GH Update Monday 3/19/12

General Hospital Update Monday 3/19/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly talks to Jason at the hospital after sneaking in attempting to tell him what happened to Robin. He demands to know what she is trying to tell him. She then cries and tells him she is so sorry and announces that Robin is dead.

At Robin’s memorial service, Maxie enters unexpected and tells everyone that she believes she killed Robin. The night before the gas leak occurred, she stormed out of the hospital without regard to what was going on angry at Robin for declining her invitation to go to a party. She just wanted to have things her way. And she carelessly broke a handle that caused the gas leak to happen. At that point, Spinelli and matt rush to her and urge her to know that nobody was to blame for what happened to Robin. It was an accident. But she sobs and tells them it’s her fault. She is always selfish and never cars about others.

Kate/Connie tells Sonny that she had a private conversation with a shrink. He asks her if she believes that he is responsible for killing two people by shooting out Anthony’s tires. She sounds like she evading what he is asking her. He protests that he had no idea how that gun got into her office. She protests that she believes that. And that is why she is seeing Dr. Keenan.

After Carly drops the bombshell upon Jason that Robin got killed in the explosion from the gas leak, he tells her that he heard the explosion. He knew that Sam knew something she was not telling anyone. Carly tell shim that Sam was just trying to protect him. He tells her he knew something was wrong. He tried and failed to get a hold of Robin. Patrick came in after the procedure that saved his life and was angry and said something about Robin “being gone”. He asks why anybody didn’t tell him that Robin died. Carly informs him that Sam didn’t let her tell him.

Maxie cries and approaches Anna telling her she killed her daughter. She killed Emma’s mom. Anna urges her to stop. She tells Mac she killed his niece. Anna rushes out with Emma and people try and fail to calm Maxie down.

Jason asks why Patrick did not prevent Robin from finding the drug that save his life when doing so killed her. Carly explains that Robin first found Patrick passed out. But she got locked inside the room and Patrick tried and failed to unlock the door to get her out. And the reason why Robin went inside the locked door with the gas leak was in order to get the drug that saved his life.

Maxie tells Mac, Matt and Spinelli that they need to know that she killed Robin. Her uncle needs to arrest her. But Mac carries his niece out the door confirming she needs to go to a hospital.

Jason confirms that Robin got killed trying to save him. Carly tells him that Robin got the drug that saved him because she’s a doctor. He cannot blame himself, Carly tells him. Robin does not deserve that. She made an honorable choice and deserves to be honored for that. He tells her that he never even got to say good bye and ask what about her funeral. Carly then informs him it’s today. He tells Carly he has to be there.

Sonny tells Kate/Connie he knows the trial will not be easy. He will be dragged through the mud. He tells her that he “gets" the whole psychiatry thing and how one can tell s psychiatrist things they cannot tell anybody else. But, he tells her there is nothing she can tell him that would change the way he feels about her. He then notices that her phone is ringing and leaves her alone in the room. She then looks at herself in the mirror and appears to be have “double personalities”. She becomes Connie confirming hat Kate cannot handle the stressful situation. She takes down her hair and makes herself look, talk and behave like Connie.

Carly goes to confront Sam for not telling Jason about Robin and for preventing her from seeing him.

Lulu talks to Patrick at Robin’s memorial service and reflects how so many people loved Robin. We then see Robin’s wedding and flashbacks of her past as a child with her parents and her history.

Mac, Matt and Spinelli go with Maxie to the hospital. She tells them that she has to be arrested. Mac protests that he cannot arrest her when it was an accident. She then reveals to her uncle that it was not an accident when she killed Lisa Niles.

Sonny goes into the room and notices that Kate’s back is turned to him while she looks in the mirror. She smirks at the reflection that is Connie.

After all the people have left Robin’s memorial service, Jason goes there alone and crouches down on the floor devastated to learn that his friend is gone and blaming himself for her death.

Elizabeth goes with Patrick and Emma and tells the little one that they have a perfect name plaque for her mommy. Patrick goes with his daughter to the gravesite and tells her that her mommy is going have a big scrap book. And he makes a paper airplane. Elizabeth watches attentively while Patrick picks up Emma and has her send off the paper airplane to say good bye to her mommy.

At the hospital, Maxie tells Spinelli, Matt and Mac that she killed Lisa Niles. They all three protest s that she did not kill anyone and is obviously upset and does not know what she is saying> but she tells them she knows exactly what she is saying. Her name is Maxie Jones. She is a murderer and deserves to be punished.

Sonny approaches the woman he believes to be Kate but she does not talk to him and turns her back while she primps with her makeup in the mirror to look like Connie. When Sonny calls out to Kate, she turns to face him and asks if she looks like Kate to him.

At the hospital, Epiphany asks Carly why she has been pulling this stunt against Sam’s wishes. She needs to realize that Sam is Jason’s wife. But Carly tells Epiphany that she could not let this happen.

Sam goes to find Jason sitting alone at the church after everyone has left Robin’s memorial service. She asks him to please say something to her. He demands to know how she could do what she did.

Patrick stands alone on the ledge of the hospital when Anna comes out and informs him that she put Emma in the car with Elizabeth. She then asks her son-in-law what happened between him and Lisa Niles.

Johnny Zacchara hears a knock on the door. He opens it to see Carly and kisses him. She tells him she is happy that she finally got to see Jason and talk to him. He asks her if Sam reconsidered. She confirms no. Sam did not want her to speak to him. She tells him that she knows that Jason needed to hear the truth. She knows what is best for him better than Sam does. She is very confident that Jason will now see Sam for who she really is.

After Kate transforms to Connie, she kisses Sonny and appears to be very “encouraged” to have sex with him and has no worries about the conversation they had only minutes ago. She confirms to him that Kate Howard is not here. She is.

Johnny asks Carly how she can be so certain that Jason’s wife doesn’t understand or know what’s best for him or have any rights. She protests that Sam is jealous of other people in Jason’s life and wants to control him. He tells her that maybe she needs to realize that after Jason just had brain surgery, Sam was merely concerned and didn't believe it was the time to tell him that Robin died. She adamantly protests that understands Jason and knows that Sam is only trying to manipulate him out of her own insecurity. He then asks her if she really believes that Sam had malicious intent and if she is acting to protect Jason or just to be spiteful to Sam.

Patrick admits to Anna that he did in fact cheat on her daughter with Lisa Niles.

Maxie tells Mac he needs to arrest her and not just stand there. She killed both Lisa Niles and Robin. He tells his niece that she is not responsible for either of those deaths. Matt then asks Maxie just what she is trying to say and do when everybody knows the truth. But she reminds him that he wouldn’t have a clue what happened the night in question since he was too wasted to remember anything. So, she urges Mac, he needs to arrest her before she kills somebody else.

When Sam finds Jason, he demands to know why she lied to him about Robin.

Anna confronts Patrick about cheating on her daughter. She realizes that Robin did not tell her much and trusted her husband. She tells him that he did not deserve Robin’s forgiveness nor her love.

When Sonny sees that Kate has transformed into Connie, he tells her he didn’t think she was going to do “all this role playing stuff”. But she tells him she just wants to take his mind off of everything. Noticing how different she is looking and behaving, he reminds her that he is in love with Kate Howard so she doesn’t need to “be someone else”. She tells him she is not Kate Howard. She then tells him she is “Carmen”. Sonny laughs not knowing if she’s joking or serious. He tells her he never thought Connie would come back. She tells him think again.

Patrick attempts to explain to Anna that things were complicated between himself and Robin. She went to Africa. Anna furiously tells him how dare her daughter go to Africa in order to save HIV patients. And he could not be faithful. Did he hook up with this other woman to get back at Robin for taking him away from his playboy days and expecting him to be a husband and father? She cries and tells him she wanted him to be the right man for her daughter. But he broke her heart and now she’s dead.

Johnny tells Carly that she tells him that Sam cannot stand there being any other woman in Jason’s life. But from where he’s standing, he tells Carly, it appears she (Carly) is the person who’s done that. He chose to marry Sam. But she tells him she understands Jason and knows that Sam has made the same mistake with him that the Quartermaines have made when they assumed that he was too emotionally fragile to know some realities in the world. He tells her that there is no comparison since Sam is Jason’s wife.

Sam protests that when he was ready to die and there was all the uncertainty that any type of surgery or drug would save him and he might die, she knows that both Patrick and Robin urged him to stay calm and not be stressed. And especially given that Robin sacrificed her life for him, she wanted to make certain that it was not in vain. Jason then tells her that it was in vain. Sam protests that Robin would have wanted Jason to be a father to his and Sam's baby and part of the baby's life. He tells her that Robin has a child and husband also. She cries and tells him she knows all about what has happened but she thought about what it would be like for her to go through the pregnancy and give birth to the baby and know that he or she will never know him. He asks why he did not get to make the decision regarding whether to save himself or Robin.

Patrick cries and tells Anna that he wants to give Emma the best life. He knows that she is angry. And he understands. If someone cheated on his daughter, he’d want to rip their head off. But he and Robin worked through this. She tells him she likes to think she will be able to see her daughter laughing and happy but now she only sees the pain that he caused her. He tells her that he has had the same thing happening to them him with his memories of Lisa trying to break them up. Anna then asks Patrick to tell her just what this woman did. He tells her that Lisa tried to kidnap Emma and held him and Robin at gun point. So he did what he had to do to save his family. She asks if sleeping with a homicidal maniac was justifiable. And she tells him that maybe she should take Emma away from him if he’s a target for endangerment.

Kate is now Connie and asks Sonny if he wishes he never met Connie. He tells her that he did not think that Connie would have had a future the way Kate did. Kate is the reason why they are together now. Hearing that, she appears insecure and worried and instantly turns back into the worried and “prudent” Kate.

Johnny tells Carly he believes that the whole reason she’s seeing him is to make Jason jealous. Wouldn’t she love it if he forgets all about Sam and comes rushing to her when he finds out they are together. She’d love that. Wouldn’t she? She tells him she doesn’t have to pull any stunts to get Jason’s attention. He then asks her if she’s really so secure that she has this perfect bond with Jason even though he’s married to someone else. She tells him Jason is finally going to realize that Sam has just proven that she is not the right person for him.

Jason tells Sam he’s not angry at her for initially lying to him. He’s angry at her for continuing to lie after she knew that he was all right. She urged not only Patrick but Molly and Alexis and everyone to lie for her. The only person who had the guts to tell him the truth was Carly. She tells him that Carly did not care about him. She just wanted to prove to him that she knows him better than Sam does. He then tells Sam that maybe Carly does.

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