GH Update Monday 2/20/12

General Hospital Update Monday 2/20/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Robin sits in the hospital lobby with her mom and daughter contented but wondering why Patrick is not back by now. Unknown to them, Patrick is lying face down passed out on the floor inside a locked room in the hospital. There appears to have been a gas leak or smoke issue in the building.

Spinelli goes to see Jason in his hospital room wanting to be hopeful. But Jason tells Spinelli that he needs to be honest and let him know that he (Jason) may be dying.

Carly goes to find a missing Johnny after he’s gotten into the brawl with Sonny. She calls and leaves a voice mail message urging him to get back to her, to talk to her and not do anything he might regret.

People attend the party at the Metro Court. We see Alexis and Diane both single and buried in their careers. Elizabeth is with Matt who assures her that he and Maxie are done and that all she wanted to do was keep them apart. Not far away, Olivia approaches Tracy knowing that Tracy’s “husband” is missing. Olivia remarks what a despicable thing Anthony did to Johnny and to Claudia and lying about Johnny’s parentage. Tracy reminds Olivia she did the same thing with her own son. They then realize that both Dante and Sonny are missing and remark it’s odd that Sonny has not arrived yet.

Downstairs in the parking garage, Dante tells Sonny he is done. He does not see Sonny as his father. But Sonny is not going to accept that. Right then, out of nowhere, Sonny gets shot.

Epiphany goes to talk to Robin and Emma. Robin asks her if she knows if Patrick may have gotten paged to the ER. She tells Robin last she heard, Patrick was looking for her. Robin then tells her mom and daughter she needs to go and look for her husband.

Spinelli asks Jason if he’s serious that he could be dying. Jason affirms to him that he does, in fact, have cerebral edema. It’s inoperable. Robin is doing everything she can with a drug that might work. But there’s no guarantee that it will. And, he admits to Spinelli, there are some things he needs to take care of. Spinelli asks him if he’s told Sam. Jason replies that Sam does not want to believe it. Spinelli admits that he cannot say he blames Sam for not wanting to believe her husband is dying after what she’s been through with Franco and now that she’s going to have a baby with Jason. Jason tells Spinelli it is for that reason that Spinelli has to be there for Sam.

There seems to be commotion at Alexis’ home when Molly lets a large population of kids visit.

Carly goes to find Johnny alone in the snow in the woods. He is argumentative and wants her to leave him alone. But she is not going to let him be alone. He tells her that he used to go there as a child when he dealt with family issues. He’s tired of feeling and trying to find answers to things that do not have answers.

Molly seems to be having a party with about 30 teenagers. Alexis tries and fails to reach her daughter on the phone while at the metro court party.

While Dante and Sonny are in the parking garage and Sonny gets shot,. Dante struggles to make sure his “father” is ok.

Johnny asks Carly if she thinks he should be grateful that his entire life is a lie. She tells him maybe he should be grateful that he’s healthy and strong and a talented piano player and has people who care about him. He tells her maybe he can be grateful that he will never have to ask Claudia why she lied to him his entire life. She tells him if he is not already aware, he needs to know that self-pity is not attractive. He asks her if she does not believe he has the right to be a little angry. She asks him where anger has gotten him and why he had to show up drunk at Sonny’s party. He asks her if she cares about Sonny and reminds her that Sonny blew his entire life up. She tells him that he just provoked Sonny into telling the world that Claudia was his mother.

Dante tells Sonny that he will find him a doctor at the metro court. Sonny tells him he knows that Johnny had to be the one to shoot him. He made Johnny mad and Johnny had to strike back. Dante tells Sonny regardless of who did this, the first thing that must be done is to take care of Sonny.

Jason tells Spinelli that what he needs more than anything involving money or anything else is for Spinelli to be as good a friend to Sam and to their baby as he has been to Jason.

While Anna (Robin’s mom) is with her granddaughter, she tells Emma about how she used to be a cop and tells her that she could follow in her mom and dad’s footsteps and be a doctor like them or get into law enforcement like her grandmother. She tells her granddaughter that she is so proud of her daughter, Emma’s mom. She realizes she made some mistakes with Robin and knows that Robin will not make those mistakes with her. She tells Emma that her mommy is courageous and saves lives. She cannot believe that her daughter is a doctor. It seems like yesterday when Robin was Emma’s her age. It seems that time goes by so fast. She tells Emma that when Emma’s mommy comes back, she’s going to tell her how proud she is of her and how much she loves her. Emma tells her grandma she is going to tell her mommy that also.

Right then, Robin goes to find Patrick and struggles to get him to wake up. He then realizes that he left something locked inside the room. She gets up to see that it’s still in there. The door is locked and it looks like there’s smoke and a security risk.

Carly tells Johnny if he does not want the whole world knowing about his deep dark secret, then he should not provoke the man who uncovered it. He tells her it’s interesting how she’s made this all his fault. But she tells him she is not defending Sonny. She knows he was vindictive and deliberately cruel. He asks her if she’s going to say that he (Johnny) asked for it. She assesses that yes. It’s about 50/50. But, she admits, since most people thought Sonny had no business airing Johnny’s dirty laundry, Sonny embarrassed himself more than Johnny did. She also reminds Johnny that one more advantage he has for which he can be grateful is that nobody can blackmail him anymore. Nobody can hold the truth about Claudia over his head. It’s very liberating, she tells him, when everybody knows the worst.

At Alexis’ home, a boy wants to prevent Molly from drinking or doing something she might regret. He reminds her that it’s too loud and he would like to go and talk somewhere. The others do not believe that’s what he wants. Molly appears intoxicated although she wants to talk about The Tale of Two Cities. Alexis cannot reach her on the phone. Diane tells Alexis she needs to know that her daughter is 14 going on 30. She’s responsible and Alexis cannot be checking up on Molly every minute. Alexis tells her that she is doing effective parenting. Diane reminds her that if she keeps watching over her daughter, she will be forcing her to rebel and become like Kristina.

Dante rushes into the party at the Metro court announcing that he urgently needs a doctor. Sonny has been shot. Everybody is shocked. They demand to know who might have done it. He replies that a prime suspect is obviously Johnny.

Carly tells Johnny that he has nothing to hide anymore. He no longer has to wait to see how anyone will react. He can now just sit back and figure out what he wants. He asks her what if the only thing he wants is revenge.

Jason tells Spinelli that when Sam gets ready to be a mother, he thinks she needs a friend like Spinelli to encourage her to know that she can raise their baby. Spinelli tells Jason that he (Jason) needs to be there for his wife. Jason tells Spinelli he’d like more than anything for that to happen. But he has to be realistic.

Robin tells Jason she has to go into the room to get the medicine for Jason although it’s dangerous and there’s smoke that could get her really sick. But she tells him she does not care. She’s going in there.

At the Metro court, Kate finds Olivia and tells her cousin that if Johnny killed Sonny, he must pay. Olivia tells Kate she needs to get real and not blame the fact that they know all too well about what a dangerous business this is..

Johnny is alone with Carly in the woods talking to her about finding out for the first time that his sister, Claudia is really his mother, that Anthony is his grandfather and pimped his own daughter out to get pregnant and that’s how he was conceived. She tells him that she remembers that when Claudia had the miscarriage a while back, she believed she lost her chance to have what she wished she could have with him. Carly tells him that she wants to be there for him. They are not certain what will happen with their “relationship”. But he seems comfortable talking to her about his situation.

Spinelli tells Jason he’s really benefitted from their friendship and Jason's helping him with his social skills. Jason tells Spinelli he appreciates their friendship also but needs to ask Spinelli for the favor of going back to the DVD that he was working on. Spinelli tells Jason that he wants to have faith even if Jason does not that Dr. Robin will find a way to save him.

At that point, Robin is stuck inside the door unable to get the medication for Jason. Patrick has to save her but she tells him that instead of doing that, he has to get the medication to save Jason. Patrick is torn between which of those two things to do. He attempts to get the door to open and save her but it remains locked and shut

Michael walks into a party where Shawn’s nephew and his friends are playing loud music and drinking. He takes them aside reminding them that they are minors and need to call their parents and that nobody is driving anywhere drunk.

Carly tells Johnny she remembers twisting herself into a pretzel trying to save Sonny. But it did not work. She has learned the hard way that you can make all the efforts in the world to save somebody but in the end, you cannot save another person. You can only save yourself. They then joke about what it would mean if she went out on a ledge to save him and whether she’d risk her life for him. And he tells her it’s ok if she does not. But he wants her to come home with her.

Kate rushes to find Sonny although the cops urge her to stay put and let them do their jobs.

Robin tells Patrick that he has to go and get the meds to save Jason since she cannot, but he tells her he will not leave her in this room. He loves her and will not leave hr. But she urges him to go. The emergency alarms go off. Robin falls to the floor and he runs back attempting to save her and yelling for help.

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