GH Update Thursday 2/16/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/16/12


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court, Sonny is pleased with the decorations for the pulmonary wing benefit. He tells Kate that he just wants to acknowledge how important it is to have Dante in his life.

In the alley behind Jakeís, Ronnie asks Dante how many times he intends to go over the crime scene. Dante says he will go over it as many times as it takes to find Padillaís attacker. Ronnie says there is nothing to go on since Padilla never saw her attackerís face. Dante thinks the clue is that Padilla isnít a dancer as the other victims have been. Ronnie wonders if Padillaís attack was a message for the police. Dante thinks the attacker left something behind.

Dolores Padilla goes into Kellyís and sits at the table next to Johnnyís with her back to him. She tells him that she hears he is good at finding information. He asks her how much the information is worth to her.

At General Hospital, Matt rants to Patrick about breaking up with Maxie. Patrick is busy and not interested in Mattís woman problems. Matt wants to find and talk to Robin because he is afraid of what Maxie might do. Patrick tells Matt not to bother Robin because she is busy saving Jasonís life.

In the Lab, Robin tells Carly that she has to get out, but Carly refuses. Robin tells Carly that she isnít the only one that is concerned about Jason but that she is in the way of Robin finding a cure.

In Jasonís hospital room, he and Sam watch the DVD that they assume id from Franco. It contains footage of an infant lying on its back. They wonder why Franco would send that to them. Sam says they have to figure out who the baby is.

In the alley behind Jakeís, Ronnie asks Dante if he doesnít have a party to get to. Dante says it is later. He tells Ronnie that he noticed that none of the forensics photos were of the ground so he is looking for footprints. Ronnie thinks that in this amount of time, other footprints would have compromised any footprints. Dante thinks the frozen ground may have preserved them. He finds one set where the right foot was dragged. Ronnie suggests that there was a struggle. Dante is certain Padilla didnít go down without a fight. He photographs the footprints.

In Kellyís, Johnny asks Dolores if her landlord has said anything about increasing the rent. She tells him he shouldnít have done that. He says he likes to help people and besides that, she and her husband would have been priced out of their apartment. She says they would have found another one. Johnny says it would be difficult to find one with an elevator and Eddie has that problem going up and down stairs. Dolores asks Johnny why he said that. Johnny says Eddie has that problem with his right leg from the construction accident. Dolores wonders how Johnny knows about that. Johnny says he knows a lot of things and is just trying to make things easier for everyone. She tells him they didnít ask for his help. He observes that she is asking for it now. She says she wants help finding who killed her sister. Johnny chuckles and asks what it says about the police department when they come to him for help. She says she has exhausted all the official channels. Shawn comes downstairs dressed for the benefit and observes Johnny.

In Jasonís hospital room, Sam asks Jason if they can stop playing Francoís games after watching the video. She wants to throw it away no matter what is on it. Jason notices the hospital bracelet on the baby in the video says ďBaby boy Moore.Ē He concludes that he is the baby in the video.

In the lab, Robin asks Carly to make this not about her for once. Carly says itís about Jason. She suggests that the project might be too big for Robin to handle alone. Robin asks Carly to leave so she can do her work. Patrick comes in and asks what is going on. Robin tells him that Carly doesnít think she can save Jason. Carly tells Jason that she just doesnít understand why Robin wonít call in other specialists to help. Patrick says Robin is Jasonís best and only chance.

At Alexisís house, she tries on dressed and asks for Mollyís opinion. Molly observes that Alexis has tried on every dress she owns. Alexis considers skipping the benefit. Molly says Alexis should take her own advice and get out of the house and be social. She tells him Mac will be there. Alexis predicts that Diane will be following him around in a low cut dress. Molly says Mac will love Alexisís dress. Alexis decides to change her dress again.

At Kellyís, TJ wonders who Johnny is and why Shawn is staring at him. Shawn says he is no one. TJ compliments Shawnís suit and asks if he is going on a date with Carly. Shawn says it isnít a date; itís a benefit at her hotel. TJ says he wouldnít blame Shawn for wanting to get with Carly. Shawn tells him not to be disrespectful. TJ says Shawn is too serious and it freaks people out. Shawn doesnít care what people think. TJ concludes to him that he cares what Carly thinks. Shawn tells him that he would get better grades if he spent more time studying and less time talking back. He says if he gets better grades, he wonít need to have tutoring sessions with Molly. Shawn says TJ could learn a lot from molly. TJ says under his breath that they can learn a lot from each other. Shawn leaves to go to the benefit. TJ goes into the kitchen and emerges with a six-pack of beer.

Olivia arrives at the benefit. Kate asks her what she did to the dress that she gave her. Olivia says she just had the hem taken up. Kate protests that this wasnít what the designer intended and asks if it wasnít classy enough for Olivia. Olivia says it was too Kate, observing that Connie wouldnít have though twice about hacking off a couple of inches to show off her legs. Kate says Connie was a teenager. She tells Olivia that this is an important night for Sonny. Olivia says she knows it is about proving himself to Dante. Kate says Sonny wants it to be perfect and she intends to deliver. Olivia observes that Kate, like Connie, canít stand to have a man care about anything more than her.

Nearby at the benefit, Sonny tells Max to check everyone out before allowing them to come in. max wonders if Sonny is expecting trouble. Sony tells him that Johnny has been on the warpath ever since he got the information about Claudia. He says tonight is a good time for Johnny to strike because he knows Sonny will be distracted. Max says they have already increased security at the warehouses. Sony tells max to find out what kind of product Johnny is shipping because they have to shut him down now. Dante comes in and overhears the end of the conversation and says he should have known tonight isnít about charity but is an alibi.

In the lab, Robin is frustrated after having been distracted and begins second-guessing herself because of what Carly said. Patrick assures her that she is the most qualified person for the job. He tells her every doctor is scared at some point. She tells him every doctor fails at some point too. He tells her that she is brilliant but she isnít god. She recalls all the times she has said that to him. He tells her that he believes in her and she has to believe in herself.

In Jasonís hospital room, he tells Sam that he has never seen this video of him before. Sam asks if anything else is on the video. Jason says just more baby footage. Sam concludes that this is the end and that it is apparently harmless. Jason wants to know what it means. Sam say Franco may have just thought it was funny. Jason wonders where Franco got it and why he sent it now.

At Lexisís house, she comes down stairs wearing a blue dress. Molly says she loves the color and forbids her mother to change again because she has a party to get to. Alexis says Molly seems anxious to get rid of her. Molly says she just wants her to get out, have fun, and maybe dance. Alexis concludes that molly is talking about Mac and tells her that she thinks Mac has other plans. Molly tells her to change Macís plans and ask him to dance. Alexis wants molly to go with her since she has an extra ticket. Molly says she has to study. Alexis doesnít like molly being home alone that long. Molly reminds her that she is 14 now and old enough to babysit other peopleís kids. Alexis laments that molly will g to college soon and she will be alone. Molly tells her she doesnít have to be alone and offers to text Mac. Alexis declines, tells Molly to enjoy her studying, and leaves to go to the benefit. Molly turns on her computer to check Desdemonaís Myface page.

At the benefit, Dante concludes to Sonny that the benefit and the donation were just for show. He is just trying to prove that he is something he is not. Sonny protests that he was sincere. Max starts to walk away and Dante asks him if he doesnít want to see his boss get called out. Max asks Dante if he is really going to do this here in front of everybody. Sonny asks max to go look around. He turns to Dante and tells him that he misunderstood what he heard. Dante says Sonny always says how much his kids mean to you when they are really an excuse for Sonny to do whatever he wants to do. He says Sonny is always trying to save or protect his kids, and tonight is meant to honor Dante, but it is really an alibi if John Zacchara turns up dead. Sonny says he doesnít care about Johnny; he is just trying to show his appreciation to the doctors that saved his sonís life. Dante says he could have written a thank-you note. Sonny recalls that Dante was nearly dead when they brought him to the hospital. Dante recalls that he was shot in Sonnyís warehouse by Sonnyís enemies. Olivia, who had been observing from a few feet away comes over and asks them to take it down a notch. Sonny tells Dante again that whatever he overheard didnít mean what he inferred. Dante says what he overheard was Sonny trying to dress up something ugly.

Olivia drags Dante away y the elbow. He tells her that he is not going to be grateful to Sonny. Olivia says she knows Sonny has made some awful choices in his life, but that tonight is a good thing. Dante says that is what Sonny wants her to think. Olivia says the money Sonny is giving will save lives. Dante brings up the lives Sonny took to get the money in the first place.

Kate walks over to Sonny and observes to him that Dante doesnít look happy. He tells her that Dante overheard something. Kate asks if Dante is leaving. Sonny says he hopes Olivia can talk some sense into Dante. Kate wonders if Olivia is on Sonnyís side. He tells her that Olivia knows him and she knows how much he loves his kids. He wonders why his kids canít believe it. Kate observes that Dante gets angry first and thinks later like Sonny does. Sonny says he swore his kids would never look at him the way he looked at his father and stepfather. Kate tells him that he isnít Deke or Michael. Sonny says he wasnít a father to Dante. Kate reminds him that that was Oliviaís choice. Sonny doesnít care whose fault it is; he just wants to break down the wall but Dante keeps building it up.

Carly walks up to Kate and Sonny at the benefit and tells Sonny that she needs to talk to him alone. Kate tells her this isnít a good time. Carly says Jason is in the hospital and he could be dying.

Matt goes into the lab carrying a big box. He sees Robin working and says Patrick told him about Jason. She tells him she is trying to find a drug protocol that will reduce the swelling in JasonĎs brain. Matt says she has a lot of work to do and he does too because a patient that agreed to participate in his trial is flying in from Dallas. He says this may be his chance to prove that the methods he published in his paper are actually effective. Robin says she is sure it will work out this time. Matt says he just needs to figure out why it wasnít effective in previous trials. Robin tells him that sheíd really like to discuss it, but she has to concentrate. Matt says he understands, takes his box over to the other side of the lab bench, and begins noisily unpacking it. Robin glares at him. He apologizes and continues unpacking quietly. Robin forgets where she left off and says Jason doesnít have time for her to make mistakes.

Spinelli goes to Jasonís hospital room carrying an armful of magazines. He asks if Jason is getting better. Jason says he is fine. Spinelli asks Sam if her past distress is ok. Sam tells him it wasnít just cramps. She reveals that she is pregnant. He asks if Jason summoned him to share this news. Jason hands him the DVD and simply responds, ďFranco.Ē Spinelli asks if he was not found dead in his studio. Jason explains that they found the DVD buried in the snow on the terrace. Sam says Franco probably left it while they were in Hawaii. She says it appears to be footage of Jason as an infant. Jason asks Spinelli to find out where it came from and how Franco got it. Spinelli says he will get right on it but asks for assurance that Franco is dead and this is just for informational purposes.

In the lab, mat receives a phone call informing him that his patient is stuck in Dallas. He angrily shoves his box, knocking things over. Robin tells him to pay attention because he just knocked over a bottle of nitric acid. She says she doesnít have time to lecture him on basic lab safety. Matt says its not surprising that his professional life is falling apart like his personal life is. He starts babbling incoherently about Maxie and Elizabeth while he repacks his box. Robin tells him she has to do her work right now because Jasonís life is on the line. She suggests that he go to the benefit since his patient isnít coming. Matt agrees that he should go so he leaves the lab.

In Jasonís hospital room, Spinelli tells Sam that if she has any questions, he is very knowledgeable about all aspects of pregnancy. She thanks him and leaves. Jason tells Spinelli that he doesnít want Sam to worry. Spinelli observes that communication from the dead is by definition, worrisome. Jason asks Spinelli to figure out where the DVD came from and when it was made. Spinelli asks Jason if he doubts that Franco is dead. Jason reveals that he shot Franco. Spinelli asks about the fire. Jason says he doesnít know anything about the fire but that Franco said, ďyouíll never knowĒ before he died.

At the benefit, Carly tells Sonny about the swelling on Jasonís brain and that Robin is trying to find a drug regimen. Sonny says Robin is the best. He tells Carly that he knew Jason was in the hospital, he just didnít know how bad it was. Carly is angered upon hearing that Sonny knew Jason was in the hospital and didnít tell her. Kate asks her why Sonny would tell her when she would only blame him. Carly tells Kate that she Jason and Sonny are family and that she and Sonny are connected by their children Ė something Kate would know nothing about. Kate walks away. Sonny tells Carly to lay off Kate. He tells her that if Jason had wanted her to know he was in the hospital, he would have told her.

Dante talks to Lulu on the telephone. Je offers to bring her some soup. He tells her he is only going to stay long enough to see the check handed off, he says he would be home already but his mother is making him stay. After he hangs up, Olivia says she is sorry Lulu couldnít come. Dante says he isnít sorry. He says he hates being used by anyone, especially Sonny.

Shawn arrives at the benefit, finds Carly, and tells her she looks great. She says she doesnít really want to be there. She tells him that Jason is sick, that Sonny knew about it and didnít tell her so she is pretending she wants to be there when she is really worried about Jason. She tells him he looks nice. He tells her that she didnít get back to him about coming to the benefit together. She apologizes, saying she has been busy. He asks her if she has been busy with Jason or with john Zacchara.

At Kellyís, Dolores pays for her coffee and wonders what she was thinking by coming to someone like Johnny. Johnny asks her if she means someone like him or specifically him. Dolores says Johnny is just looking fir a way to use this to his advantage and she thought he actually wanted to help her find her sisterís killer. She says she thought he would understand since his sister was killed too. He tells her she wasnít his sister. When Dolores asks him what he is talking about, he tells her to forget it. She says she will forget this conversation ever happened so he can go back to doing whatever he was doing and she will resume looking for her sisterís killer the right way. He wishes her good luck with that and leaves.

At the benefit, Carly asks Shawn if he has a problem with her hanging out with Johnny. He tells her that he is concerned. She reminds him that it is no longer his job to protect her. He says itís his hobby now. It keeps him busy. She tells him she doesnít want him worrying about her. He tells her that he cares about what happens to her, probably more than he should.

Nearby, Dante asks Olivia why she sticks up for Sonny. She tells him that like it or not, Sonny is his father and he will have to figure out a way to deal with that other than with nonstop hostility. Dante tells her that Sonny only cares about his kids when it is convenient. Olivia insists that Sonny loves him. Dante thanks Olivia for keeping Sonny out of his life when he was growing up.

Alexis arrives at the benefit and compliments Kate on the way the place looks. Kate says she is glad Alexis could make it. Alexis says the hours are billable. Sonny says she is starting to sound like Diane. Alexis says molly wants her to be just like Diane.

At Alexisís house, Molly checks messages on ďDesdemonaís ď profile when there is a knock on the door, TJ announces that it is him molly opens the door and asks him what he is doing there. He asks if he is the first. The first what, she wonders. Hoards of people she doesnít know come pouting through her door. She asks TJ who these people are. He informs her that they are her new friends and that she can tank him later. She is appalled when she notices that he brought beer. He tells her it is a party. Music begins playing. More people pour in.

In the lab at general hospital, Robin determines that the rate of absorption seems to be acceptable with the sample she is testing. Maxie bangs on the lab door demanding that Robin open it because it is an emergency. Robin opens the door and tells Maxie that it isnít a good time because she is in the middle of something crucial. Maxie says her life has gone wrong and she needs Robin to fix it. Robin tells her that she is busy trying to save Jasonís life.

Sam goes into Jasonís hospital room and sits next to him on the bed. She tells him that she chatted with Spinelli in the hallway but he never mentioned Jason. She surmises that Jason didnít tell him about his condition. Jason says it is best to keep Spinelli focused. Sam says she thinks Spinelli was right when he said it doesnít matter anymore how Franco got that home video. Jason has another violent headache. Sam goes to get Patrick.

In the lab, Maxie asks Robin if she isnít making a big deal out if slime headaches. Robin says Jasonís condition is serious and possibly fatal. Maxie babbles nonsense for a few minutes when Robin finally stops her and asks why she is there. Maxie tells her that she and Matt broke up and that it is Elizabethís fault.

Spinelli goes to Kellyís where he calls Maxie and leaves a message that he canít go to the benefit with her. He opens his laptop, powers it on, and tells it that even though his skills are still diminished, it is time to get back on the horse and venture into cyberspace because Jason is depending on him.

Patrick goes into Jasonís hospital room to examine him. Jason says it was just a headache. Jason assures him that it was more than that. He asks what happened. Sam says they were just sitting there talking when Jason suddenly grabbed his head in terrible pain. Jason says it is gone now. Patrick warns that the headaches will become more severe as the swelling increases. Sam asks if there is a way to slow down the swelling. Patrick says Robin is working on it. Sam asks how much time Jason has left. Patrick says it is hard to tell.

In the lab, Maxie tells Robin that she was trying to have a stable relationship with matt and that everyone said he was so great. Robin asks what that has to do with Elizabeth. Maxie asks if Robin hasnít seen Elizabeth hanging around matt, staring up at him with those adoring eyes. Robin says matt is socially awkward so maybe Elizabeth is just being nice to him. Maxie says Robinís problem is that she always sees the best in people even tough most donít deserve it. She says most people lie, cheat, and have ulterior motives and secrets. She says most people are either selfish and ambitious or they are stupid and donít think things through. Robin stops her and asks point blank what she did.

At the benefit, Sonny thanks Kate again. She says she likes throwing parties. He tells her that he is proud of her. She returns the compliment. Sonny says he doesnít care if Dante gets mad; it will be a great night.

The elevator door opens and Johnny comes bounding into the benefit. Carly stops him and asks him what he is doing there. Johnny stumbles, drunk and say she loves a big party. Carly says he has been drinking and it is Sonnyís party. Johnny says it is a charity function and he intends to make a significant contribution.

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