GH Update Tuesday 2/28/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/28/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Michael was at the site of Cole, Starr and Hope's car accident. Starr was unconscious on the side of the road and Cole and Hope were passed out in the car, which was teetering on the edge of a cliff. Michael was determined to keep his promise to rescue Starr's family, so he rushed over to the car, ignoring Dante's assertion that it was too dangerous. As Dante placed a 911 call, the car went over the ledge, seemingly taking Michael with it. Dante raced over and rescued Michael just in time. Michael apologized to Starr, but Dante assured him he'd done all he could. Michael prepared to try and climb down the cliff, but Dante said there was no way anyone could have survived the fall. Just then, the car exploded. Michael picked Starr up to take her to the hospital, just as Mac arrived. Dante filled Mac in on the accident and they both wondered where the ambulance was. Dante explained that he'd chased the driver of the other car for awhile. Mac and Dante wondered what type of person would cause an accident like this, then run away. Dante checked the car and learned that it belonged to Anthony. He told Mac about going over to the Quartermaine's looking for Anthony, but Anthony wasn't home. Mac found a bullet and told Dante that someone shot out Anthony's tire. A worried look passed over Dante's face.

Mac immediately accused Sonny of doing it, but Dante was reluctant to blame his father without proof. Mac told him to start acting like a cop and stop making excuses for Sonny. Dante pointed out that he couldn't arrest someone without evidence. Mac ordered him to find some or better yet, find Sonny and bring him in, then Mac ranted about Sonny adding two more people to his death toll.

Sonny joined Sam, who was in the waiting room, while Jason was in surgery. Sonny was still in pain from his gunshot wound and Sam asked if he shouldn't still be in the hospital. Sonny cryptically replied that he had some things to take care of, then he asked about Jason. Sam explained that Patrick was doing the surgery, but she was concerned that he wasn't ready to be working, when he'd just lost his wife. Sam asked how Sonny was doing after the loss of his friend. Sonny was keeping busy and not allowing himself to feel it yet. Sam told him that she hadn't told Jason about Robin, because she was afraid the news would kill him. Sonny knew Jason would take the news of her death hard. Sam just hoped he'd make it through the procedure first. She was terrified that too much damage had been done and told Sonny that perhaps Franco had won after all. Sonny didn't see what Franco had to do with this and Sam told him that Jason's seizures were brought on by the stress and anger that Franco had caused him. Sonny urged her to think positive. Sam second guessed her decision to let Patrick do the surgery. Although he was the only person available who was qualified to do it, the fact that he hated Jason and blamed him for Robin's death was weighing on Sam. She feared that Patrick might change his mind about saving Jason for Robin. Sonny was sure that Patrick would carry out what Robin wanted.

Sounding regretful, Sonny told Sam about the time he pulled out his gun in front of Robin and Emma. He had wanted to shield Robin from that facet of his personality and he didn't understand how he'd allowed himself to lose control like that. Sonny said that he'd apologized to Robin later, but things were never the same between them after that. He'd been hoping that they'd be close again one day, but now it would never happen. Sonny got choked up as he reminisced about his history with Robin and her relationship with Stone. Sonny talked about the way Robin found a way to be at peace with Stone's death and how that helped him get through it, too. He told Sam that he loved Robin like a sister. Sonny said Robin had given up hope until she met Jason. Sam asked why Sonny would let Jason into the business when he knew how much he meant to Robin. Sonny had tried to talk Jason out of it, but it was what he wanted and at the time, Robin wanted it too. Sonny said the three of them had been like a little family. He thought back to the time Robin surprised him and Jason by coming home for Christmas and Sonny bought a tiny potted tree for them. The memory made both Sonny and Sam cry.

Sam's fears that Patrick would intentionally botch the surgery crept in again. She told Sonny about the lengths she had to go through to convince Patrick to do the operation, even begging him not to make her child lose a parent the way Emma did. Sonny hadn't realized she was pregnant. He was thrilled for her and Jason and gave Sam a congratulatory kiss. Sonny winced in pain and Sam convinced him to go make sure he hadn't ripped his stitches out. Before he left, Sonny said Robin made him a better man and that Patrick would never let Robin down by letting Jason die.

Jason was on the operating table, but his anesthesia still hadn't kicked in. He groggily asked Patrick to thank Robin for him. Patrick didn't respond. Patrick prepared to do the surgery once Jason was under. He looked up and noticed Robin staring lovingly at him. The activity in the room froze, and it was just the two of them talking. Robin knowingly said Patrick wasn't himself and asked if he was going to let Jason die on purpose. Patrick said he deserved it; he didn't see why Jason should have a life with his spouse and child, when Robin wasn't going to get that with him and Emma. “He's the reason you're gone. Why does he get to live when you died?” Patrick said. Robin disappeared and things went back to normal. As Patrick worked on Jason, things became tense, because Jason's blood pressure began to drop. Patrick got him stabilized, then Robin appeared again. While Patrick had gotten Jason through this obstacle, she knew he was still considering tanking the operation on purpose. Robin reminded Patrick that he wasn't a killer and that he wasn't God. Patrick tearfully said the real God had left the building when she died. Robin said Emma needed Patrick to be a good man; he couldn't throw everything away and abandon her. Patrick said he couldn't do it without her, but he could right a wrong by letting Jason die. Robin said he wouldn't if he was the man she fell in love with. Patrick wasn't sure he could be that man without her. Jason had another setback and Patrick just stood there, not reacting. It was unclear what he'd decided to do.

Michael carried the unconscious Starr into GH. Epiphany helped him get her into an exam room and he told her what happened. Michael found Starr's license and gave Epiphany her name, then he went to a waiting area (not the one where Sam and Sonny were). He stared a picture of Cole, Starr and Hope he'd found in Starr's wallet and was wracked with guilt for not keeping his promise. Epiphany walked over and told him it wasn't his fault, but Michael didn't accept that and it was clear that the ordeal had affected him deeply. He went back to Starr and vowed to find out who'd caused the accident.

Dante found Sonny telling Epiphany he ripped his stitches. He asked Sonny how he did it and reminded him that he was supposed to stay in the hospital. Sonny said he'd had something to do.

Maxie and Spinelli were at home and she was rambling to him about what a great friend he was as she prepared to break the news that she needed him to move out. Spinelli interrupted and gently told her to sit down, because something terrible had happened. She did and Spinelli sat down with her and said that she knew he knew her as well as anyone. Maxie said Spinelli was making this even harder to say. She blurted out that she needed him to move. Spinelli tried to guide the conversation toward Robin's accident, but Maxie wouldn't let him get a word in. She tried to spare Spinelli's feelings, but she was insistent that he had to go so she could try and work things out with Matt. Maxie said she was grateful to have a friend like Spinelli who always saw the best in her, even when she did bad things like ratting out Elizabeth to Monica. Spinelli said none of that mattered now and Maxie said that was why Spinelli was the best, but now she had to let him go and she hoped she hoped he could forgive her. Once Maxie was finished, Spinelli gently told her that Robin had been killed. Maxie assumed Spinelli had made it up to get back at her for asking him to move, and she was appalled. Maxie told Spinelli that Robin was like a sister to her, and as she walked toward another room, she told Spinelli that he'd better not be there when she returned. When she came back, Spinelli had her watch a news story on Robin's death. Maxie finally accepted the truth and cried while in Spinelli's arms. The devastated Maxie choked out that she'd just seen Robin and had been upset with her, because Robin wouldn't go to the benefit with her. Maxie's thoughts drifted to Emma and she wondered what she'd do without a mother. Spinelli told Maxie she'd be there to help Emma.

Ethan and Luke were bound to chairs at Wyndemere. Helena explained her plan to kill Ethan as a way to punish Luke for killing her sons. Helena pointed the gun at Ethan, who cursed her and steeled himself for the bullet. Luke tried to convince Helena to kill him instead, but she wasn't swayed – she wanted Luke alive and suffering over the loss of his son. Ethan's mother Holly walked in on the scene and was stunned. Luke unsuccessfully tried to trick Helena into thinking Holly had come with back up, who'd be bursting in any minute. Holly explained that the reason she came to town was to talk Ethan out of working at Wyndemere, because she'd thought it was too dangerous. When Holly wasn't able to talk Helena out of killing Ethan, she placed herself between him and the gun. Holly nervously said she didn't think Helena would shoot through her, but Ethan disagreed and said Helena just had her own daughter killed. Helena said Irina had always been a disappointment. Ethan blasted Helena and said Cassandra saw her for the monster that she was. Helena spat that Ethan didn’t know her name, but Ethan shot back that he knew her heart and that she was a good, loving person. Luke filled Holly in on Helena's plot to make Ethan fall in love with a Cassadine. Holly asked Ethan if it worked and Ethan said he and Cassandra fell in love, so Helena had him killed.

Helena said Ethan was a product of adultery – a symbol of the pain Holly and Luke caused and that Holly always treated him like the mistake that he was. Helena felt that Ethan was a drifter, just like Luke. Luke replied that Ethan was better than he ever was. Holly said she taught him to be a conman, not Luke. Helena said killing Ethan would mean Luke would know the pain she felt. Holly shocked Luke and Ethan all by saying Ethan wasn't really Luke's son. Helena accused Holly of lying to save Ethan, but Holly insisted that she was finally telling the truth – Ethan's real father was Robert Scorpio. Ethan pointed out that there had been DNA tests, but Holly said the results had been faked. She apologized to Luke for lying to him.

Patrick left the OR and went to Sam. She asked if it was over and he said yes. The show ended with a cliffhanger about the surgery's outcome.

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