. John then confirms he needs to take Sonny down once and for all.

Spinelli tells Jason that he must do something about the fact that Maxie is so stubborn and adamantly insisting that she is responsible for Robin’s death. He asks Spinelli why she would blame herself for robin’s death. Spinelli replies that Maxie went to see Robin at the hospital in the room she was in before the gas leak and Maxie left her purse on the valve that caused the gas leak and it got stuck, causing it to happen. Hearing that, Jason tells Spinelli it may take a while for Maxie to realize it was an accident and not her fault. Spinelli informs Jason that she attempted to turn herself in although Mac refused to arrest her. Failing that, she told him that she killed Lisa Niles and another person who was on the ship whom everybody believed took their own life. Jason agrees that he does not believe that Maxie would kill anyone but wants to punish herself. They conclude it may be because nobody knows of anyone to blame or make pay for what happened to Robin, Maxie has to blame herself.

Patrick tells Maxie that one of the hardest things for people to deal with involving Robin’s death is that they cannot find any person to blame. He knows as well as she does how that feels. Doesn’t she realize he wants someone to conveniently blame as much as she does and first saw Jason as the one to blame. Had it not been for Robin’s attempt to save him, she’d be alive. But he realizes that’s not the way it worked. But she tells him she caused the gas leak that caused the explosion that killed Robin. It would not have happened if she’d been paying attention to her purse being stuck on the valve that came loose. And the last thing she said to her cousin before she died was that she was selfish for not accepting Maxie’s invitation to a party. She cries knowing that she cannot take back her rude and selfish behavior to her cousin before she died. Alexis tells her she must listen to Patrick and realize that nobody blames her for the death of Robin except herself.

Steven tells Olivia that he knows his mother considered having an abortion but had him because she got paid to send him to his adopted mother. Years later, Heather tried to kill his adoptive mother.

At the institution, Heather tells Sam that her cousin Susan was murdered. She knows that Alan Quartermaine did not care about the baby she gave birth to when he and Monica took her baby form her. And right then, Sam concludes that she knows that something has recently happened to Jason’s birth certificate. And she wonders if Robin could tell her the reason why.

Heather tells Sam she can see that Sam has something a lot more crucial on her mind regarding Jason’s birth certificate than just some medical records. She then reveals that she knew Franco and really admired his art work. Sam then shows her some pictures of Jason as a baby taken probably by Franco from home movies. She tells Heather she knows that Heather knows something she is not letting on to. Heather asks Sam what would be in it for herself if she were to help Sam by telling her what Sam is asking of her.

Jason tells Spinelli that when one loves someone who dies and grieves the loss of them, they can have a tendency to blame themselves. Spinelli protests that it’s absurd since it’s not Maxie’s fault. But Jason tells him he understands how she feels as he blames himself knowing that he was also involved in the circumstances that caused Robin’s death. Had she not gotten the drug that was needed to save his life, Robin would still be alive. Even if it was her decision, he was angry at himself for the fact that she made the decision. And he tells Spinelli that what he needs to do is convince Maxie that anybody can blame themselves because of the tragic death of Robin although Spinelli is worried that may be easier said than done. Except, he concludes to Jason, maybe if he can find the real killer of Lisa Niles, it might enable Maxie to have some closure and not blame herself for something that was not her fault.

In the empty courtroom, Maxie cries and tells Patrick that Robin was always there for her. Her cousin was kind and heroic and dedicated herself to saving people’s lives. And what did she ever do to deserve such a wonderful person in her life and what did she ever do for Robin? Patrick answers her question by telling her that she offered Robin love and support and more laughs and fun than Robin could imagine. He reminds her that Emma loves her. She believes she was lucky to have Robin. And he knows that Robin was lucky to have her. He tells her that he’s lucky enough to have a daughter who loves him, a brother who’s there for him and a dad who cares about him in his own way. He tells her he’s not doing this alone and neither will she. He is not going to let her blame herself. Robin would not want that and she needs to honor what Robin wants.

Anna reminds John that he would not be the first person to try to put Sonny away. He tells her he needs to be the last and would like her help him in doing that. She chuckles while he reminds her that this guy has been corrupting the state of New York for so many years and has never had to pay for it. She tells him she realizes that what happened to that little girl and her daddy was terrible. He tells her that only one person had the motive to shoot out the tires that caused them to get hit. And he’s concerned about that little girl’s mother, Starr. She tells Anna that she must understand better than anyone what Starr is going through to have lost her daughter.

Star makes a meal for Michael and he compliments her on it. She then gets ready to joke about “having a kid” when she turns away distraught when she remembers she no longer has a kid. He tells her how sorry he is and she cries on his shoulder.

John tells Anna that he became a father figure to Cole Thornhart. She then concludes that she’s so sorry and realizes this must be very personal for him. But she tells him that he needs to realize that his evidence against Sonny is very circumstantial. He firmly tells her that does not mean that Sonny did not do it. She then asks if he really thinks that he can remain objective and impartial given how he is personally affected by this situation. John then replies that for many years, he’s put his “quest” with Sonny Corinthos on the back burner. But as soon as he heard that Cole and Hope have been killed, “something” compelled him to do something about it. And he always wondered if they might still be alive if he’d been willing and able to take down Corinthos sooner. In response to that, she reminds him that he still does not know if Sonny is in fact responsible. He tells her if Sonny is, he’s going to pay. She asks and then what? Is this going all going to be over? John replies it will never be over. Not after all Sonny has taken from him.

Starr cries and talks to Michael about her life with her baby daughter and her boyfriend. She remembers that she did not have a lot of time with her baby’s father. She admits that Cole went to prison for murder. But Cole may have done society a favor by taking out a very dangerous person. She was ready to move on without him. But then recently, Cole escaped from prison. He wanted her back and she realized she wanted him back. Cole was going to change his name and run and she was going to come with him. And right on the night of the crash, she informs Michael, Cole asked her to marry him.

Heather tells Sam that if she really wants Heather’s help regarding Jason, Heather needs a favor for her. She informs Sam that she has a “baby” of her own; little Steven Lars. And, she tells Sam, she thinks it’s high time that she is reunited with her son.

Steven tells Olivia that his mother has been in and out of mental institutions for years. The most recent cause was her attempt to murder Edward Quartermaine. He concludes that she is a piece of work but is still his mom. He still wonders if there is something more he could have done like visiting her more or writing letters. Olivia assures him that it’s the parents’ job to be there for their child. He and Olivia get distracted and are ready to “go at it” in bed together.

Spinelli tells Jason that Maxie informed him that she asked Anthony Zacchara to help her murder Lisa Niles. He knows that he needs to help Maxie and Jason has to help Sonny.

Alexis tells Maxie that she can make sure she gets bail because Maxie is clearly not a flight risk. And she tells Maxie she needs to let her lawyer handle this. Matt then finds Patrick who assures his brother he meant everything he said that Maxie should not blame himself and he’s grateful that Matt is in his life. Right then the bailiff asks everybody to rise and introduces the judge who reads the charges of Maximilliana Jones on 2 counts of murder. He tells her she can plea bargain, plead innocent or plead guilty. But before Maxie can speak a word, Spinelli stands up and protests. The judge tells him he better sit down and shut up or he will be escorted out. The judge asks Maxie how she pleads. Alexis stands up and tells the judge she needs to talk to her client before Maxie can answer the question. But Maxie stands up and tells the judge she pleads guilty to all charges.

As soon as Steven is alone, he pulls a picture of his mom out of his wallet.

Sam tells Heather she must know that Steven is a grown man and can make his own decision about whether to see her. She does not know how she can help Heather. But heather tells Sam she has some “incentive” since she needs Heather’s help. Sam agrees and asks Heather what Franco’s connection to Jason as a baby was about.

Anna and John talk about his quest to go after Sonny.

Starr talks to Michael about hers’ and Cole’s story of being star crossed lovers. They were going to spend the rest of their lives together. But then they saw the headlights of the other car and it was all over. Michael asks her if it were not for the accident, what would her answer have been to Cole’s marriage proposal. Before she can answer, they hear a knock on the door from Sonny needing to see his son.

Heather reveals a startling secret to Sam about Jason. When Sam holds up a picture of Jason as a baby, Heather exclaims that it isn't him.

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