GH Update Monday 2/6/12

General Hospital Update Monday 2/6/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita


When Maxie asks Spinelli to help her make Dr. Hunter jealous, he kisses her. She pulls away asking him what he was thinking. But he remarks that it worked like a charm.

Kate/Connie returns to Sonny and is startled that he’s awake and sitting in the dark waiting for her. He asks her where she’s been.

Ewan talks to Ethan about his suspicion that Helena might be back in town and on the prowl.

We then see Helena Cassadine with Cassandra who reveals that Helena has trained and put her up to being an assassin so that she’s taken people’s lives and she's not proud to have let Helena do that.

At the hospital, the OBGYN doctor gives Sam and Jason the paper with the “verdict” about her pregnancy test confirming who the biological father of her baby really is. They hesitate to open it.

When Spinelli kisses Maxie at the hospital, hoping someone will see, Epiphany gets off the elevator to see them, tells them they must get a room and not do this in her hospital. Right then, her doctor boyfriend enters and she makes sure to let him see them and hear that Spinelli took her to a movie. He asks her why she’s there. She tells him she just wanted to see if Robin was available. She asks him if he is free. He tells her that his most recent patient has cancelled so he has time. She asks why then he did not all her. She tells her that he did not want to interrupt her from seeing the movie with Spinelli. Elizabeth then appears and it sounds to Maxie as though they might be secretly seeing each other although the do not confirm whether they do or not.

The OBGYN confirms to Sam and Jason that the baby appears to be healthy as far as she can see. Sam then asks her what about the paternity.

Connie/Kate tells Sonny that she assumed he was sleeping so she did not want to wake up. She tells him she guesses she just lost track of time and is sorry if she worried him. He asks her if “it” helped. She asks what he’s talking about. He tells her usually when one cannot sleep and loses track of time it means they have something on their mind. She tells him that she is not ashamed of anything but still believes it’s ok for her to keep some things private. He tells her he realizes that but wants her to know that she can come to him with anything. She then tells him he must be careful what he wishes for. And she angrily lashes out at him that she can clearly see that he wants “Connie” instead of the person she is now choosing to be (Kate). And she demands that he gets that straight right now.

At the hospital, Maxie asks Epiphany if she can have a word with her doctor boyfriend. Epiphany tells her of course. She may take all the time she want when there are sick people who need medical care which are of lessor importance than she is. Maxie then asks him what is going on. He tells her that he knows she’s been playing a game with Spinelli. In another private corner, Spinelli talks to Elizabeth about whether Maxie and her doctor boyfriend are going to get back together. She tell shim that she believes that Dr. Hunter has better things to do with his time than playing Maxie’s little game. He then reminds Elizabeth that she has yet to clarify what she wants regarding herself and Dr. Hunter.

Ewan tells Ethan that he is wondering what to do with Casandra. Ethan tells him that maybe he needs to cut her loose. But he tells Ewan that he knows some of her secrets.

Helena tells Cassandra that her “disrespect” is getting tiresome. Cassandra reminds her that she locked Cassandra away and kept her from everybody she loved. Helena reminds Cassandra that she had to hide her and has had some big plans. Cassandra reminds Helena that their little scheme is over. But Helena tells Cassandra she is not done with her. If she can’t “haunt” Ewan, she has to go after someone like Luke. He’s now a good target. She tells Cassandra that she needs her to help make Luke’s life miserable and she does not want Cassandra to disappoint her.

Sonny tells Kate that he does not want her to be angry with him just because he remembers her as Connie. She tells him that this is a real struggle for her when she does not even fully understand who she is. He then tells her that all he wants form her is to be the woman she wants to be. He wants her for who she really is. And they reconcile agreeing to work things out and trust one another.

Sam asks the doctor if it is, in fact, definite that this one test confirms the father of the baby. She tells Sam yes. And she then announces that Jason is the baby’s father. Sam is then so relieved and happy that she and Jason are having a baby together and she has no more cause for worry.

Ethan talks to Ewan about Cassandra and they figure out that maybe Cassandra has a connection to the Cassadine house.

Helena tells Cassandra that she knows that Cassandra needs to be motivated to carry out her plan. She tells Cassandra she knows that love can make even the smartest man stupid or the strongest man weak. And she tells her that when that happens is when the two of them can move in for the kills.

Kate/Connie tells Sonny that she intends to help him with the celebration for when he donates to the wing of the wing of the hospital. But right then she notices a note of somebody asking her to call them and she freezes in horror. He talks to her about whether he can reconcile his differences with Dante and the “conflict of interests” regarding the fact that his son is a cop. He asks her about her “secret” and they joke about it being secret magazine ideas. But she tells him they have to go home right now.

At the hospital, Maxie tells Dr. Hunter that if he does not have a patient, maybe they can do something together. She is “threatened” that he’d rather spend time and has more common interests with Elizabeth. In the other corner, Elizabeth affirms to Spinelli that she and Dr. Hunter are just friends but she wants better for him than to be with Maxie. And she remarks to Spinelli that she knows he’d like to be more than friends with Maxie. But he shows her a picture on his cell phone with another female friend. Elizabeth is surprised and perplexed about two people of the opposite sex living together in Windermere. He reminds her about how a strange man saved her life at that very place.

Ethan asks Ewan what if Cassandra never remembers who she is and asks if he might kind of prefer that she stays that way. Ewan then admits that maybe it’s true that he’d rather have Cassandra pure and innocent and having no memories of the harsh reality of the world.

Cassandra informs Helena that she met Luke and sees that he sure “keeps things interesting”. Helena tells her that is why she wants to take their plan to the next level. But Cassandra tells her she can see that Luke is a smart man who might see right through their scheme. Helena reminds her in that case, she needs to make sure that Luke can’t see through this. She reminds Cassandra that Stavros was her son. And the people who took him from her are going to pay. And right then she comes up behind Cassandra, pulls a knife up to her throat and reminds her if she’s not “serious” about their plan, then death is an option for her also.

Elizabeth tells Spinelli that it’s true that she has some sort of “mystery” about the handsome mystery man saving her life. But she finds it odd that he just disappeared. He reminds her that a crime was committed there when Dr. Niles got killed and there may be more to it. In the other corner, Dr. Hunter tells Maxie that she need not make a big deal out of his private conversation with Elizabeth any more than she needs to tell him about her “secret” with Spinelli. He tells her that if they want this to work, she has to stop playing these games. And one thing she also wants to know is why, suddenly, Zacarra is now her new best friend.

Cassandra tells Helena that she knows Helena has a problem with her failure to produce a Cassadine heir. Helena reminds her that she (Cassandra) has a job to do. But Cassandra thinks that maybe she knows how to pull this off better than Helena does. Helena tells her that she thinks she (Cassandra) might fall for Ethan. Cassandra protests that Ethan is a good person who does not deserve this. But Helena reminds her that he is Luke’s son. And she does not think Ethan will trust or think well of Cassandra when she finds out that he’s been a pawn in her little game.

Sonny tells Kate that he remembers all of the things they have done and can still do together. But she is very “touchy” about his seeing her as a sleazy pick-up. She then apologizes, admitting she does not know what has gotten into her and she gets intimate with Sonny. But she tells him she cannot stop thinking about her work. She has to get home and so does he if he wants to get his hospital ceremony started. She dismisses him so that she can be alone and as soon as she is, she pulls out the note on the napkin of someone asking her to call them.

The OBGYN tells Sam and Jason that she cannot announce to them the gender of their baby. They are still wondering if they want to find out now or keep it a surprised. Jason leaves it up to Sam and she announces she wants it to remain a surprise. As long as she knows she’s having Jason’s baby, it does not matter if it’s a boy or a girl. Sam hugs her and tells her she cannot thank her enough. She leaves. Sam then rushes to Jason and tells him she is so relieved that this worry she’s been having all this while is over. He tells her she does not have to think about ‘that night” ever again. He tells her that the baby is now officially theirs’. And they play Sam and Jason’s love song while he feels her belly.

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