GH Update Friday 2/10/12

General Hospital Update Friday 2/10/12


Written by Tess
Pictures by Juanita

At home, coming from upstairs to where Jason is, holding himself up from the effects of the swelling on the brain (which he is hiding from his wife), Sam is excited about calls from her mother asking if she (Alexis) could tell Molly and Christina that she (Sam) is pregnant. Hiding his ailment well, Jason tells Sam to tell people when she is ready.

Pizza in hand Carly and Johnny arrive at Johnny's place. Carly asks Johnny where his piano is, he tells her that he gave it to charity (it was a gift from his grandfather and Claudia used to listen to him play).

At GH, Matt and Maxie argue about his friendship with Elizabeth. Maxie expresses her disdain for Liz; Matt expresses how tired he is defending his relationship with her. Maxie breaks up with him.

At Kelly's Diner, sitting at the counter, Liz talks with Cameron about how, when she was a child, she used to like passing out Valentine cards to her friends. Cameron, distracted by the hand-held video game he is playing, ignores her. Liz asks him to put the game down so they can talk. Cam lashes out about missing his father (Lucky). Ewen arrives and greets them; Cameron ignores the friendly greeting from Dr. Keenan. Ewen invites Liz to have a quick word away from Cam. Liz apologizes to Ewen for Cam's attitude, he urges her to give him a little space.

Molly asks her mother what she's doing with her computer. Sitting in her living room, Alexis says that she is checking her email. Molly, who is hiding her new My Face profile, tells her mother that she needs to use her computer to finish up a project.

Jason and Sam discuss how Carly will react to their pregnancy. Jason is confident that she will be happy for them. Sam changes the subject to whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. Sam takes his hand and brings him to the terrace door, it's stuck. The phone rings, caller id shows it to be Alexis, without answering she decides to go over there. Jason assures that he will have the terrace door fixed by the time she gets home. Sam heads out, Jason assesses the door. The camera focuses on a gift wrapped package outside the door.

While Alexis uses Molly's computer to check email, Molly paces impatiently waiting to get her computer back before her mother discovers her new My Face profile. Alexis questions her daughter about the project that is due in a month, Molly covers by saying she doesn't want it hanging over her head. Alexis changes the subject with an offer to go to the movies. Molly becomes irritated that Alexis would offer a movie over homework and mentions that she would never do that with Kristina.

Back at the hospital, Maxie tries to end her relationship with Matt, while he states that he does not want to break up but he does not want to fight with her over her suspicions regarding his friendship with Liz. Maxie continues to provoke him with her ridiculous notions that eventually, Liz will be pregnant with his child. With this, Matt defends Liz, again.

Liz confides her feelings to Ewen about when Jake died. Ewen was a good comfort and helps her work through her grief of losing her middle child.

Carly talks with Johnny, in attempt to help him through his contempt for Anthony. She reveals that, when she first came to town, she messed with Bobbie for giving her away when she was born. Johnny lashes out that it's not the same. Carly reminds him that everyone knew that Claudia loved him very much. Bottle of scotch in hand, Johnny asks if Carly feels guilty about all of this. She asks why she would feel guilty. He states the obvious, that she blames herself when Sonny does things to hurt people and that maybe she wants to fix this. She tells Johnny that she's not here to fix Sonny's mess.

At PCPD, Dante and Delores discuss who blew up Sonny's warehouse.

Maxie and Matt continue to argue about their relationship.

Alexis and Molly discuss Molly's study ethics and possible extra curricular activities. Molly feels like a nerd and Alexis manages to convince her that she's scholarly. Alexis gives the laptop back to Molly and leaves the room.

Jason is trying to free the jammed Terrace door; someone knocks at the front door. Monica enters, announcing that she's been calling and that she knows there are concerns about the tests he's had, and she asks if he's having mood swings or headaches and that she's worried. He says he's fine. As she takes off her coat, she sees a brochure and asks if Sam is pregnant.

Molly calls TJ to let him know that she's had 10 friend requests on the My Face profile they created for her under the fake name of Desdemona.

A calmer Matt and Maxie sit down to talk about her insecurities regarding Liz, he tries to make a point that Maxie doesn't listen and won't trust him. She once again interrupts and makes an assumption which Matt has to defend. Tired of fighting and defending, Matt gives up and admits that maybe they should break up.

Back at Kelly's Diner, Ewen and Liz talk about Lucky and his choice to leave town. Liz reveals that she has gone to extremes to help and be with Lucky.

Matt tells Maxie that their relationship is over and walks away. A stunned Maxie gets up and walks away.

At the PCPD, Delores and Dante talk about the Metro Court party, where Sonny will be donating money in Dante's name. He feels it is a bribe; she's convinced that even if it's a bribe, the money will be helpful. Dante says Sonny is trying to buy his way into his life.

Sam arrives at her mother's house. Molly is on the couch with her computer, Alexis and Sam talk about how many times Alexis called her. Overhearing Sam say that "the morning sickness isn't so bad," Molly jumped up to hug and congratulate her big sister. Molly immediately put in a call to Kristina but got voicemail; she did not leave a message.

Not able to hide the facts from his mother, Jason told Monica that they were going to wait to let people know that Sam was pregnant. Jason tells Monica that he wants her and Edward to be part of the baby's life but that he doesn't want the kid to be a pawn for the Q's.

Liz tells Ewen that Lucky was her first love and that she knows that her problems won't just disappear if Lucky came back into her life and that she needs to move on. Ewen gives advice for her to be open for new possibilities.

Seeing Delores rubbing her neck, Dante asks if she's okay from when she was attacked. She says she is and reveals that she did not tell her husband.

Alexis, Sam and Molly sit together and discuss the list of baby names which Molly has provided, mostly characters from books, stating she has more she leaves the couch to get the rest of the list. As she heads off, Molly overhears Alexis playfully say that she'll probably pick Desdemona.

Monica tells Jason that she accepts him for who he is now and expresses her congratulations to him and Sam. Before she leaves, he tells her that he will call her after the sonogram. Jason goes back to work on the stuck door, he manages to open it and sees a present left outside in the snow.

Dante questions Delores about why she would not tell her husband that she was attacked. She tells him that it's none of his business.

A drunken Johnny grabs a beer for himself and Carly; she turns on some music and extends her hand to dance. They start to dance.

Alexis tells Sam that TJ might be a bad influence on Molly but that Alexis is glad that she's taking an interest in a "real" person rather than focusing on fictional characters in books.

Jason puts the present on the table and looks at it; the wrapping paper has monkeys playing guitar on it, a definite clue that it's from Franco). Jason looks at it and says "you're dead." Angry, he picks it up and heads to the fireplace where he has another episode and passes out.

Dante and Delores talk about similarities in her sister's attack and her own. The fact that the guy who killed her sister was never identified as is the case with her attacker. Delores makes a call to and leaves a message for Johnny.

Johnny and Carly enjoy a dance together; he admits that he's feeling something. His phone jingles to alert him that he has a message. Carly pulls away and says she has to go, he stops her at the door and plants a passionate kiss on her lips, and she kisses him back.

At GH, Maxie approaches Monica and tells her that there is something she needs to know about a member of her staff.

As Liz stands to end her conversation with Ewen and get back to her son, she tells him that she will try to have more fun in her life. Ewen seizes the opportunity to ask her to go with him to the hospital wing dedication.

Molly jumps on her computer to check her My Face alias, Desdemona.

Sam arrives home to find Jason on the ground.

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