GH Update Friday 2/17/12

General Hospital Update Friday 2/17/12


Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

In Jason's hospital bed, Sam wakes in his arms. He urges her to go home and rest and assures her that he will stay put in the hospital; worried that he will try to leave the hospital before the doctors address the swelling on his brain; she assures that she is staying with him.

At a nurses' station, Monica instructs Epiphany to keep OR-3 available in case they need it for her son, Jason. Monica catches Patrick as he happens by. They discuss Jason's charts and the fact that Robin is working on a drug protocol to reduce the swelling on Jason's brain. She tells him that he will do the procedure of injecting the formula into Jason's brain and that OR-3 is reserved. Patrick is not comfortable with this and states so; Monica tells him to be ready and walks away.

In the hospital lab, Maxie tells Robin that she reported Liz for misconduct. Disapproving, Robin tells Maxie she should not take her frustrations, over Matt, out on Elizabeth. Maxie begins to complain that she's going to the benefit alone and begs Robin to go with her.

Guests arrive at the Metro court Hotel for the Pulmonary Research Benefit. Liz greets Matt with a smile, he asks where her date is; she tells him that Ewen will be meeting her later. Liz reminds Matt to pace himself with his drinking. Carly warns a drunken Johnny not to be looking for payback with Sonny at her hotel. He tells her to relax and that she has nothing to worry about. Dante approaches Sonny and asks if there's a problem, he says he is there for a great cause.

In Jason's hospital room, Sam wants to talk about their baby's future instead of Jason's fate with his brain injury.

At the Metro Court, arrogant and drunk, Johnny holds his glass up to Sonny from across the room. Kate comes up on Sonny from behind and greets him. Shawn greets Carly and tells her it's a great party. Irritated with Kate, she tells Shawn to thank Kate because she's taking all the credit. Dante and Olivia discuss that Sonny is doing something good for this benefit. Steve greets Olivia as he arrives with Maggie who has come solo. Sonny confirms with Tracy that Anthony will not be there to cause trouble. Liz and Matt recount the night on the party boat when they almost kissed (due to his being drunk).

At GH, Anna arrives with Emma in tote, looking to find Patrick and Robin to take them to dinner. She approaches Epiphany and asks for Patrick and Robin, Epiphany obliges by paging them. Anna and Emma sit on a couch and Anna tells her about when Robin was a little girl.

In the GH lab, Robin tells Maxie that her mom is in town, this causes Maxie to complain that her own mother is too busy for her, she begs Robin to go to the Metro Court party with her. Robin states the facts, that Maxie needs to fix her own mistakes, she tells Maxie that she is not a bad person and that it is not a lost cause. As Maxie picks up her purse to leave, it catches on something (which goes unnoticed) that now appears to be leaking some sort of gas. Robin gets back to work.

Jason and Sam talk about their life, Sam assures him that Robin will "save" him. He admits that before, he didn't care if he died but that now, he has something to live for. As Sam leaves to go find Patrick, she gets crams and leans on the door.

At the Metro Court, Liz calls Ewen to make sure he remembers that they agreed to meet at the party and that she is in the lounge, waiting by the elevator. Matt approaches, arrogantly and asks if Ewen is a no show, then asks her if he were her date and if he were late would she wait for him.

Alexis and Dian chat. Alexis says she isn't staying long because she left Molly alone and Diane brags that she has a date. To Alexis' surprise, Mac arrives to offer his arm to Diane; they walk away together, leaving Alexis on her own.

Max admires how nice Diane looks and says so to Sonny who reminds Max to keep his eye on Johnny and that tonight is for Dante. Olivia tries to convince Dante to accept Sonny's generous donation in his name.

Tracy tries to convince Anthony that it's a bad idea for him and Johnny to be at the party. Anthony says Johnny is not in the mood for advice and that he has no intention of leaving.

Shawn asks Carly if she wants him to remove Johnny (who's sitting at the bar) from the festivities, she says she can handle him and walks over to Johnny. She asks him how many drinks he's had; he says he will let her know when he stops feeling.

Kate gloats to Sonny that the party is a success and that everyone who matters is there, Sonny makes a snide remark that there are some there who he could do without. She tells him to ignore them and focus on what he is doing for his son.

Kate asks for everyone's attention and introduces herself as co-owner of the Metro Court, as she begins to thank everyone for attending the event; Carly interrupts with her own thank you to all. She reminds everyone that "Mr. Corinthos" and she have always supported General Hospital and how much GH means to their family. Carly turns it over to Sonny to continue the thanks to all who turned out for the Pulmonary Research Benefit in his son Dante's name. He praised Dante for being a police officer and a hero and praised GH for saving his life when he was shot by an unknown assailant a couple of months ago. All clap; Johnny reaches into his jacket pocket for something.

Back at the lab, gas has been leaking while Robin works on a remedy for Jason. She sees something good in her latest research, Monica checks in on her to see if she needs anything. Robin updates her that she has narrowed her research to three protocols and this last one looks good; Monica confirms that this is Jason's last chance and asks if there is a time frame for results. Robin tells her that she hopes she's have something by tonight. Before Monica leaves Robin to continue her work, Robin asks how Jason is. Monica assures that he's resting comfortably and expresses her gratefulness for Robin helping her son. Robin pours the contents of her final lab result into a sealable vial marked Morgan.

Elsewhere in GH, Epiphany updates Anna that Patrick is not answering his page but she can send someone to the lab to let Robin know she's waiting. Anna declines and decides to leave a note for Robin.

Jason is holding Sam up; he asks if she's okay, she says it's just a little cramp. Monica walks in and congratulates them on expecting a baby. Jason sits down, holding his head. Sam asks Monica to look after him while she steps out. Monica asks Jason how he's doing; he turns the question back to her (since she's the doctor).

In the lobby at the party, while waiting for Ewen, Liz and Matt are chatting; he reveals that Maxie is the one who turned her in for stealing hospital drugs for Lucky a couple of months ago. Just then, Maxie walks in and makes sarcastic comments about finding the two of them together.

Inside the party, Sonny continues to thank everyone in attendance. Having seen Johnny reach inside his jacket, thinking he is reaching for a gun, Max attacks him. Johnny's checkbook drops to the floor.

To remove focus of the embarrassing situation, Carly takes over and announces that Sonny is going to give a giant donation and encourages everyone else to reach into their pockets.

Wanting to outdo Sonny's donation, Johnny and Sonny begin a battle of donating funds. Sonny tells Johnny that his money is not welcome and that he will donate ten million to cover Johnny's donation and tells him to leave.

Johnny attacks Dante verbally by saying that his father (Sonny) is buying him. Becoming angry, Sonny threatens to reveal Johnny's family secret. Johnny says he's not afraid of Sonny, Sonny tells him he should be. Sonny reveals the truth that Anthony is not his father and that Claudia is not his sister but his mother.

Just outside the festivities, in the lobby, Maxie is rambling on to Liz and Matt about how she feels Liz set her up to be the bad guy. Matt tells her how childish and selfish she is; Liz follows with the fact that she was never after Matt.

At a GH nurses station, Epiphany harasses Patrick about not answering his pages. He says that if it's not about Jason, he doesn't want to be interrupted. Epiphany told him that Anna was there with Emma to ask him and Robin to join them for dinner and that they went to the cafeteria. As Patrick heads off, he runs into Sam and tells her that he has no news on Jason yet. Sam asks why Jason can't go home. Patrick says he needs to stay there in case he has another seizure. Sam asks if he will survive another seizure, Patrick says he doesn't know.

In Jason's room, he asks his mother for the truth. Monica tells him that the swelling in his brain has worsened. Jason asks how long he has; that he needs to know for Sam and the baby and that he needs her (Monica) to be there for them. Monica says that she will be there for as long as Sam will let her. Jason thanks her; she leans in and kisses him and says that she loves him. Monica never answered his question about how long he has but as she was leaving, Jason asks her if she has home movies of him when he was a baby. She tells him that she has thousands. He asks specifically if she has any from when he was a new born, Monica says she doesn't because he was with his biological mother, Susan Moore. Before leaving the room, Monica tells him that she is not giving up.

At the Metro Court, Sonny continues his rant, revealing that Anthony pimped out his teenage daughter, Claudia, who got pregnant and gave birth to Johnny. As Johnny leaves, he states that it isn't over. Anthony faces off with Sonny and threatens him. Max escorts Anthony out. All eyes on Sonny, he apologizes to the crowd and goes over to Kate who walks away angry.

Sitting in the waiting area at GH, Anna and Emma are writing a note to leave for Robin and Patrick that they had gone to the cafeteria for hotdogs and potato chips and were going home. Robin sees and greets them. They chatted about when Robin was little she liked the same junk, and grilled cheese. She asked her mom to stick around.

Patrick enters the lab looking for Robin to tell her that Anna is there. He smells the gas, and begins coughing. He goes toward the source to try to turn it off; he is immediately weak and falls toward the ground, choking.

Still arguing in the lobby of the Metro Court, Maxie accuses Liz of having a back up boyfriend for Lucky's departure, Matt. Liz and Maxie continue their catfight while Matt stands by. Matt tells Maxie to apologize, she says she will not; he walks away angry. Before walking away Elizabeth tells Maxie that while she is on suspension, her full time job will be to make Maxie's life a living hell.

Inside, Liz walks up to Matt at the bar, he apologizes for Maxie's words, Liz tells him that she considers him a friend.

Olivia reams Sonny out for ruining the night that was supposed to be about their son, Dante. Dante walks up and says Johnny didn't mess the night up, he (Sonny) did. Dante walks out angry. Kate comes up to Sonny; he shakes her off and says that he can't talk right now and walks away to go after Dante.

In the parking garage, Sonny catches up to Dante to try to talk with him. Dante is angry that his father turned a charity event into a mob war. Someone is watching them argue. Sonny argues that he's protecting his family; Dante yells that he doesn't want his protection; that he wants him behind bars and until that happens, Sonny is dead to him. Someone points a gun toward them.

Somewhere outside, Carly is calling Johnny's name.

Sam enters Jason's hospital room, where he is lying on his bed in his jeans and black T-shirt. When Jason asks if he can go home, Sam tells him that he has to stay. Jason says he told Monica that he wants her to be part of the baby's life. Sam asks what Monica thinks about his condition. He tells her that Monica has a lot of faith in Robin and that he does too.

Robin, Anna, and Emma are in the lounge playing Shoots and Ladders, wondering where Patrick is.

Patrick is on the floor in the lab struggling to breathe.

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