GH Update Thursday 3/1/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/1/12


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Carly tries to sneak out of Johnnyís apartment, but he sees her and asks if he doesnít get a kiss goodbye. He amusedly says he thinks his feelings are hurt.

At Crimson, Kate asks what Sonny is doing there. He says he didnít like the way they left things. She says they didnít leave anything; she walked out. He says it doesnít have to be that way. She shows him her bloody wedding dress saying that is the reason.

At Wyndemere, Luke asks Holly if he or Robert Scorpio is Ethanís father. Holly says she lied.

At the Drake house, Anna tells Patrick that Robin meant the world to Robert and Robert is angry. She says she has the feeling that Robert is going to do something. Patrick tells her to go find Robert and he will tell Emma about Robinís death.

At General hospital, Mac stops Robert from going into the morgue.

At Johnnyís apartment, Carly says she didnít want to wake up Johnny. He implies that she didnít want him to get any sleep before. He asks her to stay for breakfast. She says she has to get home to Josselyn. He kisses her neck and convinces her to stay.

At Crimson, Kate asks Sonny if he remembers the dress. He says of course he remembers her wedding dress and asks why she has it. She tells him that she keeps it to remind her of the violence that touches everyone close to him. He protests that she was aware of the violent nature of his life. She concludes to him that he wants her to deny it or hope for the best and admits that she had hoped her love for him would be worth it. She tells him she gave him everything but he was unwilling to do one thing for her and not go after Anthony Zacchara. He reminds her that Anthony put the hole in her dress and concludes that he should have gone after him years ago. She wonders why since there will always be someone else with a gun. He says he has to protect the people he loves. She tells him that violence is not protecting. She tells him he should stop the violence by doing nothing. He tells her that will only give his enemies more power. She says she asked him to do one thing on the night that he already had a bullet in him and he couldnít do it so they are over because they canít be fixed.

At Wyndemere, Holly says she is sorry for lying to them in front of Helena. Luke asks if she means Dodge really is his son. She says yes. Luke commends her quick thinking that saved Dodge. Ethan asks her why she happened to be in Port Charles. She tells him that Luke asked her to visit because Ethan had fallen for a con-woman. Ethan says Cassandra wasnít a con-woman; she was a pawn. He tells them that he did love her and she was killed because she loved him.

At the Drake house, Patrick tells Anna about when he met Robin. Anna tells Patrick about when Robin was a little girl. She tells him that Emma will need him now. Patrick wonders if he will be able to be the father that Emma needs. Anna tells him to have the faith in himself that Robin had in him.

At the morgue, Robert tells Mac that he canít stop him from seeing Robin. Mac assures him that he doesnít want to remember Robin this way. He says Robin would want him to remember her the way she was. Robert sucker punches Mac and locks himself in the morgue.

Johnny and Carly are making out standing up in Johnnyís living room. She says she canít do that. He says they just did, several times. She says she is still married. He says he doesnít care. She asks what would happen if Michael found out. He asks her if she makes a habit of discussing her sexual exploits with her son. She says their actions will affect other people. He asks if she means sonny, and points out that sonny already saw her there wearing only a robe. She asks if she is a way to provoke sonny. He promises that he would never use her and says what sonny did is not her fault. She says it actually is.

At Wyndemere, Ethan tells Luke and Holly that Cassandra didnít deserve to die. Ethan vows that Helena will know what it is to suffer the way Cassandra suffered. Holly warns that Helena will come after him. Luke says Helena is his to handle. Ethan says not anymore. Luke asks him not to let Helena get another shot at him. Holly asks him not to throw his life away on revenge. Luke says parents should never outlive their children.

At the General Hospital Morgue, Robert uncovers Robinís face and sobs.

At Johnnyís place, he and Carly are dressed and he asks her what is going on. She tells him that he had more to do with the truth coming out about Claudia than he realizes. She tells him that after she offered to sleep with him to save Michael, she went to Luke to ask for help sp that she wouldnít have to do it. She tells him that Luke found the birth certificate. Johnny concludes that Luke sold the birth certificate to sonny. Carly says she is sorry for putting Luke up to digging into his past.

At Crimson, Sonny tells Kate that he doesnít want her to doubt what he feels about her. She asks him where she fits into his universe and if her needs count. He says of course they do. She says he should be able to understand why she doesnít want him running after Anthony Zacchara. Sonny protests that Anthony tried to kill his son. Kate tells him he could press charges and testify in court. Sonny says he doesnít work that way. She says she knows that and she deluded herself into thinking she could have a relationship with him. She says she told herself that she could support his need to protect his children, but running after someone with a gun isnít her idea of protection so she canít be with him; she canít have him in her life. He says it was one night. She says she knows one night will turn into another night, another enemy, another gun. He says she is upset right now. She says she is upset because she saw his blood on the garage floor and it brought back memories. She reminds him that she has been shot twice while she was with him and most people never get shot once. He asks her to hear him out. She says the only thing she wants to hear is that he didnít go after Anthony.

At the Drake house, Patrick looks at pictures and wonders how he can have this conversation with his daughter. He tells Robinís picture that he canít believe he has to explain the concept of death to their little girl. He says he doesnít know if he can help Emma go on without Robin. He says he doesnít know if he can do it alone. There is a knock on the door. Elizabeth comes in.

Anna arrives at the morgue. Mac tells her that Robert is inside with Robin with the door locked. Anna knocks with no response so she goes to find security to open the door.

In the morgue, Robert re-covers Robinís face, cries, and remembers meeting her when she was little. He says out loud that it isnít his baby. Robin appears in front of him and says it is. He is relieved that she is there so the body must not be hers. She assures him that her cause of death was suffocation. She asks him where he was and why he didnít save her. He says he is sorry. She says it is a little late for sorry and disappears.

Anna returns to the morgue and opens the door with a key. Robert walks out and continues to walk away. Mac keeps Anna from going after him. Anna says Robert is not ok. Mac tells her that Robert needs some time. He says he will follow Robert and make sure he is ok. Anna opens the morgue door and looks inside.

At the Drake house, Elizabeth hugs Patrick and tells him she is sorry. She tells him that Lulu called and told her, but she canít believe this is happening. He confides to her that he thought for a moment that it was Robin knocking on the door and that it was just a nightmare. He tells her that Jasonís protocol worked. He says he just finished the procedure and it appears that Jason will pull through as always. Elizabeth thanks him. Patrick says Jason will have a long, happy life, but Robin wonít and neither will he and Emma. Elizabeth says that when Robin thought her meds were failing, she asked her to look after Emma and he, and she promised that she would. She says she isnít going to break that promise.

At Johnnyís apartment, Carly says she understands if this changes things for him, but she wants him to know that she didnít deliberately set out to hurt him. He says that is debatable. She said she thought she would find something like he cheated on his income taxes or had a warrant in another state. He asks her if it didnít occur to her that a zacchara would have darker skeletons than that. She says no, because he is nothing like Anthony and she certainly didnít think he would hide something like that. He says he wasnít the one hiding it. He tells her that he can understand why she went to Luke because it makes sense to blackmail him instead of sleeping with him. She admits that it wasnít her finest moment. He says her methods were questionable but he can understand her intentions; she was trying to keep her kid out of the business. Johnny tells Carly that he supposes he had to find out the truth eventually. She says that when he sorts it out, he can let it go. He doesnít think so. She tells him that the choices and mistakes that were made werenít his. Johnny says Sonny made a lot of wrong choices and he is going to pay for them.

At Crimson, Sonny says Anthony tried to kill Kate on their wedding day. Kate observes that Sonny managed to overlook it for years. He says he should have avenged her sooner. She tells him that he is deliberately missing the point; neither she nor Dante want to be avenged. She says they just want him to be safe, whole, and not facing murder charges. He says he has never been convicted. She tells him they donít need to play word games. She tells him the point is that she asked him not to go after Anthony and he did it anyway. He again asserts that he was protecting the people he cares about. He says he heard her making demands that she knew he couldnít meet. He asks her why it is so hard to meet a demand that he not go out and shoot a man. He says she knows that is who he has always been and she loves him anyway, just like he knows who she is. She tells him he has no idea who she is. He tells her that he grew up scared and desperate and turned himself into a powerful person just like she left Connie behind to become Kate. She tells him that she left him on that street corner for a reason and now she thinks she was smarter back then. He tells her that he is both Connie, the first girl to break his heart and she is also Kate, the last girl that he wants to break it. He asks her to tell him that they are not over.

At Wyndemere, Luke suggests that Ethan hold off on his vengeance until he has a plan. Ethan says he needs time alone to say goodbye to Cassandra. He thanks Holly for her timely arrival. He says he is glad Luke is ok. Holly hugs Ethan and says he will be ok too. Ethan leaves. Holly says Luke says exactly what Ethan needed to hear. She observes that all loves matter whether they last a moment or a lifetime. He says he meant what he said. He thanks her for heeding his call and that the cavalry never looked so good. he tells her to lie to Helena all she wants as long as she doesnít lie to him. Holly predicts that Helena wonít be happy when she gets the DNA results. She says it isnít over. Luke says there is no way in hell he is letting Helena harm his son and that he is long overdue for ripping her head off.

At Crimson, Sonny tells Kate that he needs her in his life and he is asking for her help. He tells her that Robin Scorpio died last night in an accident in the hospital lab. Kate says she is sorry. Sonny says Robin was like a little sister to him. She asks if it was because of Stone. He says it was more than that and covers his face with his hands, weeping. Kate cries too. Sonny says he and robin were like family and then for whatever reason he let her drift away, and now she is gone. He tells Kate that he canít lose another person that is close to him. He says there are things that he wanted to say but didnít and he canít make it right with robin, but he wants to make it right with Kate because he loves her. She kisses him and says she loves him too.

At Johnnyís apartment, Johnny tells Carly that he will deal with Sonny in his own way when he is ready. Carly suggests that instead of dealing with Sonny, Johnny and Sonny could each live his own life and run his own business. Johnny says it seems Carly is protecting Sonny again. She says she is trying to protect Johnny from his impulses. He asks her to stay. They kiss.

Anna goes into the morgue. She walks over to the slab and is about to pull down the cover from Robinís face when her phone rings. It is a text message that says ďIím sorry. I canít do this. I love you.Ē

At Crimson, Sonny and Kate continue kissing and pulling at each otherís clothes. He lays her down on her desk.

At Johnnyís apartment, he and Carly make love. Carly turns on the TV to check the weather. They see the news report about Robinís death.

Anna walks out of the morgue and calls Robert, but she reaches his voicemail.

At Wyndemere, Holly goes to check on Ethan. Luke answers his phone. It is Anna. She says she needs his help.

At Patrickís house, Patrick tells Elizabeth that he has to go tell Emma but he canít physically get up. Elizabeth says he has to think about Emma and how much she needs him. Emma comes running into the living room asking if mommy is home. He puts her on his lap and says he has to tell her something important. He says mommy was hurt in an accident at the hospital. Emma offers to give Robin one of her princess Band-Aids. Patrick turns his head away so Emma wonít see him crying. Elizabeth comes over to help. She asks Emma if she remembers when Cameron got his fish. She said the fish got sick and the fish doctor couldnít do anything so they had to let him go to heaven. Patrick says that is where mommy is. Emma asks when she is coming back. Patrick tells her that Mommy is with the angels and isnít coming back. He tells her that Mommy will be watching over her, protecting her, and that she will always love her.

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