GH Update Monday 2/13/12

General Hospital Update Monday 2/13/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Matt comes by and tells Elizabeth that he wants her to be his date to the hospital charity event. She does not know what to say and admits she has another “date”.

After Carly and Johnny Zacchara have slept together they are confused as to what to do. He does not want to admit that he might have feelings for her but she knows he does. She also doesn’t know what to do regarding her dilemma with Sonny and Jax.

At Kelly’s, Michael goes to meet his new college tutor and is surprised to see that it’s Shawn, his mother’s “friend”/would-be boyfriend

Sam notices that Jason has passed out. He tells her he’s ok and does not need medical care. But she tells him that he must. He has to do it for her and for their baby.

Sonny tells Kate he really needs her to stop keeping secrets from him about where she went. She then admits that she went to see a psychiatrist and it was regarding some private matters. When he probes her as to what specifically, she replies it was about Jax and the fact that she’s afraid Sonny might want to kill him.

Elizabeth admits to Matt that she has agreed to go with Ewan to the hospital event. He tells her that he has some “concerns” about that. She doesn’t know much about this guy. She tells him all she knows is that he’s single, attractive guy. He asks her if she does not see him that way. She replies that he is attractive but not single. But he informs her for the first time that he is now single. She asks if he and Maxie have broken up for a day and plan to get back together tomorrow. He tells her no. they are over. For good. She asks why. He replies they have too many difference. She asks if she’s the reason why he made the “mistake” to break up with Maxie and if maybe he should rethink that.

Kate tells Sonny that when she asked him what he planned to do to Jax if he knew he was alive and where he was, Sonny did not answer. He asks her what she’d do if he told her that he could let his issues with Jax go. She asks if he’s really “gotten over” Jax pulling his stunt with Carly and Jocelyn and for Brenda going away.

At the hospital, Maxie goes to find Monica and wants her to believe that Elizabeth may have stolen drugs from the hospital. Monica does not believe that, tells her that she cannot believe Elizabeth wanting to put her job in jeopardy over that but she does remember a while back when Maxie stole drugs from the hospital for Lucky. He came clean about it. But she did not. Maxie tells her that’s totally different. She knows that about a year ago, Elizabeth stole drugs from the hospital. Monica asks her why, if it happened that long ago, did Maxie wait until now to report it.?

At Kelly’s, matt tells Elizabeth that yes, Maxie did claim that she (Elizabeth) was manipulating him and trying to steal him away from Maxie. She then tells him that if she did anything to break them up, she doesn’t want that. But he assures her that Maxie has had false suspicions about the two of them. She tells him that maybe it’s partly their fault sine they have been spending a lot of time together and given Maxie some justification to be suspicious. But he tells her that he really appreciates their friendship, feels comfortable talking to her, he and Maxie are through and he’d like to go out with Elizabeth now that he’s single.

At the other table, Shawn tells Michael that she knows that Michaels’ mom will be surprised that her son is going back to school. In response to that, Michael remarks that for someone who claims to be “just friends” with Michael’s mom, Shawn sure brings her up a lot.

Sam takes Jason to the hospital to have Patrick check him out. Jason admits that he does not remember much. Patrick confirms that this is the second time he’s blacked out and asks Jason what else he’s not telling him. Jason tells Patrick he’s fine. Patrick then affirms that he is not fine. Sam then asks what is happening. Is Jason getting worse?

Sonny admits to Kate that he was hurt and angry when Brenda left with no intention of letting go. But then she came back and he realized how important she was to him and got over Brenda. He knows that she understands him and he reminisces about their history and their old neighborhood. He tells her the best Christmas he ever had was when she was there with him. She got that old tree and lit it up. He tells her that he is not going to give up unless she wants him to. Right then, suddenly, her phone rings and she tells him she has to get this. But whoever calls hangs up. She remarks that she gets a lot of this and hasn’t a clue as to way. He asks her if they are ok. She admits she does not know and thinks they might have a problem. He asks her what that is. She tells him she is falling in love with him all over again.

Sam asks Patrick if Jason is going to need surgery. They both remember that Robin did tests and found swelling in Jason’s brain. Patrick admits he’s not certain what will be needed and tells them he needs to go and find some things out. Alone, Sam asks Jason just what happened when he may or may not have been outside in the cold and completely blacked out with no memory of anything.

Maxie tells Monica that she has recently decided that she wants to be a better person and be proud of the person she sees in the mirror. Monica then asks her if she is doing this out of the goodness of her heart. Maxie tells her that she could not live with herself if she did not bring this to Monica’s attention. She regrets her wrong doing with Lucky and the drugs. Monica then tells her she will look into the suspicion about Elizabeth.

At Kelly’s, Elizabeth reminds Matt that he has told her many times how good Maxie is for him. She doesn’t want to be the reason they break up. He asks her if she wants to go out with Ewan because it’s easier than the dilemma with him.

Johnny asks Carly how long it’s been since she’s had sex. She replies that’s none of his business. In response to that, he asks if it’s been “that long”. He tells her that he bets if she really wanted her marriage with Jax to work she would have. She tells him that Jax was good for her and she probably did not appreciate him the way she should have. He then tells her that maybe what’s good for us is not always what he wants. She then concludes she probably should be heading out. He tells her if that is what she wants. But right then, they start kissing again. And at that moment, Michael is at the door telling Johnny he needs to talk to him.

Elizabeth tells matt that she thinks he and Maxie should at least try to work things out before making it final. But before they can continue their conversation, her son reminds her that she has to take him to her grandmother’s and she needs to get back to work. She has a lot of bills to pay now that she’s a single mom and appreciates Monica giving her extra shifts. He then offers to give her a ride since he’s going that way and remarks that’s what friends are for. After they depart, Shaun remarks to Ewan that he knows Ewan wants to be more than friends with Elizabeth. Ewan asks Shawn what about the woman who gave him the dog, Wilson (meaning Carly). Shawn admits that he made a mistake by pushing her away. Ewan tells Shawn that one never knows if they do not try. Right then, Shawn gets a call. But he doesn’t answer it when he sees who it is.

When Carly hears Michael knocking on Johnny’s door, she knows she better hide when her son walks in. He tells Johnny that he has changed his mind about working with him. But he does appreciate Johnny being respectful and listening to him when he was grieving the loss of Abby. Carly listens as Johnny tells Michael that he realizes Abby was a good person and he is Michael’s friend. Michael then reveals that he has decided to enroll in PCU. He believes that school would be what Abby would want for him instead of getting into dirty business. When Michael sees that Johnny has two wine glasses on his coffee table, he tells Johnny he didn’t know he had company and won’t interrupt him. He leaves. Carly then comes out of hiding and tells Johnny she really appreciates his being the voice of reason to her son. And once again, she does not want to leave and she and Johnny are ready to “be together” again.

Sonny tells Kate the only thing he will promise to her form the bottom of his heart is to promise that the mistakes they’ve made in the past won’t happen again. She tells him that she has talked to a psychiatrist who told her that she has to face her demons. He tells her he wants to be there for her just like she has been there for him. But she can’t keep running. Whatever her demons are, she can’t let them win. She appears to be pulling away. But he kisses her.

In the examination room at the hospital, Jason tells Sam she has to stay calm during her pregnancy. They must realize that Patrick and Robin are good doctors and they can count on them and need not worry. Patrick then comes in and confirms that he has gone over Jason’s test results and has consulted with a specialist. And he’s found out that Jason’s condition is not going away. It’s getting worse.

Elizabeth and Maxie get off the elevator at the hospital and tells her he is concerned about Ewan. He tells her something about that guy does not add up. He then goes and sees Maxie. She encourages him to talk to her. But when he attempts to do so, Maxie turns away seeing Elizabeth with him. Monica then tells Elizabeth she needs to talk to her.

Sonny tells Kate now that she’s half owner of the metro court, he realizes it is what it is. But he knows that Jax approached her. He is not questioning her motives. She’s questioning his. Sonny then departs. Kate then gets her phone. Somebody asks if they got the right number. She asks who they are trying to reach and how the caller got this number.

Carly tells Johnny that maybe since every time they are together, something gets in the way, then maybe they should think before jumping into anything. He asks her if she is shutting the door on future encounters. She tells him absolutely not and confirms that she wants to see him again. But she departs after kissing him. As soon as Carly is out the door, she gets an unexpected call from Shawn asking her if she’d like him to escort her to the event at the metro court. She is not certain what to do.

Patrick tells Jason there are some problems. Jason tells him that he doesn’t want another operation. Patrick tells him there’s not going to be another operation. Jason asks if that means that the problem will work itself out. Patrick clarifies there is not going to be any further surgeries because his condition is inoperable.

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