GH Update Friday 2/24/12

General Hospital Update Friday 2/24/12


Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu is home nursing her cold, Dante walks in after a very long day. Seeing Dante's stressed our expression, Lulu asks Dante if he and Sonny got into it. He tells Lulu that Sonny saved his life.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Sonny, face to face with Anthony and Tracy, requests to speak with Anthony alone about shooting at Dante earlier.

Happening upon Kate by the docks, in her bloodied wedding dress, Ewen introduces himself and asks her if she is hurt and offers to help.

Sam runs into Michael at General Hospital, Michael tells her he heard about Robin and asks how Jason took the news. Sam tells him that Jason can't know because his life depends on it.

At a nurse's station, a broken hearted Patrick gets words of wisdom from a broken hearted Anna. Anguished, Patrick asks Anna why he should let Jason live. Anna tries her best to convince him that Jason had nothing to do with Robin choosing to re-enter the Lab. Patrick shot back that his wife went into that lab to get Jason's protocol which makes her death Jason's fault. Anna reminds him that it was a terrible accident. Patrick out and out states, he will not save Jason.

In a car, young parents, Starr Manning and Cole Thornhart are driving their sleeping young daughter Hope toward an unknown destination. They talked about their recent travels from Los Angeles, CA and Llanview, PA where their plain was rerouted to Port Charles, NY.

A very out of it Kate tells Ewen her name is Kate Howard. Ewen offers a jacket and his help again. Kate is very confused and disoriented. Ewen asks why she's wearing the dress and what she is doing alone out in the cold. She says that she doesn't know.

On their drive into Port Charles, Starr is looking at her cell phone and reading about The Metro Court, commenting on how nice it sounds. Cole brings up his concern about being recognized as an escaped convict. Starr reminds that Cole is dead and that he is her "bodyguard" arranged by her father. He further states the reason for their return to the east coast is due to things going on with Star's father. The subject changes quickly to the town of Port Charles. Cole begins by telling her it's quite a famous place, he asks, "Have you ever heard of the Cassadine family?" They tried to freeze the place.

At Wyndemere, Helena walks in on Ethan and Cassandra. Ethan realizes that Helena has been stalking them. Helena amuses herself by revealing that Cassandra is working for her.

At Dante and Lulu's place, Dante sets his badge on a shelf, he explains the day's happenings, Sonny revealed that Johnny's mother was Claudia and after that he walked out. Dante continues that Sonny came after him to talk and that after further argument, Sonny saw someone about to take a shot at him (Dante) and Sonny pushed him down and took a bullet in the arm and saved his life. Lulu affirms that Sonny did what a parent would do. Beginning to cry, Dante tells his wife that he always thought that Sonny was a mobster first and a father second and that he feels differently now.

Sonny, thinking that it was Anthony who took a shot at Dante (hitting him), announces he is there to kill him. Tracy asks Sonny if he is really threatening her husband in her own home. Sonny pulls out his gun and tells her that it's not a threat, it's a fact.

Sam tries to explain to Michael that Jason's life is in high risk and that he needs the medicine that Robin was working on but Patrick won't do the procedure. Michael tells her to talk to Monica, Sam says that she tried and was told that Patrick is the only qualified surgeon to do it. She tells Michael that Patrick wants Jason to pay for Robin's death.

Patrick tells Anna that Jason doesn't deserve to live that he (Jason) kills people for a living and asks why he should get to live. Anna tries her best to get Patrick to see that it is not Jason's fault that Robin died; she tells him (Patrick) that he is a doctor, not God. A broken Dr. Drake tells Anna that if he saves Jason, more people will die at his (Jason's) hand. She tries reasoning that if he let Robin's friend die, that Robin would never forgive him.

Ethan backs up from Helena's dagger pointed at him (Cassandra standing behind him). Helena continues to taunt with her reveal that Cassandra has been planted there by her to fake memory loss. Now Ethan has questions and turns to Cassandra who, through tears, reveals that her real name is Irina Cassadine and Helena is her mother.

Back at Tracy's place, she is making efforts to keep Sonny from shooting Anthony; she tells Sonny that he has 5 seconds to leave before she calls the police. Sonny offers that killing Anthony will relieve her life. He then threatens to go after Johnny. Wirth this Anthony moves toward the pointed gun and tells Sonny to shoot him, his wife will testify and send him (Sonny) to prison. Sonny puts questions in Anthony's head and asks him if he is sure Tracy would do that...

Dante and Lulu talk about how he has come full circle with Sonny, from when he was undercover and Sonny shot him in the chest fro being a cop (before knowing that Dante was his son) to feeling like he was protected by a father (which he never had). They talk about who Sonny might be going after over the attempt on his (Dante's) life.

Back on the dock, Ewen tells Kate that he is a psychiatrist and he sees the distress and again offers his help. Kate becomes defensive but tells Ewen that the blood on the dress is an old would. She tells him that her boyfriend was shot tonight, that it's a minor wound. Ewen held polite, non combative conversation and mostly listens to a very confused Kate try to describe the events of the evening, which are not making much sense. She says she saw the blood from when he was shot. Ewen asks her if she remembers anything about how it happened.

Ethan restates what Cassandra just told him, that she is Helena's daughter Irina. Cassandra confirms that is what she was told by Helena and has been held as a prisoner. Completely entertained by the unfolding drama, Helena laughs at the word prisoner and says that she was on a comfy island with everything one would want. Cassandra lashes out that she was forced to participate in Helena's vendetta against Laura for taking away Helena's beloved sons. Ethan asks what Ewen has to do with all of this. Helena tells her tale that Irina escaped the compound, nearly drowned and had lost a lot of memory, so she (Helena) told her what was necessary. Crying, Cassandra spoke out that there are still years of memory missing, things that Helena won't tell her, which is why she found a doctor to help, Ewen. Cassandra faces Ethan, no longer crying and reveals that Helena sent her there and that Ewen followed but she could not tell him about Helena or what she was there to do. Helena interrupts to reveal that Irina was there to make him fall in love with her. Cassandra weeps.

In the car, Cole has been telling Starr about the Cassadine family and Port Charles and the Curse that Helena had put on Luke and Laura Spencer on their wedding day. Changing the subject, Cole asks Starr to marry him.

Sonny tries to convince Tracy that killing Anthony would be doing her a favor and that Anthony could be out of her life for good by her just leaving the room. Anthony appearing very nervous looks to his wife.

At GH, Michael and Sam continue their conversation about Patrick withholding Jason's medication. Sam defends Patrick a little bit and inadvertently reveals that she is pregnant. Michael reminds Sam that he knows the grief of losing someone he loves and offers to speak with Patrick, Sam stops him.

Sitting on a lounge couch, a sobbing Patrick listens as Anna speaks true statements about her daughter. Anna tells Patrick that Robin always helped people in need, she couldn't just walk by or do nothing if someone was suffering, she wanted to make a difference and that if he refuses to treat Jason, he will be turning his back on Robin and everything she stood for. Again, Patrick's anguished words of blame point at Jason. Anna continues that Robin can't be here for people she loves (family and patients) and that he (Patrick) has to take over, including the patients. Anna decides to let Patrick sit on those words; she stands to take her cell phone to find a place to call "The Agency" to see if they have located Robert (Robin's father). Patrick stops her, weeping, he tells Anna that he doesn't know what he is going to say to Emma. Anna reaches out and holds him up; she tells him they can find ways to honor Robin. Before walking away, Anna tells Patrick that he knows what she would want. Patrick sits alone on the lounge sofa, Jason's medicine vile dangling from his hand.

Gun still pointed at Anthony, Sonny taunts him to make a move for his gun. An on looking Tracy announces that they are done, and tells Sonny to get out of there or she'll scream for the servants, who will make good witnesses. Lowering his gun, he tells Anthony he's very lucky. Sonny looks at Tracy and states that he could have ended all her problems. Tracy agrees and tells him that would mean she would have to side with him (Sonny) and she can't. Sonny leaves with one last word to Anthony, "Trying to find you is gonna be half the fun. Watching you die is gonna be the other half." A much shaken Anthony looks at his wife and asks her why she saved him.

On the dock, Kate is crying and trying to explain what she's going through, to Ewen, she reveals that she has had large chunks of time missing. Ewen asks if it has happened before. Kate says yes tries explaining and has lost track of time. She tells him that she has been seeing a doctor in Chicago but it isn't helping, she starts rambling about finding notes with people's names and phone numbers...

Driving on a road, Cole asks Starr for an answer to his marriage proposal, she asks who she would be marrying, dead Cole or John Doe the body guard. He says he doesn't want to waste the time he's been given back and asks her to say yes to marrying him.

Ethan confirms his understanding again and asks Cassandra if it was all a con and he was her mark. She admitted that is how it started but that now she is in love with him and that she waned to tell the truth but wanted to keep him safe by leaving before Helena caught them. Loving every moment of the fall out, Helena commends Irina for a great performance and tells Ethan that she is still playing him. Cassandra says Helena is lying, she tells Ethan to listen to his heart. He asks Helena for the rest of it, knowing that there is more. Helena points her dagger and tells Ethan that he is very perceptive, and then her goons bring in Luke!

Helena's goons duct tape a beaten Luke to a chair, another holds Ethan back as he yells at Helena. Luke and Ethan have silly exchange of words. Luke asks Helena what she wants. Helena, dagger in hand, replies that it is time for one of them to die.

Ewen tries to convince Kate to let him take her to the hospital. Kate says she has a car and is going home, Ewen keeps a safe distance, to not further alarm Kate, but she is losing it and runs up the stairs.

Anthony extends his gratitude to Tracy for standing up for him while Sonny was pointing a gun at him and asked why she did it. Tracy tells him that it was a selfish act and she simply didn't want to tell Monica why there were bullet holes in the drapes and blood on the floor and nothing more. She tells him she wants him out of her life and Sonny intends to make that happen. Anthony agrees and says he's leaving for the airport. Tracy asks where he's going. He tells her that it's best she doesn't know but that he will repay her kindness from tonight. Tracy simply says, "How about a divorce." Anthony giggles and says we're just getting started.

Dante asks Lulu why good people die. Lulu promises him that they will have a long life together. Dante says that he's not talking about them; he tells her that Robin was killed in a lab accident.

At GH, Sam asks Michael if Sonny knows about Robin. Michael says he does and he's going to check on him in the ER. This surprises Sam; she didn't know Sonny had been shot. Michael explains that he's fine but wrecked about Robin. Sam acknowledges how Robin's death impacts Sonny and explains that it would be worse on Jason. Michael urges Sam to tell Jason because he was so close to Robin. Sam is adamant about it and says that she can't risk Jason's health. Michael agrees that it is her call and goes to find his father in the ER.

Patrick comes off the elevator; he and Sam see each other.

As Cassandra and a goon are holding Ethan back, Helena reveals that Luke is going to watch his son die.

At GH, Sam walks over to where Patrick just came off the elevator. Patrick tells her that he went to Emma's room but couldn't go in; that he's not ready to tell her that her mother is dead. Sam switches the tables on Patrick and asks him what if it was the opposite, if Jason died trying to save Robin and you were begging me to save her... Patrick's cold look and cold response showed his pain. Sam asks Patrick if Robin died for nothing? Patrick, in all his pain tells Sam that he'll do the procedure because that's what Robin would want.

Lulu listened as Dante explains how Robin got trapped in the Lab at the hospital when it exploded. Dante tells Lulu how much he loves her and is so happy that she is in his life, they cuddle on the couch and Dante looks over to where he laid his police badge down earlier.

Driving his car to the airport, Anthony is on the phone telling someone to have some cash for him. He notices a car come from behind.

In another car on the road, Cole is trying to convince Starr to say yes to his proposal.

In Anthony's car, behind him, a car is honking. Anthony laughs for Sonny to catch him if he can. At that time, he speeds up and turns the wheel hard.

Back in Starr and Cole's car, she wonders how Cole is so sure of himself. He is says that he is sure of them and they will live happily ever after and all she has to do is say yes.

Anthony is looking in the rear view mirror with bright lights approaching fast, car speeding up and a honking behind him. Anthony glances to his driver side mirror and back to front, he slams on his brakes.

Cole and Starr with Hope in the back seat, swerve to miss having an accident.

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