GH Update Tuesday 2/14/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/14/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu was at her new job in the evidence room at the police station, when Dante walked in carrying Valentine's gifts for her - roses, candy, and a new mp3 player. Lulu loved the gifts and said she couldn't wait to thank Dante properly after they got home. They kissed deeply, then Lulu pulled away and sneezed. The dust was getting to her. She wondered if they should be kissing on the job, but Dante didn't see a problem with it. They kissed again and Dante made her laugh by using some of his old pick up lines. Then, Dante remembered that Sonny's party was tonight, which meant he and Lulu would have to postpone their romantic evening. Lulu thought the event was for a good cause, but Dante was dreading it, because he thought Sonny was throwing the benefit to manipulate him. He told Lulu that he was going to be honest about that if anyone asked him what he thought about the benefit. Lulu replied that being right wasn't always what was most important. Although Lulu agreed that Sonny was only holding the event to get into Dante's good graces, she felt it would be inappropriate for Dante to do anything that would make the donors uncomfortable and therefore reluctant to contribute. Dante knew she was right, but he resented Sonny creating a situation in which Dante had to pretend that he thought Sonny was a kindly philanthropist. Dante decided to focus on the good cause instead of Sonny. He noticed the Chuck Donofrio file and told Lulu he wasn't convinced that Chuck had been killed in a mugging. Lulu was unhappy that the attacker was still out there. Dante feared that the case would go cold and the attacker would lay low and go somewhere else. Lulu brought up Delores's attack, and Dante said he thought it was the same guy. Lulu sneezed again, and Dante suddenly got an idea. He excitedly told Lulu her allergies might have given him the break he needed to solve the case.

Sonny went to the Metro Court, which Kate had set up for the benefit. They hugged and Sonny shared his hope that the party would mend his relationship with Dante. Carly arrived and was miffed that Kate had began planning the party at her hotel without her approval. Kate reminded her that she owned 50% of the hotel too and that they'd be working together from now on. Kate believed that the most effective way to run the business was for each of them to handle the things that they were good at. Kate listed her skills and Carly added that Kate was also good at pretending to be someone that she wasn't. Carly complained that Kate hadn't ordered enough food and wine for the party. Sonny told Carly to back off; this was important to him and he didn't want it ruined. Carly said she knew it that, because she knew how he felt about his kids. Carly told Sonny about Michael enrolling in college. Sonny was glad and said he hoped Carly didn't have to sleep with Johnny to make it happen. Carly grinned and asked why he cared. Sonny said he didn't. Carly said good since he couldn't criticize her after Kate went behind his back and made a deal with Jax to take half of Carly's hotel. Kate piped up that Sonny supported her business decision. Carly thought it was odd that Sonny was okay with her keeping secrets. Sonny reminded Carly that what was important was that Michael made a positive choice and that tonight Dante would see that Sonny was doing a good thing.

Carly said she didn't want to hurt Sonny, but she wanted him to be realistic and realize that the dinner wasn't going to make Dante see him in a different light. Kate told Sonny not to listen to Carly's negativity. Carly became furious and demanded to know why Kate was involved when she wasn't a parent. Kate took Carly aside to talk. Sonny paced the room, looking less optimistic than he had been. Kate agreed with Carly that Sonny and Dante weren't going to forge a bond in one night. Carly believed Sonny and Dante were destined to be on opposite sides, due to their career. Carly scoffed when Kate turned to Sonny and urged him to stay positive. Kate said Dante would eventually feel Sonny's love for him. Carly thought Kate was massaging Sonny's ego because their relationship had hit a rough patch. Sonny rushed over and told Carly to stop. Carly tauntingly brought up the romantic Valentine's Days Sonny used to give her and asked why he was planning a party instead of giving Kate that treatment. Sonny replied that the night wasn't over yet. He said “come on sweetheart” to Kate and they turned toward the door. Carly took a parting shot by wondering what other secrets Kate was keeping. Sonny told Kate not to worry about her and Kate said she didn't care what Carly said. Carly left to go coordinate things with the hospital. Sonny told Kate he called her earlier, but she didn't answer. Kate explained that she was trying to change her number because of the hang up calls. Kate asked if he believed her and he said yes. Sonny said he had a feeling it was going to be a great night; he said he loved what she said about Dante earlier and he thought that things would be different after tonight.

Robin, Patrick and Emma were at home. While Patrick and Emma made a trail of Hershey's kisses, Robin called the hospital and asked about Jason's test results. They weren't back yet, to Robin's dismay. Robin hung up and cheerfully asked what her family was doing. Emma and Patrick had Robin follow the trail of candy to the door, then urged her to open it. Robin did and was elated to see her mother Anna on the other side. Both women shrieked with joy. Anna explained that Patrick rankled a lot of bureaucrats in his quest to track her down. Anna spent a little time chatting with Emma, then the little girl told her grandma she loved her. Anna smiled and said she could call her Anna. “Okay, Grandma Anna” Emma said. Anna frowned a little at being called “grandma,” but she took it in stride. Anna gave Emma a kite and told her about the Malaysian kite festival, then Emma went upstairs.

Anna recalled how long it took for Robin and Patrick to overcome their stubborn natures and admit their love for each other. Robin and Patrick smiled and kissed. Anna was glad she'd been there when they admitted it because she got to see first hand how loved Robin was. Anna got teary eyed and said she should have been there for Robin months ago. Patrick had filled Anna in on the difficulties Robin had with her HIV medication and how she'd kept it a secret. Robin told Anna she was sorry, but she was fine now. Anna still felt bad that she hadn't been there supporting Robin during her crisis. They hugged. Anna wouldn't criticize Robin, because she'd kept a lot of secrets over the years too. Patrick said he was just glad Anna was there now. The three of them had a group hug, then Robin got a phone call saying Jason's results were in. Robin hung up and told Anna about Jason's cerebral edema. Robin was going to take Emma to daycare while she and Patrick went to work, but Anna said she'd be happy to watch her. Anna had taken a leave from her job, which meant she and Robin would have plenty of time to catch up. Robin and Patrick left for the hospital and Anna took Emma outside to fly her kite.

Anna and Emma went inside and ate candy. Anna could see herself, Robin, Patrick and Emma's grandfather Robert in Emma. Emma suddenly got very serious and told Anna that Robin got sick. Anna assured her that Robin was okay now. Anna told Emma that Robin was a miracle worker who was at the hospital now treating her friend so he'd be okay too. Emma asked if they could pray for him and Anna said that was a great idea.

Jason and Sam were both asleep, he in his hospital bed and she in the chair beside him. Jason woke up and remembered finding the gift from Franco on the terrace before he collapsed. Sam heard him stirring and got up to check on him. She asked what happened before he collapsed and got very upset when Jason tried to brush off what happened. Frustrated and scared, Sam lit into Jason for not telling her everything Robin said earlier about the tests. To Sam's horror, Jason got out of bed and prepared to leave instead of waiting on the test results. Sam yelled that he couldn't just leave after Patrick told him his condition was inoperable. Sam regretted not forcing Jason to go to the hospital months ago. She said their preoccupation with Franco was to blame for his worsened condition. Sam realized Jason was keeping something from her about Franco and asked what he was hiding. Jason told her Franco was dead and that chapter was over, but Sam was undeterred and pleaded with him not to shut her out. She asked him to trust her and trust that she would do everything she could to protect the baby. Jason told her about the gift. He thought it was a DVD and the reason he tried to leave the hospital is because he wanted to go get it. Sam told Jason she'd get it, but Jason didn't think that was a good idea.

A glum Elizabeth walked into the hospital lobby carrying a box with her belongings inside. Monica had suspended her while the hospital investigated the claim that she'd stolen drugs. Steve spotted her and asked if she was okay. Liz didn't blame Monica for doing her job and felt grateful that she hadn't been fired. She said that it was ironic that she got in trouble for trying to help Lucky. Matt overheard her. Liz turned down Steve's offer to drive her home. He kissed her on the forehead and walked away. Matt asked what happened and Liz explained everything. Matt was angry that this had happened to her. Neither of them could figure out how Monica discovered that Liz was involved. Matt decided to fess up to covering up the theft so Liz didn't have to face the consequences on her own and so he could make Monica understand the circumstances behind what Liz did. Liz insisted that he keep quiet. She pointed out that he could lose it all if he told the truth and said she'd never forgive herself if he ruined his career because of her. Matt reluctantly agreed to stay silent. Liz figured that the board would never be able to prove she was guilty anyway. Matt vowed to step in if they did; he told her she shouldn't be punished for trying to help Lucky. Matt got paged and left. Liz tearfully picked up her box and left the hospital.

Robin and Patrick arrived at GH. Robin said Anna's visit had been the best Valentine's present ever. They chatted playfully for a bit, then Robin asked if he told Anna about Lisa. Patrick hadn't because he figured it would be best to have that talk face to face. Robin decided it would be best not to bring it up. Patrick said that meant Anna wouldn't drop kick him, even though he deserved it for cheating. Robin said a good present would be for Patrick to let that go. She wanted to move on and focus on the future. They went to Jason's room. Jason got back in bed. Robin said the swelling was in a difficult place to get to without causing more damage. Patrick told Jason that if the swelling got worse, he could lose the ability to move and breathe on his own. Robin was working on a drug protocol to reduce the swelling. Jason decided to leave the hospital and spend the time he had left with Sam. Robin understood how he felt, but she told Jason she need him to stay and be monitored so she could attempt to save his life. “It's too soon to jump” she said. Sam was curious what that meant and Robin explained that Jason helped her through some rough times and she was returning the favor. Sam asked Jason to let Robin help him and Jason agreed to stay for now. Robin and Patrick left. Sam gave Jason a quick kiss on the forehead and said she was going to find the DVD. Jason asked her not to watch it alone. Sam promised not to, then she left. Patrick went back to Jason's room and was relieved that he was still there. Jason asked Patrick to level with him and let him know what he was facing if Robin's treatment didn't work. Patrick promised to do so, but only after they exhausted all their options. He told Jason that it was important that he stayed calm, because the chemicals that were released when he got agitated or excited were exacerbating his condition. Patrick said he thought Jason's anger toward Franco was literally killing him.

Sam went home and found the DVD.

Carly got to the hospital; Robin assumed she was there to see Jason and said that they were doing everything they could for him. When Robin realized Carly didn’t know, she gave her a general description of what was going on. Alarmed, Carly asked if he was going to be okay, and Robin said and that right now he didn't have a lot of time, but they were doing all they could to save him.

Spinelli ran into Maxie outside Kelly's and she sadly told him that Matt dumped her after he found out she was pushing Ewen toward Liz. Maxie sighed that she blew it. Spinelli said that was a bummer, then he quickly asked her to accompany him to Sonny's benefit. Maxie was stunned that he'd ask her to a party at a time like this, but Spinelli said it would be just what she needed. He told her all the important people were attending and if Matt was there, it would give him a chance to see what he threw away. Maxie called Spinelli brilliant and hugged him, then told him “it's a date.” Looking guilty, Maxie thanked Spinelli for not making her feel like a horrible person. Spinelli said while she may have taken things too far, she didn't behave maliciously. Maxie smiled and said she Spinelli always saw the best in her. Spinelli said that was because he knew that's who she was. He promised to call her about the benefit later, then left. Matt appeared and angrily said they both knew she had acted with malice when she turned Liz in. Maxie said she didn't have to listen to this and tried to walk away, but Matt blocked her path. He ripped into her for taking her anger at him out on Liz and for not considering that Liz was a single mom who needed her job. Maxie spat that he had no right to treat her this way. She said he should be thanking her for making it easy to go back to “sweet, angelic, victim Elizabeth.” Maxie thought that was what Matt always wanted.

Meanwhile, Molly and TJ were inside Kelly's. They had a half an hour free before school started and Molly wanted to use the time to start teaching TJ to read. TJ resisted the idea and took jabs at Molly for her non existent social life. Molly persevered and tried to get through to TJ by empathizing with his plight. She knew it must be frustrating for him to have everyone think he didn't care, while in reality, he had a learning disability. TJ contended that he'd gotten by fine so far, but Molly felt that TJ should strive for more than coasting through his classes. She'd read up on a technique she thought could help him called “survey, question, read, recite, review” or SQ3R. Molly urged TJ to give it a shot. The method involved covering most of the reading material with a white sheet with a small window in it. This blocked out all but a few words at a time. TJ gave it a try and slowly read some simple words. While TJ only grudgingly admitted Molly had a great idea, he looked very proud of the progress he'd made.

TJ insisted on using Molly's laptop as a reward. Molly wanted to see his MyFace page, but he wouldn't let her. He said he didn't want her to be jealous of his friend's list. Molly indignantly told him about being invited to a benefit dinner, then turning it down. Then she admitted that Alexis was the one who invited her. TJ brightened when he realized Alexis was still going to the dinner, meaning Molly had the whole house to herself. While Molly paid for her breakfast, TJ went on MyFace and posted that everyone should go to Molly's house for a party tonight. He added that there would be no parents around.

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