GH Update Friday 3/9/12

General Hospital Update Friday 3/9/12


Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Michael walks up to Lulu who tells him that his father, Sonny, is being arraigned today.

Star wakes in her hospital room, her mother, Blair, comes in with flowers and words of encouragement for her. Star weeps as she tells her mother that she had a dream about Hope and Cole being stuck in the car (which is how they died when the car rolled down the embankment and blew up). She continues explaining, as her tears turn to anger, that she begged Michael to get her family out of the car and how he promised that he would. Blair assured Star that things will get better and that it is a miracle that she survived and they need to focus on her life. Pained, she turns away from her mother and says that her life was taken away from her.

Todd Manning runs into Carly at the Metro Court Hotel, where he has a room.

Back in Star's room, Blair tries to convince her daughter that she will pick herself up from this tragedy and that she is a strong Kramer woman with a lot of love and support. Star tells her mother that her father visited her yesterday. Hearing this angers Blair.

Todd and Carly discuss their attempts at visiting their loved ones in disguise (as hospital workers) yesterday. Todd was successful at visiting Star and felt good that he was there to comfort her and Carly was not so successful at her attempt to visit Jason.

At the courthouse, a handcuffed Sonny is escorted toward the court room. Kate stops them before they enter, she is upset that a gun was found in her office; Sonny assures it is not his gun.

At GH, Steve and Maggie are talking about how lockdown procedures need to be looked at in the wake of Robin's death. Olivia walks up and sees Maggie trying to comfort her beau and tells Maggie to get her hands off of him.

Michael and Lulu continue their conversation about Sonny. Lulu asks if he thought his father would go after Anthony for taking a shot at his son, Michael simply said that Anthony has a lot of enemies. Lulu, seeming to take the legal side irritates Michael and he tells her that it's obvious that she's already convinced that he's guilty.

Star tells her mother that when Todd visited her yesterday, he was dressed like a hospital orderly to get into her room, since he has been banned from visiting. Star explains to Blair that after talking to her father and hearing his side, she believes him and was glad to see him. This news upset Blair to the point of tears; she explains that she doesn't want Star to get her hopes up about him. Star raises her voice and says that at least her father isn't telling her to get over it and get on with her life.

Back at the Metro Court, still talking with Carly, Todd explains that he wasn't sure that his daughter even wanted to see him and reveals that he's in some trouble with the law. He tells Carly that they talked (he and Star) and now that he now knows that Sonny was responsible for the car crash, he's going to make things right.

Just outside of the court room, Kate and Sonny discuss the possible outcome of Sonny's arraignment over being suspected as the person who shot out Anthony's tires. He swears that he didn't leave a gun in Kate's office. Dante walks over and tells his father that he had motive and opportunity to be the one who shot at Anthony. Sunny tells Dante that this is a mistake and he needs to be looking for the real shooter.

Back at GH, Olivia, was angry at seeing Maggie with Steve again; they begin to argue. Steve defends that Robin's death brought up a lot of stuff for him, Olivia is understanding of his pain but not so understanding of Maggie's continuous hovering over her boyfriend and addresses this directly to Maggie. Olivia tells Maggie that she can't stand her.

Lulu tells Michael that she isn't judging Sonny, he disagrees. Michael sees a police report about the deaths of Abby's friends on the desk, he asks about it. Delores walks up and says the case is cold. Lulu informs her that is not entirely true.

Star apologizes for lashing out and Blair apologizes for rushing her daughter to get through her pain. Blair offers to listen to what Star and her father talked about. Star tells her mother that she told Todd about the accident, everything she knew, including that the man who ran into her and Cole's car (Anthony) let her use his cell phone to call 911 before he left the scene; that the man had to leave because Sonny Corinthos was after him and he couldn't stay. Blair quickly pulls up The Sun's front page with Sonny's face attached to the headline "Baby Killer". The Sun is the newspaper that Todd owns, back home in Llanview, PA.

Todd and Carly are still talking; he asks a favor; to help him get Sonny arrested. Carly informs him that Sonny is being arraigned right now; she informs Todd that Sonny is her ex husband.

Still outside the court room, Sonny tells Dante to investigate the accident further. Alexis walks up and is standing by Kate, overhearing Sonny talk to his son. Dante says the evidence is not in his favor and that he will do his job no matter how he feels personally.

Before entering the court room, Alexis asks for a word with Sonny and asks him if he did it. Sonny tells her that he was not on the road that night and did not shoot Anthony's tires out or kill Cole and Hope. Alexis reminds him that he has lied to her before; he says that he is not lying and would never ask her to defend him when it has to do with the death of a little girl. She says that she believes him; Sonny is thankful.

Michael tells Delores and Lulu that he would appreciate anything they can tell him about the case involving the man who was stalking the strippers. Lulu tells him that Dante found footprints in the alley where Delores was jumped; Delores tries to stop her from telling Michael about police evidence. Lulu continues and lets him know that the photos have now gone missing.

With Maggie standing near by, Steve apologizes to Olivia for not letting her know when he first contacted Maggie to come work at GH; Maggie jumps in the conversation to say that she is going to check in on one of their patients (goading Olivia into anger). Olivia starts to walk away angry, expressing her assumption that Steve is having an affair with Maggie. Steve stops her and says it's not an affair.

Inside the courtroom, Sonny tells Kate, that he's not lying about the gun and that it was planted there. Everyone rises as the judge enters then all are asked to take their seats; Alexis whispers to Sonny that she does not want any surprises.

The prosecutor brings Sonny's son, Detective Dante Falconeri, to the stand; to tell the facts of the case. Dante begins to tell the court what happened on the night of February 28th, 2012, when he arrived at the scene of the fatal car accident.

Dante says that the accident was caused by Anthony Zacchara's car, which spun out of control after the two rear tires were shot out and that the bullets found in the tires match a gun found in Kate Howard's office.

Star is reading the article from her father's newspaper, where the headline calls Sonny a baby killer. Concerned, Blair informs her daughter that Todd could be sued for liable with this sort of article and that Sonny Corinthos is a dangerous man to go after. Blair tries to explain that things can become violent, Star expresses that her dad can handle himself. Seething with anger Star adds that if Sonny killed Hope and Cole, she doesn't care what happens to him (Sonny).

Speaking with Carly, an agitated Todd asks why she didn't mention sooner, that she was once married to Sonny. Carly says that she didn't want to add to his pain. Todd fishes for information about Sonny, Carly shares that she's not protecting Sonny and that he may not even be guilty.

In court, Dante continues to explain what he found at the accident scene and states that whoever shot out the two tires on Anthony's car is who caused the accident and the deaths of Cole Thornhart and Hope Manning.

As the judge thanks Detective Falconeri for his testimony and dismisses him from the stand, Kate has a strange look on her face as she holds and looks at Dr. Ewen Keenan's business card. The judge rules that sufficient evidence has been presented to charge Sonny with attempted murder and vehicular manslaughter.

As Sonny's lawyer, Alexis stands before the judge and states that the charges were rushed and the gun found can not be traced to her client. Asking for dismissal of the charges, Alexis states that Ms. Howard's office has a common elevator and anyone could have planted the gun there. Kate, appearing to be a little out of it, continues to focus on Ewen's business card and phone number as the judge denies Alexis' motion to dismiss the charges.

Steve begins to explain to a very angry Olivia, that Maggie made up the affair. Maggie asks Steve not to continue. Steve tells Maggie that Olivia deserves to know the truth.

Lulu and Michael continue their conversation about the missing photos of footprints found in the alley (where Delores was assaulted). Lulu changes the subject to how lucky Star was that Michael was there to help her. Michael focuses on the pain that you go through when you lose someone you love, that Star lost her family and wants justice and how he wants the same for Abby's death.

A grieving Star walks over to her mother who comforts her, she tells her daughter that revenge is not her style, it's her father's. Star reveals that Cole asked her to marry him, anger stirring; she tells her mother that is what Sonny took from her, her chance at a happy life. Blair holds her daughter and says that all she cares about is her (Star); that she doesn't want her talking about revenge.

In the courtroom, the prosecuting attorney requests for Sonny to be held without bail due to being a flight risk. Alexis assures that Sonny will not flee, as his children are here and the evidence is circumstantial with no witnesses to tie her client to the gun or the shooting.

Todd expresses to Carly that he thinks she won't allow herself to believe that Sonny would kill a child and lie about it. She says that she does not want to believe that. Todd asks her if she has lied to avoid getting into trouble, of course she says that she has.

Carly tells Todd that the police in Port Charles have been trying to convict Sonny for years and that whether he did cause this accident or not, they will look to convict him before looking for another person to charge. Carly reminds Todd that it was Michael who helped Star get to the hospital and did everything he could to get Cole and Hope out of the car that night and that today, Sonny is being arraigned and it is in the courts' hands to convict him or not. Before walking away, Todd responds with sarcasm that he can leave town knowing justice has been done.

Olivia, angry that Steve has been keeping a secret about himself and Maggie asks for the truth. Maggie does her best to try to keep him from spilling the dirt but Steve says Olivia deserves to know. Maggie's pager goes off, before she leaves, she tells Olivia that she will regret asking to know what's going on.

With Michael gone, Delores, having heard everything that Lulu and Michael discussed, tells Lulu she should not be giving out information about an ongoing case to a civilian. Lulu defends that Michael is Abby's family. Delores says that he's also the son of a local mob boss, Lulu counters that Dante is also Sonny's son. Lulu believes that Delores may have deleted the photos on Dante's computer and makes accusatory statements to Delores.

In court, the prosecutor begs the judge not to set bail; bail is set at 1.5 million dollars and court is adjourned. Sonny asks Kate to get Bernie to put up the bail; he goes to Dante and lets him know that he appreciates that his son was fair.

Blair tells Star that if Sonny is responsible for what happened to Hope and Cole, he will be brought to justice. Star tells her mother that Sonny and the guy who took her to the hospital (Michael) have the same last name. Blair reminds her daughter that Michael never left her side; Star wonders what he was doing on the road that night. Blair suggests that she get some rest, kisses her forehead and leaves the room. With her mother's tablet, Star does an internet search on Sonny and sees that Michael is Sonny's son. Michael taps on her door and asks if it's okay that he visits.

As the courtroom has cleared, Alexis informs Sonny that his bail has been posted, before walking out she tells him to stay out of trouble. Sonny thanks Kate for being there for him and tells her to go, they kiss and she leaves him alone in the court room. Outside the courtroom, she calls Ewen and leaves an urgent message for him to call her back.

Olivia tells Steve that he's freaking her out. Steve tells her that Maggie lied about them having an affair to cover for him having killed someone.

Delores and Lulu argue about the missing evidence that could catch the guy who attacked her. Dante walks in and asks them to keep it down and asks what is going on.

Back in Star's room, Michael asks her if she needs anything. She appears angry and he asks her if he has done something wrong. She lashes back about him not saving Cole and Hope; he asks if there is something besides that. She yells, asking him why he didn't tell her that it was his father who killed her family.

Blair arrives at The Metro Court bar in need of a drink. Carly informs her that they are not open yet. Blair tells her that she is a big tipper. Seeing her distress, Carly offers her a drink on the house. Blair asks for a scotch on the rocks and discovers that she is speaking with the owner of the place. With this information, she asks if Todd Manning has registered as a guest. Carly covers and tells her the name does not sound familiar.

To be sure, Blair describes Todd as a man who has a scar on his face. She sees a look on Carly's face and responds, "So you have seen him..." Carly responds casually that he was there and left. Blair asks where he went. Carly shrugs and says she doesn't know. Blair tells Carly that Todd is dangerous and she shouldn't protect him. Carly asks why that should matter to her. Blair takes a sip of her scotch and says that she thinks he is going after a man named Sonny Corinthos.

Still in the court room, Sonny leaves a telephone message for Bernie to call him back. Todd enters the room, Sonny's back to him; he calmly says the name Sonny Corinthos. Sonny turns around to face Todd, a man he has never met.

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