GH Update Friday 3/2/12

General Hospital Update Friday 3/2/12


Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly's Diner, Anna is sitting in a chair; Luke comes from behind to offer his condolences on Robin's death.

At Johnny's place, Carly is dressing as she talks with Johnny about Robin's death.

At GH, Monica discusses Jason's excellent vital signs, the subject changes to Robin's death and how it may have affected the surgery Patrick did on Jason.

Kate and Sonny are together at her office, the bloody wedding dress in the background as they talk about their relationship.

At GH, Michael talks to an unconscious Star Manning, just then, Star's mother, Blair, arrives at the GH nurses station and asks Epiphany where her daughter is. Epiphany provides information to Blair about Star, and then Blair asks about Cole and Hope (her granddaughter).

Kate and Sonny continue to discuss their relationship and where it might go. Kate expresses that she can not continue with it the way that it is now (she is afraid of his dangerous mob boss lifestyle). Sonny tries to convince Kate to move forward and stop living in the past (referring to the day she was shot on their wedding date).

Anna and Luke discuss her shock at losing her daughter, Robin, so suddenly. Luke offers his hankie to her as she expresses how unfair it is that Robin overcame so much. Luke confirms that Anna and Robert made her strong. They discuss how Robin dedicated her life to helping others.

Johnny and Carly talk about how Jason has always been there for her and she needs to be there for him.

Monica tells Sam that it's too soon to give a post op decision and that on paper the remedy looks perfect and so far his vitals are good but they really have to wait and see. Monica confirms that Sam did the right thing by not telling Jason that Robin died and they should wait until Patrick gives the okay to give news like that to Jason.

Epiphany just told Blair that Cole and Hope died in the car crash. Blair is crying as she asks to see her daughter. Epiphany escorts Blair to her daughter's bedside, where Michael sits with her. Blair, still crying, goes to her daughter, Michael introduces himself as the person who found Star and took her to the hospital, he explained that the car lost control and hit a guard rail. Blair asks about Cole and Hope.

Back at Kelly's, Anna and Luke continue their talk about the hospital accident which cost Anna and Robert their daughter. Anna tells Luke that she called Robert and he is in town and that she is worried he will do something stupid.

Anthony shows up at Johnny's place, hurt from the car crash that caused Star and Cole's car to go off the road. He told his grandson that he needs to hide or he's a dead man.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Dante asks where Anthony is and tells her that he caused an accident that killed two people.

Anthony and Johnny talk about how Anthony thinks Sonny is who was following him on the road (before the accident) and that if Jason were not in the hospital he would probably be dead. Anthony swears that he was not the person who shot at Dante. Anthony says that he needs to get out of town because he believes Sonny is after him. He tells Johnny that both tires were shot out and it was Sonny who did it.

Sonny and Kate talk about how she feels like she is on the outside, when it comes to his kids. Sonny tells her that his love for his kids is very different than what he feels for her and it scares him. Kate starts to cry because she is so afraid, Sonny assures her that they have survived a difficult moment and can put this behind them.

Michael explains to Blair what he did to help Star; Blair makes sure that he knows how much she appreciates his rescue of her Daughter. He explained that he did not say anything about Cole and Hope and that he spoke to her before she lost consciousness and she seems brave. A crying Blair tells Michael that the news of Hope and Cole's death should come from her and confirmed to Michael that Star is very brave.

Anna tells Luke that Mac tried to stop Robert from going into the Morgue to see Robin's body, and then left without letting anyone know where he went. She shows Luke a text message from Robert that sounds like a possible suicide threat and asks Luke for help to find him.

Blair asks Michael for details of the accident. Michael gives her the small bit of info that he has.

Tracy asks Dante why he's questioning her and not out finding the person who shot at her husband, Anthony; his father, Sonny.

Sonny tosses the bloody dress aside and tells Kate that life is too short and he wants to spend whatever time is left, with her.

Sam walks into Jason's room and finds Carly sitting with him. As he sleeps, Sam tells Carly that she needs to leave. Carly asks if the drug Robin made worked, Sam informs her that so far it looks good but they don't know anything at the moment. Sam tells Carly not to dump her crap on Jason and made it clear that she is not welcome to wait by Jason's side.

A crying Kate tells Sonny that life is too short and she is sorry for a lot of things, including sleeping with him again. Sonny tries to calm her and tells her that she was just being honest and that everything needs to be out in the open. They hold hands, smile and kiss.

Johnny cleans off Anthony's wound as he asks about the accident. Anthony has a flashback to Star begging him to help her get Cole and Hope out of her car.

Michael tells Blair that he never saw the other driver but the police know who it is. Blair asks why the driver hasn't been arrested (having walked away from the accident).

Tracy tells Dante that Sonny was pointing a gun at Anthony last night and that she is sure that Sonny is responsible for the death of the two people at the accident scene. Dante tells her that Anthony left the scene of an accident and if she is covering for him that she will be arrested for aiding and abetting. Tracy promptly kicks him out of her house and grabs the news paper. Edward walks in the room happy as a lark on such a beautiful day.

Still in Jason's hospital room (him still asleep from after the surgery), Sam and Carly argue about Jason's best interest, Sam tells Carly to leave or she will have security throw her out. Carly tells Sam that Jason needs her since Robin is dead; Sam tells Carly that he does not know. This information shocks Carly and she tells Sam that it's stupid to keep it from him.

Tracy tells Edward to sit down and tells him that Robin died in a hospital accident. Edward asks how it happened, Tracy tells him and he begins to cry.

Luke reminds Anna that Robert is in pain and they shouldn't panic. Anna tells Luke that Robert thinks he should have been there to save her because he's the master of rescue. Luke says that does not mean he will do something to himself. Anna explained the look on Roberts face after seeing Robin's charred remains and asks Luke again to help her find him. Luke gets an idea, says that he will find Robert and leaves.

Carly and Sam step outside of Jason's hospital room and continue their argument about Jason's history with Robin and asks why she didn't tell Jason about her death. Carly tells Sam that she needs to tell him because he hates to be handled and says that she's telling him as soon as he wakes up. Sam says that is why she isn't going to allow Carly back in his room, because the news could cause Jason harm and she's going to tell him on her terms.

Sonny offers for Kate to go to his place for a nice dinner. Kate says she has some calls to make and will meet him later. They kiss and Sonny leaves. Kate looks at the bloody wedding dress on the floor; she picks it up, drapes it over a chair and walks to her desk to put on some perfume. She takes a lipstick from her purse and walks to the mirror and speaks to her reflection as she applies the lipstick, "I can't let you do this Kate."

At the hospital, outside of Jason's room, Carly and Sam are still arguing about what is best for Jason. Sam, as Jason's wife, tells Carly that she is not going anywhere near him. Carly tells Sam to try and stop her.

Blair and Michael discuss the accident and how Anthony walked away from the scene of an accident where two people are dead. Star wakes up and calls out for her mom. Blair goes to her daughter, Michael ducks out of the room but listens from outside, and he hears Star ask where Hope and Cole are.

Anthony tries to convince Johnny that he has nowhere else to go. Johnny tells his grandfather that he can stay there, a relieved Anthony heads upstairs to clean up. Someone knocks on the door; it's a very painted up Kate Howard.

Dante walks into Kate's office calling for her, he sees the bloody wedding dress, and then he sees a gun under a dresser.

At the hospital, Sonny gets off the elevator and sees Carly walking with Epiphany. Carly tells her that Jason would want to see her. Epiphany tells Carly that he can't tell her that himself and Sam is his wife and has banned her (Carly) from his room. Epiphany also says that if Carly continues with this demand, she will ban Carly from the entire hospital. With that, Epiphany walks away. Sonny walks over to Carly and asks if everything is okay. Carly says she doesn't know because Sam has banned her from seeing him but that Sam did say he is okay. Sonny bows his head and tells Carly that for a moment he forgot that Robin is dead because his instinct is to ask her how Jason is. Carly starts to cry and hugs Sonny.

Sam sits at her husbands' bed, holding his hand, talking to him. She asks him to understand why she couldn't tell him (about Robin).

Edward questions why the good people die and the bad people get to continue on. Edward looks up to the heavens and talks to Robin, he says she is with the angels and his beloved Lila, RIP.

Anna looks at a picture of when she and Robert were married and says to it that she is not going to lose him too.

Robert is standing on the ledge of a bridge, Luke walks up on him.

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