GH Update Wednesday 2/8/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/8/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Ethan went to Wyndemere. Cassandra thought he was Ewen at first and mentioned that she hadn't seen the doctor in a few days, but she was pleasantly surprised to see that it was Ethan instead. Cassandra mentioned that Ewen thought that Ethan was hindering her progress. Ethan was carrying a bag. He pulled out a blindfold for Cassandra. Cassandra was reluctant to wear it until Ethan explained that he had a memory exercise planned. He wanted Cassandra to wear the blindfold and taste some food he brought to see if it would jog her memory. Cassandra asked him to promise that he wouldn't feed her anything disgusting. Ethan assured her that he wouldn't and she let him blindfold her. Ethan fed her different foods, hoping that one of them would evoke a memory. None did. Just as Ethan fed her a spoonful of something, he heard a noise from inside the tunnel. Cassandra looked worried and tried to convince him that it was nothing, but Ethan decided to investigate anyway. Cassandra suddenly said she remembered something, which caused Ethan to stay with her instead of going into the tunnel. He fed her another spoonful of rice pudding that he'd bought from an Indian restaurant. Cassandra said she remembered being in a market somewhere that might have been India. She had been waiting for him “him.” In the present, she started to cry and Ethan hugged her. He said while Ewen wasn't his favorite person, he was right when he said the memories Cassandra had suppressed were probably painful. Ethan apologized for pushing her and promised that they wouldn't try that again. Cassandra calmed down and they cuddled on the couch. Ethan noticed her looking at the tunnel and asked if she was worried about the noise. Cassandra pretended she hadn't heard it. Ethan said it was probably nothing, but Cassandra looked scared.

Shawn took TJ to Alexis's house for a tutoring session. Before they went inside, TJ complained because he didn't want to be there, but Shawn replied that he should be glad he wasn't in jail for hustling people at the Metro Court. TJ snapped that he was being an entrepreneur, but Shawn ordered him to drop his attitude. TJ snottily asked if Shawn was going to kick him out if he didn't. They went inside and TJ and Molly went upstairs to study. Shawn confided in Alexis that he didn't think he was any good at raising a kid. Alexis told him it was normal to feel that way. Shawn called Molly a remarkable kid and Alexis joked that her daughter inherited all her best qualities. Shawn said he was sure that was true. Diane arrived and eyed Shawn appreciatively. She asked if she was interrupting, and Shawn explained that he was there to drop off TJ. Shawn left and Diane told Alexis how attractive Shawn was. Alexis told Diane that her libido was like a sixteen year old boy's and she agreed. Alexis had a hot flash. Diane sympathized, but had never experienced one. She'd brought Alexis a book about dealing with menopause. Alexis wasn't interested unless it contained a cure. Alexis felt old, Diane on the other hand felt young and great, because she had fun last night. She told Alexis she could have fun too, if she'd stop being so uptight. Alexis protested and said she played strip poker with Diane and Mac at Jake's last night, but Diane pointed out that she didn't take anything off. Diane told Alexis she took Mac home to bed afterward. Alexis was shocked. Diane said he was drunk, vulnerable and distraught, so she made her move. Alexis asked if this was a misguided attempt on Diane's part to make her jealous, but Diane said she wasn't that altruistic. Alexis said Mac was nice and kind and she didn't want Diane to take advantage of him. Diane thought Mac appreciated being taken advantage of. Alexis matter of factly called her a slut. Diane told Alexis to read the book, so she'd have something to keep her company and she left. Alexis grumbled that Diane was a bitch.

TJ and Molly went up to her room, which used to be Kristina's. TJ admired it and said she was rich. Molly had forgotten her laptop the other day and TJ had returned it. He tried to convince her to do his homework to thank him, but she refused. Molly downloaded the a few chapters of the audio version of Catcher in the Rye onto his mp3 player. TJ complained about the space it was taking up and the exasperated Molly shoved him into a seated position and told him to shut up and listen. TJ did and he was surprised that he enjoyed it and that he saw himself in the main character. He thanked Molly. TJ also told her that he sent her a MyFace friend request. Molly logged onto the page and TJ noted that her profile picture made her look younger. Molly admitted that she wished she could be someone else; pretty, nineteen instead of fourteen and capable of attracting lots of guys. She thought she'd be much more comfortable and happier this way. TJ told her she was cute, but Molly replied that it wasn't the same as being pretty. TJ decided to help by helping her create a MyFace page for the person she wanted to be. TJ altered a picture of Molly to make her look more grown up and used it as the profile picture. Molly decided to call her alter ego Desdemona. TJ thought that was dumb, but Molly told him it was from Shakespeare. He also started helping her craft a personality for her. Molly decided that Desdemona liked to dance. Molly thought they were doing it just for fun, but TJ said they were going to post it. Alexis peeked in on them and Molly guiltily closed the lid on the laptop. Molly quickly said everything was fine and that they were just studying. Alexis said okay and left.

Kate handed Carly some legal documents and smirked as she read them. Carly was stunned as she realized Jax had signed over his half the Metro Court to Kate, making the women 50:50 partners. Carly was furious and wondered if he'd done this as payback. She vowed to track him down and find out what was going on. Carly swore she'd find a way to undo this, but Kate told her there was nothing she could do. Kate also declared that she was going to be an active partner. Olivia came over and Kate told her she was her new boss. Carly wondered how Sonny would feel about this. Kate said her business dealings didn't concern Sonny, but Carly didn't think he would see it that way. While Carly griped about Kate moving in on her company, Olivia asked when Kate decided to get into the restaurant business. Carly spat that Kate was only doing this to spite her, but Kate denied that she spent time thinking about Carly. Shawn walked over in the middle of the argument and he pulled Carly aside to talk to her. Olivia asked what this was about and Kate said she was taking advantage of a good business opportunity. Olivia knew Sonny wouldn't be happy that she had dealings with Jax. Kate looked down and said she hadn't had the chance to tell him yet. Olivia thought Sonny would feel that Kate betrayed him with Jax, just like Brenda did. Olivia said Sonny wasn't going to let Kate do things her own way while they were together – he had his own rules. Kate replied that she did too, and Sonny didn't control her life because she wasn't Carly or Brenda, or... Olivia asked if she was going to say she wasn't her (Olivia). Kate said it was sweet that Olivia was concerned, but Olivia had enough to deal with on her own. Olivia said her personal life with Steve was going just fine.

Carly vented to Shawn about Jax's decision. She didn't understand why he reached out to Kate and not her and why he didn't give Carly his share. “I was the one who kept his secret,” she declared. Shawn thought that Jax might be sending a message that he wasn't coming back and that he was cutting ties with Carly. He thought it might be time for Carly to sign the divorce papers so she could move on as well. Carly wasn't receptive to the idea, and Shawn pressed the issue and told her Jax wanted her to sign them and move on. Carly asked what the rush was. Shawn turned it around and asked why she didn't want to sign them. Carly snapped that it was personal and asked Shawn why he was there. Shawn had come to make sure TJ's scam hadn't caused any lasting trouble. Carly softened and said everything was fine, but Shawn wanted TJ to make up for what he'd done by doing chores around the hotel. Carly grinned and said she was sure she could come up with something for him to do to help Kate. Shawn was pleased to see the old Carly back. He advised her again to let of of the past and sign the papers, then he left.

Olivia told Kate that she didn't know if she was trying to sabotage herself, Sonny or Carly, by taking part ownership of the hotel, but this was not going to go well. Olivia walked away. Carly walked over and asked if Kate was harassing her employees. Kate changed the subject and said she had some ideas for Sonny's party. Carly curtly said she had some ideas of her own. Carly changed her mind and said Kate could plan the party on her own; she was going to tell Sonny that Kate took over Jax's share of the hotel. Kate insisted that this was between her and Sonny, but Carly said after she took flack from everyone for keeping a secret from Sonny, she saw no reason to keep Kate's secret. Kate said she'd tell Sonny in her own way. Carly said Kate if Kate didn't tell him by tomorrow or she (Carly) would do it for her. Carly turned to walk away, but Kate grabbed her arm and through clenched teeth, she warned Carly not to threaten her. Carly calmly said Kate must be so nervous because she knew Sonny would view this as a betrayal.

TJ went downstairs when it was time to leave and told Alexis that Molly helped him a lot. Alexis was pleased. TJ met Shawn on the porch and called him out for being late to pick him up. Shawn asked how things went and TJ said better than he expected.

Back inside the house, Alexis reminded Molly not to let her own studies slip while she was helping TJ. Molly said she wouldn't. She went back upstairs and closed the door to her room. Molly considered deleting the MyFace page, but decided against it. She smiled as she looked at her new secret page.

At the hospital, Robin and Maggie shared a snack from the vending machine. They chatted about Robin's “patient” who Robin cheerfully said was doing great. Then Robin asked how Maggie was doing. Maggie was getting the hang of things and she liked working there. Robin asked how things were going with Steve. She explained that she'd been concerned that their history would affect their ability to work together. Maggie was curious about what Robin meant by their history and Robin said she saw the way Maggie and Steve looked at each other.

Robin spotted Mac and excused herself to talk to him. Mac was there because Robin had left him a message. Robin told him that her health crisis was over. Elated, Mac hugged her. He said he'd been afraid she was giving up. Robin explained that she'd behaved that way because things had been going so well for her that a part of her felt like she was due to have some bad luck. Mac reminded her that she'd faced plenty of adversity. He told her he knew how it felt to lose hope, but he always bounced back and realized he'd do anything to keep living. Robin smiled and said when you lose hope, it can drive you to try something different, since you have nothing to lose. Mac nodded and said he understood that feeling very well. He took her hands and said he was so worried about her that he did something to escape the fear for awhile. He told Robin that she had a wake up call and in some way, he got one too. He kissed her forehead and got up to leave. Robin was curious about what Mac did, but all he would say was that he played a little pool.

Maggie noticed Steve banging on the vending machine. She wandered over and he said he had a bad day and that she was the only one who'd understand. They went somewhere private and the upset Steve told her about a patient of his who'd been hit by a car being driven by someone fleeing the police. His innocent patient would need a year of rehab, while the reckless driver only had a few minor scratches. Steve said he did everything he could to save his patient and give him his life back, but after a certain point it was out of his hands. “At least that's what I tell myself,” he added. Maggie understood how he felt, but she said that people would ask questions if he didn't hold it together. She told him how Robin asked about their personal history. Steve was alarmed. Maggie thought that Robin sensed that they were hiding something from the way they looked at each other. The two hoped that Robin couldn't see the guilt on their faces. Maggie thought that their guilt would subside in time, but the secrecy was getting to Steve. He sometimes wondered if they should turn themselves in. Maggie didn't think it was a good idea. She pointed out that things might not go in their favor. She also rationalized that they were doing a lot of good as doctors. Steve worried that someone would figure out the truth, but Maggie insisted that it wouldn't happen, because no one else knew. She urged Steve to focus on the life they saved. “Instead of the one we took?” Steve asked.

Maggie admitted that sometimes she had doubts about their decision to keep quiet, but they always passed. She told Steve she found comfort in knowing they were in this together. Steve likened the secret to a ticking time bomb inside him that he feared might blow. Maggie offered to be there to talk to him whenever he wanted. Steve agreed to listen if she wanted to talk, too. Maggie had to get back to work.

Jason and Sam cuddled at the cabin where they were spending the weekend. Sam suggested that they go out and look at the constellations once it was dark. She felt very safe and hadn't felt so content since the last time they were there; their wedding night. Sam wondered about Jason's health. Jason said he was fine and that Robin just worried too much. Sam said that happiness was good for the health. “Mom and Dad,” she said with a smile. She asked Jason if he thought they were ready for the amazing thing that was about to happen. Jason asked how she felt about the timing. Sam was thrilled and said it wasn't a surprise since they spent most of the honeymoon in bed. They kissed. Sam said this was different than the last time she was pregnant and asked Jason if he'd been just putting up with her then. Jason asked if that's how he made her feel and Sam said no, but the circumstances of last time were unusual. She explained that this time was better because she was married to the man she loved. They imagined what it would be like to have a toddler running around their apartment and talked about turning the pink room into a nursery. Jason talked about how great it was to live with a child, because they taught you so much. He said he'd be experiencing something new too, because he didn't have anyone else to be concerned about. Sam said they'd have to be sure to carve out some time for the two of them. They shared a deep kiss and Jason picked Sam up and carried her to the bed. He made sure she was okay with this and once Sam enthusiastically said she was, he joined her and they had sex.

After Sam and Jason got dressed, Sam said she wished they could stay until the baby was born. Sam suddenly got hungry and Jason showed her the bag of food he brought. She quickly became nauseous and ran from the room. Sam returned, ready to eat. Jason felt bad that she got sick, but Sam didn't mind, because it meant the baby was on its way. Jason suggested she eat some crackers, but Sam was craving chips and spicy salsa. Jason brought them to her, but Sam rushed out to throw up again before she could eat her snack.

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