GH Update Thursday 2/9/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/9/12


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita


Jason and Sam are away a few days. Jason asks Sam how she is doing. She says she is relieved, admitting that from the moment she discovered she was pregnant, she had worried that it could have been Franco’s. He tells her that there is nothing to worry about because the baby is his. She says she still has questions. She wonders if Jason would have been able to raise the child if it had been Franco’s.

Robin and Patrick are sitting in the car with Emma sleeping in the back seat. Robin wonders if they are lost. Patrick says he knows exactly where they are. Robin asks him if this is part of the surprise. He confirms that it is and the two of them get out of the car. She looks around and tells him that she doesn’t see anything. He tells her that this is it.

Spinelli joins Maxie at her table at Kelly’s wearing ski goggles and jacket. He asks her if she is ready to hit the half-pipe. Maxie laughs and asks him if he knows how to use a snowboard. He tells her that it depends on her definition of “use” and explains that it is part two of his plan to make Matt jealous. She doesn’t understand how a snowboard will make Matt jealous. He explains that Matt seeing them having fun together is what will make him jealous. She wonders how Matt would know. Spinelli tells him that one of his FOS’s will be there taking pictures and will then upload them to social networking sites that Matt visits. Looking at her face, he concludes that she is enthusiastic.

Ewan exits the elevator on the 10th floor at General Hospital, typing into his smart phone. Elizabeth sees him and thanks him for recommending the art show that they went to. He tells her he is glad she liked it. She says she enjoyed the company as well. Matt goes up to the next computer terminal where he can overhear the conversation. Ewan says he has always been drawn to that artist’s work. Elizabeth can see why, recalling the beauty of the stark images against the waterscapes. Ewan describes the works as sensual and dreamlike, yet somehow unsettling. Matt rolls his eyes. Elizabeth says she couldn’t imagine her artwork on display. Ewan wonders why not. She says she is nowhere near Callahan’s level. Ewan tells her that the beauty of art is that it is completely subjective and that there is no reason why her work shouldn’t share the same wall space. He says that perhaps someday soon, it will. Matt finally explodes in exasperation and says, “Oh, please, give a break!”

Johnny stands on the dock drinking his bottle of Whiskey. Anthony comes down the stairs and comments that it is so cold that the damn harbor is starting to freeze. Johnny asks if Anthony is having him followed. Anthony wonders why Johnny is out there without a coat. He says Johnny will catch his death out there. Johnny says not if he throws Anthony to his first.

Carly goes to Sonny’s office at Pozzulo’s and tells him she is there to plan his benefit event. He tells her it is more of a dedication and explains that he is announcing his gift of a pulmonary research center to General Hospital in Dante’s name. Carly says it will be a great night and that she has invited the world. He tells her that he realizes they are not on the best of terms so he appreciates her making her hotel available. She tells him she didn’t have a choice. He asks her what she means. Kate comes into the office and Carly tells him to ask her.

On their retreat, Sam tells Jason that she knows he hates talking about Franco. He asks her what the point is in wondering what they would have done since it didn’t happen that way. Sam concedes that Jason is right. She says she just needs to know he will be ok. Jason: Look says he feels better than he has in months, he hasn’t had any angry outbursts, and he will be fine. She tells him he had better be because she and the baby need him. She says she can’t wait to go there again as a family. He says he wishes they could stay there. Sam says that would be nice but they have to get back to the real world and he has an appointment with Robin and Patrick. She tells him not to even consider making up an excuse not to go. She tells him it isn’t because she needs him but because the baby needs him. He tells her she is playing dirty. He touches her bally and kisses her.

On the dock, Anthony tells Johnny that the Soleitos have been in town. Johnny sarcastically notes that they didn’t call him. Anthony says it is serious; they need to protect what is theirs. Johnny says there is no “ours.” Anthony asks Johnny if he thinks the Soleitos will welcome him. He tells they may welcome him with a bullet to the chest. Johnny says he gets it and asks Anthony to go. Anthony says not before he knows Johnny won't do anything stupid that he can't save him from. Johnny says he doesn’t need Anthony’s help. Anthony reminds him that he needed it when he shot a cop for him in the Corinthos warehouse. Johnny tells him he doesn’t think he said that loud enough to be heard at the precinct. Anthony chuckles, noting that Johnny slipped and called him, “Pop.” Anthony says they are still family. John says Anthony is nothing to him, which means he doesn’t have to protect Anthony anymore. He suggests that they go to the police station. Anthony says this reckless behavior is what he was talking about.

Johnny asks Anthony if he knows what happens to cop killers in prison. He says they don't lock your cell or guard the hallways. They turn the other way while they listen to you scream. Anthony observes that Johnny doesn’t know what he is talking about never having been to prison. John says he knows every cop in town will want a piece of him, if there are any pieces left. Johnny grabs Anthony by the collar and holds him over the water as if he is going to throw him in.

Standing in front of the car in the middle of nowhere, Robin realizes they are at the lot where they are going to build their house. She observes that it is peaceful there as if they are in the country. She says it suddenly feels real to her now. Patrick asks if she is angry that he chose the lot without her opinion. She tells him it was the best Christmas present ever. He playfully tells her he got that impression when she burst into tears. She admits that she may have ruined the moment, but says she was scared. Patrick says she didn’t ruin anything. He says the good thing is that her HIV is stable and observes that the three of them are blessed. He says he can’t wait to start their life in their new home.

In Sonny’s office, Kate concludes to Carly that she just couldn’t wait to run Sonny. Sonny wonders what Carly is running to him about. Carly says she loves to watch people dig their own graves. Sit sits down in a chair across from Sonny. Kate asks her what she is doing there and Carly says she is getting a front row seat. Kate tells Sonny she will not have this conversation in front of Carly. Sonny asks Carly to leave. Kate slams the door behind her when she does. Sonny asks Kate why he has the feeling he is not going to like what she has to say.

At Kelly’s, Maxie tells Spinelli that making matt jealous isn’t working because Elizabeth already has her hooks in him. Spinelli suspects that Maxie is exaggerating. She tells him that Elizabeth took Ewan on a date to get Matt’s attention. Spinelli says perhaps that isn’t the case.

At General Hospital, Matt says he couldn’t help himself because something incredibly lame is in there. Ewan has to answer a page. Elizabeth tells Matt he was subtle. He asks her what she means. She asks him if he thinks they didn’t see him eavesdropping. Matt laughs at Ewan’s old pick-up lines. Elizabeth asks him what was so bad about their conversation. Matt says it was just transparent. He says Ewan has become an art expert because he knows Elizabeth likes art. Elizabeth informs him that Ewan is a painter and really does know a lot about art.

Matt mocks Ewan: "Sensual and dreamlike" and says that was clearly a transparent come-on. Elizabeth asks him what his problem is. He tells her that he doesn’t have a problem but she seems to have a serious issue with denial. Elizabeth wonders if Matt is jealous.

At their retreat, Sam returns to the bedroom after a bout of morning sickness. She says she would like to meet whoever came up with the term "morning sickness," noting that it must have been a man because it doesn’t only occur in the morning; it’s more like "all-day sickness."

In Sonny’s office, Kate offers to come back later. He says he is never too busy for her. He asks her what is going on. She tells him to say hello to the new co-owner of the Metro Court. He asks her how she pulled it off. She reveals that Jax signed over his half of the hotel to her.

On the docks, Anthony, while struggling with Johnny who is threatening to throw him in the water, tells Johnny he wouldn’t last a week without him. He tells him that he is a mess and practically begging their enemies to come at him. He says he is worried about Johnny’s mental state. He tells him that he knows it was a shock to Johnny but mother, sister doesn’t matter because they loved each other. Johnny says that if Anthony says Claudia’s name again, he will be done with the threats as he once again grabs Anthony by the collar. Anthony says he is Johnny’s father in every way that matters. Johnny observes to him that he has been lying to him his entire life. Anthony says everything he has built is for Johnny. John says he doesn’t t want it. Anthony disagrees. He says John is not fighting him but is fighting himself. Johnny says, “Johnny: See you in hell and begins to throw Anthony into the harbor when Carly yells from the stairs for him to stop.

Maxie tells Spinelli about how matt spent their entire dinner staring at Elizabeth and Ewan. She says it was her idea to make Matt jealous and Elizabeth stole it like she steals everything. She says the worst part is that it is working. Spinelli observes that it is unlikely that Dr. Keenan could be manipulated and suggests the possibility that Ewan and Elizabeth actually like each other. Maxie says Spinelli is a genius. She concludes that Ewan and Elizabeth just need a push toward each other. Spinelli thinks it is best to finish the first plan before beginning another one, but she says she doesn’t have time. She gets up and hurries off, saying she hopes he can get a refund for the snowboard before he kills himself. Frustrated, Spinelli snaps the ski goggles against his forehead.

At the site of their lot, Patrick asks Robin to picture where the kitchen facing east connected to the living room. He says there will be a mudroom off the kitchen for boots, jackets, umbrellas, and racing helmets. He points out where the living room will go. She asks him what the difference is between a great room and a living room. He tells her the great room is for entertaining and the living room is for chilling in with the flat screen TV, recliners foosball table, etc. She concludes living room means man cave. He points out where the great room will be, on the west side with a hallway that goes to the living room. She tells him he doesn’t have to climb a tree to show her what the second floor will look like. He says he wants her to be able to picture it. He tells her the living room will have an arched window with a balcony overlooking the stream. Robin is excited to hear that they have a stream. He tells her that it is frozen now bur it will flow in the spring and summer. He describes the huge fireplace. She says she can picture the three of them curled up on the couch, having some hot chocolate. She says she loves it.

On the docks, Johnny tells Carly to walk away and pretend she was never there. She tells him that if he throws Anthony there will be an eyewitness. She urges him to let Anthony go. John wonders why she cares about Anthony. She says she cares about Johnny and about herself. She doesn’t want to have to lie to the cops. She demands that Johnny let Anthony go. Johnny complies. Anthony thanks Carly. She tells him to get out of there before she helps Johnny throw him in. Anthony walks away. Carly asks Johnny if he is ok and wonders where his coat is. Johnny picks up Carly’s divorce papers from the ground and observes that Jax signed them but she never did. She says she couldn’t bring herself to do it when she thought he was dead. He wonders if she will now that Jax is alive.

In Sonny’s office, he asks Kate if Jax’s lawyer called her. She reveals that she ran into Jax at the airport when she was going to Chicago. He wonders why she should believe her.

At their lot, Robin concludes that their house will be beautiful. He tells her that she can change anything about it. She apologizes for being too self-absorbed to help. She promises no more running around the country looking for answers. He says he understands why she did it, but she is better now and he needs her because he is too selfish to do it by himself. She tells him that he might occasionally have to share her with a patient. He tells her that tomorrow they can go over Jason’s scans together, but tonight is just theirs.

At General Hospital, Matt asserts that he is no more jealous of Ewan than he is of her mystery savior at Spoon Island. Elizabeth recalls Matt being a little jealous of the mystery man. Matt says that was just because of the washboard ab thing, but this is different; Ewan was her doctor and it is unprofessional for him to date her. Elizabeth says they aren’t dating and they never had a professional session so there is no ethical dilemma. She reminds him that he told her to move on from Lucky but now that she is trying to, he has a problem with it. He says he only has a problem if she gets hurt. She assures him that she will be fine. He gets a page so they leave the 10th floor together.

Maxie finds Ewan at General Hospital. She goes up to him and says he is an attractive man. Ewan thanks her. Maxie concedes that while Elizabeth has many faults, she isn’t horrifying to look at. Ewan says he is sure Elizabeth would thank her too. He turns to walk away but Maxie grabs his elbow and asks him why the two of them should be alone when they can be together. She says sometimes people just need a push in the right direction and that he can consider her his pusher. She says she sees the connection between the two of them and that she thinks they owe it to each other to explore it. She says that now that she thinks about it, she thinks he would be great for Elizabeth because he would see through her “woe is me” victim garbage in a way that Lucky never could. Ewan says he thinks he can help Maxie. He hands her a card and instructs her to call his office to schedule an appointment.

In Sonny’s office, Kate says she didn’t arrange to meet Jax. It was a coincidence. Sonny finds it hard to believe that she and Jax just happened to be at the airport at the same time. She asks him not to make it more than it is. He asks her not to make it less than it is. Kate tells him that she and Jax are friends and business partners and that crimson wouldn’t exist if not for Jax. Sonny says that is only because she refused start up money that he offered. She tells him she would never want to be tied to him financially. He concludes that she thinks a man that fakes his own death is good for business. She tells him that she was sitting in the lounge ad Jax appeared. They stated talking and then he presented her with a business offer. Sonny asks when this occurred. She tells him it was a few weeks ago. He is upset that he is only just telling him now. She says she wanted to wait until the paperwork was complete. Sonny suggests that she wanted to wait until Jax went back to where he came from. She admits that is true too. Sonny observes that he has discovered two secrets in two days. She tells him he should understand her wanting to keep her relationship with a psychiatrist a secret. She asks him if he can blame her for keeping seeing Jax a secret. She asks him what he would have done if he knew where Jax was.

On the docks, Carly tells Johnny that it is clear that Jax is moving on with his life so she should move on with hers too. He suggests that she move on from here while she is at it. She asks if by “here” he means him. He tells her that he doesn’t know why she stopped but he doesn’t need her help. She asks him if he would have killed Anthony if she hadn’t stopped. Then she tells him that his not throwing Anthony in had nothing to do with her, it was because he has a conscience and he doesn’t want to be anything like Anthony. She says finding out this secret about Claudia is making him question everything and it is sending him down a dangerous path.

Anthony goes into Kelly’s. Spinelli congratulates him on his marriage. Anthony says thanks and noticing Spinelli has followed him to the counter asks him if he can help him with something. Spinelli sits on the stool next to Anthony and says he can call off his fedora-wearing watchdog, as his services are no longer necessary because he lives with Maxie now. Anthony doesn’t see how that is of any consequence and says the guard will continue to keep Maxie safe. He amusedly recalls Jackal PI in action. Spinelli says Maxie no longer wants to be guarded. Anthony wonders why everyone is rejecting his offers to help. Spinelli wonders if Anthony cares about Maxie. Anthony says ‘Cookie’ is a lovely girl. Spinelli can’t imagine what Maxie might have done to instill such warmth in Anthony. Anthony suggests that Spinelli focus his imagination on something useful like the outcome of the sabers’ game. Anthony gets up and leaves.

At General Hospital, Maxie tells Ewan that she has no problem with psychiatrists or people that need them, she just happens not to need one. She says she needs him to step it up with Elizabeth to keep her away from Matt. Ewan tells her to give him a call if she changes her mind about therapy. He walks away. Maxie says, “Unreal.” Behind her, Matt says he was just about to say the same thing.

Ewan runs into Elizabeth turning the corner. She apologizes for Matt’s unusual behavior. Ewan says he hadn’t noticed. She tells him that she had a great time at the art show and asks him if he would like to do it again. He says he enjoyed himself too. After a silent moment, she asks him if that was a yes. Seeing something over her shoulder, he says he is late for a patient and quickly departs.

At the triage station, Matt asks Maxie is she isn’t a little embarrassed. She doesn’t see why she should be. He tells her she heeds to stop her vendetta against Elizabeth. Maxie says Matt made it personal when he gave her birthday present to Elizabeth. Matt defends his actions by saying Maxie was being impossible then as she is now. She asks him what he expects her to do. He wants her to listen to him and trust him when he says nothing is going on. She says she knows it isn’t in her head; she saw the way he was looking at Elizabeth last night. Matt insists that he was watching Ewan. He says it is inappropriate for Keenan to date Elizabeth when he was supposed to treat her at Shady Brook. Maxie says Matt is jealous. Matt says he is concerned for his friend. Maxie asks him to admit it. Matt says he can’t do this any more. Maxie asks him if he is breaking up with her.

In Sonny’s office, he concedes that Kate might have run into Jax coincidently, but he wants to know why she accepted his offer. She says it was a good business decision. He tells her that she knows it wasn’t about business for Jax. Kate says that is true; Jax was trying to stay alive. Sonny asserts that Jax could have sold his half to Carly but he wanted to hit Sonny where it counts. Kate says Sonny isn’t listening. Sonny says he is listening, but he isn’t buying it. She tells him to call Jax and ask him since he has found him. Sonny says he didn’t know what he was going to do to Jax before b t he knows now. Kate tells him not to dare use her as an excuse to get back at Jax for taking Brenda away. She picks up her things and storms out of the office.

Sam and Jason return to the penthouse. Jason puts down their luggage, leads Sam to the dining room, sits her down, and announces that he is about to cook her something decent. She says she could get used to him waiting on her. He says he just wants to take care of her. Sam says it should have been like this from the moment she found out she was pregnant, observing that Franco has robbed them of so much. Jason tells her that Franco is gone. Sam says she knows they won’t ever have to think about Franco again. Outside on their balcony, a package awaits them.

Standing at their lot, Robin asks Patrick if they will ever get back in the car. They start kissing until the car horn honks behind them. Emma is awake and in the driver’s seat. Robin and Patrick return to the car. Robin straps Emma back into her car seat in the back.

At the penthouse, Sam asks Jason to light a fire while she goes upstairs to change. While she is upstairs, he has a dizzy spell that brings him to his knees.

On the dock, Johnny picks up his whiskey bottle from the ground. He tells Carly that he used to walk the ledge all the time because the risk made it exhilarating. He says the thought of Claudia losing him always stopped him from going over. Carly advised Johnny not to canonize his sister/mother. She tells him she would like it if he remained alive. He says he doesn’t understand why she cares. She says she just does. She asks when he last ate and he tells her that if she is offering to cook he will take a pass because he has heard the stories. She tells him she makes a great frozen pizza. They proceed to go up the stairs away from the dock.

Kate goes home, thrown her purse on a chair, rips off her coat, and throws it across the room. She kicks the chair and then grips it with both hands, setting her jaw, clinching her teeth and tapping her foot on the floor. She looks at a key on the table. Looks across the room, and then grabs the key. She goes over to a wardrobe, unlocks it, throws the key and then stands there staring at her bloodstained wedding dress. She takes the dress out of the wardrobe and shudders, trembles, and cries as she holds it. Suddenly, calm comes over her. She drops the dress on the floor.

In Sonny’s office, he sits in his chair and angrily takes the phone off the hook, slamming the handset on the desk. He picks it back up and puts it on the cradle. Finally, he picks it up again and dials.

In Kate’s house, she pulls out and sits in the chair at her dressing table. The phone rings but she doesn’t hear it. She is staring at her image in her mirror. She applies a thick layer of dark red lipstick. She purses her lips and lets down her hair, smiling at the result in the mirror. Her answering machine engages, but she still doesn’t notice. Sonny begins to leave a message stating that it is he.

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