GH Update Monday 2/20/12

General Hospital Update Monday 2/20/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Molly didn't know how to deal with the fact that her home had been invaded with dozens of older teens who were partying and drinking. She called Michael, who was at Kelly's and asked for his help. Molly got even more panicked when she heard a crash coming from elsewhere in the house. She got disconnected from Michael. A boy, who Molly clearly had a crush on came over to chat with her. He told her she had a cool house and that he was surprised that she wasn't the braniac he thought she was. Molly was surprised he even knew her name. TJ greeted the boy, then mingled with the other kids. A teen girl held up a bottle of liquor and the boy told Molly he was about to get wasted. Molly smiled. Molly chattered about the books they were reading in A.P. English class and the boy nodded and claimed he liked them too, but he didn't seem sincere. The other girl spiked some juice with the alcohol, while Molly wasn't looking, then she handed it to Molly. Molly refused, saying she didn't drink, but the girl assured her that it was just fruit punch. Molly apologized for jumping to the wrong conclusion. TJ reminded everyone to keep it down, so the neighbors didn't call the cops. The two kids promised Molly that they would make sure no one did anything that would get her into trouble. They raised a toast to Molly and all the other teens joined in. Molly beamed.

TJ broke up a shoving match, while across the room, the tipsy Molly was talking to the boy she liked about the reading assignments again. Once he knew she wasn't thinking clearly, he convinced her to take him up to her room to “talk.” TJ realized what was going on and intervened. Molly assured TJ that they were just going up to talk about AP English, then she remembered that the boy wasn't in her English class. TJ saw that Molly was drunk and demanded to know what the boy had given her. Molly said it was just fruit punch. The boy asked why TJ was being such a buzzkill, when he was the one who set up the party. When Molly realized TJ was behind it, she ran off, upset. The boy tried to go after Molly, but TJ pushed him and ordered him to stay away from her. A couple of boys knocked over a table in a fight and TJ told everyone to leave. Just then Michael walked in and declared that the party was over. He told the kids who'd been drinking to call their parents for a ride, then he asked TJ where Molly was. They found her lying in a corner passed out.

Robin, Emma and Anna played a board game in the lobby of GH. Robin wondered where Patrick was and figured he must have gotten paged by the ER. Epiphany came over and chatted with Emma. Robin asked about Patrick, and Epiphany said he'd gone looking for her. Robin figured he must be in the lab and went looking for him. Anna bought Emma something from the vending machine and told her about the meals from the vending machine that Robin ate growing up. Emma asked what Anna did and Anna told her about being the chief of police. Anna felt like she hadn't been the best mother, and she told Emma that Robin wasn't going to make any of the mothering mistakes that Anna made. Anna told Emma how wonderful Robin was. Emma said Robin thought Anna was braver than anyone, but Anna considered Robin very brave too. Anna still couldn't believe that Robin was an adult and a doctor. Time had passed so quickly and Anna hadn't said everything she'd wanted to say. She told Emma that when Robin returned, she was going to tell her how proud she was of her and how much she loved her. Emma said she was going to tell her too.

Carly found Johnny's car, but he was nowhere to be seen. Concerned, she called him and said she knew he was hurt and angry, but hoped he wouldn't make things worse by doing something reckless. Eventually, the inebriated Johnny returned. Carly asked where he'd been, but he snapped that it was none of her business. When Carly got fed up and decided to leave, Johnny grabbed her arm. Carly told him that she refused to be his emotional punching bag. Johnny said please don't leave. He told Carly he'd been out standing on a ledge. He liked the rush and had been doing it since he was a child. Johnny said he was tired of caring, of feeling and of having questions that couldn't be answered. Carly thought it was time Johnny stop acting out. She urged him to focus on the positive things in his life. Johnny sarcastically said he was thankful he didn't have to ask Claudia why she lied to him his whole life. Carly told him that self pity was unbecoming, then she asked what he'd hoped to accomplish by crashing Sonny's party. Johnny asked if she was there because she was angry on Sonny's behalf. Carly told Johnny that both he and Sonny behaved inappropriately tonight. She added that Johnny knew Sonny would reveal his secret if he ruined the party and she theorized that Johnny had shown up to goad Sonny into it as a way to sabotage himself. Johnny maintained that Carly was wrong, but Carly argued that Johnny had purposefully pushed Sonny's buttons by insulting Dante, and taking the spotlight in what was supposed to be a charity event. Johnny thought Carly saw it that way because her loyalty was with Sonny. Carly felt that it was common sense not to provoke the person that knew your deep dark secret.

According to Carly, there were some positive things that happened tonight – most people thought Sonny had been wrong to out Johnny and now that the truth was out, no one could use it to blackmail Johnny. Johnny said it sounded like she was speaking from experience. Carly confirmed it. She said it had been painful to have her secrets aired, but after the dust settled, it was a relief to have everything out in the open. Carly didn't think Johnny should be grateful to Sonny, but she said now that the truth was out, Johnny could move on and decide what he actually wanted instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Johnny asked what if what he wanted was revenge. He wasn't sure who he hated more, Sonny, Anthony or Claudia for having him, then leaving him. Johnny recalled that Anthony said Claudia wasn't maternal. Carly pointed out that Claudia was only a child when she had Johnny. She thought Anthony was only trying to justify his lies and the way he sent Claudia away. Johnny said now he sort of understood why Anthony treated Claudia like he did. He agreed that even if what Anthony said about Claudia seducing Gino was true, she was still a child and there was no excuse for Anthony to have treated her the way he had. Carly said Anthony wanted Johnny to blame Claudia instead of him, because he wanted a place in Johnny's life. The thought of that made Johnny sick, leading him to conclude that he hated Anthony the most for putting everything in motion.

Johnny wished he'd known the truth while Claudia was alive, so he could have helped her. He thought there were times when she'd tried to tell him he was her son. Carly thought that Claudia's miscarriage might have effected her so much because she lost the chance again to have what she missed out on with Johnny, then after that it was a struggle to hold onto her sanity. Johnny didn't think that boded well for his mental health. Carly hugged him from behind and put her head on his shoulder. She told him he wasn't crazy; he was just in pain. Johnny said he thought she'd come to save him, but Carly said she wasn't the saving type. Johnny pointed out that she'd tried to save Sonny multiple times. Carly said Sonny was a special case, but she'd learned that you couldn't save anyone else; people had to save themselves. Johnny asked what if they didn't want to be saved and Carly said he could jump off the ledge, as long as he didn't take anyone she loved with him. Johnny wrapped his arms around Carly's waist and asked her to come home with him.

Meanwhile, people were milling around at Sonny's benefit dinner. Alexis wondered aloud why she ever bothered going to these things, when they never ended well. Diane was happy to get the scoop on Johnny's parentage; she thought it would make a good story for her gossip column, but Alexis warned her that she might face retaliation if she wrote about it. Alexis became frustrated because she hadn't been able to reach Molly. Diane thought Alexis was worrying over nothing, because Molly was so responsible. She warned Alexis that if she held on too tight, Molly would rebel, just like Kristina did. Alexis didn't think Kristina's actions were her fault, and she maintained that she was being a responsible parent.

Elizabeth suggested that Matt slow down on the drinks, but he told her not to be a party pooper. Matt said it had been a great night – they learned that Maxie only cared about keeping the two of them apart and Liz had been stood up by her date. Liz thought he was trying to get a reaction out of him. Matt slurred his words as he said he'd rather have another kiss. Liz said he'd been too drunk to remember the first one, but Matt insisted that he did. He suddenly stopped talking and stared at Liz. She asked what was going on and he said nothing. Matt offered to buy Liz a drink, but she reminded him that it was an open bar. Matt was clearly drunk. Liz suggested he switch to water, but Matt said that would be no fun.

Olivia asked Tracy where her husband went and she said he went after his son. “Don't you mean grandson?” Olivia asked. Tracy disapproved of Sonny outing Johnny's secret, but Olivia argued that Anthony had to shoulder his share of blame for lying to Johnny for his entire life. Tracy shot back that that Olivia had done the same thing to Dante.

Dante and Sonny were in the parking garage. Dante was upset and his breathing was labored. He told Sonny that he was no longer his son and that he was finished with him for good. Sonny contended that Dante wouldn't turn his back on family. Dante told him to watch, then he walked away. Sonny noticed someone aiming a gun at Dante and he ran and shoved him out of the way. The shooter fired. Dante got up and ordered the person not to move, then he took a shot. Dante planned to pursue the shooter, until he noticed that Sonny was still lying on the ground. Sonny had been shot in the shoulder. He propped himself up against the wall and urged Dante to go after the gunman, but Dante refused to leave him like that. Dante took Sonny's tie off and used it to make a tourniquet. Dante told him he'd be alright and Sonny said things could have been worse – Dante could have been shot. Dante was grateful that Sonny had protected him, and Sonny said that's what fathers were supposed to do. Dante prepared to go get Steve, but Sonny insisted that he didn’t need help and told him to go after Johnny. Dante wasn't sure Johnny had been the shooter, but Sonny was convinced that Johnny had tried to kill Dante to inflict the maximum amount of pain on Sonny. Dante promised to catch the shooter, but said right now, he had to take care of Sonny, then he left to get help.

Back at the Metro Court dining room, Kate walked in, upset about what had happened between Sonny and Dante. Kate had gone looking for them, but hadn't found them. Olivia said that whatever was going on, it had to be big.

Maggie found Steve and quietly asked if he'd heard anything else about the investigation. Steve hissed that they should just call it a murder investigation, since he killed someone. Olivia noticed them with their heads together and rushed over and confronted them. She said she was done being the odd man out, and she wanted to know what they were hiding. Steve wanted to come clean, but before he could, Maggie blurted out that she and Steve were having an affair. Before Olivia could react, Dante burst in and yelled that he needed a doctor, because Sonny had been shot. Mac, Steve, Kate, Olivia rushed over. Matt staggered over as well. Kate asked how badly Sonny was hurt and if Johnny did it. Matt wanted to help, but Steve said he was in no shape to treat anyone; Liz dragged Matt away. Olivia and Kate ran to get first aid supplies. When they returned, Steve, Mac and Dante headed back to Sonny. Kate wanted to go, but they refused to let her. Mac told everyone to stay put and wait to be questioned. Kate begged them to save Sonny, then ran back to Olivia sobbing. Kate blamed Johnny, but Olivia reminded her that they didn't know that.

Steve, Mac and Dante raced into the car garage with Kate not far behind. They were shocked to find Sonny gone. Kate gasped in horror when she saw Sonny's blood. “Sonny what did you do?” Dante groaned.

Jason had Spinelli meet him in his room after Sam left. He explained that he wanted to talk to Spinelli without her there, because he knew she couldn't handle stress now that she was pregnant. Jason filled Spinelli in on his health issues and explained that he might be dying. Spinelli thought Robin would come up with something, and Jason said he wanted to get his affairs in order just in case. Jason thought Sam was in denial about how dire the situation was. He asked Spinelli to take care of her and the baby if he didn't make it. Jason wanted Spinelli to work on finding the off shore money he'd lost so that Sam and the baby could have it. Jason said they had legitimate funds, but he wanted them to have the other money too. Spinelli felt terrible that his mistake had caused Jason to worry at a time like this, especially since Jason had been such a good friend to him over the years. Jason said the money didn't matter; he just wanted Spinelli to be as good a friend to Sam and their child as he had been to him.

Jason said Sam had Alexis and her sisters, so she wouldn't be alone, but he thought it would be good for Spinelli to be there and encourage her to see that she would be a good parent. Spinelli thought his presence was more of an annoyance than a help, but Jason told him to stop berating himself. Jason said Spinelli was the kindest, smartest person he knew. Jason knew Spinelli would be great with Sam and the baby. Spinelli cried because he wanted Jason to be there. Jason wanted to be, more than he'd ever wanted anything else, but he figured the risks he'd taken had finally caught up to him. Jason teared up and said just in case Robin couldn't save him, he wanted to tell Spinelli goodbye and thank him for all he'd done for him. Spinelli said everything he had came from Jason. Jason didn’t think Spinelli needed him as much as he thought he did. Spinelli didn’t want to find out. Jason asked Spinelli to keep working on the DVD; he didn't want any more surprises from Franco happening when he wasn't there to deal with them. Jason said to bring anything he found to him, not Sam. Spinelli agreed, but he said like Sam, he wasn't going to give up hope that Robin would help Jason.

Patrick was passed out on the floor of the lab that was filled with gas and smoke. He came to and struggled to crawl to the door, then collapsed. Robin arrived and was horrified by what she saw. She managed to drag him to safety then she administered CPR until he came to. Patrick told Robin he thought he knocked something over in the lab. Robin looked through the lab window and saw Jason's protocol inside. Patrick urged Robin not to go back inside – the lab door locked during chemical spills and there were so many things inside that could explode at any moment. Robin decided to take the chance anyway. She ran in and got Jason's vial, but knocked something over on her way out. Then the door locked, trapping Robin inside. Patrick rushed over and fought as hard as he could to open the door; it wouldn't budge, but he refused to give up. Robin put Jason's vial in the airlock and told Patrick to take it to him. Patrick took the vial out of his side of the airlock and put it in his pocket, but he wouldn't leave. Robin told him to go get help and to hug Emma for her. There were tears in both of their eyes.

Patrick kept trying to save Robin as the lab continued to fill with thick smoke and gas. Robin told Patrick to leave before the hall doors locked too, but Patrick was adamant about finding a way to rescue her. Robin asked if he loved her and Patrick said yes, she was his whole life. Robin said Patrick and Emma were her whole life too and she'd never leave him – she'd be in his heart forever. She begged him to do this for her. Patrick touched the glass and Robin put her hand up to his and they shared I love yous. Robin begged Patrick to go. Patrick promised to get help, then he ran through the double doors, which locked behind him, sealing the hallway where the lab was located. Robin was overcome by the fumes and collapsed. The liquid Patrick knocked over earlier dripped from the table and into the puddle of the chemical that Robin had spilled. Patrick suddenly ran back to the locked double doors and called out to Robin. He was just in time to see the lab explode.

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