GH Update Monday 3/5/12

General Hospital Update Monday 3/5/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Luke goes to find a devastated Robert Scorpio and tell shim even if he wants to be left alone, he will not let his old friend take the easy way out.

At the police station, Mac does to want to talk to an attendant and angrily tells her that they must do something to find out who shot out the tires that caused Starr Manning’s little girl and boyfriend to be killed. He then notices Anna enter.

Carly goes to find Sonny and reminds him that Dante wanted him to stay in the hospital the previous night. She asks him if he did that or if he left and went out to make things worse in his altercation with Johnny and Anthony Zacchara.

Starr Manning awakens and tells her mom that she remembers trying and failing to rescue Cole and Hope She remembers a guy (Michael) who saved her and attempted to help them. But she realizes she had not heard about her boyfriend and baby daughter being saved. She yells and demands to know what happened. From outside the door, Michael listens.

Kate goes to find Johnny Zacchara and clarifies to him that her name is Connie.

At the station, Mac asks Anna if she thinks he’s as big an ass as people have told her given his mood form losing his niece. She tells him that he has good reason to be upset. But they both know that Robert is missing and might do something he could regret.

Robert tells Luke that he is considering ending it all as he stands by the ledge of a bridge and asks Luke how he found him. Luke tells Robert he remembers this place where Robert and his daughter used to go and when they used to go bungee jumping. Robert tells Luke he remembers his daughter coming there to release Stone’s ashes. She used to come there every morning. He can picture his little girl all be herself. Where was her father? Where was that guy? Where was he yesterday or back then? Where was he? Luke tells Robert if he had known that robin needed him, nothing would have stopped him from being there for her. He reminds Robert that he’s lead quite an adventure. Robert remarks that he got to see his daughter before him. Luke realizes there is nothing worse than that. Robert remembers how he could risk his own life and be unafraid of danger but could not save his own child.

Matt the doctor comes to see Elizabeth at Patrick’s home and asks how his brother has been. She tells him that she and Patrick have tried to talk to Emma and see how to break the news to her hat her mommy is not coming back.

Dante goes to ask Maxie who might have been in Kate’s office while she’s s been gone. She asks him what the big secret is.

Carly reminds Sonny that she knows he’s not ok after having lost one of his best friends and having lost Kate. But he does not want to talk about that and tells her maybe she needs to concentrate on her own life and the fact that she's making a major mistake which is Johnny Zacchara.

Johnny tells Kate/Connie that he knows how hard she worked to shed that Bensonhurst skin. She is ready to come on to him and realizes that Kate Howard is there.

In Starr’s hospital bed, Blair tells her daughter that the boy who found her (Michael) did everything he could to save Hope and Cole but there’s nothing anyone could have done. But Starr is hysterical and distraught and does not want to hear or accept that.

Luke tells Robert he knows that there’s nothing worse than losing a child. He thought Lucky might die but he came back. Robert tells him he knows that his (Robert’s) little girl is never coming back. She was burned to death. Robin needed him and he was nowhere to be found.

Starr hysterically tells her mom this cannot be happening. Blair asks her daughter just what she needs from her. Starr tells her mom she can bring Cole and Hope back to her. They were finally together and were ready to be a family. Blair tells her daughter she knows that nothing about this is fair. But they will always love her. And she promises her daughter she will get through this. Michael listens at the door as Starr furiously asks her mom why “that guy” promised to save them but did not.

Carly tells Sonny maybe she wanted to help him by preventing him from going after Johnny. He tells her that she needs to know that Johnny Zacchara is after her in order to get back at Sonny.

Johnny is with Kate/Connie who tells him she’s done with Sonny. He tells her he does not know what is going on with her but she needs to get out of his apartment. But she tells him she knows that he wants Connie and has no interest in Kate. She wants to seduce him and reminds him that it’s not herself. It’s Kate. She’s the one with the problem.

Spinelli tells Maxie he realizes that she has every right to be upset and maybe take some time off of work after her cousin and best friend died. But she does not want to face it.

Luke tells Robert this is not like him. Robert does not give up. He is Robert Scorpio. Robert asks Luke how many explosions he’s lived through and has saved so many people who meant nothing to him. And the one person he wanted and needed to save he could not. Robert tells Luke that his daughter saved his life but he could not return the favor when she needed him. He tells Luke he does not deserve his daughter’s love. He does not deserve anything. And it looks like he’s ready to jump.

Carly tells Sonny that he is her ex-husband and still considers her his personal property. He just can’t stand to have her with Johnny. He tells her she needs to know that Johnny is trouble. She tells him he has not made any better of a judgment call with Johnny.

Kate/Connie tells Johnny that she knows that Kate has done some very stupid things. So she (Connie) has to take over in order to protect people from getting killed.

At the station, Anna asks Mac if he thinks it’s a bad idea for her to send Luke out to find Robert. He tells her not if Luke can help Robert pull himself together. She tells him that Luke will. He has to.

Right then, Luke prevents Robert from jumping off the ledge. Luke tells Robert that he cannot be expected to have psychic powers to know when there was a gas leak at the hospital. Hovering over his grown daughter throughout her life would not have done any good. Robert tells Luke that he was never there for his daughter. Luke tells him that at least he (Robert) did not kill a 4 year old. That “prize”, Luke tells him goes to himself. (Luke)

Elizabeth tells Matt that he needs to go and find Maxie.

Spinelli finds Maxie and tells her that it’s a natural grieving process to admit to how she feels about the loss of Robin. She tells him that nothing she can say or do is going to bring her cousin back. She relied on Robin throughout her life. He tells her that being in denial and pretending she does not have feelings is not going to take the pain away. She tells Spinelli maybe he needs to go home and pack instead of worrying about her.

Kate/Connie tells Johnny that she needs his help.

Carly tells Sonny that sooner or later, Kate is going to show her true colors. She knows that Kate may not be able to handle what has happened or be able to be a part of his destructive life.

Starr cries and tells her mom that maybe Cole and baby Hope have escaped from the car and are trying to find their way back. But Blair tells her daughter that the car exploded on impact and Cole and Hope are gone. She holds her daughter while Starr cries hysterically.

Sonny asks Carly why she thinks she’s the only woman strong enough to handle his life. She tells him because she is. They have too long of a history together with their kids and their mutual best friend. And he needs to know that Kate is not going to be able to handle his lifestyle. He tells her that he and Kate have a real relationship not like the “kiddy games” she plays with Johnny. Right then, Michael comes out to see his parents and inform them that the girl he saved, Starr Manning, just woke up and found out her boyfriend and little girl are dead.

Dante’s police partner tells him she needs him to tell her what is going on with his evidence about how Anthony’s tires got shot out. And they conclude that they might be able to find “their guy” and put two criminals behind bars today.

Maxie tells Spinelli that he has been a really good friend and has offered her support regarding Robin. But life moves on. She is getting back with Matt and he has to move out. And she appreciates his help and is sorry of he does to believe she’s grieving the way she should, but she assures him she’s ok. But he reminds her that she helped him to release something about himself and he needs for her to let him help her.

Luke informs Robert for the first time that he was driving drunk and did not see Lucky’s son in the street. And he didn’t know he was responsible for the little boy’s death until it was too late. He’s been haunted by it for a long time and do you think he did not want to end his life over it? Robert remarks that he can see that Luke is still there. Luke tells Robert so is he.

Michael tells his mom he’s afraid that Starr will never speak to him again. She asks if they ever found out who shot out Anthony’s tire. Sonny stands beside them silently knowing what they are suspecting but tells them they need to know that he had nothing to do with that crash. Michael then tells his mom he wants to go and see Jason and wants her to come with him. But she reminds her son that she is banned from seeing Jason. Sam won’t let her. Alone with Sonny, Carly tells Sonny he must know that suspicion surrounds him about shooting out Anthony’s tires and causing the death of Starr Manning’s little girl. And she asks him if he thinks that Kate will stand by him or if she’ll just run like she’s always done when being with him is too much pressure.

Kate (Connie) tells Johnny that she has to put Kate to rest. She knows that Kate is hung up on Sonny and going to get herself killed. So she needs to smarten up and be Connie.

Maxie leaves Spinelli and remembers what he was telling her regarding needing to realize that she should be devastated over the loss of Robin. She then just about falls over when Matt catches her and asks if she’s ok.

Luke tells Robert that he had good reason to take his own life not long ago but got over it. Robert tells Luke that his (Luke’s) situation is a little different. All of Luke’s kids are alive and well. He only had one child and she’s gone. But right then, Luke clarifies to Robert for the first time that that Is not true. Robert asks him what he’s talking about. Luke then informs Robert that Ethan is not his son. He’s Robert’s.

Kate (Connie) tells Johnny that he’s her kind of man. Not Sonny. She knows that Kate is not going to break up with Sonny. So he will have to break up with her. He tells her that he doubts Sonny will let her go. She then tells Johnny that that is where he (Johnny) comes in.

Sonny tells Carly that what he does is his business. She tells him that that’s not the case when he could be responsible for the death of two innocent people. That affects other people besides him.

While Starr rests in her hospital room, Blair leaves a message for Todd, her daughter’s father, asking him to call her. But as soon as she walks out, Todd is standing outside the door.

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