GH Update Wednesday 2/29/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/29/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

The standoff between Helena, Luke, Ethan and Holly was still going on. Holly apologized to Ethan and said she'd rather have him alive and hating her than dead over a lie. Helena still didn't buy the story that Ethan was Robert Scorpio's son, not Luke's. Luke urged Holly to prove what she was saying before Ethan was killed. Ethan was furious about the lie and wanted an explanation. Luke thought it could wait, but Ethan was fed up and said all of them kept using their kids as puppets and he wanted it to stop. Ethan said that if this was life, they could count him out. Luke asked Holly why she did this. Holly said she'd hoped she could use Ethan to win Luke back and she confessed that she still loved him even now. Holly said she never got over him. Helena found the whole thing disgusting, but Holly said she and Luke had been playing emotional tag for as long as she could remember. Ethan said he talked to Robin and Robert wasn't with Holly when he was conceived. Holly said that wasn't true. She said she got pregnant and Robert left. She wanted the baby to be Luke's so she set him up and got him to Singapore. Luke was angered and said he had a wife and child at the time. Holly said she was being selfish, but she had a child of her own to think about. Holly said when Luke said he wanted to be with his family, she realized she couldn't keep him. Ethan angrily said she realized she couldn't be saddled with a kid, either.

Holly said his adoptive parents were amazing, honest people and she had no idea they'd die. Ethan thought she was glad it happened and Holly denied it but said it did present her with an opportunity. Ethan was disgusted that Holly would say that, but Helena hushed him, because she was finally interested in the story. Holly said Ethan coming back into her life was wonderful and it gave her a chance to win Luke back. She asked Ethan if there was anything he wouldn't have done to win Cassandra. Helena said the story didn't change anything. Holly positioned herself in front of the gun and said that it did, but Helena was too afraid to admit it. Holly said that if Ethan was Robert's son, Helena killed her daughter for nothing and that killing the rest of them wouldn't change that. Helena was unmoved and she placed the gun against Ethan's head. Holly began trying to fast talk Helena out of killing Ethan and into leaving. She pointed out that Helena was outnumbered and Helena responded by snapping her fingers. On cue, a guard walked in and Helena plucked some hair from Luke and Ethan's heads and the guard took them for a DNA test. She told Holly that if it wasn't a match, she might spare Ethan, but if it was, she'd kill Ethan and Holly too. Helena and her henchman escaped into the tunnels. Ethan and Luke got free and Ethan wanted to go after Helena, but Luke said she was long gone by now. Ethan and Luke turned to Holly and asked whether she'd lied to protect Ethan or if he really wasn't Luke's son.

At the hospital, Sam waited for Patrick to tell her about Jason. She tried to empathize with him, but it went over badly, and Patrick snapped that she didn't know what it was like. Patrick was hostile toward Sam and wouldn't tell her how the surgery went. He he walked away, forcing her to chase after him. After dragging it out, Patrick finally told her that the surgery was a success, but said they didn't know if the drugs would work yet. Sam was grateful, but Patrick brushed her thanks and said he didn't do it for her or Jason. Patrick still felt he would have done the city a service by letting Jason die.

Dante and Sonny talked elsewhere in the hospital. Dante regretted having left Sonny alone the night before and said he should have known Sonny would go after Anthony to save Dante after he couldn't save Robin. Sonny said he'd done what had to be done to protect his kids. Sonny didn't think Anthony had the right to go on living when a young, wonderful person like Robin died. Dante pointed out that they didn't know if Anthony shot at him last night. Sonny reminded him that Johnny confirmed that Anthony was behind Dante's second shooting, but Dante said Johnny's word was unreliable, because he was angry with Anthony. Dante said now that Sonny took a bullet for him, they had a chance to have a relationship, but Sonny was going to have to tell him everything. Sonny recounted confronting Anthony at the Quartermaines. He said Anthony denied shooting Dante and Tracy covered for him. Sonny said he left, since Edward was there and he didn't want to involve him and Tracy. Dante told Sonny that Anthony tried to leave town and two people were killed. Sonny found the news that one of the victims was a small child especially disturbing. He hoped Anthony got the death penalty.

Michael sat at Starr's bedside looking at the picture of Cole and Hope. Epiphany came in and said they were trying to locate her family. She reminded Michael that it wasn't his fault that Starr's boyfriend and daughter died. Michael urged Starr to keep sleeping so she wouldn't have to find out her family was dead. Epiphany checked on Starr and she told Michael not to agitate Starr if she woke up, then she left. Starr woke up, confused about where she was. Michael told her there'd been an accident and that she was in the hospital. Starr asked about Cole and Hope and panicked when Michael wouldn't tell her where they were. Epiphany and another nurse raced in and Michael got scolded for upsetting Starr. Starr reminded Michael that he promised to save them and demanded to know if he had. The nurse gave Starr a sedative. Starr drifted off and Michael told Epiphany he was going to stay with her. Epiphany agreed, but ordered Michael to get him if Starr woke up and to keep quiet about her family.

Michael ran into Dante and Sonny and he and Dante told Sonny about Michael's attempt to save the Thornharts after Anthony ran them off the road. Dante then revealed that someone shot out Anthony's tires, and he shot Sonny an accusatory look. Dante mused that the shooter probably thought his plan was foolproof, but now a girl Kristina's age had lost her family. Sonny told Dante to just ask if he did it, so Dante did. Sonny said he wasn't the shooter. Dante pointed out that Sonny had a 9 mm gun earlier, but Sonny said it was gone now. Dante said that if the bullets that took out the tire were from a 9 mm, he'd have to talk to Sonny again. Sonny swore he was innocent and said he was looking forward to Dante proving that, then he walked away. “Now what?” Michael asked Dante. Michael still felt bad for not doing more to save the Thornharts, but Dante told him that this was the shooter's fault. Worried, Michael said it could be their dad. Dante said they didn't know for sure, but Michael disagreed and asked who else would do it.

Elizabeth was at home, bundled in a coat, on the phone, telling off the people who were late to fix her furnace. There was a knock at the door and she opened it and found Ewen instead of the repairman she expected. He apologized for standing her up the night before and explained that he ran into some trouble with a patient. Liz let him in, although she didn't seem happy to see him. Ewen said it was clear she wasn't going to make this easy and asked if it helped to know that the patient fired him. Liz said it did, a little. Ewen told her that Ethan was involved with the patient and he was concerned. Liz chuckled and said Ethan was a Spencer and he'd be fine.

The repairman still hadn't arrived, so Ewen offered to take a look at the furnace for her, as a way to pay her back for standing her up. He added that it would be one less bill now that she was on sabbatical. Liz appreciated him making her suspension sound better. She said it was hard because she'd lost so much lately, Jake, Lucky and now her job. Ewen reminded her that she had the rest of her family and her friends. Lulu called and Ewen went to look at the furnace while Liz was on the phone. Lulu told Liz about Robin. When Ewen returned, Liz was in shock. He brought her a blanket and talked to her about Robin. Liz wondered if she'd been able to save Robin if she'd been there that night instead of being suspended. Ewen told her the survivor's guilt was normal. Liz told Ewen about how brave and strong and smart her friend was. Liz didn't want to cry, because she'd lost so much and she didn't want to think about that. Ewen encouraged her to think about Robin and everything she loved about her.

Olivia went to Crimson and found the teary eyed Kate wearing her bloody wedding dress. Alarmed, Olivia asked “Connie” what was going on. That snapped Kate out of her trance and she told Olivia not to call her that. Kate said she was trying to put everything behind her. Olivia didn't understand how this would help. Kate said the dress designer was someone Crimson was going to run a feature on, so she'd put the dress on to see if she could do it. Olivia didn't think that made any sense and she said that while Sonny was shot, that wasn't surprising enough to drive Kate to do something this odd. Olivia was convinced there was something else going on.

While Kate was changing and pulling herself together, Olivia snooped through Kate's things and was amused to find that she had a bottle of the cheap perfume she (Kate) used to wear when in high school. Kate returned and snapped at her, then told her she could go. Olivia teased her about the perfume, then said she really was concerned for her. So was Steve, she added. Olivia asked why Kate wasn't with her boyfriend and Kate said she and Sonny were over. They sat down and Kate said she'd thought Sonny could change. Olivia wasn't sure people could truly change from within. Using Kate's transformation as an example, she said that while Kate had gotten a new look, her history and memories as Connie were still there on the inside. Kate said she asked Sonny to choose between her and his feud with Anthony. Olivia thought Sonny saw that as her asking him to choose between her and his kid. “Guess who won” Kate said. Olivia said that while she didn't approve of Sonny's methods, she wasn't going to judge as long as it kept her son alive. Kate looked at her knowingly and said Olivia should have ended up with Sonny. Annoyed, Olivia said she wasn't talking about this anymore, but she agreed that Kate was right to break things off if she couldn't handle his lifestyle. Olivia left and Kate imagined the noise from a gunshot, which shook her up. She grabbed the perfume bottle and sniffed it. A strange calm came over her, and she reached up and let her hair down. Sonny walked in, startling her.

Anna was looking at childhood photos of Robin at the Drake house when Robert arrived. He was kind of irritated because he'd been pulled away from an interesting case. Robert noticed the pictures and asked if that's what had Anna so emotional. Anna had him sit, but before they could talk, Emma ran downstairs and into Robert's arms. He gave her a gift – two stuffed koala bears, a large one that he said was Robin, that held a smaller one that he said was Emma. Emma wondered where Robin was. Robert played with Emma, who giggled, as Anna looked on, sadly. Emma asked if her mom was at the hospital and Anna said yes. The scene cut to Patrick telling Sam that while Jason was in recovery, Robin was in the morgue, meaning that Anna technically told the truth. The scene cut back to Robin and Patrick's house with Anna sending Emma to play. Robert realized Anna was hiding something from Emma.

Sam said although she knew Patrick couldn't see it now, she was devastated about the loss of an amazing person like Robin, too. Patrick didn't think he'd ever get used to talking about Robin in the past tense while Jason was walking around. Sam assured him that Jason loved Robin and that he'd always be grateful to her. Patrick's grief overtook his anger. He told Sam to go see Jason, then he leaned against a wall for support, then sank to the floor.

Back at Patrick's, Robert was scared and impatient for Anna to tell him what was going on. Anna struggled to find the words, then finally told him Robin was gone. Robert didn't catch on, and the frustrated Anna nearly shouted that she'd died. Anna rushed off to close the door to the room where Emma was playing, then she told Robert about the accident. Robert was convinced there must be some mistake and decided to go to the hospital and check things out himself. Anna urged him not to, because Robin had been burned beyond recognition. That only bolstered Robert's belief that it wasn't Robin who died, but Anna told him Patrick had been there. She forced Robert to accept the truth. Robert was annoyed that Patrick was at work instead of at home with his daughter, but Anna wouldn't let him find fault with Patrick. Robert then said he (Robert) should have been there for his own daughter. He sat down, crushed and Anna showed him the bracelet Robin had been wearing. Robert talked about Robin's delicate wrists and Anna said Robin wasn't delicate – she'd been strong until the end. Robert felt that he had to see Robin one last time and though Anna tried to talk him out of it, his mind was made up and he left for the hospital.

Epiphany found Patrick sitting on the floor. She helped him into a chair and gently told him to listen. Epiphany put her arm around him and empathized with him and told him he couldn't fall apart because he had to be strong for Emma. Epiphany advised him to do what it took to create a normal environment for Emma by playing with her and telling her jokes, because keeping her on track would keep him on track. Patrick wasn't sure how to go on without Robin. Epiphany told Patrick he was a good man with a lot of positive things to do and he couldn't let anything stop him. Patrick thanked her and said some of her words were getting through to him. Epiphany smiled and said they'd never speak of this again, then she left.

Patrick got home and talked to Anna. It was clear that both had been crying. She asked about the surgery, then said she was proud of him for doing it. Anna told him about Robert. Patrick asked about Emma and Anna said she'd been asking to see Robin.

Robert got to the hospital and paused outside the morgue, remembering the first time he met Robin.

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