GH Update Thursday 2/2/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/2/12


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At General Hospital, Patrick goes over to Robin at the triage station and tells her the builder wants to know if she wants the kitchen on the east or west side of the house. She says she wants to put the house plans on hold until they know if her drug protocol is working or not. He says it has to work.

Steven and Olivia walk along the corridor in General Hospital discussing their date at an indoor water park. Maggie bounds over and says she is about to follow up with Charlotte, the 7 1/2-year-old burn victim and would love Steve to be there. Olivia says she bets Maggie would.

Shawn startles Ewen when he goes into Kellyís. Ewen says he is looking for a woman.

Carly knocks and then opens the door to Johnnyís auto repair garage saying her car is making a noise. He tells her that her car is purring.

As Kate is about to open her hotel room door, her cell phone rings. She answers to Sonny who asks her how the business trip is going. She opens the door and enters her room. She tells him it is exhausting as usual. He asks how the weather is in Palm Beach. She tells him it is clear and in the 70s. She hears him speaking right behind her when he asks if that is why she is wearing her coat.

At Jakeís Roadhouse, Coleman asks Lulu and Dante what occasion brings them there. They observe that they go there all the time. He observes that people tend to stop coming once they get married. Dante tells him to look elsewhere for lame because they are party time, 24/7. Lulu says saying ďWeíre party timeĒ is lame. Dolores comes in and cheerfully says the first round is on her. Coleman says that is what he calls party time and says she looks pretty in Spanish. Dolores says Eddie will be joining them so Coleman brings a pitcher of beer and four glasses. Dolores thanks Lulu for not letting her back out. She says she is glad she came because she and Eddie donít get out often. Coleman observes that that is evidence that marriage is a party-pooper. Dolores says she wouldnít put it like that. Lulu says Dolores shouldn't be thanking her; she and Dante should be thanking her for helping her realize that she could marry Dante.

In Kateís hotel room, she asks Sonny if he is following her again. He demands to know what is going on. She tells him it is none of his business. He asks her what happened to palm beach and she says she had a change of plans. He says that is apparent, but asks if she could not have picked up the phone and let him know. She tells him a client called last minute and she didnít have time. He observes that she had time to make up a lie about the weather in Palm Beach and she had time to make up a story about a designer in Monterey when she had said she was going to San Francisco. Kate says she can explain that. Sonny says she lied then and she is lying now. He tells her he just wants the truth.

At Kellyís, Ewen tells Shawn he is looking for a woman named Cassandra and that he has probably seen her with Ethan Lovett. Shawn knows who Ewen is referring to and says she has not been there tonight. Ewen tells Shawn that Cassandra is his patient and that she is vulnerable. He says he is concerned about Ethanís nature. Shawn corrects him that Ethan was cleared of the assault charges and that Kristina admitted that she lied and that her abuser was really her boyfriend. He says Ethan doesnít seem like the kind of man that would take advantage. Ewen says he hopes Shawn is right.

At Johnnyís garage, Carly admits that she is checking up on him. He wonders why. She says she is concerned and noticing the bottle of booze he is drinking, concludes she has good reason to be. Johnny tries to understand why Carly would be concerned because the woman that tried to kill her and kidnap her daughter turned out to be his mother. She clarifies that she doesnít care about Claudia, but Sonny should not have told him about it. She recalls that Claudia was the one person that he could count on, that she protected and defended him. Johnny says Claudia lied to him and he believed in her. Johnny says I could still hold on to all that stuff before, but now he has nothing. Carly says she understands that he is angry and hurt. Johnny says, he doesnít think Carly has ever been in the same situation. Carly says she has been close and that all those feelings that are building up inside have only one place they can go.

At General Hospital, Olivia asks Steve if he works in pediatrics now. Steven says, no. Maggie says not technically. Olivia concludes that the time he spends helping Maggie with her patients is really taking away from time he would be spending with his own patients. Maggie says it's a community and that they all help each other. Olivia, clearly annoyed, says she doesnít see Maggie ďcommuning" with anyone else. Maggie says Steve has what she is looking for. Olivia sarcastically wonders what that would be Maggie says his trauma experience, incredible intuition, and compassion would benefit the little girl. Olivia supposes that things were easier for Maggie at Southern Regional where she was a big fish. Maggie says she is doing just fine. Olivia adds, with a little help from her one friend. Steve, exasperated and embarrassed, walks Olivia out. Olivia apologizes to Steve and says Maggie just gets under her skin. Steve asks her not to let her. Olivia gets into the elevator.

Diane and Alexis go into Jakeís Alexis doesnít understand why they have to stop there before they can go eat Diane says having a drink is enjoyable, social, and fun. Alexis says she just wanted to go to the restaurant because she is tired and hungry. Diane observes that Alexis is devoid of spontaneity. She asks what happened to her friend who braved the biker bar in the route 95 corridor. Alexis says she's gone. Diane says she is a pod person that has been body-snatched. Coleman greets them.

At their table, Lulu says when she met Dolores, Dante was in the hospital, she had the proposal hanging over her, and she had no idea what to do. She says the idea of being married to a cop freaked her out. Dolores remembers that. Lulu asks Dolores if she remembers when she came over to the apartment and she asked her how her husband dealt with being married to a cop. Dolores doesnít remember saying much. Lulu says that later, at the hospital, Dolores pulled her aside and said that they should not let what happens at the station consume them and that they should focus on the small things outside of the station. Dolores didnít think Lulu had been listening. Lulu says it stuck with her and made a future with Dante seem possible. Dolores tells Dante that he owes her. She observes how funny it is that Danteís wife is thanking her for getting them married while his mother is accusing her of trying to break them up. Dante says Olivia still thinks of him as her baby. Lulu observes that Olivia will continue to think of him that way as long as she is doing his laundry.

At Johnnyís garage, Carly says Johnny is a decent guy. He concludes to her that she is referring to him turning down her offer to sleep with him. She says she will assume the booze is talking. She says he has a conscience and he knew she was just trying to protect Michael. He observes that she isnít trying to protect Michael now and wonders why she is there. She insists that she is worried about him because he is not dealing with his newfound information well. He asks her how he should deal with it, perhaps go knocking on the Soleitosí door, and announcing that he is one of them. He says that wouldnít go over well. She says finishing that bottle won't either. He tells her the booze is going down easy. She asks him to let her help him. He asks if that is all she came there for. She wonders what else there could be. He kisses her. They are interrupted by Olivia coming in and asking if she is interrupting. Carly leaves. Olivia asks John what that was about.

Carly goes to Kellyís and asks Shawn if he has any frozen pizza. He asks her if she has a problem that only a frozen pizza can fix. She denies having a problem. She asks him how being the manager at Kellyís is going. He finds it unchallenging, but that his hands are full with TJ and he likes that TJ sees him doing honest work. Leading by example is the only way he knows to get through to TJ. Carly says he is doing a good job with TJ and with the restaurant, but that he is allowed to want more. Shawn asks if she means teaching an after-school chemistry program. Carly asks if that is an option. He says he got a call today. She swears she had nothing to do with it and that she has learned her lesson about getting involved in his business. He tells her that sometimes she should get involved, for example, when she sees a friend is headed for a fall hanging out with John Zacchara. Carly insists that it is not a problem and that there is nothing for him to worry about. She tells him that she knows there is pizza in the freezer and goes to get it

At Johnnyís garage, Olivia wonders if Johnny is trying to get to Sonny by showing him that he can bag his ex. Johnny says Sonny deserves a lot worse than that. Olivia wonders what Sonny has done now. She warns Johnny that he is playing with fire and it scares him. She says Johnny and Carly are not a good mix. Johnny asks her if she is having car problems. She says she needs a 3/8 inch drive socket set. He tells her to help herself. Olivia stumbles. Johnny asks if she is ok. She tells him she sometimes gets dizzy around fumes since that horrible night. He concludes she is thinking about Lisa. She goes on a tirade about Lisa showing up at the hospital as a woman from Patrickís past expecting Robin to just smile and welcome her. She observes that everyone saw how that worked out. Johnny stares at her and asks why she really came in there asking for a wrench that he knows she already has. She says it isnít fair that he knows her so well. He asks what is going on so she tells her about Steveís ex-girlfriend Maggie popping up. She says Steve swears nothing is going on, but the woman gets to her. Johnny asks Olivia if she believes Steve.

At Jakeís, Dante says he can't wait for Eddie to get there so they can find out some dirt on Dolores. Dolores doesnít know what is taking him so long. Dante suggests that he is working late to make a good impression at his new job

At the bar, Coleman asks Diane and Alexis if he should call Mac so they can pick up the strip pool where they left off. Alexis declines. Observing that Alexis hasnít touched her drink, Coleman asks her if something is wrong with it. Alexis says she just wants some ice water. Coleman says the very mention of Mac gets her hot and bothered. Alexis says that isnít it. Diane suggests that Alexis see Mac for the man that he is. Alexis says she already knows Mac is wonderful, nice, He's safe, He's solid, and someone she can have coffee with. Diane says she can think of a lot of other things she could do with him. Diane says it's time to see beyond the somewhat awkward exterior to the man inside the rain slicker and galoshes. Alexis says if it isn't Colin Firth, the store is closed. Diane says, someoneís going to reopen that store, and Macís going to be on sale. Coleman gives Alexis a glass of ice water. She asks for a glass of ice on the side. He wonders if she has a jalapeŮo in her pants. Alexis snaps back that she only asked for ice and asks if that is a problem. Alexis realizes that she is displaying a completely different personality and compares herself to the book, Sybil. Alexis says she can't remember anything, she is lethargic and tired, she gets angry without provocation, she is confused, and she sweats a lot. She asks Diane if she knows what it is like to wake up at 3am every morning and not be able to get back to sleep. Diane says no, but that Alexis is acting like someone just ran over her puppy. Alexis insists that she is fine.

At Kateís hotel room, she tells Sonny that she is offended at having to explain herself to him after she spent all that time with him when no one else would have anything to do with him. Sonny asks her if she is going to use that against him. She says he uses his childhood house and nightmare of a childhood as an excuse for everything and a free pass to eat up all the power that he could and she understood. Kate says she can walk a moral line with him every single day and I honor unspoken boundaries. She says she accepts that there are questions she cannot ask so she is amazed that he is challenging her on how she conducts her business. She says he has his business and she has hers. He agrees but says he doesnít lie to her about where he is. She tells him that he has no right to track her movements. He says he needs to know where he is and he is going to stay there because he knows how to read people. He yells at her that she is hiding something and that the fact that she is trying so hard to hide it tells him that it is something big. Kate starts to cry. She tells him that she has been hiding who she is and where she is from, ever since she left him in Bensonhurst. He says he doesnít see Kate Howard cowering in a corner. She yells that Kate doesnít exist; Kate is just an idea, a disguise. Sonny concludes that he is in love with a piece of fiction. She acknowledges that that is, indeed the case. He says it seems like hard work to be in love with something that's not real. She explains that he only saw the before and the after but not the process of learning a new life and unlearning the old one. She says Connie picked up smoking but Kate quit because it didnít fit with the image of strength, control, and sophistication that she was trying to project. He says it must have been difficult for her. She says it was, but not as hard as the lonely nights when she wanted her. Sonny observes to her that she didnít call her mother or go home. She says she got where she is and stayed who she is by doing what needed to be done. He tells her that he commends her for that, but right now they are talking about mutual respect and he doesnít have to put up with her lying to him.

At Jakeís, Coleman tells Ewen that he hasnít seen his friend, Cassandra but form his description, he would sure like to. Ewen says Cassandra is more than a friend. Alexis concludes that Cassandra is the patient. Ewen tells Coleman that he is a Psychiatrist. Alexis adds that he and Cassandra are renting Wyndemere. Coleman wonders if they are a couple. Diane tells him not to be so nosey, but then asks Ewen if he is really living with his patient. Alexis says it is a little weird, the two of them living there and that she doesnít imagine that it is going well. Ewen says her caretaker, Ethan, is turning out to be a complication. Alexis feigns disbelief.

Dante sees Ewen and calls him. Ewen goes over to Danteís table. Dante says, they ran his profile on the dancer attacks through the system and got a lot of hits. A lot of guys fit the parameters. Lulu asks what the parameters are. Dante says it's a Caucasian male, 25 to 40, not from around there, not self-employed, and has trouble with women in his own life. He tells her that is why the attacker takes it out on these other women. Ewen says Dante has a good memory. Dante says they are having a hard time narrowing it down and that any other information you have for us would help. Ewen says the man they are looking for wants to get caught, but he wouldn't be obvious like the suspect you brought in. Dante says Padilla didn't think Donofrio was the guy from the beginning. Ewen asks her why. She says it was just a feeling. Her cell phone rings. She says it is Eddie and steps aside to take the call in Spanish. Ewen leaves. Coleman wishes him luck in finding Cassandra.

At General Hospital, Patrick tells Robin that they are going to have faith this protocol will work. She says she is trying. He tells her that she is going to respond to this treatment and be around for a long time. Robin says the truth is that right now, they don't know so before we make a huge financial commitmentÖ Patrick says they will not put their life on hold. He says she already did that when she didnít tell him for weeks that hr viral load was unstable. Mac comes in and says Robin didnít tell anyone. He asks her what is going on. She says she just had a scare. Robin says she is on a new protocol now, and they have reason to believe that it will to work. Mac asks her if she knew about it and didnít say anything the night that he saw her on the bridge. She admits that that is true. She says that after everything she went through with Stone, she just panicked. Mac tells her that people go through things with people they love and that he would have and should have been there. Robin says she is sorry and hugs her uncle.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Maggie asks Steve if Charlotte reminds him of the little girl in Memphis. He tells her to stop bringing it up every five minutes because it is not going to make it any easier. She asks him if pretending that it didnít happen makes it easier. He doesnít answer. Then he says it is over. Maggie wonders hoe he can say that. He says the case was ruled that way. She tells him that despite the ruling, people are still looking into it. He asks what will happen if someone keeps looking until they find the truth. He asks her if she regrets what they did. She says no. Steven says he doesnít either. Maggie says it was still a crime that they have to live with every day. Steven says he intends to tell Olivia. She points out that Oliviaís son is a cop and asks if he really wants to put her in that position.

At Johnnyís garage, Johnny concludes to Olivia that Do-right is not as noble as she thinks. She asks him if he knows something. He says he is just sayingÖ She says he is trying to get her to go off like a crazy person and accuse Steve of hitting the sheets with his ex. He wonders why he would want her to do that. She says because he wants to be miserable along with him. He tells her she is way off base. Olivia says she can smell the liquor on his breath. He says nothing is wrong with having a couple of shots and recalls that that is how the two of them ended up getting together. He concludes that Dr Webber must have been more delicate and considerate. Olivia says she doesnít even recognize Johnny any more. She says she knows he hurt her in the past to protect her but hoe he is just lashing out for fun and she will not be his punching bag so he needs to find someone else to beat up.

At Kelly's, Carly emerges from the kitchen with a pizza. Shawn is surprised that Carly really does still keep a stash of pizzas here. Carly is surprised it was still there. Carly says asks him how it is going with TJ. He says it is a challenge. She is confident that he can handle it. Shawn tells her that he is a little jealous that the child she has at home is still a toddler. She tells him that Josslyn misses him. He tells her to relay the same to Josslyn. Carly tells him to come by and tell her himself. He says that maybe they can go out.

At Johnnyís Garage, e screams and throws his bottle against the wall.

At Jakeís, Dolores says Eddie isnít coming. She tells them to enjoy their evening as she prepares to leave. Dante and Lulu want her to stay but she doesnít want to be a third wheel and she is tired anyway. She thanks them for inviting her out. Dante sees a paper that she has left on the table and asks her if the department is hiring. She tells them that she was going to give it to Eddie because the department is looking for a file clerk for the evidence room, but pushing paper isnít really Eddieís thing. She tells them to have fun and leaves.

At Jakeís, Diane asks Alexis if she is Anxious, moody and feels fat. Alexis says yes. Diane congratulates her on reaching menopause.

In Kateís hotel room, Sonny tells her that he is trying to work through this but he will not be played. Kate assures him that this is no game. He demands a straight answer. He says she keeps talking about what she deserves, but he deserves the truth. He asks her what she is doing in Chicago. She sits on the bed pouting, anxious, fearful, bouncing her legs, child-like. He says he is leaving. She asks him to wait and she will tell him the truth.

At Jakes, Diane says, It's fantastic! Alexis says it's not fantastic; It sucks. It just means she is getting old. Diane says it doesn't make you old; it frees you. Alexis doesnít understand what she means. Diane tells her that she can be with a man sexually without fear of getting pregnant. No more contraceptives. She will totally avoid the risk of any accidental children. She excitedly sais it frees her up to sleep with Sonny again. Alexis asks her if she is on crack. Diane says, even the mighty warriors of Sonny Corinthos cannot impregnate her. Alexis says they probably could. Diane says that actually, Sonnyís probably could, but she could be with any other man for wild, passionate, abandoned sex. At that moment she sees Mac walking into Jakeís behind Alexis and says hi.

At their table, Lulu reads the job announcement. Dante asks her if she wants to apply for it. she says it would be income until she figures out what she wants to do and they would see more of each other. He says he likes more of her. Lulu says she feels bad for Dolores because tonight seemed important to her. Dante seems distracted. Lulu asks him what is up. He says he was just thinking of the case and Dr Keegan. Lulu says De Keegan is kind of weird. Dante says he doesnít care as long as he helps them find the attacker.

At General Hospital, Robin goes up behind Patrick, puts her arms around his waist, and says east side so they can have breakfast with the sun pouring in through the windows.

Elsewhere at general hospital, Maggie concedes that she might be being selfish. Steven says she brought up a good point Dante being a comp. Maggie tells him to forget about her and Dante and think only of Olivia. She asks him if he really wants to burden her with that secret. She says it is a heavy load. He holds her hand for a moment and she walks away. Olivia, having observed the exchange, charges up to him and demands to know what he and Maggie did that she doesnít know about.

At Kellyís, Carly asks Shawn if he wants to go out so he can protect her from Johnny. Shawn says he isnít her bodyguard anymore, so that would make it a date, if or when she is ready Carly says they seem to be at a good place the way things are. He asks if they were at a bad place before. She says his wanting to leave town because she is aggravating was a bad place. They agree that they have made progress since then. They say goodnight and Carly leaves.

In Kateís hotel room, she confirms that Sonny was right. She didnít have a change of plans and she lied about where she was going. She says she didnít go to San Francisco; she came here to Chicago. Sonny ask her what is Chicago. She admits that she came to meet with someone. Sonny asks her if it was a guy. She says yes. She was trying to be discreet.

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