GH Update Thursday 2/23/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/23/12


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At General Hospital, Anna leaves an urgent message for Robert to call her. 

Mac gets off the General Hospital elevator and sees Anna. He gives her a big hug and tells her how happy he is to see her. 

Nearby, Sam notices the vile in Patrickís hand has Jasonís name on it and concludes that it must be the drug that will save his life.  

Tracy and Anthony return to the Quartermaine estate. Tracy tells Anthony not to breathe a word to her father. The light comes on and Edward is sitting there. He asks Tracy what she doesnít want him to know. Anthony tells him that someone tried to kill Sonny at the benefit. He then tells Tracy that if she had agreed to cuddle he wouldnít have felt the need to make pleasant conversation. She says news of a man being shot is not pleasant. Edward says it is when the man is   Sonny Corinthos.

Michael rushes into General hospital and asks Dante about Sonnyís condition. Dante tells him Sonny will be fine. Michael wants to go in to see Sonny, but Dante tells him that Kate is in there and asks Michael to give them a few minutes alone. 

In Sonnyís hospital room, he lays on the elevated bed, shirtless with his left arm bandaged. He tells Kate that Anthony has tried to kill Dante twice. She tells him that if he goes after Anthony she will walk away.

Shawn goes to Johnny Zaccharaís house to see Carly. She asks him if Jason is worse. He tells her that he is there about her, not Jason.

At General Hospital, Mac tells Anna that Patrick had told him that she was coming to town and that he wishes he could have seen Robinís face when she arrived. He notices that Anna is crying and asks her what happened. 

Nearby, Patrick confirms that the vile contains the medicine, but tells Sam that Robin dies working on it so there is no way he will let Jason have it.

At Johnnyís apartment, Johnny tells Shawn that Carly doesnít need him to check on her and ensure that she makes it home by curfew. Shawn says he needs to talk to Carly. Carly asks Johnny to give them a minute so Johnny goes upstairs. Carly tells Shawn that she can save him the time. She knows Johnny is unpredictable, dangerous, and using her to get to Sonny but she can handle it. She reminds him that she was once married to Sonny Corinthos. He says she isnít married to him anymore. She says it shouldnít matter to anyone that she is spending tome with Johnny. Shawn says it matters to him; he doesnít like the idea of the two of them together. She tells him it isnít his call to make. He tells her that he doesnít want her with Johnny because he wants her with him.

At the Quartermaine estate, Tracy asks Edward if he and Anthony are having a moment. Edward tells her not to read too much into it because he still gets cold chills knowing that thug is under his roof. Tracy corrects him that it is Monicaís roof and asks him if he approves of Anthony trying to kill Sonny. Edward says they didnít tell him that part. Tracy tells him that Anthony took the shot at Sonny. Anthony says that if he had taken the shot, sonny wouldnít still be breathing because he never does anything halfway. Anthony leaves the room to take a call. Edward asks Tracy if she enjoys putting the family in danger. He recalls to her that she has brought a parade of conmen cuckoos and killers into his home. Again, she reminds him that it is Monicaís home because Alan was an idiot when it came to women. He tells her that conversing with Alanís ghost is a perfect is a perfect example of her mental instability. She protests that it wasnít Alanís ghost; it was a manifestation of her subconscious. He says that kind of talk will land her back in Shady Brook unless her marriage kills her first. She tells shim to stop or he will have him committed. He says Anthony started it when he fired the shot.  He says Shady Brook may be the safest place for her when sonny comes calling. 

At General Hospital, Dante tells Michael that he doesnít think Johnny shot Sonny. Michael doesnít want to believe that either, but Johnny did have motive. Dante says Anthony had motive too and that according to Johnny, Anthony was the shooter at the warehouse last summer. 

In Sonnyís hospital room, he tells Kate that he knows she is scared. She says he has been shot twice in a matter of weeks. He says he barely got a scratch either time. She tells him scratches donít leave puddles of blood. She says there will be more blood if he goes after Anthony. Sonny says Anthony has gone after everyone he cares about and it has to end tonight. She begs him not to do it. He says Dante almost died tonight and tell shim not to make him choose between her and his son. She concludes that there is no choice. She gets up to leave. He tries to stop her. She tells him that she has tried but she is not going to go through this again. She leaves, sobbing. Michael rushes into Sonnyís room asking if he is ok.

At the intensive care unit, Patrick walks away from Sam saying that he needs to see his daughter. Sam says she knows this is a difficult time. He shoots back that a difficult time is getting fired or flunking out of med school. He has to tell his daughter that she will never see her mother again. Sam says she is sorry about that but that medicine is Jasonís only chance. Patrick says he doesnít care about Jason; he can only think about never seeing his wife again. Sam says robin would want him to save Jason. Patrick doesnít care. He isnít worried about saving Jasonís life.

Anna takes Mac into a conference room at General Hospital and tells him that Robin died. Mac says no, Robin thought she was sick when her viral cocktail stopped working but her meds are working now so Robin is fine. Anna says no, she isnít. Mac asserts that Robin is not dying. Anna tells him that there was an accident in the lab, it exploded, and Robin didnít make it. Mac collapses against the door, crying.

At Wyndemere, Ethan and Cassandra are making out on the couch. She says she wishes they could stay like that forever. He says that eventually someone will have to get up to get food. She says she has never felt like this with anyone. Ewen startles them when he says anyone that she can remember.

At General Hospital, Sam tells Patrick that she knows he is hurting but that Jason is getting worse and only Patrick can help him. Patrick rationalizes that it is Jasonís fault that Robin is dead because she went back into the lab to get his medicine. She doesnít believe Patrick sees it that way, but he asserts that that is exactly how he sees it. He starts to walk away but she grabs his arm and says Robin would want him to save Jason. Patrick says Robin wouldnít have gone back into the lab for anyone elseís medicine. Sam disagrees and says Robin would have done it for anyone. Patrick tells her not to dare speak as if she knows what Robin was thinking. He says Robin should be at   home with her daughter. Sam apologizes and agrees that no parent should grow up without a parent, including her own. He asks her how she can dare use that card. She says if Patrick doesnít save Jason, then her child will grow up without a father. She begs him to give her child a chance to have its parents. 

At the Quartermaine estate, Tracy asks Edward why Sonny would come after her when she had nothing to do with it and she isnít even convinced that Anthony did. Edward says he is getting whiplash listening to her and asks if Anthony did it or not. She says she doesnít know, but he made a valid point; he would shoot to kill. Edward says that maybe Anthony is just a bad shot. She says all she knows is that Anthony would only risk his life if he had the satisfaction of ending Sonnyís.  Edward says the point is that they are dealing with two dangerous crime lords, that Sonny will come after Anthony and start a mob war and their family could potentially become a casualty. Tracy says Edward is being overdramatic. He says she is being naÔve. He says they all have to pay the price for her pact with the devil.

In the hallway at the Quartermaine estate, Anthony talks to Johnny on the phone. Johnny tells Anthony that sonny came to his place bleeding and accused him of pulling the trigger. Anthony says it isnít the first time sonny has accused Johnny of something he didnít do. He says Johnny is too smart to take a potshot from behind a parked car. Johnny says Dante was the intended target and Sonny is taking this attempt about as well as he took the first one. Anthony says being a cop is risky. Johnny says so is being Sonnyís offspring. Anthony says those incidents were unavoidable. Michael was shot because Claudia got greedy and Dante was shot to protect Johnny. Johnny tells Anthony that sonny knows and thinks Anthony was trying to finish the job. Anthony asks if Johnny ratted him out. Johnny says he just didnít correct Sonnyís assumption. He says someone told him he should give Anthony a heads up so this is a heads up. 

Downstairs at Johnnyís apartment, Shawn observes that this is the first time he has seen Carly speechless.  He tells her that he has felt this way about her for a while now, but getting involved with her didnít feel right when he was being paid to protect her. She observes that he hasnít been her bodyguard for a long time now. He says he knows, but it was hard for him to let down his walls because they have been up for so long. He says she somehow worked her way in and he found himself telling her things he has never told anyone before. He says he should have told her how he felt but he couldnít. It was too soon after Jax. He says they both needed a friend and he didnít want to mess that up and lose her. He tells her that TJ made him realize that she wasnít his to lose and that if he wanted her to be, he needed to do something about it so he came here. 

In the conference room at General Hospital, Mac says he has to see Robin. Anna tells him that everything in the lab burned. He says he isnít going to believe it until he sees it for himself. He says he loved her as if she was his own. Anna says she knows and that she is grateful for it. He asks her if Robert knows about it yet. She tells him she has people trying to find Robert because he is in the field on an assignment. He realizes that he has to find Maxie because she cannot hear this from anyone else but he doesnít want to leave Anna alone. Anna says she will be ok. He leaves to find Maxie. She bangs on the door with both hands and sobs.

At the Intensive Care Unit, Sam tells Patrick that he doesnít have to do the surgery; he can give the medicine to someone else. He tells her that he is the only one that can do it. She demands that he do it. He asks her why he should when Jason is only going to go out and risk his life again. He says Jason didnít change for Jake, he didnít change for her, and he wonít change for her baby. Sam asks him if he doesnít think Jason deserves to be a father and Patrick says no, he doesnít. Sam begs him and says she canít begin to imagine what he feels, but she will feel exactly the same way if he doesnít save Jason. She says Robin wouldnít want him to take out his pain on Jason. 

At Wyndemere, Cassandra covers up and tells Ewen that she thought he was at the benefit. He says he was called into work and then came back here in case she needed him. Ethan says they donít need him and that Cassandra is fine. Ewen observes that if Cassandra were fine, she wouldnít be in his care. Ethan says it doesnít matter that Cassandra doesnít remember her old life because he can give her a new one. Ewen asks what that will solve. He says that whatever Cassandra is blocking out will still be there and may someday push its way out. Ethan says they will then know who she was. Ewen asks what will happen if she likes the old person better. Cassandra observes that she and Ewen have been working together for over a year without her remembering anything.  Ewen says she may not have admitted to it.

At the General Hospital intensive care unit, Sam tells Patrick that Jason was Robinís friend and that she would want Patrick to save him. Patrick says he thinks Robin would want to be alive and watch Emma grow up. Sam agrees but says Robin also wouldnít want Jason to die and that is why she went back into the lab to get the medicine. She says Robin wanted Jason to have the medicine and Patrick needs to honor that. He says he doesnít need to do anything and that the answer is no.

At Johnnyís apartment, Shawn recalls that when Jason hired him he warned him that Carly could be a handful and it drove him crazy when she did the exact opposite of what he said. She says she doesnít take orders well. He says he takes them too well and got a decent man killed. She says that wasnít his fault. He says he pulled the trigger and has had nothing but regrets ever since then he tells her he doesnít want to have any more regrets. He tells her that he cares about her and thinks they could have something good together.  He asks her if she thinks so too.

In Sonnyís hospital room, Michael asks him if he can do anything. Sonny tells Michael he doesnít want him to get involved as he starts to put on his undershirt. Dante asks Sonny to let the police handle it.   Sonny tells Dante not to ask him to let Anthony get away with it. Dante says Johnny is going to throw Anthony under the bus. Sonny says he doesnít care, gets up, and walks out of the room. Dante tells sonny not to make him arrest him. Sonny says Dante wouldnít arrest him for trying to save his life. Dante sees Mac walking by and says Mac would do it. Dante goes over to Mac and seeing that he isnít ok, asks him what is wrong. He tells Dante, Sonny, and Michael that Robin died.

At Wyndemere, Ethan tells Ewen to back off. Ewen says he is simply pointing out all of the options including the possibility that Cassandra hasnít been entirely truthful with either of them. Ethan asks what Cassandra would have to gain by holding out. Ewen tells her to tell him.

At Johnnyís apartment, Carly tells Shawn that this is unexpected. He tells her that when they met, he was in a different place. He hadnít felt anything for anyone in a long time and then getting to know her put him in a complex position because he began having feelings that he hadnít had in a long time. He says he doesnít know if it is too late, but if she feels the same way about him, he would like to see where they could go. Shawn leaves. Johnny comes downstairs and asks Carly if she is ok. She sniffles, wipes her eyes, and says she will be. Johnny says Carly did Shawn a favor. She asks if he was listening the whole time. He says he called Anthony and warned him that Sonny would be after him.

At the General Hospital Emergency Room, Sonny asks Mac what happened. Mac tells him about the explosion in the lab. Sonny doesnít want to believe it. Mac says Sonny should be used to people close to him dying. Michael tells Mac not to take it out on Sonny. Mac asks Michael if he knows how much trouble Sonny has caused Robin over the years. He asks if he has any idea how different Robinís life would have been if she had never met Sonny or Stone. With tears running down his cheeks, sonny asks why Mac would say that when Robin loved Stone with everything she had. Mac asks him what Robin got in return. Sonny says Stone would never do anything deliberately to hurt Robin; they didnít know he had HIV. Mac asks about all the people sonny loves that have been hurt, pointing out Michael and Dante both being shot because of Sonny. Dante asks Mac to stop. Mac says Robin fought her battles with dignity and now she is gone. She tells Sonny that Robin was in the lab because she was getting the meds to save Jasonís sorry excuse for a life. He says Jasonís life isnít worth anything and neither is Sonnyís. Dante takes Mac home, but not before telling Michael to keep an eye on Sonny to keep him from doing something that will ruin his life.

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