GH Update Monday 3/26/12

General Hospital Update Monday 3/26/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick gets the door and notices a strange man who needs him to sign for his wife’s “cremains”. Patrick is stunned.

Kate/Connie is in her office calling for Maxie unaware that she’s out. Carly enters and asks her just what she was doing with Johnny the other night. She happens to know that Kate/Connie had invited herself to Johnny’s apartment for “something”. Kate/Connie asks her what she was talking about indicating that she may not remember.

Sonny goes to Johnny’s apartment when Johnny protests that he did not shoot out Anthony’s tires. Sonny tells him he is there to talk to Johnny about Kate.

Dante calls Anthony to the station to question him. Anthony informs Dante that he needs to know that his (Dante’s) father shot out his car tires in an attempt to take him out and ended up killing two innocent people.

Detective John McBain from Llanview, PA (One Life To Live) goes to Jason’s home. But it appears he is there to talk to Sam and may know her. Jason comes to the door and asks what is going on.

Sonny tells Johnny he needs to stay away from Kate. He knows she was there. Carly told him. Johnny smirks knowing that Sonny and Carly still talk about things of that nature. He also relives Kate coming on to him. Sonny demands to know why she was there. Johnny replies it was because of him (Sonny)

When Carly grills Kate to know why the gun that could incriminate Sonny for shooting out Anthony’s tire was in Kate’s office, Kate then remembers Dr. Ian telling her that he bets that it was “somebody else” who took over in her mind and that is why she does not remember what she may have done with the gun. She then confirms to Carly that she was, in fact, at Johnny’s and asks Carly how she would know that. Carly informs her that Sonny told her.

At the station, in the interrogation room, Dante asks Anthony just what he remembered about the night when his tires got shot out. Anthony tells him that he remembers his car went out of control and knows that somebody wanted to kill him. And the next thing he knew, those poor kids were killed. He knows that Sonny is behind it. But Dante wants to find out if Anthony knows something he is not telling.

At the hospital, Elizabeth informs Dr. Ian that Spinelli wants her to clear Maxie’s name and realize that Maxie did not try to kill Lisa Niles the night on the boat when she blacked out but she does not remember that or the handsome stranger who saved her life. But she knows that she is standing before him.

When Detective John McBain comes to the door, Jason asks him to come in and talk to both Jason and Sam.

The guy at the door hands Patrick a box with Robin’s ashes and offers his condolences for Patrick’s loss, indicating that Robin is in the box. When he’s gone, Emma approaches her daddy and asks what that man meant when he said that mommy was “in the box”. Patrick does not know what to tell his young daughter. She tells him she thought he said that Mommy was in heaven but knows she heard him confirm with the man that Mommy was in the box. He admits that it was a little difficult to explain but tells her that mommy could not take everything with her to heaven. So that is what’s in the box. Emma asks her dad if she can see. He then tells her that he wants to have a tea party with her later and they can have butterscotch ice cream. She asks if he promises. Patrick tells her yes. But as soon as he is alone, he appears incomplete.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asks Dr. Ian what was involved when she passed out a while ago and a mystery man pulled her out of the water and it was himself. He tells her that he also had some involvement with Cassandra. But she needs to know why he did not tell her that he was the mystery man who saved her life. She asks him if by any chance he might have seen or known something that night that could clear Maxi. Right then, she gets a call from Patrick asking her if he can come over because he and Emma need her.

Carly asks Kate/Connie why she had to invite herself to Johnny’s home. They argue about who has hurt Sonny. Carly tells Kate she does not know how to help Sonny through the investigation involving the gun and Anthony’s tires. She tells Kate she knows that Johnny did not plant the gun but she has a good idea who did, indicating that it must be Kate. Kate then demands that Carly gets out of her office. Carly tells her as soon as she signs the application for the elevation contract. Kate then reluctantly signs it and Carly leaves appearing content.

Sonny asks Johnny why he thinks that women would come to him. Johnny tells him that maybe both Carly and Kate find him sympathetic and maybe Sonny needs to know that it is not he who is pursuing Kate. She has come to him. Sonny tells Johnny he needs to admit that he shot out Anthony’s tires and framed him for it. It may be the perfect setup but he should not have brought Kate into the equation. And he tells Johnny he needs to leave Kate alone. Johnny then smirks and tells Sonny he does not know his “lady” like he thinks he does.

Kate then calls Dr. Ian and tells him she needs to see him urgently. She can see that something is very wrong. She rushes out the door and gets on the elevator. Not far away, Carly enters and unlocks the door to Kate’s office.

John McBain tells Jason and Sam that he needs to know what they may know about the crash that resulted in the death of Cole and Hope Thornhart. Jason reminds him if he’s a cop from Llanview, he’s way out of his jurisdiction. Sam reminds John that Jason does not have to answer his questions. John asks Jason if he is not working for Sonny Corinthos and if he does not know about Sonny’s shady past and issues with the law. He tells Jason if Sonny has asked Jason to “intervene” in his investigation, he suggests that Jason would be making a mistake to get involved in it this time.

Elizabeth goes to see Patrick who needs her help in figuring out how to talk to Emma and how they can both cope with the loss of his wife and his daughter’s mom.

Carly unlocks the door to Kate’s office, sits at Kate’s desk and discovers the business card of Dr. Ian Keenan.

Kate goes to see Ian and asks how or why she went to Johnny’s home last night. Why would she do that? He hates Sonny and she had no recollection of that. But Carly, Sonny’s ex, told her that she did. And she knows that Carly is probably not making that up. She’s sure it happened. She also knows that other things have happened that she’s unaware of including a mysterious gun found in her office. It’s like somebody else is living her life and she does not remember anything. He tells her that there is someone who could fill in the blanks. It’s Connie. She is the one with the answers to those questions.

At Johnny’s, he reminds Sonny that he is responsible for the death of a young father and his little girl. Sonny tells Johnny no. That’s on him and his old man. And he’ snot going to let Johnny use Kate against him. The reason she came over had nothing to do with that. Sonny asks what the reason was. Johnny replies it was to have sex with him.

At the police interrogation room, Anthony tells Dante that he knows if Sonny got arrested, Dante must have had some evidence against him and knows his “father” is guilty. But Dante tells him that all they have is circumstantial evidence. Anthony reminds Dante that Sonny came to his house and threatened to kill him and Tracy was a witness. And that very night, when Anthony attempted to get away, Sonny shot out his tires, ran his car off the road and killed those two innocent people. And Dante needs to realize that.

John McBain asks Jason if it’s not true that he has done Sonny’s dirty work for him. Sam then indicates that she and John know each other.

Patrick cries and tells Elizabeth that he’s in his empty house and doesn’t have a wife and Emma doesn’t have a mom. And he has to explain to his little girl that her mommy is in a jar. She tells him that he must know that Robin is always with him and with Emma if they want her to be.

Jason tells John McBain that he better not cross him. John gets up to leave and tells them congratulations on the baby, remarking that it will change their lives and tells Sam it was good to see her again. As soon as he gets out the door, he gets a call from his fiancé and baby’s mom, Natalie.

Anthony tells Dante that Sonny intended to kill him and shot out his tires. So it’s pretty simple. But Dante tells him that his theory still does not completely add up since it was pitch black that night. Could he really see Sonny from a distance and know with certainty that it was him. Anthony tells Dante he has really good eye sight.

Johnny informs Sonny that a few weeks ago, in fact the day after Sonny was shot, he got a surprise visit from Kate. She propositioned him, stuck her tongue down his throat and unfastened his belt buckle. Hearing that, Sonny tells Johnny if he wants to provoke him, he needs to come up with something more believable. Johnny tells Sonny that he did not “take advantage” of Kate although he could have because he’s a gentleman. Sonny asks Johnny how he expects him to believe that Kate would want to sleep with a low life piece of garbage like Johnny.

When Kate tells Ian that she has no control over when blackouts occur and when Connie takes over and doesn’t remember it, he tells her that he knows if a very affective psychiatric technique called hypnotherapy.

Anthony tells Dante he has no evidence against him and gets up to leave. But Dante tells him he’s onto him and tells him he might have evidence that Anthony set Sonny up.

Johnny tells Sonny that Connie is out and ready for a real man. And so is Kate. She’s done with Sonny. Sonny tells Johnny that he’s (Johnny) nothing. His own mother wouldn’t even admit that he was her son. Johnny then demands Sonny shuts up. Sonny asks him if the truth hurts.

Carly then sits at Kate’s desk in her office observing the “unique” lipstick that is not like Kate. She then recalls going to Johnny’s home, seeing her there and wondering what Kate or Connie is hiding.

Ian tells Kate that he knows how to release her subconscious mind. Connie has been created by her subconscious mind and they can get the answers form her. She does not like the idea of having no control over her own mind and is not comfortable with his plan. He tells her she need not worry. He will be recording the entire session. She then realizes she has been lying to Sonny and has to find out what is going on. She then agrees to sit in the chair and work with him. He tells her she needs to think of something peaceful and let him do all the work. He asks her to close her eyes as he counts back from 10.

Right then, Carly is trying and failing to get into Kate’s desk when John McBain finds her.

Sam admits to Jason that when she found him in the church after he found out for the first time that she hid from him that Robin died, she was distraught and not thinking straight when she ran into John Mcbain. She made a mistake of leading John to him. She tells him that she needs to unravel some things about Franco.

Patrick does out into the woods with Robin’s ashes in an urn. He tells her he doesn’t know what to do so he brought her “home”.

Dante tells Anthony he’s onto him and can place him under arrest.

Sonny asks Johnny just what he sees when he looks in the mirror. Is it Anthony’s puppet or Claudia’s bastard son whom she didn’t even want to know that was his son? He knows to Johnny’s having to hear that from him for the first time, after his mom is dead, Johnny has to be making up stories to Sonny about Kate and is planting guns and he asks Johnny what is next. He tells Johnny that he failed him and is now desperate. He tells Johnny he better stay away from Kate and Sonny walks out the door. When Johnny is alone he gets on his phone to call her.

She is then in her hypnotherapy session with Ian when Johnny is leaving a message on her phone telling her that if the “offer is still on the table”, he will take her up on it. He concludes he thinks it’s time that Sonny gets what he deserves.

Ian then asks her to open up her eyes and asks if Connie is there. She reveals that Connie is right in front of him and at his service.

John finds Carly in Kate’s office and tells her he recalls she is the ex-Mrs. Corinthos. She recalls that he’s the cop who stopped Todd Manning from shooting Sonny. He clarifies that he’s John McBain. She clarifies that her name is Carly Jacks and asks what he is doing there. He tells her that he knows this is not her office. He could inform Ms. Howard that she’s broken in or she can tell him what he needs to know.

Sam indicates to Jason that she has some answers to seek. But he tells her he wants her to take it easy and take care of herself and the baby.

Elizabeth has ice cream with Emma and talks to her about her mommy going to heaven and leaving what’s in the box for Emma and her daddy who are the two people she loved more than anybody in the world. She assures Emma that her mom is always there with her and her daddy.

Patrick goes to the secret place and relives his life with Robin with working at the hospital and having the life that they wanted. He asks her how this could all be over before it’s even started.

When he’s ready to throw her ashes into the woods, we see Robin in a hospital bed, looking unconscious and/or hurt but obviously alive and likely to get better soon.

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