GH Update Monday 3/12/12

General Hospital Update Monday 3/12/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr Manning confronts Michael Corinthos in her hospital room. She furiously cries and tells him that he not only failed to save her little girl and her baby’s father. He knew that his father shot out the tires of the man whose car ran into hers and caused the accident. He protests that you cannot be sure that it was his father, Sonny. She then demands to know who it could be.

Kate/Connie is on the phone making a call when Ian finds her and wants to know what is going on.

Dr. Steven weber tells Olivia that he has been responsible for a patient’s death.

Carly talks to Blair Cramer (mom of Starr Manning, ex-wife of Todd) at The Metro Court and tells her she would not worry about "this Todd guy” going after Sonny Corinthos. Carly knows her ex-husband can fend for himself. But B lair reminds her hat her own ex-husband is a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to his family. The two women are very surprised to find out that they are the respective ex-wives of the two men in question.

Todd goes to find Sonny and asks if he’s Sonny Corinthos. Sonny asks who wants to know. Todd tells him he wants to know. He is Todd Manning, grandfather of the little girl whom Sonny killed.

Steven informs Olivia that he had a patient from the Memphis prison that was transported and in a coma. He was young. There was no guarantee he’d regain consciousness but otherwise would have had a normal life. He was a prisoner who was unredeemable. And at the same time, Maggie had an innocent little girl who needed a heart transplant. And it was too late to save her when this guy was the only match. He is distraught and admits to her that caused the death of this guy in order to save her life. He’s not proud of what he did but he ended the life of someone unredeemable and saved the life of someone who deserved a chance.

Lulu goes to see Dante and his partner at work. Johnny Zacarra comes by and asks if the cops let Sonny out on bail after killing a child and her father. He asks Dante if he’d let Sonny get away with that just because Sonny is his father.

Kate/Connie informs Ian that she heard that Sonny shot out Anthony Zacarra’s tires which caused Anthony’s car to go out of control, resulting in the death of a young father and a little girl. So she has some real concerns about what she’s going to do that.

At The Metro Court, Carly informs Blair that Sonny got arrested the previous night.

At the hospital, Michael explains to Starr that his father and Anthony and their families have been feuding for many years. She cries and tells him she knows all too well with her own family and her father’s wanting to get revenge upon her uncle. She tells Michael that this has to stop when it results in the death of innocent lives.

Carly tells Blair she’s so sorry for what happened to Blair’s granddaughter. They discover that Carly’s son Michael tried and failed to save them. Blair tells Carly and believes he’s a great boy and he saved her daughter’s life. But she is not ok with Sonny and wants him to pay. She also informs Carly that she wants Todd to pay for the things he’s been doing for too long.

Todd goes to confront Sonny who wants to avoid the conversation telling him that maybe he should not believe everything he hears. But Todd tells him they are not done.

Steven demands that Olivia tells him what she thinks about what he knowingly did. She asks if he could just give her a second after dropping a bomb shell like this upon her. He asks her if this is going to break them up.

At the police station, Dante asks Johnny what he’s doing there. Johnny replies that only the previous night, Dante’s father held a revolver on him in front of many people and threatened to kill him and Anthony. It’s obvious what he did and he’s out of police custody. In response to that, Dante tells Johnny maybe instead of assuming that Sonny has done wrong, Johnny should go and find his grandfather who’s also gone missing. Johnny tells Dante it’s obvious the cops are not going to do their job so he is going to do what he has to do.

Todd Manning and Sonny talk have a “face off”. Todd tells Sonny that he is not going to let him get away with what he did to Todd’s granddaughter.

Blair tells Carly that Todd wants to find their daughter and manipulate Starr in order to get her to love him. Carly seems to understand all too well what it’s like to have an ex with those unbelievable powers to manipulate their kids and ruin their lives in the name of love.

Starr asks Michael if he was with his father when he shot out the tires that killed her family. Michael tells her he did not hear or know about Sonny doing that. But at the time of the accident, he was riding around with his brother, Detective Dante Falconeri. She asks if the two of them were out riding around to find their mutual father knowing what he was going to do. Michael tells Starr if there was some way to make her believe him he would. But he swears on his little sister, Jocelyn’s life that he was not covering for his father after he shot out Anthony’s tires and has no evidence that he even did it. She asks in that case who did do it. He replies that it could be anyone. Anthony has many enemies.

Kate reveals to Ian that she’s not sure what is worse; the thought of Sonny being responsible for the death of a little girl or of Sonny being falsely accused of it.

Olivia angrily tells Steven that he’s a doctor and people trust him to do the right thing. And as logical that it may sound to sacrifice the bad kid for the good kid. Nobody can play God with things like that. He tells her that he made a choice that he has to live with. And the question is can she.

At the police station, Lulu tells Dante she bets that his police partner destroyed the files that could solve his case.

Kate/Connie tells Ian that she is having blackouts where she doesn’t remember anything. She discovered a gun in her office. It may not have been Sonny’s. She may have used it yet does not remember.

Michael tells Starr that he knows his father is capable of doing many bad things. If she’s read articles about Sonny Corinthos, he understands why she would be suspicious. He knows a lot of negative things about his father. But Sonny has done some good things also and he loves his father.

At the Metro court, Blair and Carly continue to talk about their similar situations about their respective ex’s and fathers of their children’s’ “patterns”. They both declare that they can divorce them but their kids cannot. They both want to hear all the stories about the similar situations of their multiple marriages and divorces to Todd manning and Sonny Corinthos respectively. They both talk about all of the times they have covered for their ex-husbands but how now is the time when they are both done with doing that.

Todd tells Sonny he will try to be “direct” to him. He asks Sonny if he (himself) was a problem for Sonny, would Sonny kill him? Sonny replies, very “calmly” that that could be arranged. And he turns to go out the door. Todd then pulls out his gun, points it at Sonny and tells him he will have to kill Sonny first.

Lulu asks if Dante believes that his partner might have deleted photos so he cannot find out what really happened in his investigation. She might be covering for someone, they assume. Right then, his partner runs into Johnny.

Kate/Connie asks Ian if she thinks that she went off with the gun, shot out Anthony’s tires to cause two people to be killed and she came home and acted as if nothing had happened. She tells him if he’s such a great psychiatrist, he needs to help her with that. He then confirms that he believes she did not do it. He asks how, then, the gun got inside her office.

Sonny tells Todd that he thinks what Todd needs to do is think about the family he has left. He tells Todd if he shoots him, he won’t get outside of it. He knows that if Todd pulls the trigger, Todd will be dead before Sonny hits the floor. Todd then thinks a while and then points his gun and Sonny as he concludes that’s fine with him as long as he makes the man who killed his granddaughter pays.

Carly and Blair talk and laugh and “bond” over their very similar lives with their respective kids’ fathers and how they keep going back. They both reflect how they’ve seen pictures of the other’s ex-husband and they both look hot. But they both see how those two men, messed up though they are, make their ex-wives feel alive.

Starr tells Michael she knows that her father is not perfect. In fact, after his last disaster, she swore that that was it. And right after Hope and Cole died, she opened her eyes in her hospital room to see her father. He did not listen to what she told him. She was so mad at him for everything that he’s done. But all of a sudden, it didn’t matter anymore. And all she wanted Todd to do was hold her and tell her everything would be ok. She breaks down crying. Michael tells her he understands. She tells him she hopes so because her dad said he’d make Michael’s dad pay for what he did to her daughter.

Todd tells Sonny that Port Charles is a “cute little town”. He knows how Sonny controls all the illegal activities in this town. There’s symmetry about how Sonny is going to make money form the gun that Todd has bought to blow him away. Sonny asks Todd what he has to do to make all of this go away. Todd tells him it’s very simple. What Sonny needs to do is die because he’s a child killing bastard. Todd, again, points the gun and gets ready to fire.

At the hospital, Steven tells Olivia he knows that she is very religious and how much her faith means to her. She tells his that this is not merely for her to judge. This is for him to work out with his own conscious. She knows she’s had a life with so many criminals. And that is one reason why she fell so hard for him. She believed that he was different. She tells him he clearly wanted to sacrifice one life for another. But is that his choice to make?

Johnny privately talks to Dante’s police partner and tells him that he knows he wants her to manufacture evidence. He then remembers Kate/Connie telling Sonny that she has to kick Sonny to the curb once and for all and can do it with his help.

Right then, Kate/Connie concludes to Ian that she believes that Johnny was the shooter. He was angry at his father and wanted to frame Sonny for the crime. And she knows that is what happened.

Starr finds out from Michael that Sonny has been arraigned and tells him she has to get out of the hospital right now, whether the staff want her to or not. She has to let it be known that Anthony knows who shot out his tires. He tells her he doesn’t want her to get his dad in trouble but can drive her to the police station and help her through this.

Blair and Carly drink and toast together and sound like they are going to become good friends with all the things they have in common. Blair then gets a call informing her that Starr has checked out of the hospital and his with Carly’s son. They are going to the court arraignment. Carly tells Blair they both must also get there.

In the empty courtroom, Sonny tells Todd that if he shoots Sonny, he’s making it that much easier for the real killer to get away with it. Todd cries and tells Sonny he cannot fix what has already happened. His daughter lost her little girl. He cannot fix the life that Sonny has so carelessly taken. But he can at least let his little girl know that justice has been served. Sonny then asks Todd what if he killed the wrong man. What will he have to give Starr then?

Dante’s partner asks if he has any idea how the photos he needs for evidence may have disappeared. She seems to know that he might be accusing her. He remarks to Lulu that she’s been transferred to many different precincts and know shtat somebody might be “motivating” her to manufacture or destroy evidence.

At the hospital, Steven tells Olivia that he’s worried that he could get found out and lose his job. It’s not just the two of them and Maggie that know what he did. Johnny Zacarra also knows.

Johnny goes to see Kate/Connie. She tells him she wondered when he was going to show up.

Right when Todd is ready to blow Sonny away, Carly, Blair, Starr and Michael all rush to prevent it from happening. Todd tells Michael he may now say good bye to his father. And we hear a shot fired.

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