GH Update Monday 2/27/12

General Hospital Update Monday 2/27/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr is with her baby daughter, Hope, in a car wreck panicking as her boyfriend Cole is unconscious and in need of medical care for a broken leg. Starr is unable to get either out of the car and decides to go for help.

Lulu is talking to Dante about her father and her questions about whether he really is committed to his children. She concludes that her father has proven to her that he is.

Luke is then being held hostage with Ethan by Helena and her goons. It appears both Luke and his son have been assaulted. Helena talks to him about how he needs to understand retribution even if he’s a non-believer and understand an eye for an eye means a son for a son. And she points at Ethan indicating that he’s going to die because Luke is responsible for her son’s death.

Mac goes to find Maxie and needs to know where he will find his daughter, suspecting she might be at the metro court.

Maxie then awakens in a hotel room with a hung-over Matt who does not remember how he got there and did not intend to be there. She explains that she had to get him to a safe place when he was wasted. But he tells her that she can go. He does not need her help. But she tells him that a perfectly good room has gone to waste if he’s not interested in her. He then asks her if she thinks that he’d have any interest in being with her after what she did to Elizabeth.

At the hospital, Sam cries as she realizes that Patrick watched Robin die so that she could get the drug that will save Jason’s life. Patrick is not happy about the sacrifice although he knows his responsibility as Jason’s doctor. Sam urges him not to tell Jason about Robin. Jason appears to awaken in his hospital bed and sees Robin standing over his bed as though she’s the woman for him. He asks her if she was hurt from the explosion. She stands before him looking like nothing has happened to her, she is ok and there to save him. He tells her, however, that he just wants a life with Sam and their baby. But when he awakens, Monica is there noticing that he’s been talking in his sleep. He remarks to her that he thought that Robin was there.

Outside the hospital room, Patrick reminds Sam that his wife is dead because of Jason. And now Sam wants him to protect Jason’s feelings. She doesn’t stop, does she? He tells her. He then approaches Monica and tells her he has something to tell her about Robin.

Lulu tells Dante that he cannot understand how Robin could be killed in a horrible accident after saving a life. She tells him she has to be there for Robin’s family. But he tells her that she needs to give them some time. She asks him how he can believe in God after something like this has happened. She admits she understands all too well how her father does not believe in anything and that we create our own destiny.

At Wyndemere, Helena Cassadine remarks that Luke’s sons will fall in love with her daughter the same way her son fell in love with Laura and how that is “perfect symmetry.” Luke tells her he sees no similarity. Her daughter loves Ethan. Laura hated Helena’s sons. She points to Cassandra telling her that she is going to be part of her plan with Ethan although Cassandra tells her she refuses to be any part of Helena’s sick plan.

Mac goes to find Spinelli and asks him if he knows where Maxie might be. Spinelli tells him he can give Maxie a message. Mac tells him no. She has to hear this from her father. And he informs Spinelli, for the first time that Maxie’s cousin Robin is dead. Hearing that, Spinelli is devastated and sad to find out that Dr. Robin is dead.

In the hotel room, Maxie tells Matt that he knows he’s been chasing after Elizabeth and wants him to feel guilty. But he wants to get away from her although he has a terrible headache and admits that he’s not ok. She tells him she has apologized for the mistake she made. He tells her it’s too late. They’re done. She tells him that she can make things up to him by getting Elizabeth’s job back. She tells him she can go to Monica and recant what she told her about Elizabeth telling her that she was merely confused.

Patrick goes to talk to Jason in his hospital room reminding him of all the sacrifices Robin has made for him. Not knowing what has happened, Jason assures Patrick that he appreciates everything Robin has done for him. Patrick asks Jason to repay Robin by making his life worth saving. He then informs him that surgery will take place in an hour after the nurse preps him.  After Patrick leaves the room, Monica voices her concern that perhaps another doctor should perform the procedure, but Sam is confident that Patrick will pull him through again.

Cassandra confronts Helena who tells her she better not defy her with the plan for Ethan.

Michael goes to see Dante informing him that he cannot find Sonny. He wonders if Dante might know how to find him since he’s disappeared from the hospital.

Maxie calls the hospital, asks for Dr. Monica Quartermaine, expressing that it’s an emergency to talk to her, while Matt stands by her listening. She tells Monica that the day she told her that Elizabeth stole the drugs, she was mistaken. So the point of that is that Elizabeth does not deserve to get suspended, needs her job back and needs a raise.

Spinelli tells Mac that he has his deepest condolences. He thought robin was a kind, generous and wonderful woman and doctor. Mac admits to Spinelli he knows that Maxie will be devastated when she finds out. Spinelli reminds Mac that he’s Maxie’s father who will help her get through it. Mac reminds Spinelli that he’s Maxie’s friend and she will need Spinelli to help her get through it.

At the hotel room, Matt tells Maxie that he doesn’t think he can forgive or overlook what she’s done. He’s tired of her games. He knows that she moved in with Spinelli for the soul purpose of making him jealous. She's done too much. A relationship should be about give and take. But everything she’s done has been all about her. She has had no regard for him. She may believe she’s trying to help people with the things she’s done but every time she tries, people only end up getting hurt. She asks what she needs to do to make things up to him. He tells her one thing she can do is ask Spinelli to move out.

Starr  runs into Anthony who’s attempting to get help for himself and get his own car out without wanting to help her. She urges him to help them but he’s not about to do that. He tells her that she cannot blame him. She can blame the guy who shot out his tires. His name is Sonny Corinthos.

While Helena holds Luke and Ethan hostage, she tells Cassandra either of them could cut Ethan’s throat with a knife. But when Cassandra tells her she could never hurt Ethan, Helena asks her if she’d rather Helena put a bullet in her. Ethan tells Helena she’d kill her own daughter. Luke talks about how she has no conscience. She reminds them that if Cassandra does not kill Ethan, she will die. Ethan tells Helena he won’t let her hurt Cassandra so he’ll lose his life to save hers. But right then, Cassandra refuses to do it and pulls the gun and fires at Helena. But it appears that the gun only has blanks in it and nothing happens to Helena. Helena laughs telling her it’s a test. She must know that Helena would never trust her with a loaded fire arm. So, seeing as Cassandra is refusing to kill Ethan, Helena instructs her “goon” to kill Cassandra.

Maxie tells Matt that she can’t ask Spinelli to move out. He tells her that Spinelli is an adult and can find his own place to live. She asks him why he only sees her faults and never sees the good in her. He tells her he knows and asks her why he even bothers. They joke and she remarks that he must like having sex with her. He admits that she’s very spontaneous, upbeat, confident and creative. He admits that he’s not without his faults. He many times takes himself too seriously. She’s very quick to remind him of that, encourage him to have fun and smile and he misses that. So he asks her to ask Spinelli to move out. Right then, she notices she’s getting a call form Spinelli but tells Matt she has to tell him that in person.

Spinelli is with Mac who urges him to call Maxie but tells Mac that she’s not answering. Mac reminds Spinelli that when Georgie died, Spinelli was there for Maxie. She may have found it easier to talk to Spinelli than to talk to her father. He admits to Spinelli that he was so overcome with grief that he did not want to be burdened with his daughter’s grief. He tells Spinelli that Maxie trusts him and sees him as her good friend. He admits this may be a lot to ask but could Spinelli be the one to tell her about Robin? Spinelli tells him he will and promises to stay with Maxie as long as she needs and he’s so sorry for Mac’s loss. Mac goes out the door.

Starr Manning urges Anthony to do something since she has a baby daughter. She asks him if he does not have kids. He replies he has a son but then remembers that’s no longer the case. He leaves. She runs and falls unable to get up. Out of nowhere, Michael appears and tells her he will help her.

At the hospital, Monica is with Sam as a nurse informs them that Jason is ready to be taken to the O.R.  Monica looks forward to seeing her son once the procedure is done. Sam then enters the room to hear Jason on his phone leaving a voice mail message for Robin telling her he knows she's home with Emma, but he wants to offer his gratitude for all she’s done for him. Sam cries as Jason tells Robin he's about to go into surgery and he will see her "on the other side."

Cassandra has been shot and Ethan struggles to help her but the goons drag him away. He cries and tells Helena she’s a despicable bitch and she can go to hell. Luke tells her she’s a worthless piece of trash to have killed her own kid. She tells them that her daughter was a mistake from the time she was born. But she did succeed in one thing which was putting the two of them in their place. She tells them that her son Stavros deserves vengeance. And with Lucky gone there is only Ethan. She gets ready to shoot him and Luke screams "NO"!!

Michael goes to the wrecked car. He notices Starr is unconscious on the ground. As Dante calls for help, Michael disregards his words of caution and attempts to save Cole and Hope but instead dislodges the car.

Helena’s phone rings and she sees that Lulu is calling her father and brother. Luke and Ethan get ready to die and admit how they love and respect each other. Luke tells his son that he does his father proud. Helena then concludes that contrary to what she previously thought, Luke does have a soft spot for family. Helena aims her gun at Ethan.

Matt gets out of the shower but remembers the night of the Metro Court party when he was done with Maxie.

Maxie goes to find Spinelli and announces there’s something she needs to tell him. He tells her there’s something he needs to tell her first.

Sam assures Jason that she will be there for him when he wakes up. After they profess their love for each other, Patrick announces they're ready as they wheel Jason out of his room. Sam thanks Patrick for what he's doing, but he doesn't think she should thank him just yet. Jason walks down the hall and touches his wedding ring as he tearfully says, "Please forgive me." Robin stands next to him and lightly touches his hand then disappears.

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