GH Update Tuesday 2/7/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/7/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Patrick anxiously awaited Robin's test results. He nervously drummed a pen on the desk until Epiphany snapped at him. Robin returned with good news – the new protocol was working and her HIV was under control again. Overjoyed, Patrick picked her up and spun her around. Robin said she never could have gotten through this without his support. She felt like she had a new lease on life and she told Patrick that while she'd always be a doctor, she didn't want to be a workaholic anymore. Patrick didn't want Robin to give up her dream of helping people, but Robin said she had a new dream and that was spending more time with Emma. She felt that it was the best choice for her family. They kissed and said they loved each other.

Robin signed out of work and Epiphany noted that she was in a much better mood. Robin and Patrick were going to celebrate. Patrick had hired a baby sitter and Robin said she would have been just as happy having dinner at home with Emma, but Patrick said he had a surprise for her. Just as they started out, Epiphany stopped them and said Patrick was needed for emergency surgery. Robin told him not to worry about it since they had a whole lifetime for more surprises. They kissed and said goodbye.

Delores was about to sneak into the evidence room when she heard Dante and Lulu walking up. She quickly rounded the corner before they saw her and chatted with them. Dante was showing Lulu around since she was applying for the job. Delores figured Lulu was sure to get the job since she had so many connections on the police force.

Dante and Lulu entered the evidence room, where Lulu would be working if she took the job. Lulu said she could use the money to contribute to the household. Dante told her not to take the job just for the money. While things were tight, Dante wanted Lulu to do something that fulfilled her. Lulu asked if he regretted giving Sonny back his money. Dante didn't and he was also unhappy about Sonny's wish to build a wing on the hospital in his name. Lulu understood and supported Dante's desire to stay separate from Sonny, but she pointed out that the addition to the hospital would do a lot of good. She acknowledged that Dante was right to see it as a bribe, but she didn't think Sonny knew any other way to show that he cared. She told Dante that Sonny couldn't ever buy his love; that would be up to Dante to give it. Dante said he already gave all his love to her. They kissed. Lulu was considering taking the job until she could find her calling. She added that if she worked there, she could eat lunch with Dante. Dante reminded her that he might be busy sometimes, but he'd try to see her as often as possible. Dante explained that they kept evidence from current and cold cases there. Lulu grinned and imagined finding the key to solving a big case.

Spinelli went to Johnny's. After having been yelled at by Mac for using nicknames the other day, Spinelli carefully tried to remember to call people by their given names. He wanted to ask Johnny about Anthony. Johnny was all to happy to betray his father. Spinelli told Johnny about the bodyguard Anthony had protecting Maxie, and asked him to find out why he'd hired him. Johnny told him to ask Maxie, and Spinelli told him he tried, but got nowhere. Johnny said he liked Maxie, and he mentioned their brief mutual flirtation. Johnny didn't think he was right for Maxie though and said she belonged with someone who could balance her out. Spinelli scoffed and said Matt wasn't that person. Spinelli was surprised when Johnny said he thought Maxie fit best with Spinelli. Johnny guessed that Spinelli was hoping to win Maxie's heart by protecting her from Anthony. Spinelli admitted that he wanted Maxie back, but explained that his priority was helping her out of the trouble she was in, even if it meant that they didn't end up together afterward. Johnny said if Maxie and Anthony had something in common, it must be tied to the night of Lisa's murder. Spinelli pointed out that Anthony claimed he'd never been on the boat, but Johnny reminded him that Anthony wasn't an honest person. Spinelli noted that Johnny had begun to call to Anthony by his first name. Johnny said it was because he hated him. He promised to let Spinelli know if he figured out what Anthony had on Maxie. Johnny said he had a project coming up that Spinelli could help research if he wanted. Spinelli asked if this was in exchange or Johnny's help. Johnny said forget about the research and just focus on Maxie, then he showed him out.

Johnny went to the police station and ran into Delores, who wasn't happy to see him. He explained that Ronnie called him in because he thought he set fire to the pier. Johnny said Ronnie had also thought D'onfrio was guilty of the attacks, but Delores had known Ronnie was wrong. Johnny gently brushed Delores' hair off her forehead to get a better look at her bruise, causing her to recoil and glare at him. Johnny knew she'd been attacked even though that information hadn't been released to the public. He smiled and told her wasn't the enemy and he that he could be the best friend she ever had. Delores said she didn't need his help. She asked if Johnny had any issues with the dancers' safety after he reopened. Johnny said no, because he protected his people. Delores said she was the same way, but she did it legally.

Delores told Johnny that he was in a restricted area. Johnny found her concern cute, but Delores snapped that she was concerned Ronnie would find him there, arrest him, then force her to handle the paperwork. Johnny said he was just trying to make her life easier. He also said that he'd spoken with her landlord and gotten her apartment rent controlled. Delores didn't appreciate what he'd done. She accused him of trying to compromise her, but Johnny said her partner's father was Sonny, so that had already happened. Delores said Dante was a good cop. Johnny said he was good at what he did too and could find information that cops couldn't. He added that he heard about her sister's unsolved murder and said he was sorry for her loss. Johnny walked away, leaving Delores shaken.

Maxie was at Crimson. She was overwhelmed, trying to handle the responsibilities of two assistants. Matt dropped by and Maxie stopped working so they could talk. Matt told her to let her issues with Elizabeth go. He contended that Liz was just his friend, but Maxie complained that she didn't understand why he thought Liz was so special. She pointed out that he'd taken her out to dinner and had a picnic with her. Matt reminded Maxie that he'd planned the picnic for her. He explained that Liz got him and he didn't have to prove himself to her. Maxie said he didn't have to prove himself to her either; she knew Matt was special and she didn't want to lose him to Liz or anyone else. Maxie apologized for being self centered and blamed it on having a mother who was self absorbed. Maxie wanted to change; she said she was sorry she promised to believe that he and Liz were just friends. She suggested a special Valentines Day date so she could make it up to him.

Ewen and Liz went to the Metro Court after viewing the art exhibit. Liz loved it and she was glad Ewen told her about it and went with her. She asked Ewen why he hadn't pursued a career in art when he clearly loved it so much. Ewen said it was difficult to be successful as an artist. Liz disagreed and said you could be successful if art was about the love you had in life. Ewen said she must be very successful, since she had kids. Liz agreed that they were the love of her life. Liz asked if Ewen felt successful and he mused that his idea of success wasn't the same as hers.

Liz asked Ewen about living at Wyndemere, which lead to a discussion about him living with Cassandra. Liz asked if he always gave so much attention to his patients. Ewen said Cassandra was more a clinical study to him and that he'd been working with her for months but still hadn't been able to figure out how to help her. Liz said Wyndemere was the right place for a mystery. She brought up the mystery man who rescued her but left before she woke up. Maxie and Matt walked in for their date and stopped to say hi. Liz told them they just came from an art exhibit. Matt asked if they ran into each other there and Ewen said Liz invited her. Matt looked a bit bothered. Liz clarified that Ewen told her about the exhibit first. Maxie said it was romantic. She made it clear that she and Matt were there for a special evening, then told him they should let Ewen and Liz get back to their date. Once they were gone, Ewen said it was interesting that Liz felt compelled to explain herself to Matt.

Liz and Ewen laughed and talked about work and the art show.

Sonny and Kate were also at the Metro Court, discussing the reception they were putting together to showcase the addition to the hospital Sonny wanted to build in Dante's name. Kate wished they had more time to plan, but Sonny wanted to hold the event as soon as possible. Sonny lamented that Dante thought he was doing it to to buy his love. Kate gently asked if he was. Sonny swore he was doing this to honor Dante, the doctors who saved him, and to help people. Kate understood, but she could see where Dante was coming from. She assured Sonny that they were still going to go through with it though. Sonny said Carly hadn't gotten back to him regarding whether he could hold the reception at the hotel, but Kate didn't think she'd be a problem. Sonny wanted Carly to see that he was doing something honorable. He asked if Kate believed in him and she said yes. Sonny believed in her too. He brought up the lies she'd told about business meetings. Kate said she was sorry, but Sonny said not to be, because she'd finally been honest with him about the psychiatrist. Kate looked guilty. Sonny didn't want there to be any secrets between them. Kate tentatively started to say something, but Sonny interrupted. He told her he had his people track down Jax's location, because he liked knowing where his enemies were. Kate said Jax wasn't his enemy, he was Josslyn's dad and someone Sonny's kids loved. Sonny argued that Jax blamed him for everything; he added that it wasn't his fault Jax got onto a plane that he should have known wasn't safe. Kate reminded Sonny that they agreed he was going to let it go. Sonny said that was before he knew where Jax was. He added that it was very hard for him not to do what he wanted to do to Jax. Kate said she knew Jax and Sonny had a complicated history due to Brenda. Sonny said it wasn't complicated – they hated each other. Kate wanted to change the subject and tell Sonny something else, but before he could, he got a call from Max and had to leave.

Kate went over and interrupted Maxie's date to pile more work on her plate. She walked away and Maxie ranted to Matt that Kate wasn't empathetic to her, even though she took time out to work on her own relationship with Sonny. Maxie noticed that Matt wasn't listening because he was staring at Liz and Ewen. She called him out on it and Matt apologized and said there was something about Ewen that he couldn't stand. Maxie asked if it was that he was with Liz. Matt asked her not to start that again. Maxie said she'd ignore them if he would.

Michael was at Kelly's, grieving over Abby. Shawn walked over. Michael was short with him, but Shawn persisted. He wanted to convince Michael to let Carly back into his life. Before they could talk, Carly came in, dragging TJ by the collar. She told Shawn that TJ had been charging guests at the Metro Court a handling fee for their bags. TJ maintained that he hadn't done anything wrong. He claimed he was trying to impress Carly so she'd hire him. Shawn grabbed TJ by the arm and marched him away for a lecture. Carly sat down with Michael. She was relieved when he told her he'd changed his mind about working for Johnny. Carly said Jason told her that Michael had forgiven him. She hoped that Michael would do the same for her at some point. Carly explained again that she didn't know Jax survived at first and that she kept quiet because she didn't want to put the boys in the middle of Jax and Sonny's fight and because she knew Jax wanted the world to think he was dead. She said it was a mistake and that she was sorry. Michael understood and he forgave her. Carly hoped that Jax would be able to come back some day. Michael apologized for embarrassing Carly on New Years by causing a scene. Carly forgave him and joked that he'd learned to cause scenes from watching her and Sonny. She told Michael that the only thing she and Sonny agreed about was that they were proud of him.

Shawn scolded TJ for hustling people and told him he was lucky Carly didn't call the cops. TJ grumbled that Shawn only let him stay because he felt guilty for killing his father, but Shawn said he didn't feel guilty enough to bail him out of jail. He ordered him to stay away from the hotel and from Carly. TJ glanced over at her and Michael and asked if Michael was her son. He asked what was going on with Shawn and Carly and Shawn said he used to be her bodyguard, but it wasn't any of TJ's business. TJ was curious about whether Shawn wanted more from Carly. Shawn told him they weren't talking about that; they were talking about how TJ was going to stay out of trouble. TJ asked how Michael's father felt about it and Shawn said she and Sonny weren't together. TJ remembered that Sonny was a mobster. Shawn told TJ that they both owed Carly big time for not calling the cops. He told TJ to grab a broom and get to work and TJ walked away. As Carly was leaving, Shawn thanked her for not calling the cops on TJ. Carly said TJ made things right and gave back the money after security got involved. She wished Shawn luck with TJ and left. Shawn said to himself that he'd need more than luck.

TJ went to Michael and asked if he'd talk to Sonny about hiring him. TJ promised that he could be very discreet and careful. Michael asked how old he was and TJ said “old enough.” TJ insisted that he could handle it because he'd been taking care of himself his whole life. Michael asked about Shawn and TJ said he was only there because Shawn owed him. Michael told TJ that the business was no place for him and urged him to stay in school, so he didn't end up in prison. When TJ rudely asked Michael what he knew about prison, Michael told him about serving time for manslaughter. He assured TJ that it wasn't something TJ would want to go through. Michael walked out. TJ called after him to call if he changed his mind. Shawn walked over and handed TJ a broom. Shawn was frustrated when he found TJ sitting down listening to music and told him he hadn't made up for his behavior at the hotel. TJ argued that he'd cleaned the tables and the floors, but Shawn insisted that he still hadn't taken responsibility for his actions. TJ yelled that Shawn didn't take responsibility for killing his dad, then he went upstairs.

Carly went to the Metro Court. She ran into Kate, who had some ideas about how to make the hotel classier. Carly didn't take it well and told Kate if she didn't like it there, she could take her business elsewhere. Carly also said she might not renew Crimson's lease. Kate said that was too bad, since she wanted to add more offices and expand to another floor so she'd have enough room to hold benefits. She told Carly that it would increase business. Carly said her hotel was doing fine and she had no intention of catering to Kate and her obnoxious in-crowd. She told Kate that if she didn't like it, she could buy her own hotel. Kate smiled smugly and told Carly that she (Kate) owned this hotel.

Sonny was in an alley talking to someone on the phone. He told the person to tell their guy to keep an eye on “him.” He said not to worry about something because he had a good idea about ho to deal with “him.”

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