GH Update Wednesday 2/15/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/15/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Robin was in the hospital lab researching ways to help Jason. Patrick came in and Robin asked if Jason was still there. She was relieved when Patrick said he hadn't left. Robin said that wasn't like him and she thought it meant he knew he didn’t have much time left. Patrick thought Jason would leave if he thought he was terminal. Robin knew she sounded hypocritical, but she didn't think Jason should give up. Patrick admitted that if he'd known Robin was sick last month, he would have spent every moment with her. Robin hoped that he didn’t say that to Jason, because it would validate his desire to check out and be with Sam. Patrick said he didn't. Robin said she needed Patrick to be brilliant, because he was going to be surgically injecting Jason's medication. Patrick said she was the brilliant one and he was proud. Robin said not to be proud yet, because she hadn't figured anything out so far. She knew that Jason's life depended on her finding a treatment for him. Patrick returned after calling Kate to say they couldn't make the benefit and calling to check on Anna and Emma. They were doing fine. He was surprised Anna was such a great babysitter, but Robin said her mom could do anything. They daydreamed about whether Emma would take after Anna and be an international spy too. When Robin found out Anna was helping Emma make cookies, she urged Patrick to go home and check on them (Anna wasn't a great cook or baker) but Patrick said they'd be fine. He wanted to stay and support Robin. Robin found three possible treatments; next she had to decide which one to use.

Jason got out of his hospital bed and prepared to go home. Carly walked in and confronted him for keeping his illness from her and for trying to leave. Jason said he wanted to go home to Sam. Carly yelled that this was all Sam's fault for pushing Jason to get married and go on a honeymoon before he was fully recovered. Jason told Carly not to lash out at Sam, and he reminded her that he'd been medically cleared to leave the hospital and go to Hawaii. Carly apologized and said she was just scared. Jason tried to push past her to go to Sam, but he suddenly got a headache. Jason grabbed Carly when she tried to run for help. He wanted to leave before anyone from the hospital stopped him. “I'm stopping you,” Carly declared, and she told him to get back in bed. Carly started in on Sam for not being there and Jason told her to lay off. Carly asked why it was okay for Sam not to be there and Jason told her she was pregnant.

Sam got home and found the present from Franco. She hesitated, then unwrapped it, revealing a DVD case. She remembered Jason asking her not to watch the DVD alone, then she put it in her laptop.

Carly was thrilled for Jason and said he'd be the best father ever. They hugged and Jason said now Carly understood why she couldn't start a fight and stress Sam out. Sam walked in and handed Jason the laptop. Carly congratulated Sam on the baby. Sam asked how Carly forced it out of Jason. Carly said as Jason's best friend, there was no reason for her not to know. Sam shot back that Carly should have kept Jason from getting out of bed. Jason pointed out that he'd gotten up before Carly got there. Carly said Sam shouldn't have left him. Jason warned Carly to stop. Sam and Carly stopped bickering and made nice.

Robin arrived and spoke with Jason alone. She told him they had three very promising options and were narrowing it down to the best choice. Jason was frustrated to hear that he would need another operation, but Robin assured him that it was minor. Jason agreed to do whatever it took. Robin pointed out that Jason was completely dressed as if he were about to leave. Jason said he hated hospitals, but he went and sat on the bed. Robin sat next to him and reminded him of the conversation they had before she moved to Paris. Jason had hoped Robin would become a doctor and find love again. Robin said she had the life he wished for. Jason said she had to enjoy it, no matter what happened to him. Robin recalled that she'd told Jason she believed in his future. Robin said Jason still had a lot to live for. Jason told Robin about Sam's pregnancy. Robin was happy for him. Jason explained that he was telling her in case something happened to him. Robin urged him not to give up hope, and she assured him that one of the treatments would work. Jason thanked Robin for all she'd done for him. Robin said she should thank him for giving her her life back twice. Jason downplayed his role, but Robin insisted that he'd helped immensely. She had Jason promise not to leave the hospital, then she told him she'd be back later with good news.

After Carly and Sam stepped out of Jason's room, they chatted about what a good father Jason would be and how they hoped he'd be okay. Carly told Sam about Jason's headache and how she stopped him from leaving. Sam thanked her. Carly asked if Sam knew there was nothing she wouldn't do for Jason. Sam did. She also thanked Carly for going to Hawaii to warn them about Franco and said she knew Carly just wanted Jason to be happy. Carly started to cry because she was scared for Jason. Sam said Robin would figure something out.

Robin went back to the lab. She tested her most promising treatment and was disappointed when it failed. Patrick urged her to stay positive. He got paged and he kissed her goodbye and left. Robin started working on other options. Suddenly Carly walked in. robin told her she couldn't be there, but Carly said she'd leave after Robin told her how she was going to help Jason.

Sam went back to Jason's room just as he was about to watch the DVD, on which Franco had written the same letters from his graffiti. They chatted about what Robin and Carly had said earlier. Jason asked if Sam had watched already, and she said she opened it and put it in the laptop, but she didn't watch because he asked her not to. Sam sat on the bed next to Jason and they both agreed not to let whatever was on the DVD upset them. Jason pressed play. The DVD showed very close up footage of a newborn baby boy in a hospital. Neither of them could figure out what it meant.

Olivia met Steve at GH. She reminded him about the benefit, which had slipped his mind. Steve took a jab about it being put on by a crime lord, but Olivia said it honored her son and it was for a good cause. Steve knew he'd enjoy himself, because he was going to be there with Olivia. Maggie spotted the two having a close moment and was so distracted by it that she bumped into another coworker. The man casually mentioned the benefit and started working up the nerve to ask her to go with him. Maggie glanced over at Steve and Olivia, then asked the man to go to the benefit with her. He said yes; it was clear that he was more interested in Maggie than she was in him. Once he left, Maggie went over and asked Steve and Olivia if they were going to the benefit together. When they said yes, she announced that she had a date too. Steve asked who and Maggie said someone on staff. Olivia said that work was a great place to meet people. Maggie agreed and they shared a look. Olivia gave Steve a kiss goodbye. After she left, Steve told Maggie he didn't think it was a good idea for her to be going out with a virtual stranger. Maggie countered that she didn't know anyone except him and he had a date already. Steve said this was a benefit for Olivia's son. Maggie said she was only teasing and that she'd known he was taking Olivia. Steve pressed her for information on her date and Maggie told him that Tim Granville, a lab tech, was taking her. Steve commented that it was bold for him to ask out a doctor he barely knew, but Maggie said she asked him. She said he'd been flirting with her for awhile and she figured why not. Steve was concerned about her getting involved with someone she didn't know and Steve said he didn't want her to get into trouble. Maggie said she'd done that back in Memphis with him. Steve told her he just got a call that their old hospital was reopening the investigation into their patient's death. Maggie was alarmed. The chief of staff (COS) had asked Steve about the medication the patient received. Maggie wondered if the COS was close to figuring out what happened afterward. Steve didn't know, and he felt that they should stick with the story they'd told for now. Maggie agreed. Steve told her to be careful on her date. Maggie thanked him and said she would.

At Wyndemere, Ethan brought Cassandra tea. He asked if she'd remembered anything else about her memory of waiting for someone in a market. Cassandra said no. Ethan asked if she'd told Ewen and she said no, which Ethan didn't understand. Cassandra said she didn't want to recover if it meant jeopardizing what she and Ethan had. Ewen walked in and to Cassandra's dismay, Ethan told him that she remembered something. Cassandra didn't want to say anything, so Ethan described what Cassandra claimed she remembered. Ewen was able to finish Ethan's description. He told Ethan that that wasn't a memory, it was something she'd read in a book a few weeks ago. Ethan was confused and asked Cassandra why she lied to him. Cassandra claimed she'd confused the passage with something that happened to her. Ethan didn't believe her, but Ewen said Cassandra wasn't being duplicitous and that she was a blank slate. Ewen told Cassandra that they'd talk about it later, then he left to get ready for the benefit. Ewen walked into the foyer. He looked frustrated.

Ethan still didn't buy Cassandra's story and he urged her to tell him the truth. Cassandra insisted that it was difficult for her to tell fact from fiction and that she often confused things she heard or read with her own experiences. Cassandra said she often felt that she had with Ethan was the only real thing in her life. She said she trusted Ethan and he had to trust her too. Ethan said he did and he hugged and kissed her. Cassandra looked worried.

Anthony was at a restaurant with an employee named Leonard. Johnny arrived and told Anthony that he knew he had been having Leonard follow him. Johnny threatened to hurt Leonard if he didn't back off and the man scurried away. Johnny ordered Anthony to stay out of his life. He added that he knew Anthony had been keeping an eye on his (Johnny's) new business venture. Anthony swore he was only trying to watch out for Johnny and make sure he didn't make any bad deals. Johnny said his business was very profitable. Anthony was curious what Johnny had going on with Steve Webber, and he wanted in on it. Johnny saw this as Anthony attempting to control him again. He said it made him wonder what his life would be like if he'd been raised by his real father instead. Anthony said the other Soleitos would have killed him if they'd known he existed. Johnny scoffed and asked if that meant he should be grateful to Anthony for hiding the truth. Johnny told Anthony to back off and leave him alone. Anthony said he just wanted him to be successful, but Johnny spat that Anthony no longer had a say in his life. Johnny rose to leave, but Anthony grabbed his arm. Anthony revealed that he knew Johnny was spending time with Carly and he urged him to stop. Anthony felt that Carly was lovely, but he thought it would be dangerous for Carly to risk antagonizing Sonny by getting involved with her. Johnny was no longer interested in Anthony's input. Anthony agreed to butt out, but said he'd always be there if Johnny needed him, because they were family. Johnny told “Grandpa” to start focusing on his new family – the Quartermaines. Anthony warned Johnny that the other mob families were unhappy that he was expanding, and he advised him to cut them in on the operation. Anthony also told him that the western shipping route he was using was compromised, so he should use the eastern one instead. Anthony left.

Olivia walked in soon afterward; she noticed Johnny and sat down at his table. Olivia noticed that Johnny was upset and she could tell he was planning to do something reckless. She warned him that doing dangerous things would eventually catch up with him. Johnny said he knew what he was doing. Olivia asked if he wanted to talk and Johnny told her about Anthony prying into his personal life. Johnny said if he'd wanted to talk about it, he would. Olivia said Anthony did care, in his own twisted way, and so did she. She patted his arm and told him to take care of himself and left. Johnny sighed, then he called his associate and told them use the eastern route for the shipment.

Matt and Maxie argued outside of Kelly's about Maxie turning Elizabeth in for taking drugs from the hospital. Maxie expressed surprise that Matt wasn't comforting Liz. Matt was appalled that Maxie didn't feel bad about what she'd done, but Maxie said she had no remorse. She said that Liz could have gone to Mac or Dante to get help for Lucky instead of choosing the option that would make Lucky feel guilty. Matt insisted that Liz's motives were pure, but Maxie argued that Liz only did it so Lucky would feel grateful. She yelled that Lucky had to resort to leaving the country to get away from Liz. Maxie reminded Matt that he'd witnessed Liz's manipulative nature when she tricked Lucky into thinking she was having a breakdown. Matt placed all the blame on Lucky. According to Matt, Lucky confused Liz by sending her mixed signals. He contended that Maxie just wanted to get back at Liz out of jealousy. Maxie said Liz caused trouble for her by saying that Liz was able to understand Matt while Maxie was too shallow and stupid to and that she kept making up excuses to spend time with Matt. Matt screamed that it was true that Maxie didn't understand him. Maxie was near tears. She said that she had been proud of Matt and she wasn't a bad person just because she didn't understand science. Matt shot back that she was a bad person because of what she'd done to Liz. Maxie wondered why it took her so long to realize Matt always criticized her but never supported her. Matt disagreed and said he did her “stupid” article and he let her pretend they were engaged. Maxie told him that he could always call Crimson and demand a retraction. Matt said she'd get fired. Maxie said or Kate might realize how hard Maxie worked and begin to appreciate her, which Matt never did. Matt said he'd never turn Maxie in. Maxie sarcastically suggested he ask Liz first, since she loved calling her out in public. Matt pointed out that Maxie had done the same thing. Maxie said that while it may have been pathetic for her to lie about being engaged to Matt in the article, at least it wasn't illegal. Matt yelled at Maxie and called her a hypocrite. Maxie said that while she had done bad things, at least she didn't pretend to be better than everyone else the way Liz did. Maxie said Matt never gave her the benefit of the doubt, but he always did so for Liz.

Matt this wasn't his fault; Maxie was the one who put Liz's job at risk. Maxie told Matt to go be Liz's hero until she found someone she liked better like Ewen or Jason. Matt didn't care that Liz had other relationships. According to Maxie, Liz sucked men into her web and pretended to be innocent when they fell for her. Matt told her to stop making this about Liz. Maxie said Matt had been making it about her and spending tons of time with her for months. Maxie wondered why she ever fought for their relationship. Maxie said she supported Matt and told herself that he was the one she was supposed to be with and that she made excuses for him when he criticized her. Maxie said she was being honest with herself and admitting they didn't understand each other or work well together. Maxie spat that she didn't have to pretend anymore, because now she'd done something unforgivable. Matt quietly said he tried too, more than Maxie would ever know. He walked away, leaving Maxie fighting back tears. Moments later, Anthony arrived. He noticed that Maxie was upset and offered to help, but Maxie firmly said she'd never ask him for a favor again.

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